Top 4 Best Smart Scales for 2020

What is the best smart scale for 2020?  The best scales accurately compile and show all of the important data on your body composition. This includes information like your body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), and body fat percentage (BFP). These variables are necessary to create a baseline to set and monitor your physical goals.  Fortunately, this data from your scale can be shown on your smartphone in easy to use and read, charts and pictures. We will be listing some of the top options in the smart scale category as well as discussing some of the primary benefits and negatives of each one.

What’s a Smart Scale

A smart scale, sometimes referred to as a BMI digital scale, was developed to provide an overall snapshot of your general health.  The best use for this type of scale is to help you set personal physical fitness goals.

It’s important to know your fluctuation in water weight, muscle mass, and fat mass.  Most smart scales show only your weight on its digital LCD readout, while all of the other information is linked through your smartphone.

This should provide graphs, tables, and/or charts that make it easy to use and monitor this information.  A smart scale can be an important piece of the puzzle for your home gym.

How Does a Smart Scale Work

What Is The Best Smart Scale - Smart scale clip artSmart scales usually have metal pads where the feet are placed.  These send a low electrical signal through your feet and through your body.  This safe electrical current passes through the water in all of your tissue including muscle and fat.

Different tissue and densities send readings for certain types of resistance.  The way this level of resistance is measured is how the scale can determine your entire body compensation.

Some scales use more than one frequencies to get more accurate recommendations.  Smart scales in general are fairly accurate.  Chances are that the more expensive scales will provide better data.

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What does a Digital Smart Scale Measure?


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Smart Scale Benefits

These scales are a proven way to get in shape and for developing a healthier body.

People that monitor their progress on a consistent basis are shown to be much more successful in reaching their physical goals.

  • What Is The Best Smart Scale - man showing weight lossGives the most accurate body composition you can get at home
  • Scales automatically syncs up to other family members
  • The best method available to record physical progress
  • Using a smart scale on a regular basis is proven to result in significant weight loss
  • Shown to help reach fitness goals 8 times faster
  • Smart scales have been proven to motivate
  • They provide all of the information necessary to stick to fitness goals
  • Smart Scales track up to 17 vital pieces of health data
  • These scales automatically adjust for all body types

Potential Negatives

  • Only a doctor can give a true reading of overall health
  • Works best with consistent monitoring
  • Larger investment that a regular digital scale


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What Is a BMI Scale

A BMI (Body Mass Index) is usually along the same lines as a smart digital scale.  BMI is just one of the many body composition readings that they provide.

High BMI reads can indicate a high level of body fat and are used to screen possible health problems.  It could be an indicator of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Body Mass Index can be calculated manually or by your doctor by using your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared.

However, it’s much easier to simply stand on your scale.

Your BMI is just one more way to track your health as part of a detailed map of your fitness level.

Here is an example of an ideal body weight BMI Chart:

Accuracy The FitTrack scale is FDA approved and demonstrated to be within 3% accuracy of the true measurements. - BMI table


What Is a Body Fat Scale?

Body Fat Percentage is another important reading that a “smart scale” will provide.  Some body fat is natural and a great source of energy for your body.  Too much will lead to long term medical issues.

The ideal number is determined by your age, sex, and weight.  Everyone is different, so this is not an exact science.

We are all built differently and genetically retain different levels of fat.  The ideal body fat percentage is more of general guidelines.  However, a smart scale will give you a better overall view of your health with its composition measurements.

In this chart, the lower range is more in line with younger age groups and the high range elevates with age.

Essential fat10-13%2-5%

We are going to answer, what is the best body fat scale below.  But you can also check out this link to one of the many Body Fat Calculators.



What To Look For In a Smart Scale

A good digital smart scale should provide at the very least, weight, body fat percentage (BFP), amount of muscle mass, body water percentage, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). 

Most of these fit scales adjust their readings to accommodate your type of body, level of activity, and individual habits.


Although smart scales are quite accurate, they can’t always account for all of the genetic differences from person to person.

Look for a smart scale that is FDA approved and that has been independently tested by an outside company.


Are smart scales worth it?  We believe they are since changes in your weight alone will not give you proper information into individual body composition changes.

Smart Scales are more than double the amount of money as a typical digital weight scale.  However, variations in weight only tell one part of your overall changes in health.

If you happen to be on a budget, there are many quality scale options between $50 and $100.

Free Phone App

This is the only way that you will be able to see your body composition data.  Be sure the scale has Bluetooth or WiFi capability.  The app should be able to automatically sync up to your body measurements immediately.

It will ask a few simple questions to complete your profile such as gender, age, and height.  The information shown on your smartphone screen should come in easy to read charts and pictures.

The best smart scales should also be able to sync directly to other health-tracking apps such as Apple Health and Google Health.

Battery Life

When you are looking at quality smart scales, they almost always come with a long lasting battery life.   There are even a few that come with a USB port and cord for their rechargeable battery.

Optional Settings

Some may be interested in two settings in particular that are an available option in some smart scales.  The “fitness” setting is a good option if you are leaner or more in shape.  This enables the scale to provide more accurate readings for this body type.

A few scales come with a “pregnancy mode”.  This is great for the mother to be, since they will track you and your baby’s changes throughout pregnancy.

Beware of Imitation Smart Scales

There are many scales on the market that take on the same smart scale appearance that comes with metal electrodes on the top.  However, these knockoffs won’t have the ability to show your data on a phone app because there isn’t any.

Stay away from the ones that don’t come with a phone app or any other method of seeing your data.  Also, scales like this generally cost under $50.00.


The best smart scale comes with at least a one year warranty.

Many of them such as the Fit Track scale also provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  Simply contact them for a refund or replacement.

