Resistance Band Home Gym System – Get A Full Body Workout At Home

For all the “at home” gym equipment options on the market, there is a limited selection when it comes to the best resistance band home gym system.  Resistance band exercises are popular, practical, and are incredibly effective when it comes to strength training and for general fitness.

I’m going to talk about the advantages of performing resistance band exercises at home and how these easy to use bands can give your workout routine incredible most benefits.

For this type of gym unit, I’ll be recommending the BodyBoss Home Gym 2 which is an excellent full body home gym set based on resistance band workouts.  With BodyBoss, it’s possible to hit every major muscle group with a compact, portable, and inexpensive system.


Home Gym Resistance Bands

A good home gym can make a world of difference over using a commercial gym.  No traffic, no germs, no gym membership, no waiting in line, and no bad music.

Resistance bands make the best compact home gym equipment because they are inexpensive, compact, and will give you every exercise necessary for a complete exercise program (full body system).

These bands are made of tough rubber and usually have an attachment or handle on each end to grab.  On some resistance band home gyms, there will be a way to attach the other to the floor or something else stable.

Bands come in many different resistance levels to be able to cater to each individual.  Some companies sell their band sets in light, medium, or heavy.  Others provide their exercise band sets in 10lb resistance increments.

When using workout bands, naturally they will tighten up throughout the movement.  This makes it more challenging the further you stretch them.

This tension is what sets resistance exercise bands apart from other fitness equipment

There are many athletic advantages that go along with having this constant resistance throughout the exercise movements. 

On top of this, your muscles will get no rest time during sets increasing your endurance.

This type of home gym offers a low impact and safe, yet extremely effective workout program.

Workout bands are very versatile in that, the many exercises that you can do with them would require several exercise machines to accomplish the same amount of movements.


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Resistance Band Home Gym System - Man using resistance bands at the gym


Benefits of Resistance Band Workouts

The obvious resistance band benefits are that they are compact, inexpensive, and portable.  However, the advantages go way beyond this.

This is why resistance bands are used by athletes, professional sports, and are a major part of any rehabilitation program.

  • Easy to adjust resistance levels
  • They work every major muscle group in the body
  • Cross-train using bands to hit muscles differently than machines or free weights
  • Functional training for natural movements used in real life situations.
  • Provide continuous resistance unlike free weights
  • Allows full range of motion
  • Promotes better form
  • Replace the same movements that can be done with free weights
  • Full body workout without needing several machines
  • Designed for compound movements
  • Forces the body to stabilize and control movements
  • Engages multi joints and muscles for compound exercises
  • Essential in rehabilitation to aid in recovery


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The Best Resistance Band Home Gym System

Resistance Band Home Gym System - Man doing exercises band curlsFor some reason, there isn’t a lot of competition in home gyms that use resistance band sets.  But there are a few things to look for before purchasing.

Compact and Portable

Most resistance band home gyms are portable.  This is one of the major benefits to using exercise band sets.  I even take mine with me when I fly because they take very little space.  

Not only are they easy to take with you, but they don’t take up any space at home.  No moving workout equipment out of the way after exercise.

Resistance Levels

I would say the number one thing to look for is some kind of variety when it comes to levels of resistance.  This is because there isn’t a one size fits all for this type of home gym.

Fortunately, you won’t need the many resistance levels since the band resistance becomes more difficult to push or press the further that you get into the movement.

Must Be Able to do Vertical Exercises

Another thing that resistance band home gyms many times lack is the ability to hook into the floor to do squats, deadlifts, etc.

Look for one with some sort of stable base to be able to hook the bands into.  It’s important to be able to do as many different resistance band exercises at home as possible.

Stable Door or Wall Attachment

It’s also important for a resistance band system that can hook on to a door or something stable for arm, chest, and shoulder exercises.

This is attachment is a must, since with this option you will be able to do many more upper body exercises.


This is another strong point of home gyms with resistance bands.  Rubber bands are a fairly inexpensive item to produce.  Because of this, most resistance band sets roughly cost between $70.00 and $300.00.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for with any exercise home gym.  I would also advise that you look for at least a one year warranty.

