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Best Interactive Home Gym – Technology, Functionality, and Results

There’s a new lifechanging type of home gym equipment in town where home workout technology and fitness have evolved together.  So you have all of the ins and outs for this new kind of workout machine, I’m going to review which is the best interactive home gym.

So far, all of the home interactive gyms that I’ve reviewed are very functional and pretty amazing.

»What sets them apart will depend on your fitness goals, pocketbook, and personal preferences.

Since these home gyms can be on the pricey side, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting as well as their return policies just in case the one you choose is not the best gym for you.

Why Work Out at Home?

After being intensely motivated by my gym workouts for years, I never thought that exercising from home would ever be an option.  But here I am, getting just as much out of my home fitness studio as I ever did at the gym.

Sure, I miss the social interaction with my gym buddies from time to time, so I’ve kept my membership.  However, once I started working out at home, I quickly realized the advantages.

Time – is the biggest advantage by far including the time spent in traffic.  For the average person, this will save 30 minutes or more each way.  Then, it seems like I always forget at least one thing behind, like charging my headphones.

Those that take care of their bodies seem to have the busiest lives, and time is our most important aspect.

Cost – Purchasing a home gym setup can be a bit costly at first but is a much better investment in the long run.  You probably know as well as I do about the initial or yearly gym sign up fee, monthly charges, and that feared annual commitment.

Cleanliness – I don’t even know where to start with this one.  But, I would rather sit in my own dirt than everyone else’s.

And the benefits list goes on, but since this post is about the best home interactive gym, I won’t bother discussing the many other home gym benefits such as daycare, comfort, and scheduling.

Best Interactive Home Gym - Woman using mirror home gym

What’s an Interactive Home Gym System?

I’m glad you asked.  Interactive fitness equipment has changed lives for the better, and this technology can range anywhere from a simple phone workout app to a $5,000 Pelaton stationary exercise bike.

Interactive home gyms are much more than simply working out to YouTube videos.

This new type of interactive fitness gym can mount to the wall or can be free standing.  But what sets these home gyms apart is the live feed with a certified training coach doing specialized instructional workouts or you can pick from a library of on-demand videos.

These live feeds and on-demand classes are organized by categories and fitness levels for any goal that you can think of.

Several Exercise Categories

Interactive class schedules should have many different fitness categories to choose from.  Yoga, cardio, weight loss, strength training, boxing, and the list goes on.

User Friendly

Interactive exercise equipment for the home is very advanced, user friendly, and packed full of the most recent gym technology.  The touch screen is easy to use, and the fitness coach motivates and guides you through every workout routine.

Tracks Workouts, goals, and vitals

The home gym screen will keep track of which exercise you are doing, the number of reps, calories burned, and even your heart rate.   These systems come with an advanced computer interface to keep track of past and future workouts as well as guiding you with your personal workout goals.

Cardio Focus

Many of these categories are aimed to work your heart health and burn calories.  These gyms include a heart monitor and the interactive screen will keep track to keep you motivated.

Strength Training Focus

Interactive gyms can be used for strength training.   They can come with their own weights or you can use your own.  To be considered a fully interactive home gym it needs to build the body stronger and provide an intense “full body” workout.

Large TV Monitor

This also sets these functional home gyms apart from other types of exercise equipment for the home. Each brand’s interactive fitness equipment invests in a high-end HD model, some incorporating a touchscreen.   Depending on the brand, it may be equipped with interactive sensors and cameras behind the screen.

Newest Interactive Gym Technology

Computerized home gyms come with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, microphones, speakers, heart rate monitor, and cameras. Each one comes with a phone app to add many other programming options.

Membership Dues

All interactive home gyms include monthly membership fees.  Be sure to budget for this because it basically replaces the need for a gym commitment.

These dues usually run between $30 and $50 per month.  There are no long term commitments.  However, these fitness systems need these memberships to run.

There is an upside to this membership in that every member of the family can set up a separate profile to use the program.

Possible Negatives

If you have a slow WiFi connection, don’t even attempt it because you will have live stream issues.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments on “TV home gyms”, please leave a comment below and I will respond.


Who Are They For and At What Cost?