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What Is The Best Smart Scale


#1 Pick

What Is The Best Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara Scale

FitTrack Smart Scale

Called the FitTrack Dara scale this one contains all the technology that you need in one package and for under $100.00.  Unlike many “smart scales”, the Fit Track scale provides 17 different body measurements to track progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Highlights include body fat percentage (BFP), amount of muscle mass, body water percentage, and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

FitTrack Bluetooth technology links to the free FitTrack PRO phone app that presents all your body data information in simple charts and pictures.  Bluetooth connectivity will work in conjunction with IOS, Apple Health, Google Health, and many other fitness programs.

For the price, this BMI smart scale also includes an option to set up 8 family members with separate profiles.

Fit Track Scales are FDA approved and have been independently tested to be within 3% accuracy of actual measurements.  The 4 electrodes work use dual frequencies to get even more accurate data.

If you are at a higher level of fitness or have more muscle mass, there is a special “athlete” mode.  This takes these differences into account to adjust the body composition model.

FitTrack Scale Benefits

  • Collects all 17 points of body data
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to read free phone app
  • Compatible with Google Health, Apple Health, and other health apps
  • Profiles for up to 8 different people
  • Special athlete mode option
  • Most accurate in its class
  • FDA approved
  • 1-year warranty

Possible Negatives

  • Long-lasting battery is not rechargeable

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Purchase the FitTrack Smart Scale


Runner Up

What Is The Best Smart Scale - Yunmai smart scale

Yunmai Color 2 Smart Scale

Yunmai is a leading company in body index analysis technology with a strong background in scale software.  This sleek looking design is compact, lightweight, and comes in glossy white.  The “Color 2” scale is their high end model, meaning that it comes with all of the options necessary for a true smart scale.

What put this smart scale in this “best of” review is its ability to read 17 different types of body data.  The scale includes a BIA chip which is used to track measurements worldwide to ensure that the information is reliable and accurate.

The soft, white LED readout tells your weight, while the other 16 body measurement registers on their free phone app.  This app is easy to use and connected with Bluetooth technology.  It connects other family members as well so everyone can have their own profile.

A nice benefit to the Yunmai Color 2 is that it comes with a rechargeable battery.  The Yunmai Smart Scale is FDA approved and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Yunmai M1301 is about half the price and comes with only 10 body data measurements.  Other than that, it is an accurate, sleek looking scale for less money.

Yunmai Color 2 Benefits

  • Records 17 body data tests
  • USB port for charging-comes with cable
  • Accommodates Up To 16 Family Members
  • Free Bluetooth app is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones
  • Yunmai App Syncs With Apple Health, Fitbit And Google Fit
  • FDA Approved
  • 1-year Warranty

Possible Negatives

  • Reports of the body fat percentage not being accurate
Purchase the Yunmai Smart Scale


Great Alternative

What Is The Best Smart Scale - Withings Body Smart Scale

Withings Body+ Smart Body Composition 

This one seems to have all of the bells and whistles.  The WiFi enables you to link up to talk with Alexa to help you manage your weight.  It also ties in with their Health Mate phone app. 

Withings Body+ doesn’t track all 17 body measurements like some of the others.  But does include the most important ones such as weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass.

It can sync with apple watch plus and more than 100 top health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google fit.  Up to eight users can set up profiles and the scale automatically knows who is who.

An important benefit that sets the Withings Body+ is the pregnancy tracker.  This means that there is a baby mode to track weight gains for both you and the baby.

Withings comes with an easy to read, free phone app to chart all of your information.  An extra bonus is that the app comes with nutritional tracking.  This scale comes with a 1-year warranty.

Withings Body+ Benefits

  • Records most of the necessary vital body data statistics
  • Includes pregnancy tracker mode
  • Up to 8 user profiles
  • WiFi to connect to your home
  • Bluetooth works with IOS and Android
  • Comes with free phone app to chart data
  • App includes nutritional tracking
  • 1 year warranty

Possible Negatives

  • Doesn’t include all 17 measurements
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Most Sophisticated

What Is The Best Smart Scale - QardioBase Smart Scale

QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

This one by far has the coolest digital readout.  Besides showing weight on the scale, it also has a feedback body that shows smileys rather than numbers to give progress.

It also has one of the most elegant designs that come in either volcanic black or white.

The QardioBase Smart Scale measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, and water percentage.  Keep in mind that this scale does not have all 17 measurements that our top pick has.

It’s equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi technology to sync data with your free Qardio phone app.  This is an easy to read app that shows the information on various charts and pictures.

This smart BMI scale also has a dedicated pregnancy mode for moms to be, to track progress through each trimester.  Its the only scale in the smart scale reviews that has a visually impaired mode that uses different vibrations.

QuardioBase can be set up for everyone in the house by providing different profiles and recognizing users automatically.  It’s set up to link with Android, IOS, Kindle, Googe, and other health apps.

You will never need to buy a battery since this scale is rechargeable and should last up to a year on one charge.

QardioBase Benefits

  • Measures weight, BMI, body fat, water %, muscle, and bone mass
  • Share scale with the family by setting up multiple profiles
  • Best digital readout with name, weight, and signs
  • Compatible with Android, IOP, Google, Kindle, and others
  • Special Pregnancy mode
  • Free app with Bluetooth and WiFi technology
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery
  • 1-year warranty

Possible Negatives

  • Highest price in review
  • Does not include all 17 body measurements
Purchase the QardioBase Smart Scale

What Is The Best Smart Scale Conclusion

It is proven that people that track their physical measurements on a regular basis have a much better chance of achieving their fitness goals.

A smart scale will give you a road map to health and a clearer picture of your accomplishments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The FitTrack Smart Scale is our top pick in this review because it is most accurate in its class, monitors 17 points of body data, and is priced fairly.

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