Best Weight Vests For Men -More Stamina, Burn Calories, Stronger Cardio

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Weighted vests can be an excellent way for men to build endurance, stamina, and to improve cardio.  Other benefits include strength and muscle gains as well as burning more calories for faster weight loss.  Because of this, I’m going to review the best weight vests for men.

There are many different types of weighted vests that are designed for different fitness goals.  This review will look at a few different styles which are the most functional and have the highest ratings.


Weighted Vest Benefits

What is a weight vest?  These vests are slip on, lace on, or zippered, and typically comes with many pockets that allow heavier weight to be added in small increments.  A weighted vest can be an important accessory to improve any fitness program.

One of the ways key advantages to getting more out of these vests is the ability to increase the weight as you get stronger and more comfortable with it.

Keep in mind that that the benefits to additional weight distributed across the body is much more beneficial than carrying weight with your hands.

Resistance Strength

Best Weight Vests For Men - man doing pullup with weight vestUsing a weight vest during certain exercises will increase muscle growth and strength.  This includes pushups, pullups, squats, etc.

The additional resistance pushes the body to reach higher physical goals especially for pushing past a personal plateau.

Improved Cardio

Using a weighted vest makes it more strenuous therefore pushing your body harder.  This is especially true when trying to increase cardiovascular health.

Running, walking, or hiking with weight will also improve your functional leg strength that will flow over into making many exercises easier.

Weight Loss

The number one way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat.  Additional weight is a great solution to burning more calories at a faster rate.  This poundage will increase the burn while doing almost any activity.


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When to Use Weighted Vests

Best Weight Vests For Men - man running with weight vestWith most activities, the body will adjust to the added bodyweight.  At this point, you will be automatically getting additional benefits without even noticing it.

This includes positives results in strength, endurance, and cardio.

So what’s a weighted vest for?

Work or Play

One thing that many people haven’t thought of is using these vests underneath clothing for daily activities including work.  Many of these vest types are designed to go under clothing without being noticed.

It is advantageous to use a weighted vest for walking wherever you go.  This way you can burn more calories and increase strength just from taking the stairs or even while shopping.

Warming up

Warming up before exercise or competition is proven to be increasingly important.  A weight vest is an excellent way to give you a more dynamic warm-up.  This extra resistance helps to support better stretching and loosening up for trials.

Cycling or Treadmill

This is a smart and convenient way to get extra mileage out or a cardiovascular workout.  The additional weight will help build leg strength and push your body harder without even knowing it.

You will also be burning calories at a high rate which is the goal for getting more toned and lean.


Want to improve your distance and speed?  Although you won’t get these results when wearing a vest, it’s for the next time that you need to shine.

When training with a vest, there will be noticeable results in performance when you run without it.  When using a weighted vest, once your body gets acclimated to the high weight, you won’t even notice that its there.

Working Out

Wearing additional weight will actually change up your workout routine at the gym.  Your body will need to adapt to these differences, and this leads to more muscle growth.

It brings positive results when giving your muscles more stress and strain during exercise.  In the long run, you will develop better strength and stronger cardio.


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Weighted Vests Studies

Through research along with real-life use, loading weight with a vest or other type of garment produces positive results.  This is when used during rigorous activities, sports, and rehabilitation.

Wearing additional weight during activity is shown to increase functional body strength and athletic performance.  Of course, this is when used properly.

The types of performance training that were studied include tactical training for military, fire, and police.  Positive results have also been seen with general fitness and for weight loss.


What to Look For in the Best Weighted Vest

Most importantly, be sure to choose a weight vest that aligns with your personal training goals.

Being Adjustable

The most important thing is to make sure that the vest weight is adjustable.  Most weighted vests either come with additional weights or they can be purchased.  Usually, they come in 2-5lb increments.

This is important since your body will get stronger each time, and you will want to increase the weight to keep things challenging.

Amount of Weight

Be sure to purchase a vest keeping in mind what you will be doing with it.

For endurance exercises such as running or walking, a low profile, thinner, lighter vest may work best.  These usually go up to about 45lbs.

For strength training, get a heavy duty vest that comes with plenty of weight.  You will probably need one that can increase to over 50lbs.  Some can even hold up to 150-200lbs!


You get what you pay for.  The least expensive will be the fixed version where the weight can’t be adjusted.  Spend the extra money to get one that is adjustable.

Look for one that already comes with the weight bars or plates.  Some vests can be quite expensive and on top of that, require the weights to be purchased separately.

⇒ If you have any other questions or any comments on what to look for in a weighted vest, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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Best Weight Vests For Men


#1 Pick – All Around Favorite

Best Weight Vests For Men - Hyper vest pro

Hyper Vest Pro

This vest is made to be compact and allows a free range of motion.  Weight is held tightly against the body allowing more comfort and control during fast or vigorous movements.  The weight is evenly distributed and centered to the body core to help you stay balanced.