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Resistance Band Home Gym System - BodyBoss 2.0 system

The BodyBoss Home Gym 2

I’m going to recommend this system for the best at-home resistance gym.  The reason being, is that it meets all of the requirements that are listed above when looking for an ideal resistance band home gym.  It’s durable, versatile, portable, and inexpensive.

Resistance Band Home Gym System - BodyBoss home gym 2 accessories - Woman doing squats on a BodyBoss 2 gymExcellent Reviews

Another reason that I feel confident in recommending this piece of home gym equipment is from the sheer numbers of the positive 5-star BodyBoss reviews.

Not only that, but it’s simple to use and is one of the least expensive home gyms on the market at under $200.00.

Compact and Portable

Did I mention portable?  Every thought about working out outside to switch up your routine?  Vacations are another great time for a portable gym system.

The BodyBoss 2 home gym comes with a compact carrying case along with a small duffle bag to fit everything when you’re on-the-go.

Full Body Workout Gym

There aren’t any muscle groups that you can’t work out with the BodyBoss portable gym.

You can easily find hundreds of exercises that can be done with the BodyBoss system.  And of course, it also comes with directions.

Whether your goal is building muscle, increasing strength, or weight loss, BodyBoss gives you the best resistance bands for women or men.

Although there are additional accessories available, this home gym kit includes everything that you need right out of the box to get a total body workout.

Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

Each band provides 30lbs of exercise resistance at its normal length.  By shortening them by using the anchor points at the base, they can give you up to 70-80lbs of resistance per band.

The more that you shorten them, the more resistance.  As I had mentioned before, you may want to get the extra band set to make it more challenging and to provide additional tension.

There is more information about this band system at what is the BodyBoss 2.0.

Resistance Band Home Gym System - man doing presses with Bodyboss 2 home gymSupports Strong Tension

This is not a flimsy home gym setup.  The base can withstand up to 500lbs of upward force, which is much more than most of us can squat.

This non-slip base will be what you are using to do most of the heaving lifting.  It has several attachment rings so you clip the bands in different locations to get more exercise variety.

Padded Door Anchor

The door anchor is made of durable nylon that can hold plenty of weight as well.  This accessory is included and doubles the number of exercise possibilities.

It doesn’t attach with a metal hook like some systems that will scratch or dent your door.  It simply goes on the back of a closed door and attaches with tension.

Exercise Instructions

Plenty of BodyBoss exercise instructions are available from a few different resources.

For a quick way to start your resistance band exercises at home, BodyBoss provides a step by step illustrated exercise manual that comes with the Body Boss Gym.

YouTube has 100’s of Body Boss 2 instructional workout videos.  These are free and offer a nice variety of resistance band exercises from several different categories.

The third method is a $10.00 per month video collection called BodyBoss TV.   This is a library of hundreds of live trainer replays with new workouts always being released.  The best part of this subscription is the one on one trainer help to organize your BodyBoss workouts.

Potential Negatives

The only real negative that I can find is that it doesn’t provide a lot of different resistance levels.  Because of this, I recommend at the minimum, getting the extra set of bands that they offer.

With any top rated home gym system, it can be difficult to keep your motivation levels high since you are on your own.  BodyBoss 2.0 is a portable system, so taking it outside during nice weather is a good way to keep things fresh.

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Purchase the BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0


Resistance Band Home Gym System
“Wrap Up”

Resistance band sets make some of the best in home gym equipment for many reasons.  Workout bands are compact, durable, effective, and inexpensive.

Of course, the most important part is that bands one of the best and most practical ways to work out your entire body.  Whether you are strength training, building muscle, or burning calories, exercise resistance bands are proven to give your muscles an intense workout.

I’m recommending the BodyBoss 2.0 Gym system as the best exercise resistance band set.  It’s a complete and portable, full body fitness system that gives you the ability to do more exercises than any other resistance band home gym.

This resistance band home gym system comes with multiple 5-star reviews that reflect the quality, portability, price, and how easy it is to use.

⇒ If you have questions about the best resistance band set, check out my BodyBoss 2 review.  You can also leave a message below and will respond.


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