Ethos Functional Training Rack Review – Best in Class for Versatility

Looking for a squat rack for the home gym that is versatile enough to expand, functional enough for your home gym workouts, and a great value?  Pay close attention, because these qualities are the reason that I decided to write this Ethos Functional Training Rack Review.

The Ethos home gym squat rack is priced lower than most of the workout racks in its category.  Even though it’s made with the same commercial grade quality, and it comes with more accessories.

We will talk about the Ethos squat rack benefits and negatives along with everything else you should consider when purchasing the best home gym weight rack.

What To Look For in a Squat Rack

Any type of workout machine or exercise equipment for the home gym is a great long term investment.  They can provide a lifetime of workouts, so be sure to select the one that works best for your fitness goals and workout routine.


Unless you plan on using this piece of exercise equipment for squats only, be sure that the squat rack you are looking at is versatile enough to perform other types of exercise movements.

Some of the things to look for include the capability of attaching other accessories.  Many brands make dozens of different squat rack accessories to choose from.

These can include for weight plate storage attachments, pulleys, platforms, different exercise grips, spotter arms, and every type attachments designed for Crossfit.

Squat racks with pull-up bars are extremely important to me.  Having one of these on your “functional” training rack adds some key back exercises to your routine.


The best squat rack for the home will be sturdy and safe.  I recommend looking for one that is made with 11 gauge steel and with thick uprights. 

This will ensure it’s not a flimsy rack, and will most likely support more weight than you will ever need when doing squat exercises.  The standard weight limiting for the best quality squat racks is 1000lbs+.

It’s also important that the squat rack or power rack has a small enough footprint in case you are working with a compact home gym.

A good rack for squats should also have sturdy J-hooks to easily hold the weight of your barbell and plates.  Be sure there are plenty of adjustment settings on the upright to accommodate your height and even to allow you to do bench press workouts.

Keep in mind that you will most likely be adding a weight bench in the future for a more complete fitness routine.  There are folding workout benches for small home gyms.

If you are working with limited workout space for a small exercise room, there is an Ethos Foldable Rack or see my Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review.

Value and Warranty

I recommend spending over $300.00 on a squat rack purchase.  Anything under that is poorly made, it will have inferior weld quality, and many parts are just bolted together.

On the other hand, I personally won’t pay over $600.00 for a quality squat rack unless it’s for a commercial gym, or if you’re massive.

As for the warranty, look for a lifetime warranty on the welds.  However, these usually exclude abuse or outdoor use.

Ethos Squat Rack Overview

Ethos is known for making entry level equipment at a reasonable price, while still offering commercial quality.

Whether you are putting together an exercise room, basement gym, or a garage home gym.  Ethos offers a great selection of other functional gym gear that is all compatible with each other.

Some of my recommendations include the Ethos Folding Squat rack, the Ethos Power Rack 1.0, the Ethos weight bench, and Ethos Rubber Dumbbell Sets.

At this time, Dicks Sporting Goods is the only authorized distributor for Ethos Fitness Equipment.  Depending on which piece of equipment that you purchase, the Ethos warranty extends from a 3 year to a lifetime warranty on its brands.

Ethos Functional Training Rack Review

Whether your goals include stronger legs, rounder glutes, or getting toned the Ethos Training Rack stands out because of its durability and versatility.

Ethos Functional Training Rack - Ethos functional training rack

ETHOS Specifications

Dimensions:50″x64″ by 79.5-91’’ high
Weight Capacity:Heavy Duty but weight capacity not listed
Product Weight185.5lbs
Barbell Adjustment Positions:10 holes at 6″ increments


This commercial grade squat rack has 3×3″ columns made of 11 gauge steel with tough galvanized fasteners. 

A wide base stance keeps this squat machine stable enough to hold enough for heavy weight exercises.  The paint job is called a “powder coat” which is the toughest baked-on finish available.

Accessories Included

What really caught my eye were all of the Ethos accessories included, making this more than just a squat rack. 

Not only is this Ethos Rack compatible with other Ethos equipment, but it even includes some of them in their base squat rack model.  This is unusual since these accessories usually cost extra with other manufacturers.

The Ethos Functional Training Rack is standard with the J-hooks, but also comes with bar catches (or spotter arms).  These barbell catches are critical for heavy weight training for when your leg muscles give out.  They are also beneficial as a barbell holder when performing other exercises.

