The 12 Best At Home Gym Equipment for 2020

It seems like working out at home is becoming just as popular as going to the gym.  Because of this, I thought we should review the 12 best at home gym equipment for 2020.

For most people, the most important purchasing factors are the cost of a home gym and the amount of home gym design space.  In either case, you need to choose carefully. That’s why I’m listing the most critical and best home gym exercise equipment you need to get started.  

Best At Home Gym Equipment Overview

Here is a snapshot of the best home gym equipment so you can quickly check prices.  I will be describing them in more detail afterward.

I’m trying to keep the price of these options low in this review. However, for each category here, the sky is the limit on what you can spend for quality exercise gear.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Zimtown Folding Weight Bench, Adjustable Incline Decline Exercise Bench, for Body Workout, Strengthen MusclesZimtown Folding Weight Bench$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Squat Rack for a Home Gym - Body Flex sports body champ power rack systemBody Champ Power Rack System$$CURRENT PRICE
Fitness Gear Hex Dumbbell Review - Fitness gear iron dumbbellFitness Gear Iron Dumbbells$CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Bowflex adjustable dumbbellsBowflex Adjustable Dumbbells$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Rogue tube bandsRogue Tube Bands$CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - TRX home2 systemTRX Training Suspension System$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - BodyBoss 2.0 systemBodyBoss 2.0 System$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Harbinger Multi-Gym ProHarbinger Multi-Gym Pro$CURRENT PRICE
Best Weight Vests For Men - Hyper vest proHyper Vest Pro$$CURRENT PRICE
What Is The Best Air Bike - assault airbike from Rogue websiteRogue Assault Airbike$$$CURRENT PRICE

Best Home Gym Equipment Review

Here are my reviews for the best at home gym equipment for 2020, helping you choose the ones that will suit your individual exercise program. 

The home exercise equipment chosen here can be used for multiple uses and exercises.  Entire workout routines can be done just by having a few exercise machines or pieces of fitness equipment.  This means that there is no need to break the bank just to start a basic home gym.  

  #1. Zimtown Folding Weight Bench


Best At Home Gym Equipment - Zimtown Folding Weight Bench, Adjustable Incline Decline Exercise Bench, for Body Workout, Strengthen Muscles

Zimtown Weight Bench

Weight limit660lbs
Positions3 seat / 6 backrest

This quality folding weight bench was recently marked down from $299.00, so this could make it the best bargain in this review. It provides one of the largest bench weight limits at 660lbs and with a durable frame and a thick coated finish.

Zimtown adjustable weight bench back has 6 back adjustments and the seat adjusts into 3 positions. The Zimtown bench comes with thick padding but is still easily foldable into a compact size for storage. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Also check out the 3 best foldable workout benches of 2020.

#2. Body Champ Power Rack System

Best At Home Gym Equipment - Body Flex sports body champ power rack system

Body Champ Rack Specifications

Weight Capacity:300lbs
Barbell Adjustment Positions:12 holes at 3″ increments

This is my squat rack budget pick.  It’s functional, lightweight, and doesn’t take up a lot of room.  Body Champ comes with an integrated chin up bar, and two thick pillars with 12 position adjustable peg hooks to hold the barbell. This adjustable power rack also comes standard with a lower set of safety or “spotter” pegs.

The weight capacity is only 300lbs where most heavy duty ones are closer to 1000.  However, this squat rack is half the price of others.  It does come with a 5-star customer rating and a one year warranty.

For other racks, check out the 3 best squat racks for a home gym in 2020.

#3. Fitness Gear Cast Hex Dumbbells

Fitness Gear Hex Dumbbell Review - Fitness gear iron dumbbell

Fitness Gear Specifications

Weight range5lbs-60lbs
Weight incrementsEvery 5lb

These Fitness Gear Cast Iron Dumbbells are the old school way to get stronger.  They come complete with all the clinking and clanking of iron. The best part is that they are invincible and inexpensive.

They come in from 5lb to 60lb pairs in every 5lb increment. Dumbbells take up more space than other types of exercise equipment for the home, so carefully choose which pairs to get.  These Fitness Gear Hex Dumbbells come with a one year warranty.

For more quality dumbbell sets, see my best dumbbell sets for a home gym.

#4. Bowflex SelectTech 552

Best At Home Gym Equipment - Bowflex adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex Dumbbell Specifications

Weight range2.5lbs-52.5lbs
Weight incrementsEvery 2.5lbs

These ingenious, adjustable dumbbells take the place of up to a 15 pair dumbbell set.  With the spin of a dial, get from a 2.5lb dumbbell pair all the way to 52.5lbs each in 2.5lb increments.