This technology is for anyone motivated and old enough to exercise.  What makes these workout systems nice, is that they will set up a profile for each member in the household at no extra charge.

Being able to share this concept greatly reduces the household cost of the purchase and saves money on gym memberships for the rest of the family.

You will see this product advertise more for millennial, business professional types.  However, exercise mirrors and interactive fitness equipment are made for anyone to use, and these expertly done engineered home gyms offer different levels and programs to fit any individual.

All you need is the motivation to use it, which comes easy since these systems are plenty of fun as well as challenging.

»» As far as cost, most range between a $2000 and $4000 investment.  Most brands offer an easy financing program, a money back guarantee, and a warranty on their equipment.

A home interactive gym will take a little while to pay for itself, but the investment and convenience should be worth it.

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The Best Interactive Home Gym

From online research, product reviews, and ratings, here are my top picks for these incredible home workout systems.

Top Pick and Best Interactive Fitness Gym

The Best Interactive Home Gym - Tempo fit full picture

Tempo Fit Home Gym

This one is my favorite piece of interactive fitness equipment that has been developed to this point.  It seems to have the most effective interactive personal training at home along with the most options for the money.

After numerous interactive gym reviews on Tempo vs Tonal and Tempo vs Mirror, this would be my personal choice for exercise classes, fat burning, and strength building.

Starting with the optional delivery and set up, the “tempo crew” comes to your house to help get you started.  After this, Tempo Fit will give you an initial physical assessment to get to know your body and fitness level better.

At this point, using the large HD touchscreen, you can start selecting your exercise program from every type of fitness category.

Tempo Fit offers at least 7 live interactive classes per day (at the time of this writing, will offer more in the future).  Or choose from hundreds of on-demand classes.

The screen will keep track of the number of reps, pace, time, amount of weight being used, ranking, calories burned, and your heartbeat.

A bonus to the Tempo Interactive Home  Gym is that it comes with all of your weights, bars, and other workout equipment.  All of this hangs neatly in the back of the cabinet.

You can even watch all of the on-demand workouts on your phone app if you are away from your Tempo unit or traveling.

Tempo includes a large HD display, camera, sensors, computer processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, weights, bars, heart rate monitor, recovery roller, workout mat.

How It Works

The Best Interactive Home Gym - Tempo live class

Behind the screen are thousands of sensors to identify your every movement to enable your fitness trainer to view, helping give you a better and more efficient workout.

This means that a real life coach actually works with you in real time.  Of course, you can also turn this feature off at any time.

You can also compete against others in your live classes, but they won’t be able to see you.

If you can’t catch a live class, there are hundreds of “on-demand” classes organize by fitness level and category.

During on-demand classes, the computer (rather than the live trainer) will be able to guide and correct your movements by using its body sensors.


Tempo starts at $2400 for the basic package, or they offer a 0% financing program. There is an optional in-home setup fee of $250 just in case you are interested in this service. All interactive exercise equipment requires a subscription, and Tempo Studio is $39.95 per month.

This home gym system comes with a 30 day hassle free money back trial period as well as a 3 year warranty.

The Tempo Fit gym will set up different profiles for everyone in the household at no extra charge.

⇒ You can learn more about this system at my Tempo Home Gym Review.

Tempo Fit Positives

  • Real coaching and live feed back – a truly interactive system
  • Includes all weights and accessories – 115lbs of plates
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • 7 or more live video feed classes per day
  • Comes in black or white furniture piece
  • Keeps track of vitals and goals
  • 3 year warranty with excellent customer service

Potential Negatives

  • Takes up more space than wall hanging mirror systems

Best “Mirror” Interactive Home Gym

Best Interactive Home Gym - Lady boxing in Echelon Reflect Touch

Echelon Reflect 50″ Touchscreen

You may know Echelon from their popular series of Echelon “smart connect” bikes.  This is another “mirror” type of interactive home fitness system that touts the best innovative technology.

The Echelon exercise mirror works the same as some of the other interactive home gyms in its class.  At first glance, it looks like a regular, contemporary wall mirror, but it has a 50″ HD touchscreen monitor, computer processor, and camera behind it.