The other bonus is the squat rack pull up bar.  Not only does it come with a bar, but this model offers several different pull-up positions to add to your workouts.  This adjustable pull-up bar is made to do over/underhand pull-ups, hammer grip pullups, narrow grip pull-ups, and wide-grip pull-ups.

Another accessory that usually costs extra is Olympic weight plate horns attached to neatly store your plates during use.

It even comes with heavy duty polyester and adjustable straps for bodyweight suspension exercises.  Basically, this “power rack” comes standard with its own “TRX” system.  Lastly, it comes with a heavy bag spinner for boxing workouts (bag not included).


The beneficial weight rack accessories included make this more of an all-in-one exercise machine.  It allows you to work on any body part or muscle group that you can think of.

About the only thing, you will need for your full body workouts are the weights and a workout bench.  For bench presses or incline bench press, simply lower the J-cup position to the proper level.  If you need even more exercise options, there are other Ethos Power Rack accessories that can be added.


All Ethos weight racks come with a limited lifetime warranty to show that they are as tough as they claim.  As far as the value, I haven’t seen a squat weight rack as versatile as this one for such a low price point.

Ethos Training Rack Negatives

Although this is manufactured to be as heavy-duty as more expensive squat racks, Ethos does not list a weight limit.  From my research, I’m guessing that it’s around 1000lbs.

The bar catches made for assisting to catch your bar during squat exercises are a little short.  However, they are still functional.

This workout rack is over 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep, so be sure that you have enough room for this weight rack plus plates and a bench.

There are not as many height adjustments for the accessories as some more expensive racks.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments about Ethos squat racks or Ethos power cages, please leave a message at the bottom.

Alternative Squat Racks

Here are a couple options of other recommended “best squat racks”:

ETHOS Folding Wall Rack

Best Squat Rack for a Home Gym - Ethos Folding Wall Rack

ETHOS Specifications

Dimensions:49″x25″ by 92″ high – folds to 5.5″ deep
Weight Capacity:Heavy Duty but weight capacity not listed
Product Weight159lbs
Barbell Adjustment Positions:18 holes at 1″ increments

This is my pick for the best folding squat rack, the best quality rack if you are building a compact home gym. It’s tough and foldable and made of thick, 11 gauge steel. The manufacturer does not list the weight limit, but judging by the reviews, you won’t outgrow this stable squat rack anytime soon.

Floor levers adjust to stabilize the frame towers when using it, and then just easily folds to just 5.5″ deep. The Ethos folding squat rack comes with the wall mount “stringers” and J-cup barbell holders that adjust for 18 positions as well as an adjustable pull up bar to help stabilize it. Ethos comes with a lifetime warranty.

Don’t forget to include a folding weight bench as part of your complete home gym setup for a small space.

Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand

Best Squat Rack for a Home Gym - Rogue monster light squat stand

Rogue Specifications

Dimensions:49″x48″ by 92″ high
Weight Capacity:1000lb+
Product Weight157lbs
Barbell Adjustment Positions:22 holes at 1″ increments

My #1 pick is the heavy-duty and stable Rogue Squat Rack. It’s made of 11 gauge steel and has a 1000lb+ capacity but is still compact and lightweight. 10 different color options are available, and the set includes and an adjustable pull up bar and sturdy J-cups to hold the barbell.

The 92″ thick uprights come with adjustment hole spacing every 1″. The spacing is compatible with any Rogue squat rack accessories including spotter arms which are sold separately. This squat stand is built in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame. For a more compact Rogue squat stand, check out the Rogue Fold Away Squat Rack.

Ethos Squat Rack Review Wrap Up

A quality squat rack is an essential piece of exercise equipment for a complete home gym.  This Ethos Training Rack enables you to do more than just squat movements.

I was sold on the number of squat rack accessories that Ethos included with this rack.  Between these attachments and the construction quality, this rack is a great recommendation for any home gym.

The Ethos Functional Training Rack is truly functional, versatile, and durable, all for a very reasonable price.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments about this Ethos Functional Training Rack review, please leave a message below and I will respond.

Ethos Functional Training Rack













  • 11 gauge 3x3" uprights
  • Includes numerous accesories
  • Adjustable pull up bar
  • Durable powder coat paint
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • No weight limit listed
  • Needs more height adjustments

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