At the same time as being secure, it also stretches to allow room for chest expansion for heavy breathing during intense exercise.  The sides are open for ventilation along with the fabric being breathable and able to wick away moisture.

The Hyper Vest Pro may be the lowest profile vest available and can easily be worn under a shirt without anyone knowing.

The standard vest comes with 10lbs of pre loaded weight.  There are 5lb booster packs that can be added and are available for purchase.  Depending on the size of the vest, the combined weight maximum can range between 22lb for the Small and 48lb for XL.

The price of this vest is comparable with other quality weight vests in its category.

Hyper Vest Pro Benefits

  • Thin profile – weights are only 1/2″ thick
  • Option to add 5lb booster weights
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Allows for maximum movement and flexibility
  • Adjustable side lacing
  • Sizes S-XL
Purchase at Rogue Fitness


Excellent Weighted Vest Alternative

Best Weight Vests For Men - Hyper vest elite

Hyper Vest Elite

This is a step up from their “Pro” version.  It brags of an even more innovative design to hug the body more comfortably.  The fabric control system allows more motion and is made out of heavy-duty Cordura material.

Besides this more controlled fit, this vest is consistent with the other Hyper Vest above.

The vest allows full chest expansion while allowing full overhead, forward and sideways movements.  The sides are open for additional ventilation and help to tighten the vest more comfortably.

The fabric is breathable and odor resistant.  This slim profile vest can be discretely worn under clothing and comes with the same 5lb increment weights as the “Pro” model uses.  This is one of the best weight vests for running.

Hyper Vest Elite Benefits

  • Breathable, odor-resistant, wicking Cordura fabric
  • Maximum movement and flexibility
  • Thin profile for use under clothing
  • Option to add 5lb booster weights
  • Open sides with adjustable reflective side lacing
  • Sizes S-XL
Purchase at Rogue Fitness


Best Weighted Vest for the Gym

Best Weight Vests For Men - Box weighted vest

BOX Weighted Vest

This weighted vest is a one size fits all for men.  It’s actually a tactical training vest that features pocket panels on the back and front to hold added weight.

The additional weight can be ordered in 2.5lb increments up to the 45lb capacity.  Unloaded, the vest weight is less than 3lbs because all weight and belt are removable.  It’s a compact design that is made to contour to the body.

Fully padded shoulder straps that hold the majority of the weight are only 3″ wide.  This allows for plenty of arm movement overhead, front and sides make it comfortable for weightlifting or other exercises.  Some of the uses for this vest include CrossFit, pullups, punching, chopping, crawling, dragging, etc.

BOX has developed a kipping-proof belt system with hook and loop attachments and military grade, moisture resistant webbing that provides extra adjustments.

The Box Weighted Vest is made in the USA and offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in material or workmanship.

Box Weighted Vest Benefits

  • Can hold up to 45lbs in 2.5lb increments
  • Fully padded body and shoulders
  • Moisture-resistant tactical training vest
  • All weights and belts are removable
  • Durable military-grade construction with a Lifetime Warranty
Purchase at Rogue Fitness


Best Weighted Vest for Strength Training

Best Weight Vests For Men - MiR pro weighted vests

MiR Pro Weighted Vest

This one has been developed for that man that needs it to be heavy.  It’s made out of heavy duty nylon and it can hold up to 120lbs.

The vest is 2.5lbs with no weight and then additional weight packs can be added in 3lb increments.  Weight on this vest is placed closer to chest level to protect the stomach from possible pounding from the weight.

MiR Pro has double padded shoulder support for the added comfort needed for this amount of weight.  It only comes in one size but is contoured and strapped in with a heavy duty belt and two adjustable straps.

The weight packs are held into place with hook and loop closures. There is a dual layer design so the bottom layer will hold more weight than the top for better balance.

MiR Pro Benefits

  • 120lb maximum weight adjustable in 3lb increments
  • Double padded, lined shoulder support
  • Mid chest belt to keep weight from bouncing
  • Front, back, upper and lower pockets for balance
  • Heavy duty construction
Purchase at Rogue Fitness


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Best Weight Vests For Men – Wrap Up

Best Weight Vests For Men - weight vest - man doing pullupsMen’s weight vests weight more, are contoured for our bodies, and should be heavy duty.  Another important thing is to come with adjustable weight increments.

It’s difficult to say which vest is the best since it all depends on the individual fitness goals.  The ones in this review all come with great ratings and customer satisfaction.

I prefer the Hyper Vest Pro since I don’t need the heaviest weight when doing pullups or for running.  It is also ideal to wear under clothing for regular activities if I chose to.

The MiR Pro weighted vest is the best if you are looking for heavy weight to train with.

⇒  If you have any questions or comments about the vest weight vests for men, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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