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Of all of the sports and training that I’ve participated in over the years, running is still the most difficult and challenging for me.  Even though I’m above average when it comes to anything athletic, I sometimes struggle around the 2-mile mark in a run.  For the best way to overcome this, I’m going to discuss the benefits of taking a pre workout and running.

Pre workout supplements are a safe and healthy way to increase your energy, endurance, and motivation when running.  These popular supplements are mainly targeted at weightlifting and other sports.  However, a pre workout can benefit the intensity that you will need for a difficult run.

I’m going to break down what these benefits are and the different options available in pre workouts.  It’s also important to know what types of running will benefit the most from this supplement.  Lastly, I’ll give you a brief description of pre workout ingredients, so you will know what you are taking.


Benefits of Pre Workout and Running

Most weightlifters and bodybuilders use pre workouts to get stronger and gain muscle mass, but what are the advantages for running?

During my runs, if energy starts to fade, so does my motivation and endurance.  That is where a good pre workout comes in.  This supplement is specifically designed to provide increased energy, endurance, focus, and motivation.

A pre workout will also give you one huge mental boost.  This will not only help maintain that runners high but reduce the amount of perceived effort that comes with running.  This energy and performance supplement enables you to achieve faster times and meet your goals more easily.

  • Improves time before fatigue
  • Draws nutrients and oxygen through your blood at a faster rate
  • Boosts adrenaline helping the breakdown of fat cells
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Gives muscles quicker recovery time
  • Boosts power and work capacity
  • Improves focus and motivation
  • Uses energy to burn fat, saving carbohydrates


What Is In a Pre Workout

Is a pre workout safe?  It is a healthy supplement designed and manufactured for those of us that are concerned about our bodies and our health.  Although there is no such thing as an FDA approved pre workout, the individual ingredients by themselves are controlled.


pre workout and running - caffeine signThis is the main ingredient providing energy in a pre workout.  This natural stimulant can make all the difference for performance.  Caffeine has been proven to increase speed and endurance.

It also brings a level of focus to get you “in the zone”.  This energy creates motivation to propel you to go harder and longer.

Amino Acids:

There are many different Aminos in a pre workout used for performance.  L-Citrulline is one that provides increased vascularization.  This enlarges your blood vessels to bring more oxygen, nutrients, and hydration to your muscles at a faster rate.

It enables the muscles to perform longer and not fatigue as quickly.  Amino’s also improve respiratory fitness since the veins and arteries in the lungs are able to take in more oxygen.

The Amino, Beta Alanine helps to reduce the amount of Lactic Acid that builds up as a result of heaving activity in your muscles.  This is very important in preventing fatigue and helping with muscle recovery.

It also prompts the production of Carnosine which helps to improve muscle strength and exercise performance.

pre workout and running - creatine in spoon and spillingCreatine:

Creatine is known for it’s proven effects on when it comes to increasing exercise performance, endurance and strength.  This is an ingredient naturally found in your body and from the foods that you consume.

When supplementing additional amounts of Creatine, it produces extra ATP energy.  This is energy for your muscles that brings longer endurance.

Vitamins and Minerals:

There are several different B Vitamins for a great natural source of energy.  Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamine, and Folic Acid are other names you will see for the various B Vitamins.

You will also find minerals such as sodium and potassium used as electrolytes for hydration.  Zinc is another one that promotes testosterone and provides other benefits.


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Pre Workouts for Fat Burn

One of my favorite benefits of a pre workout is its ability to burn fat.  A pre workout will allow runners to burn more calories, resulting in weight loss.  This supplement is one of the healthiest fat loss supplements around, especially when it’s used along with exercise.

It both raises the body’s metabolism and provides the extra energy to push yourself further.  The thermogenic ingredients in a pre workout encourage the body to burn fatty acids first.  This conserves the valuable carbs that you will be needing later to delay fatigue.

Caffeine is one of the thermogenic ingredients that is proven to burn calories faster.  In addition to this, some of the other effective ingredients are cayenne pepper or capsicum, green tea extract, and Yohimbe.

If you have any questions or comments about pre workout fat burn, please leave them at the bottom and I will respond.

pre workout and running - burn fat sign


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Healthier Pre Workout Options

If you are a runner, it is most likely that you also maintain a healthy diet.  Although pre workouts are safe, the most popular brands that you see tend to contain the most artificial ingredients.  There are better options if you are watching what you eat more closely.