This “interactive workout mirror” mounts to the wall or can be used with its stand.  A great benefit for classes is that there are up to 10 per day live classes per day offered.

Echelon workout system is not completely interactive in that you won’t get one-on-one “interaction” with the fitness coach, but the trainer will call out to you for individual motivation and tips.

Besides the live classes, there are also many class options from live workout classes to a library of on-demand.

The touch screen makes it easy to scroll through to the particular workout category, level, and class desired.  You can also use their phone app to search and schedule classes if you are away from your Echelon Reflect mirror.

The complete system includes the 50″ touchscreen monitor/mirror, Bluetooth, WiFi, computer processer, speakers, front-facing camera.

The embedded camera is included for their personal training program, though Echelon has not yet been set up for this option.

How It Works

Best Interactive Home Gym - Echelon monitor

Once you activate your account on the Echelon mirror, you are ready to get started.

Using the touchscreen, simply scroll through the various exercise categories and options that you are interested in.

There will also be lists of the live upcoming classes and plenty of on-demand classes.

The certified coach will keep you motivated while they demonstrate the proper movements.

The screen will show you the number of reps, calories burned, rank, points, duration, and heart rate (heart rate monitor included).

It will also keep track of each of your workouts helping you reach your goals as well as making new ones.

A key part of Echelon’s make-up is to keep your heart rate in certain a certain “zone”.  Depending on your fitness goals, you will be focusing on the red, yellow, or green zone helping you get the most effective workout. 

You can also compete live with other members on your leader board.


The Echelon price is $1599.99 or they offer a financing program of $54.00 per month.  This comes with a 30 day return policy and there is a one year limited warranty on the equipment.  They also offer a three year extended warranty.

There is free delivery to some states, and I don’t see a fee option for in-home setup.  The Echelon monthly membership program is $39.99.

This membership includes the option to set up multiple users at no extra cost.

For a smaller price tag of $999.00, you can get the Echelon Reflect 40″ with the same perks, but a smaller monitor that is not a touchscreen.

Eschelon Benefits

  • Touchscreen navigation makes it user friendly
  • Disguised as a contemporary looking wall mirror
  • Up to 10 live classes per day and a library of  “on-demand” videos
  • Tracks your goals, workouts, and vitals
  • Live trainer will give you general tips and motivation
  • Echelon has a long track record of quality good interactive workout machines

Possible Negatives

  • The one on one private training option is coming soon

“Mirror” Home Gym Runner Up

The Best Interactive Home Gym - Mirror home gym

The MIRROR Home Gym System

This exciting wall mount home gym seems to be the most heavily advertised one, although it is not a fully interactive fitness gym.  However, it is a good looking, low profile mirror with a 40″ HD TV behind it.  The mirror can be mounted to the wall or comes with a stand.

One of the highlights of the “mirror” gym is that you can see your moves during both live and “on-demand” classes.  There are no weights, so the “mirror” uses all bodyweight exercises.

This concept of using your reflection for a mirror gym workout with a built-in monitor may take a little while to coordinate and get used to.

Classes can be selected based on your goals, preferences, and personal profile.  The Bluetooth heart monitor provided or Apple Watch can sync with Mirror.

With its webcam and microphone, the Mirror does have the capability of live, one-on-one classes for an additional charge.

Mirror home gym includes a 40″ HD display, speakers, microphone, computer processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, heart rate monitor, mirror care kit, fitness bands.

How It Works

There are more than 70 live classes a week and thousands of on-demand classes to choose from different fitness categories.  You can also select your own music playlist or use Spotify.

These classes are hosted by real trainers.  They can see your profile and heart rate data and may give individual shoutouts and class motivation.  However, they don’t offer individual feedback.

The “mirror” interactive home gym is not a touch screen.  Setup and navigation are through your phone app as there are no buttons or controls on the mirror.  The phone app is how you sort through to the workout that you want.

The app can also play workouts on your phone.  This could be especially beneficial for travel.

On the screen, the Mirror gym monitor tracks progress and performance such as type of exercise, reps, heart rate, and calories burned.


The price for their mirror unit is $1495.00 with 0% financing available and an optional installation and setup fee of $250.  It includes a 30 day risk free trial.

