Fit Track Scale Review – Track Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat, Hydration

The Fit Track Dara Scale is known for giving an accurate calculation of Body Mass Index as well as reading 16 other useful body measurements.  For this reason, we are going to analyze its inner workings with our Fit Track Scale Reviews.

A BMI scale is an inexpensive way to attain all of your necessary goal setting information from home.  We will also explain some of the other key measurements that the Fit Track scale has to offer.


What Is The Best Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara Scale

Fit Track Scale Review

Fit Track calculates standard weight, but this incredible small piece of technology also provides 17 different ways to track body progress.

What is the best smart scale?  They call it the FitTrack “Dara” digital scale and is used in conjunction with the free FitTrack PRO phone app.  The app charts this information to make this information extremely user friendly.

The design is sleek, low profile, and cost under $100.00.  There is a large screen that gives a digital readout of your weight.

All of the other measurements automatically come up on your IOS or Android phone app.  Fit Track Scales are accurate to within 3% of the actual measurements.

With Fit Track Scales, you will be able to keep track of more than just your weight.  Since body weight is not the only physical goal setting factor, it’s also important to know your fluctuation in muscle mass, water weight, and fat mass.

You may even find a measurement that you didn’t know existed such as BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to help monitor how many calories a day that you need.

The chart on this app is easy to understand and the information is laid in a simple way to read.  You won’t need assistance from a trainer or doctor to help track your goals.

This personalized data can be monitored daily, weekly, and monthly to help you keep motivated with your goals.

FitTrack scale adjusts its readings to accommodate your level of activity, type of body, and individual habits.

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What does Fit Track Digital Scale Measure?

Fit Track Scale Reviews - Fittrack app


FitTrack Scale Benefits

The Fit Track Dara Smart Body Digital Scale is an all in one tool to help you get in shape.  It is proven that people who have a way to monitor their progress on a regular basis are more successful in reaching their physical goals.

  • FitTrack is within 3% accuracy of actual measurements
  • The most accurate body composition scale in its class
  • Automatically syncs up to 8 family members for their own profile
  • The most accurate method available to see progress
  • Using FitTrack on a regular basis is proven to result in significant weight loss
  • Shown to help reach fitness goals 8 times faster
  • The FitTrack program is proven to motivate
  • Provides all of the information necessary to stick to fitness goals
  • FitTrack app shows 17 vital pieces of health data
  • Automatically adjusts for all body types

Potential Negatives

  • A BMI reading doesn’t give a true reading of overall health
  • Success takes work on your part
  • Larger investment that a regular digital scale


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The Free FitTrack App

Fit Track Scale Reviews - Fit Track appThis free phone app is what makes this scale a complete resource for measurements and goal setting.

The Fit Tracker scale easily connects with your phone using Bluetooth technology.

It will automatically sync up your body composition measurement within seconds.

There are a couple of easy questions to answer on your profile such as age, gender, and height.  Then you are ready to go.

FitTrack data can be synced directly with Apple Health, Google Health, and many other health tracking apps.



Most BMI digital scales cost between $50-$100.  The FitTrack Dara Smart Body Digital Scale is not the cheapest but is in the average range for this type of scale.

With the FitTrack scale, you get what you pay for since it is shown to be the most accurate in its class.

Independent research studies have shown FitTrack to be the most clinically accurate BMI scale when compared to other products.

The FitTrack Dara BMI Scale has a quality feel and comes with a long lasting battery.  You can spend hundreds of dollars on some scales and still not get this level of accuracy.


Money Back Guarantee

Another bonus is that FitTrack wants to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with their product.

If you’re not pleased with your purchase, simply contact them and they will give you a refund or replacement.  They aim to make this a painless process with their 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


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FitTrack Atria 2.0 | Health Smartwatch

FitTrack Atria 2.0 fitness watchNow you can carry your own health and wellness coach on your wrist.  It’s an all-day and all night activity tracker.  The FitTrack 2.0 is the newest upgrade to the Atria collection that accurately records physiological data.

The FitTrack Atria Fitness Watch will constantly monitor your cardio health by keeping track of things like your heart rate and the number of steps.

The Atria watch tracks activity trends and progress to by monitoring your fitness goals.  The Bluetooth connection links up with your phone app and can also incorporate your FitTrack scales’ measurements.

It’s fully functional and provides call and text notifications, takes pictures, and plays music.

Fit Track Atria also tracks you while your sleeping.  It translates your movements when you are sleeping for disorders and disruptions.  It’s an easy way to track sleep patterns to help you adjust them.


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FitTrack Beebo Family Smart Scale

FitTrack Beebo ScaleAnother FitTrack innovative design is meant to show accurate body changes in “moms to be”.

Pregnancy cause more bodily changes than any other phase of your life  Fit Track Beebo monitors the same 17 health measurements for your baby’s growth.

The Beebo is made specially to map pregnancy health and fitness.  It will keep an accurate diary of your baby’s weight and growth throughout development.

And of course, this scale also helps you to achieve your health goals when pregnant.  Safely track your daily, weekly, and monthly measurements throughout each trimester.


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Customer FitTrack Scale Reviews

FitTrack customers are extremely satisfied when purchasing the “Dara” digital scale as well as their other products.  There are over 900, 5-star Fit Track reviews on their website.  Click this review to see other FitTrack Scale Reviews.

Fit Track Scale Reviews - FitTrack reviews


What Is a BMI Scale

The FitTrack scale is also an accurate BMI (Body Mass Index) scale is basically a digital scale that enables you to obtain all of your important physical properties.   Your weight is only one of many helpful measurements to monitor your body.

These scales are much more accurate than the 200 year old way of getting BMI.  The classic calculation is using one’s weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared.  In simple terms, the Fit Track BMI is the ratio between your standard body weight and height.

A good BMI scale will also provide body fat percentage (BFP), amount of muscle mass, body water percentage, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). 

The Fit Track Dara Smart Scale provides 17 of the most useful measurements.

When used to its fullest, the detailed information that this scale provides is the ultimate way to track and measure fitness goal progress.  It gives you a detailed roadmap of your physical health accomplishments on many levels.


How Does a BMI Scale Work

These types of scales work by sending a low and safe electrical signal through your feet into the body.

This signal passes through the water in your muscle and fat tissue.  Depending on the tissue, it will contain different types for resistance.  When the resistance is measured, it can determine and calculate body composition as a whole.

Fittrack Smart Body BMI Scale uses 4 metal electrodes which use a special technology that uses two different frequencies.  This captures a higher level of accuracy when measuring body composition.

A quality scale should calculate within 3% of the true BMI.

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Fit Track Scale Reviews Wrap Up

People who track their physical measurements are proven to have a much better chance of achieving their fitness goals.  The FitTrack scale will help you get a clearer picture of your health all in one step.
It measures body weight, body fat percentage, amount of muscle mass, BMI, and many other readings all in one step.
We recommend Fit Track Scales based on accuracy, how easy it is to set up, how simple the information is laid out, and because its best in class for a body composition scale. 
All of this comes for a better than average smart scale price.

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FitTrack Dara - Smart Body BMI Scale




Number of Measurements


User Friendly Phone App





  • Most accurate in its class
  • 17 body measurements
  • Free phone app
  • Up to 8 users


  • Average cost in its class

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