Tempo Studio Review – Interactive, Live Streaming, Personal Trainer

Now you can meet with a live personal trainer while participating in an intense exercise class without ever leaving the house.  But what is Tempo Studio, and is this system worth it?  In this Tempo Studio review, we will break down the details of this interactive exercise system.

The technology and functionality of this home gym are impressive so of course, there many benefits associated with Tempo. We will talk about how Tempo works, the key options, and figure out if these home gym workouts are right for you.

Tempo Studio Review

Tempo Home Gym Reviews - Tempo live class

While putting together our Tempo reviews, we’ve discovered that Tempo Fit is unlike any of the other interactive or “mirror” home gym types. This is because the degree of technology and AI (artificial intelligence) is quite superior.

This is not just another piece of equipment that comes with a screen. With one of the largest High-Def screens, Tempo is also equipped with thousands of sensors to monitor your every movement.

This is a major part of what sets Tempo Studio apart, the computer interface tracks your body movements while teaching you how to get a better workout. In addition, this is one of the only truly interactive home gyms on the market.

Live Streaming Exercise Classes

This highlight offers live streaming, personalized classes with certified fitness coaches.

The personal exercise coach helps by monitoring your movements and posture making sure that you are getting the most out of each class.  Each coach will keep you motivated while helping to make classes more interesting and challenging.

Tempo is the most advanced home gym available at this time.  As technical as this system is, it’s also easy to use.  The touchscreen is user-friendly and will guide you through the process. The system can also be accessed with your Tempo phone app.

Trainers in these live-streaming fitness classes keep your energy high, inspire you to perform harder, and give advice along the way to help you get a more effective and safer workout.  The ultimate goal is to give you the best personalized workout available.

On-Demand Classes

Tempo fitness on-demand provides groups of classes aimed at achieving every goal.  This includes cardio, strength, stretching, and endurance.  There is an extensive video library of both live and on-demand classes.

As you workout, the large HD video screen will display and keep track of the number of reps, pace, depth, calories burned, and your heart rate.

All fitness classes give you real time, personalized feedback, and insights that enable you to reach your fitness goals faster.  Tempo is the guidance of a personal trainer with the energy of a group fitness class.

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What To Buy For The Home Gym - Tempo Studio black

Tempo Benefits

  • Large HD interactive screen
  • 7 live streaming exercise classes per day
  • Personal trainer guidance with group class energy
  • Library of on-demand classes for any goal
  • Membership includes other family members
  • Comes with exercise equipment
  • Thousands of sensors pinpoint every move
  • Records reps, weight, calorie burn, and heart rate
  • Phone app allows you to live stream classes anywhere

Tempo Negatives

  • Connectivity depends on your Wi-Fi signal
  • Monthly membership as with any competitor
Tempo Studio Features

How Tempo Fit Home Gym Works

To begin, Tempo does an initial computerized fitness assessment.  This is so Tempo can get a better understanding of your strength and flexibility.  This provides a starting baseline to help assess your customized workout program.

This also helps to align your fitness goal, so from there, it will increase how challenging your home workout program is.

At this point, you will choose between a variety of training programs such as the style, length of time, or focusing on a particular muscle group.

It is not a Tempo workout mirror.  The Tempo Studio gym works by emitting pulses of infrared light, generating 80,000 individual points that generate a 3D model of the body.  Then Tempo Vision analyzed the essential joint movements which analyze them to get the maximum effects.

It focuses on 25 of the body essential joints so the computer can not only keep track of the speed and quantity of movements but also help to make it better.

The feedback shows you how to be more efficient in your workout as well as helping your coach assess your moves.  Because of the detailed data collection, you will never have to remember how much weight you used, how many reps you can do, or average heart rates.

Live or On-demand Classes

Tempo Home Gym Reviews - Tempo screen with stats

During the live and on-demand classes the 3D sensors track your motion and analyze body form.

When doing live classes, this enables the coaches to notify you in real time when you make a mistake. This way they can help to guide you in the best way throughout the workout.

