The Best Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas for 2020

Crossfit workouts entail different exercises and challenges than your typical gym workout. Because of this, I’m going to talk about the best Crossfit garage gym ideas that are relative to this kind of exercise program.

With these home gym design ideas, I’ll be taking into consideration those that have limited space to work with as well as budget. At the same time, I’ll be recommending some products specific to help you get started putting together the best home gym setup for your garage.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit was started fairly recently by a gymnast that wanted to get stronger and push his limits of fitness while keeping it interesting at the same time.

This “sport” can be more about a total physical and healthy lifestyle. My favorite part about is that it’s functional training, meaning that these workouts help make you stronger and more efficient with everyday activities.

Crossfit exercise goals focus on cardioendurance, stamina, power, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, and agility. 

How to Set Up a Crossfit Garage Gym

If you reading this, you are lucky to have a garage to use because Crossfit movements as well as equipment can take up a lot of space. However, this exercise space will fill up quickly, so be sure to choose your Crossfit equipment carefully.

In the beginning stages of how to buy a home gym, proper planning is important. My advice for getting started with your garage gym layout is to focus first on the best way to effectively use your wall space.

If your garage has exposed wood studs, this is even more ideal for attaching equipment to the walls and ceiling. Below, I will expand on some workout equipment such as a garage pull up bar and folding squat racks the attach to the walls.

It’s important, If possible, to conserve as much of the middle of the room for your workout space. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overcrowd your workout area because Crossfit exercises require extra floor space to move around.

It is even more ideal to have a driveway or parking lot with your garage gym. If so, this expands your workout equipment options and provides extra motivation of the outdoors. On a nice day, you can simply roll some of your equipment outside to free up space in your exercise area while getting some sun at the same time. Having this option for an outdoor workout makes it easy to exercise with your Crossfit buddies.

If you have any questions or comments on Crossfit home gym ideas, please a message at the bottom of this page.

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas – The Basics

Before purchasing any Crossfit equipment, first, think about the necessary comforts that you need for putting together an exercise area that you will enjoy. When planning on what to buy for a home gym, if you are on a budget, these items will be secondary in importance.

Gym Flooring

This is important to not only protect your subfloor but also keep your workout equipment in great shape. You don’t want your kettlebells to get dented and rusty on the concrete floor.

The most popular and easiest option is the square rubber exercise mats that connect together like a puzzle. These same rubber workout mats also come in sheets that you can roll out.

Indoor/outdoor carpet is a nice touch, or if you don’t have the budget for that, any old carpet will do. There are other home gym flooring options such as laminate and vinyl flooring.

Basic Gym Accesories

Although Crossfit garage gym can be rugged, It’s always nice to have a couple of mirrors to keep an eye on your form and progress.

You may not want a tv monitor in a Crossfit atmosphere, but at least figure something out for music. An easy fix would be one of the larger Bluetooth speaker boxes that you may have seen.

Lastly, you probably don’t have an air-conditioned garage, so invest in a large, maybe commercial grade floor fan to keep you cool. You will appreciate this during your brief rest periods, especially if you live in the south.

For other exercise room design ideas see my Best Home Gym Design Ideas of 2020.

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas - Rogue 2 tier weight storage rack
Rogue 2 Tier Rack Combination

Crossfit Equipment for Walls

Here are some ideas to take full advantage of all the useable space on your garage gym walls. The more you can hang or rack against the wall, the more exercise space for Crossfit workouts.

Hooks and Wall Racks

Racks and hooks are an inexpensive way to easily hang things out of the way. Some of the items that would hang are TRX straps, resistance bands, conditioning ropes, exercise mats, rollers, gloves, workout towels, etc.

Storage Rack

For under $100, you can get a multi-purpose storage rack. They don’t take up much room, and some brands even come with wheels. Some of these aren’t designed to hold heavy weights, but they are still good at storing many of your workout items out of the way.

For a rack that holds kettlebells, dumbbells, heavy balls, and weight plates, you will want to consider a more heavy duty universal storage system. Many of these can be purchased and organized in several different ways to accommodate your workouts.

A gym storage rack can be used to organize medicine balls, Bosu balls, stability balls, and any other kind of workout gear (bars, handles, collars) that would otherwise be laying around in your way.

Folding Workout Racks

If you have an empty wall left, there are several pieces of foldable exercise equipment available that can really help to amp up your workout and save space. Some of this equipment such as the folding squat rack conveniently hinges flat against the wall.

To accompany this foldable squat rack, look into an adjustable folding bench. These weight benches have several backrest angle settings, will fold up to be quite compact, and even come with wheels to roll it into a closet.

Dumbbell racks and kettlebell racks are another idea to get your gym streamlined, more compact, and have an efficient way to store weights out of your way or against a wall.