The protective weight plate coating offers a quieter, safer workout.  Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells come with a dumbbell stand, the Bowflex SelectTech phone app, and a two year warranty.

#5. Rogue Resistance Bands

Best At Home Gym Equipment - Rogue tube bands

Rogue Band Specifications

Amount of resistance10lbs-60lbs
Resistance incrementsEvery 10lbs

Rogue means quality and performance. These Rogue exercise resistance bands are available in 6 different colors to represent each 10lb increment up to 60lbs. They are long lasting latex resistance bands with textured handles.

The Rogue fitness bands can be purchased individually, or save money by buying them as a set. Rogue bands carry a five star rating and come with a lifetime warranty.

See more resistance band sets at my best exercise resistance band sets.

#6. TRX Training Suspension System

Best At Home Gym Equipment - TRX home2 system

TRX Home Gym Specifications

Instructions providedTRX app and TRX training guide
Accessories includedSuspension anchor/door anchor

With the Home 2 System, you can get a full-body workout at home or place that you can attach these straps.  They are the lightest, most compact exercise equipment out there, and offer tons of exercises.

Within the straps is the locking mechanism used to adjust them for any exercise movement. From beginner to advanced moves, this system comes with the TRX app and an extensive workout guide.  TRX Home2 also comes with padded handles and adjustable foot cradles.

#7. BodyBoss 2.0 System

Best At Home Gym Equipment - BodyBoss 2.0 system

BodyBoss Home Gym Specifications

Resistance amount30lbs per band / 120lb total
Accessories includedHandles/foot straps/bar/door hanger

The BodyBoss 2.0 gym is an all-in-one, full body home gym. The base can withstand 500lbs of force and each band provides 30lbs of resistance.  You can increase this amount by doubling up on bands.

BodyBoss home gym provides hundreds of exercises and is light enough to be taken with you anywhere. This versatile and compact home gym system comes with a one year warranty.

For more information, see my BodyBoss Home Gym 2 review.

#8. Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

Best At Home Gym Equipment - Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

Harbinger Pull Up Bar Specifications

Weight limit300lbs
Door widths up to33″

This model provides four grip options: narrow, wide, and extra-wide.  In addition, there are also inside grips for hammer grip pull-ups.  It has a more padded handle area than any others and will help strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, and arms.

The Pro pull up bar fits doorways up to 33″ wide and is one of the only ones that provide the wide grip pull up option. This doorway pull-up bar has a 300lb weight limit which should be more than sufficient.  It can also be moved to the bottom of the doorframe to help with sit-ups or crunches.

See other top rated pull up bars for the doorway.

#9. Hyper Vest Pro Weighted Vest

Best weight vest for men - Hyper vest pro

Hyper Weight Vest Specifications

Amount of weightUp to 48lbs in 5lb increments
Vest SizeS-XL

You get what you pay for with this durable weighted vest. It’s moisture-wicking, washable, contoured, and provides optimal movement. People also love this vest because of its low profile design that can even be worn under your shirt.

The standard vest comes with 10lbs of pre-loaded weight.  There are 5lb booster packs that can be added and are available to purchase.  Depending on the size of the vest, the combined weight maximum can range between 22lb for the small and 48lb for XL.

For other best weighted vests see my review on the best weight vests for men.

#10. Rogue Assault Airbike

Best At Home Gym Equipment - assault airbike from Rogue website

Rogue Airbike Specifications

Fan blade size25″
SeatMultiple adjustment options

Don’t forget to add an airbike to your basement or garage gym. This type of exercise bike is excellent when performing high intensity interval training as well as strength and cardio. The bike resistance is designed to increase with the pedal speed.

This durable air bike will allow you to isolate arms or legs only, or has the ability to pedal forward and backward. The large LCD display console includes heart rate, speed, watts, RPM, time, calories burned, and various HIIT interval training programs.

See my review on the best air bikes for a home gym or my best home rowing machines of 2020.

Best At-Home Gym Equipment for 2020 Wrap Up

Whether you are putting together a large or small home gym, these are the key types of exercise equipment to get started with.

This fitness equipment is used from beginner level up to advanced workouts, so you will never outgrow any of it.

More good news is that you don’t have to purchase everything at one time.  When setting up a home gym, it can slowly evolve just like your home gym workout program.

If you have any other questions about the best exercise equipment for the home, please leave a message below.

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