Pull Up Bars For The Home – Best Exercise for a Strong Back

Pull-up exercises are the number one movement that you can do to increase both the size and strength of your back muscles.  That’s why I’m going to talk about the best pull up bars for the home.

Imagine getting a head start on your back routine simply by doing a few pull-ups when walking through your bedroom door or even while doing household chores.  Or maybe get an entire back workout from home when you are in a crunch or too busy to get the gym.

Besides these ideas, many people use their pull up bars can also be an integral part of a complete home gym setup.


What Are Pull-Ups For

For a brief introduction, let talk about the key muscles involved when doing a pull-up.

So the number of pull up muscles worked are more than you would think.  Practically the entire body is engaged when doing this movement.

You will be working the core muscles of the stomach, shoulders, arms, forearms, neck, and even chest.  That is what makes this such a key exercise.

As far as the major back muscles worked are concerned:

Pull Up Bars For The Home - pull up muscles used⊕ Latissimus Dorsi – is the largest upper back muscle or group of muscles that are also called “lats”.  It goes from the mid-back out to the shoulder blade.

⊕ Trapezius – this muscle group goes from your neck out to the shoulders and is sometimes called “traps”.

⊕ Thoracic erector – a group of muscles that run along with your thoracic spine down the middle of the back.

⊕ Deltoids – Not a back muscle, but used along with these muscles.  This is the back of the shoulder that gets worked heavily during many back exercises.

Depending on the pull-up bar grip, this can affect which back muscles take on more of the workload. 

Be sure to change up your grip position on a regular basis.  This variety will keep your muscles getting stronger and give you a better formed back.


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The Benefits of Pull-Ups

As I mentioned, the pull-up benefits the back more than any other type of exercise.  It used a full range of movement and has a way of hitting every major back muscle.

Pull Up Bars For The Home - man using perfect fitness wide grip pull upHere are a few key advantages:


The Best Pull Up Bars for the Home

Buying a pull-up bar for the home can be one of your most effective and best home gym purchases.  They are not only inexpensive but workout the entire back.

I can’t think of any other single piece of home gym equipment that can provide so many benefits for such a simple concept.  It’s also the only piece of equipment out there that takes up literally no space.

When shopping, be sure to get the best pull up bar for you.   Here are a few things to look for:


This is a big advantage for many that don’t have room for home gym exercise equipment.

If you purchase a pull-up bar for the doorway, you will need to be able to take it off and on quickly and easily if necessary.  The reason for this is that they are not set up to be able to close the door while it is attached.

Of course, the other important thing is the ability to attach it back onto the door easily.  Otherwise, there is less of a chance of using it as often.

With a wall mount pull up bar, you will never have to worry about it being in the way.  This is also the most stable type of home gym pull up bar.

Hand Positions

I prefer a pull-up bar with several hand positions.  As we discussed, it’s important to be able to get some variation with any effective pull-up routine.

Slightly different hand positions affect your muscle movements differently.  This makes the back bigger and stronger.

Many door pull up bars can also be used as a portable gym or multi purpose bar.  The way that these bars are shaped, they can be used on the floor to do dips, deeper push-ups, or even core exercises.

Pull Up Bars For The Home - man doing pull upsSupported Weight

Most over the door pull up bars start at a 250lb capacity and go up from there.

This is important because you may eventually want to do weighted pull-ups to really build the back and increase your strength.

This means wearing a weight vest, weight belt, or holding a dumbbell between the thighs.

For this extra weight, it’s recommended to get a permanently attached pull up bar to avoid during your door trim.


Most home pull up bars are reasonably priced and can be purchased for less than $50.00.  This excludes some telescoping pull up bars as well as some specialty ones for an all-in-one home gym.

⇒ If you have any further questions or comments on how to do more pull-ups, please leave a message at the bottom and I will respond.


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Types of pull up bars

Pull Up Bars For The Home - pull up dip bar comboThere are several different types of pull up bars available.  The easiest, least expensive, and simplest is the standard type of pull up bar for the doorway or over the door pull up bar.

However, for a basement or garage gym pull up bar, there is a special “garage pull up system” available that can easily attach to the rafters.  This is one of the most permanent and stable pull up bar options.

If you don’t have anything to attached your bar too and if you have the room, a really cool option is a free standing pull up station.  This is a simple way to arrange your home gym system any way that you like.

In addition to this free standing pull up station, there is a dual exercise option called a pull-up dip bar or pull up dip bar combo.  This is a two in one exercise machine that can be used to hit most of your upper body muscles.

If you are looking for a pull-up bar that can attach to any wall, check out the “Rogue Pull Up Bar”.


Increase Pull Up Reps and Pull up Tips

How to do more pull ups:

There are several methods that you can do to increase the number of pull-ups, and improve their quality and form.  The pull up grip position while doing these is not essential, but I recommend changing it up as often as possible.

These methods can be especially beneficial for beginners that are not yet able to perform that many pull-ups on their own.

But even a pro will implement these methods.  They are still the best way to not only achieve a stronger more muscular back but also do more pull-ups than ever before.


Pull Up Bars For The Home - man with muscular back


Isometric Holds

This is a simple exercise that just requires holding your body up at the top of the pull-up movement.  Try holding this position as long as you can.  Maybe start with 10 seconds and go up from there.

Leg Assisted Pull-Ups

You’ve probably seen people doing this at the gym.  There must be one person helping, while you are attempting this.  Bend your knees during the pull-up and have your partner give you just enough help to get to the top of your movement.

If you can do several on your own, your partner should only be helping you with the last few.  This is basically called having a “spotter”.

Pull Up Bands

If you don’t have a “spotter” or anyone to assist, this is a great option.  Simply tie the band onto the pull-up bar.  Then either stand on the middle of the band or place it under your knees.

Depending on band strength, this will help with your “assisted pull-ups” without needing a person to help.

Pull Up Negatives

I performed these quite a bit, and they really help me to increase the number of pull-ups.  To do a negative, jump up or pull yourself to the top of the bar.  Then count to ten as you slowly let yourself down.

Perform 8-10 of these negatives, and you should be able to really feel your back muscles burn.

Exercises to Help Get More Pull-Ups

Perform other back workouts to increase pull-ups.  Since pull-ups engage all of your back muscles to work together, this means that many other back exercises will help with your overall pull up strength.

Here are a few good ones to include in your routine:

  • Lat row – dumbbell, cable, barbell
  • Lat pull down – all grips
  • Above the knee rack pulls
  • Pull up bar hangs or hang holds
  • Deadlifts


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The Home Pull Up Bar Conclusion

As you can see, having a pull-up bar for the home is an excellent opportunity to grow the back.  This single exercise works all of the back muscles and more thoroughly than any other exercise movement.

Not only are home gym pull up bars beneficial for your back, but they work well for any home gym setup because they are compact and out of the way.  This bar takes up very little room and is easy to remove and put back at any time.

Just having it hanging above your door will encourage you to get in a few reps while just hanging around the house.  Lastly, this durable piece of home gym exercise equipment will be one of the least expensive items for your home gym for a full back workout.

⇒ If you have any further questions or comments on the best pull up bars for the home, please leave a message below and I will respond.

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