The trainers demonstrate the proper movements step by step.  These instructors are extremely motivated and give continual encouragement.

Tempo Studio membership includes 7 live classes offered each day where the live trainer can actually see you and your data as well as your mistakes.

In the on-demand classes, artificial intelligence will help to guide you with instant feedback and visual cues.

The computer tracks and saves the number of repetitions, pace, and heart rate.  This is used to track your progress and help you to set new goals.

With the Tempo home gym, you can compete against yourself or against others.

Tempo IOS App

While doing this Tempo Fit review, we also discovered the Tempo phone app. Yet another tool that can help you get the most out of your home gym.  It allows you to browse, track, or share all of your classes on social media or with others in the group.

If you are away from your Tempo Fit Studio, the phone app will allow you to live stream a workout at any time or from anywhere.  This is also a good way to schedule upcoming classes when you are away.

The Tempo Studio app comes with your monthly membership and has a five-star rating.

What’s Included with Your Tempo Studio

Each Tempo Studio package includes one good-looking white or black workout unit that doubles as a furniture piece. All models include everything you need for a full home gym exercise program.

The Tempo Studio home gym weighs 100 lbs, is 6′ tall, 26″ wide, and 16″ deep.  It’s made out of high tensile aluminum that will not rust or chip.

Included is their cutting-edge technology such as the Tempo 3D sensors and an AI Personal Coaching Engine along with a workout mat and dumbbells with weight plates. The weights are bumper coated to be quiet and the colors are non-marking.

The monitor is 42″ High Definition and it even works as a touch screen.  Bluetooth connectivity allows you to link the studio to your phone or other accessories.  The great sound quality is provided by 60-watt quality stereo speakers.

Tempo Studios are equipped with high-speed internet and computer processor to provide continuous, high-quality performance.

Tempo Studio Pro - Tempo Studio Review

Tempo Studio Packages

As of spring 2021, Tempo Fit is now offering three different packaging levels. Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus, and Tempo Pro.

Each one of these options require the same monlthly membership dues, and the equipment works exactley the same. The price differences are from the amount of home gym equipment that you think you will need.

You could simply save money by starting out with the base package, and add more Tempo Studio Accessories at any time afterwards.

Tempo Starter $2,495 or as little as $69/month

In addition to all the benefits that Tempo Studio provides, the base-priced set comes with over $1000.00 worth of home gym equipment including 90lbs of free weights.

Weight Plates

  • 1.25 lb x 4
  • 2.5 lb x 4
  • 5 lb x 4
  • 10 lb x 4


  • 5mm Workout Mat
  • 7.5 lb x 2 Dumbbell

All of this fits neatly into a cabinet in the back of the unit.

Tempo Plus $3,245 or as little as $90/month

With the Tempo Studio Plus, you will receive over $1750.00 worth of additional workout equipment that includes 165lbs of weights. This is the most popular Tempo Fit option.

Weight Plates

  • 1.25 lb x 4
  • 2.5 lb x 4
  • 5 lb x 4
  • 10 lb x 4
  • 25 lb x 2


  • 5mm Workout Mat
  • 7.5 lb x 2 Dumbbell
  • 25 lb x 1 Barbell
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Recovery Roller
  • Folding Bench

Tempo Pro $3,995 or as little as $111/month

The Tempo Pro provides over $2500.00 of home gym equipment and 255lbs of weight. This is the most comprehensive weightlifting set offered, giving you plenty of free weights so to do heavy deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

Weight Plates

  • 1.25 lb x 4
  • 2.5 lb x 4
  • 5 lb x 4
  • 10 lb x 4
  • 25 lb x 2
  • 45 lb x 2


Tempo Studio Review - Tempo studio bumper plates
Tempo Studio Bundles

More On Tempo Studio Price and Membership

After your purchase, a member of the tempo team will deliver and even set up your home studio. To get started there will be a monthly membership required for $39.00.  All interactive gyms require a subscription to use the system.