All Natural Pre workouts

 pre workout and running - all natural logoThis type of pre workout does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or sugars.  All natural pre workouts maybe a little more expensive on the average, but are still only between $1-$2 per serving.  Most of these are sweetened with Stevia, a healthier sugar alternative to the most widely used type, Sucralose.

The flavors and coloring come from fruit and vegetable extracts.  In case you still need that Caffeine kick, all natural pre workouts have the same quantities of this stimulant as the traditional brands.

Organic Pre Workouts

pre workout and running - organic logoThe Organic pre workouts take it one step further.   Not only is it free of artificial ingredients, but all of the ingredients must be USDA Organic approved.  This means that they are grown and manufactured without using any man-made fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals.

The Caffeine in Organic pre workouts is derived from Green Tea Leaf, Coffee Bean Extract, TeaCrine, and others.  However, the concentration is not that strong.  Most of these come from plant based products rather than animals, making the Amino Acid content less potent.  This is the healthiest type of pre workout supplement.

Most Plant based and Vegan pre workouts can be found under this Organic category.

Caffeine Free Pre Workouts

Although Caffeine is a natural product some of us don’t want this stimulant in our diet or our body chemistry can handle it.  If someone is Caffeine intolerant, a Caffeine Free Pre Workout is the best way to go.

This category supplies the body with energy, endurance and focus by using larger quantities of the other ingredients.  They may not get you as wired up, but you will still get a quality, stimulant free workout.


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Most Effective Pre Workout Runs

 pre workout and running- woman running on treadmillThere are two different categories of exercise.  They are “aerobic” exercise (longer endurance) or “anaerobic” exercise (high intensity and shorter endurance).

Pre workout supplements don’t perform as well with extreme endurance competitions such as marathons.  This is considered an aerobic exercise.  A run that lasts that long can’t depend on short term stimulants and nutrients.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercise is ideal to get the greatest benefits from a pre workout.  These include shorter runs such as a 5k.  Other sports include exercise classes, Crossfit, HIIT workouts, weightlifting and anything else considered high intensity.

If you are unsure if a pre workout will work well for your workout routine or have any questions regarding this, please let me know in the comment box at the bottom.


An Intra Workout Solution

running-intra-workoutThis is an excellent way to recharge your body as you’re running.  They are called Intra Workouts or BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acid).

During a run is the best time for the absorption of nutrients and electrolytes to re-nourish your system.  This is your body’s “sweet spot”, and the most important time to receive this supplement.  It’s extremely important in regaining your endurance.

These Branch Chain Amino Acids along with other vitamins and minerals keep going when your pre workout effects begin to wear off.  Water alone is not as effective in feeding your body these much needed Aminos, vitamins and electrolytes.

While running or most other forms of exercise, your body requires these nutrients.  These keep your body from fatiguing and helps you to stay energized.

The Intra workout is especially beneficial when it comes to long distance runs, where your body is depleting itself of these essential nutrients.  Pre workouts and Intra workouts can successfully be used together before and during, to get the maximum benefits.


Pre Workout and Running – The Best Pre Workouts


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Cons:    Can’t determine individual ingredient quantities – no break down on Supplemental Facts label.

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A Runners Conclusion

 pre workout and running - woman running on firePre workout and running go together to optimize performance and give you that mental boost.  This supplement provides exceptional motivation,  focus, and increased endurance to push your run to another level.

The ingredients also remove toxins from your muscles to avoid discomfort and fatigue.  This performance supplement is safe to use and is a simple, natural combination of Caffeine and Amino Acids.

Whether you are competing or trying to reach your personal goals, it will give you a clear advantage.

The benefits will not only enable you to compete at a high endurance and intensity level but will also speed up metabolism for maximum calorie burn.  This makes a pre workout supplement excellent for weight loss at well.

Pre workouts work best for anaerobic exercises which are shorter, more intense activities such as 5K’s, sprints, Crossfit and anything high intensity and non-endurance.  It is not as effective for marathon use since the effects will wear off before the finish.

However, I do recommend an Intra Workout or BCAA’s for longer runs to keep your energized and hydrated.

If you have any questions or comment on pre workout and running, please leave them below and I will respond.


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