Fitness Boxing Switch Review – Gaming with Interactive Workouts

For those of you that like both gaming and interactive workouts, we’re introducing this Fitness Boxing Switch review. This is an unbiased Nintendo gaming review, showing all of the benefits and options that make this a one of a kind, full-body interactive workout and video game. If you’re going to get addicted to gaming, this is the best one to improve your health at the same time.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Fitness boxing 2 game box


Nintendo Boxing Review Specs

Age Group Rating Everyone
Number of Players Up to 2
Battery Life Approx 4 hours
Price $$ (Check Latest Price)
Our Rating 8.8 out of 10

Overview of Nintendo Fitness Boxing 2

The Nintendo Switch is a “rockstar” gaming system from the number one video game maker. Fitness Boxing 2 is a sequel to the original Fitness Boxing and the newest game that will entertain while at the same time giving you a great boxing workout.

Nintendo boxing combines the newest interactive technology with the most versatile remotes on the market. This is the best way to get a fun and challenging daily workout.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review

This premier boxing game may be more of an exercise tool, but motivates more like a game.

The Nintendo Switch gaming system can be used as a console, tabletop of handheld. Nintendo Switch controllers can look a bit intimidating at first. However, In Nintendo Boxing, you use the handhelds “Joy-Cons”, like boxing gloves – one in each hand making the two control system is easy to navigate.

Start by selecting your challenge level from beginner to advanced. You then pick whether you choose to have your workout prepared by the trainer or create a customized workout for yourself.

During your workout, follow the instructor’s boxing routines Jab, uppercut, and dodge using a series of boxing moves to follow the instructor. Throughout your match, the instructor coach gives you feedback to encourage, motivate, and help you get the most out of your game.

As you move on to the next levels, there are some small perks such as being able to choose your coach’s outfit and having access to more songs.

However the ultimate goal for playing this use this game a little every day to see improved results. your data will indicate your increased skill level, changes in body weight, and BMI (Body Mass Index).

For additional motivation, get a friend involved. Only Fitness Boxing 2 comes with a two-player option, so both boxing sessions are led by the instructor.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Nintendo switch boxing coach female


This game brings you excitement, motivation, exercise, coordination, rhythm, and balance. Here are just a few of the Nintendo Boxing features that stood out to us.

Setting Options

Nintendo Switch Boxing allows you to change many of its game settings. There is the ability to adjust the sound and music, daily workout settings, 2 player option settings, boxing timing adjustments, and the alarm settings. Some of the daily workout settings include the ability to turn on and off boxing moves according to your personal preference.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Nintendo Switch boxing songs

Track Workout Goals

The fitness workout menu tracks your data by saving games by the day, week, and month. Switch Boxing system monitors your training levels, instructors’ info, your play schedule, exercise durations, number of punches thrown, and the number of calories burned. Switch Fitness Boxing also keeps track of your stats such as your weight, age, and BMI (Body Mass Index).

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Nintendo switch boxing trainer

Choose Boxing Instructors

Choose between nine badass instructors, each has a different personality to motivate you. They perform as your own personal fitness coach. One of the highlights of the game is that as you level up, you can customize your instructor’s outfits.


Select your favorite music. The Fitness Boxing 2 now offers a full song list with more popular tunes to choose from than before. Level up to increase your play list.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Nintendo switch boxing grips

Boxing Grips

I recommend purchasing the Fitness Boxing Grips for a more comfortable boxing match. These are specially designed for this boxing game and are both comfortable and durable. The Nintendo boxing controller grips are also inexpensive.

Battery Life

The battery life for every Nintendo Switch game is different depending on its use. However, Nintendo Boxing has an estimated battery life of 4 hours. There is a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery pack if you can find it. Users may enjoy the heavier boxing feeling from this extra battery weight.

Pros and Cons of Fitness Boxing 2


  • 2 player function
  • Get a full boxing workout at home
  • Personalized trainers with different personalities and styles to suit you
  • Options to customized your workouts
  • Use as an exercise program on the go or when traveling
  • Tracks all stats, estimated calorie burn, and daily workout graphs
  • Excellent motivational game for getting your daily cardio workout


  • Controllers may not be ideal for all hand sizes
  • Fitness Boxing is more of an exercise app than a video game

Nintendo Switch Price

Fitness Boxing 2 will officially be available on December 4th, but you can pre-order. This Nintendo Game is currently selling for $49.99, but is subject to change.

Based on exercise systems similar to this, the price is a great value. If you were to purchase an actual interactive “mirror” type home gym, the subscription price alone to operate them is $30-$40 per month.

Fitness Boxing (Original)

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Nintendo fitness boxing original

There isn’t a huge difference between the original Fitness Boxing and Fitness Boxing 2. Of course as a sequel, the new version is slightly better.

Some of the basic graphics have been upgraded, but there are a few other differences that may be important to you. The first one is that there are 6 rather than the new 9 fitness instructor choices to choose from.

The new game allows you to have more control over the boxing moves. This is because there is an option to choose which moves you do or don’t want to use, such as certain combos.

Most importantly, newer Fitness Boxing 2 can be used for 2 players.

If you are currently using the original, all of your stats and sessions can easily “switch” over to the new version. The “original” is still available for about the same price, but I assume that this will be reduced before long.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review - Nintendo Switch full system

Nintendo Switch Console

Of course, you will need the Nintendo console to play Fitness Boxing as well as the many other exciting games. It’s priced under $300 and includes the dock and Joy-Con controllers. Check Pricing on Nintendo Switch Gaming System Here.

Fitness Boxing Switch Review Wrap Up

The newest Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise, is gaming meets boxing classes. Fitness Boxing 2 offers a fun and challenging way for anyone to get an effective daily workout.

You can play your Nintendo Switch while getting a guided boxing session and tracking your fitness progress, all while listening to your favorite tunes.


Fitness Boxing 2











  • 2 player options
  • More control that original version
  • Tracks health and game stats
  • Pleaty of music options
  • 9 instructors to choose from


  • One size fits all controllers
  • More for fitness than gaming

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