The Mirror home workout system comes with a one year warranty with an optional extended service plan.  Membership charges to use their services is $39 per month.

Up to six household members can use Mirror with separate profiles.

Mirror Positives

  • Looks like a regular contemporary home mirrror
  • 70 live classes per week and thousands of on-demand classes
  • Phone app will play all on-demand classes
  • Most popular type of interactive home gym
  • Tracks all vitals, progress, and workouts
  • Can sync with Apple watch

Potential Negatives

  • Live coach may give individual motivation, but not individual feedback
  • Does not have a touchscreen – controlled with phone app

Best Interactive Strength Training

The Best Interactive Home Gym - Tonal interactive home gym

Tonal Home Gym

Tonal is a wall mounted smart machine that specializes in full body strength training.  It has few more perks than some of the other interactive systems with its arms to allow muscle building workouts.

However, the workouts are not live but use a virtual training coach.  It is a real person, but more of an “on-demand” system.

The trainer does include general exercise motivation and tips.  The instant feedback is offered from artificial intelligence using its 17 sensors since there is no live trainer.

There are numerous effective training programs to choose from different categories depending on your fitness goals.  The Tonal home gym monitor measures reps, sets, range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume.

There are 100’s of various strength movements that you can do simply by moving the arms side to side, up and down at different angles, and by adding the different accessories (accessories cost additional).

My favorite part is that this Tonal strength machine gives you 200lbs of digital weight and resistance!

It’s also a bit more expensive than the other training machines but will eventually make up for this if you had to purchase cable machines and weight sets.

This home gym setup includes 24″ HD touchscreen, Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers, and AI.  I was a little disappointed that all of the accessories including handles are an additional cost of $495.00.

The Best Interactive Home Gym - tonal monitorHow It Works

To start, set Tonal for the mode that corresponds with your fitness goals such as muscle growth, performance, or calorie burn as well as beginner thru advances.

Next, there will be an initial strength assessment to show both you and the artificial intelligence where you stand as far as fitness level.

The functions are accessed by using its touchscreen to choose your weight training program.  Then move the dial manually for preferred weight or let the computer automatically remember the amount of weight that is right for you.

Tonal automatically calculates and adjusts weight and tracks progress as well as monitors your strength.

You can use the Tonal app to program over 170 movements into your own workout routines.


The Tonal smart home gym is priced at $2995.00 or they provide a financing program.  You can also purchase Tonal setup for an additional fee of $250.  It comes with a 30-day risk free home trial along with a 3-year warranty.

The membership dues are a little high than average at $49 per month.

One membership offers unlimited accounts for everyone to use.

Smart bar, handles, ropes, and bench are sold separately in a package for $495,

Tonal Benefits

  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • The best strength building interactive home gym
  • Weight adjusts automatically or manually
  • Tracks amount of weight, goals, and vitals
  • Use the arms and attachments for over 170 movements
  • Over 200lbs of weight

Possible Negatives

  • Additional charge for handles and other accessories
  • Not a truly interactive machine – virtual trainer with no live feedback
  • Price and membership cost more than average

Interactive Home Gym Conclusion

Best Interactive Home Gym - Echelon mirror touchscreen
Echelon 50″ TouchScreen

We have reviewed the best home interactive gym systems currently on the market.

All of these fitness home gyms come with:

  • Newest and best technology
  • Large HD monitor and speakers
  • Multiple exercise categories to choose from
  • Keep track of vitals and goals
  • Computer interface, powerful WiFi, Bluetooth, and phone app
  • Is a contemporary looking furniture piece

My top choice for the best live trainer home gym is Tempo Fit.  Not only is the price competitive, but there are many other big reasons.

Tempo Fit uses a truly interactive live coach, the easy to use touchscreen, comes with all weights and equipment necessary, focuses on both strength and cardio, and comes with a three year warranty.

The top pick for a “mirror” home gym would have to be the Echelon Reflect Touch because it’s easy to use touch screen, the amount of daily live classes they offer, and the number of exercise categories to choose from.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments about the best interactive fitness gym, please leave a message below and I will respond.

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