The Tempo Studio membersip provides “all access” to every class as well as personalized benefits.  This access also includes unlimited training for the daily live classes and the on-demand library.

If you have other members in your family, this price also includes individual profiles for each person for no extra charge.

Tempo Warranty

Temp comes with a 3 year warranty that covers everything that is considered normal wear and tear.

30 Day Trial

There is also a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  You can return the unit for any reason for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.  This will help ensure that you will be committed to this exercise program.

Tempo Home Gym Reviews - Tempo full gym shot

Tempo Financing

Tempo also has different plans available to make monthly payments.  They will check your credit and give you a real time decision for your payment schedule.

The interest rate can be anywhere between 0-30%APR and the payment options are 12, 24, and 36 months.  There are no hidden costs or fees.

Tempo Studio Reviews

There are hundreds of positive Tempo Home Gym Reviews online from satisfied customers. The one below was posted on the Tempo Fit website. Click on the Tempo review below to see others like it.

Tempo Studio Customer Reviews - Tempo Home Gym Review

The Competition

Peloton and Echelon offer similar concepts in their bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines.  The most similar ones to the Tempo Studio are Tonal, Echelon, and Mirror. Below are the reasons that Tempo Studio outweighs the competition.

The “Mirror” home gym doesn’t come with as many of the technological advances or with the exercise equipment to work with.  None of the other “mirror” home gyms seem to monitor your movements to be fully interactive.

Tonal can work well for building muscle but there are a few downsides to this home gym system. Exercise movements are limited, but also it doesn’t have the 3D scanning to read your stats the same way that Tempo does.  This also means that there is no way for the trainer to help or correct your movements and no live motivation.

Tonal is $3,000.00 plus a $50.00 per month membership, so you would think that it would be much better.  However, there are a few drawbacks to this fitness system that you can see at my Tonal Vs Tempo gym reviews.

If you are thinking that one of the “mirror” gyms might be right for you, my recommendation is the Echelon Fitness Mirror called the Echelon Reflect Touchscreen. For more information on the other interactive home gyms, click on the link below.

Tempo Classes

All of the Tempo instructors have NASM training certifications, so you will be assured to get a safe and comprehensive workout every time.  The exercise routines are classified in a few main categories to help you select the best one according to your goals.

Tempo Home Gym Reviews - Tempo gym lady doing shoulder press

HIIT Training

The high intensity interval training classes (HIIT) will give you incredible speed and endurance.  It includes intense bursts of exercise with short rest periods.  The intensity will boost your heart rate and your metabolism.

Strength Training

This class uses heavier weights with longer rest periods.  It is designed to build lean muscle and increase endurance. The new Tempo Kettlebell can even assist you in some Crossfit exercises.

Mobility Exercise

Mobility combines yoga, myofascial release, and other mobility techniques.  It improves your quality of movement, helps you become more limber, and reduces the chance of injury.

Cardio Workout

This fat burner will increase your maximum heart rate and stamina.  It’s a high energy, fast paced class that will burn calories, get you leaner, and make you stronger.  


Here you can slow down and relax.  The recovery class incorporates breathing exercises, static stretching, and allows you to use the recovery roller.

Tempo Studio Review-Tempo Studio Programs

Tempo Studio Review Wrap Up

In this Tempo fitness review, we discovered one of the biggest benefits of the Tempo Studio is getting the best real-life, face-to-face training classes with a personalized coach. A superior home gym workout without leaving the house.

Besides 7 live streaming workouts per day, you will also have access to a library of on-demand workouts where the computer analyzes your form and intensity.

The monthly membership commitment costs less than many gym memberships and is in line with other well-known home gym exercise programs.  This membership includes a profile for everyone in the household.

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Tempo Fit Home Gym






Newest technology


Easy to use





  • 7 Live streaming classes per day
  • Hundreds of on-demand classes
  • Membership includes entire family
  • Comes with exercise equipment
  • Phone app to take classes anytime


  • Cost
  • Any interactive gym requires membership fees

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