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas - REP PR-5000 V2 Power Rack
REP PR-5000 V2 Power Rack

Crossfit Power Rack

This is one of the most versatile and best garage or basement home gym ideas. Just one rack is like a compact home gym and can offer almost everything that you need because of rack attachments.

Purchase a quality, power, or squat rack that offers plenty of attachment options, and you’re in business. There are literally dozens of Crossfit and home gym accessories that you can add to your rack to extend the number of exercises that can be available to you.

Once you purchase the initial rack, there are tons of possible attachments that you can work with.

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas - Rogue monster rack
Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack

Here are some of the most popular Power and squat rack attachments.

  • Pull up bars and multi-grip chin-up bars
  • T-bars
  • Safety spotter bars
  • Landmine attachments
  • Dip bars
  • Rebounders and ball holders
  • Bag hangers
  • Plyo steps
  • Band pegs
  • Lat attachments
  • Cable pulleys

There are many more power rack attachments, extensions, pulls, connecting bars, U-links, cups, trays, and holders.

What Equipment Do I Need for a CrossFit gym?

Here are the Crossfit Equipment basics to get you started with your Crossfit gym layout. There is way too much equipment for Crossfit to mention, so I’m going to list some of the most critical.

Pull Up Bar

Unless you have a power rack or squat rack with a pull-up bar this is a vital piece of garage gym equipment to have. Normally for a home gym in your house, you would have to go with a pull-up bar for the doorway.

In a garage, there are more permanent and stable types of options that can attach to either the walls or ceiling. A simple pull up bar system just attaches permanently with a couple of bolts.


A kettlebell set is one of the most popular groups of Crossfit gym equipment, but they can be expensive. Instead of opting for the least expensive kettlebell set that you can find, try starting out with the most popular sizes at first. Chances are that you won’t need an entire kettlebell set.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can be an excellent way to keep your heart rate up during Crossfit workout programs or used for HIIT exercise programs. Rowers do take up a little more room, so you may be happier with a folding rowing machine.

Adjustable Workout Bench

I would just say get a flat bench, but for around the same price, why not get one that is more versatile. The adjustable weight bench starts at a decline angle and goes up to a 90-degree press position. To save space, learn more about foldable workout benches.

Squat Rack and Weight Plate Sets

Earlier I mentioned how versatile a power rack can be, but if you don’t have the need, the budget, or the space, a simple squat rack or folding squat rack is all you need to do presses, squats, and as a barbell holder.

One idea is the Ethos Functional Training Rack, it’s inexpensive and even comes with plate holders. As far as your weights, Crossfit exercises sometimes demand the use of bumper plates. Bumper plate sets not only look cool, but they are also safer and quieter.

Air Bike

I highly recommend this addition when shopping for home gym exercise equipment for Crossfit or HIIT workouts. If you have ever used a fan bike before, you know how well they work for high intensity and full body workouts.

Besides keeping you cool, the resistance increases the faster you pedal. If your legs or arms get tired, the pedals and handles work independently. Unfortunately, an air bike is not the most compact exercise equipment piece, but it does come with wheels to roll it out of the way.

Other Crossfit Workout Equipment

Don’t forget about the many other Crossfit accessories that are available. Many of these accessories are inexpensive and don’t take up a lot of space.

Some of this other equipment for Crossfit include a weight vest plate carrier, Crossfit ropes/speed ropes/climbing ropes, parallettes, slam balls, wood rings, medicine balls, and workout mats. If you want to step up your Crossfit game, challenge yourself with a weight sled or speed sled.

If space is an issue for your garage gym, you may get a few more ideas from my small home gym ideas page.

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas - Rogue Warrior Crossfit package
Rogue Warrior Crossfit Package

CrossFit Equipment Packages

Here’s your fully functional Crossfit box. It’s an easy and money-saving way to get the most important Crossfit garage gym equipment all-in-one.

The Crossfit home gym equipment package above is only one example of the many combinations. Choose which one will work best for your Crossfit training program or WOD.

As far a value, these Crossfit garage gym combinations come with discounted prices based on quantity. You will also save money on shipping costs.

Crossfit Gym Ideas Wrap Up

These Crossfit garage gym ideas are aimed at getting the most out of your garage home gym setup. It may seem that you have plenty of room in your garage for equipment, but choose carefully because it will fill up fast.

Make sure to leave plenty of exercise room for your workouts, preferably in the middle of the room. The best garage gym setup will make efficient use of wall space. If you happen to have a driveway, this is an excellent way to expand your ideas to use this extra space on nice days.

When purchasing your Crossfit equipment, a smart and easy way to set up your garage gym is to purchase a Crossfit equipment package. With these packages, the best Crossfit equipment has already been put together for you, and there are a variety of option packages.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the best gym setup. If so, please leave a message below.

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