Small Home Gym Ideas – Ditch Your Gym Membership

Small Home Gym Ideas

I still keep my gym membership, but having the option to use my home gym whenever I want is so liberating. But do you have enough room to replace your gym workouts? Because space can be limited, I’ll be helping with a few small home gym ideas and tips.

The 3 Best Squat Racks for a Home Gym in 2021

The 3 Best Squat Racks for a Home Gym in 2020 youtube canva

For those of you that want to step up your home workout game, I’m going to introduce the 3 best squat racks for a home gym in 2021.

I’ll be ranking these based on quality, budget, durability, and value.  Adding a home gym squat rack to your exercise room will add multitudes of new exercises to your fitness routine, so here we go.