Echelon Rowing Machine Review – For Interactive Home Gym Workouts

This Echelon Rowing Machine Review will give you the inside scoop on whether or not this rower earns its weight in technology and mechanics.

A good home exercise rowing workout provides full body movements to bring calorie burn, strength, muscle tone, and the best cardio you can get.

Home gym rowers should be compact, foldable, lightweight, and convenient.  There is no water necessary for rowing this boat, so you can jump on and get an intense workout at any time.  

Echelon Smart Fitness Equipment Overview

Echelon home fitness is a well known name in the interactive smart home gym exercise machine world.  This includes a series of popular Connect Bikes, the Reflect Touch Home Gym, Smart Rowing Machine, and the Stride Treadmills. 

All Echelonfit smart machines connect to live fitness trainers to guide you, along with other powerful applications that run this quality exercise equipment.

Echelon Smart Rower

Echelon Rowing Machine Review - Echelon Smart Rower

Echelon Specifications

Number of Resistance Levels: 32
Weight Limit: 300lbs
Machine Weight: 108lbs
Dimensions” 83.5″L x 20.5″W x 41.75″H Unfolded
Price: $$$ (Check the latest price)
Our Rating: 9/10

Echelon Rowing Machine Review

This interactive rowing machine is an effective piece of tech-savvy home gym exercise equipment, designed to provide optimal motivation and results.

Between the AI and the live classes, chances are that you won’t outgrow or get bored with this rowing machine trainer.  

The Echelon Rowing Machine allows the user to incorporate his or her own tablet.  This makes it a more convenient experience and helps to keep the cost of the equipment low.

A switch on the handle easily changes the 32 resistance levels with a smooth transition.

Echelon fitness rower is sturdy, lightweight and easily folds up for storage. The belt drive is powered by a quiet magnetic resistance program that is easily controlled on the handlebar.

Of course, the biggest benefit of this smart fitness machine is their live training coaches along with a library of on-demand workouts.

Quite a bit can be expected from the top home rowing machines, so next we will go over what sets Echelon apart.


  • Foldable/stowable
  • Live interactive and on-demand classes
  • Weight capacity of 300lbs/solid construction
  • Competitively priced rower and membership fees
  • 32 levels of smooth magnetic resistance
  • Price included profiles for multiple family members to use
  • Membership includes other Echelon smart machines you own
  • Durable yet lightweight


Live and On-Demand Classes

Both live classes and on-demand are performed by certified fitness trainers that Echelon hand picks to be the best. Live classes are on a daily basis and the on-demand classes are soon to be in the thousands.  

These interactive classes are professionally done and can be quite challenging.  On the screen background, you will be rowing through some of the most beautiful waterways from all over the world.

Besides motivation from the coach, you can also compete with others in your class.  The workouts will stay challenging with Echelon tracking your heart rate and the number of calories burned.

Besides your vitals, the rower also tracks resistance levels, number of strokes, watts, speed, distance, and output.

Resistance Controls and Adjustments

Magnetic resistance brings you the smoothest and most consistent rowing movements. This type of resistance system is know to be long lasting.

One of the greatest benefits that I found during this Echelon Rower review is the ability to change the resistance is on the handle.  

This is the quickest and most convenient way that I’ve seen to adjust your rowing workouts.

There are 32 resistance levels on the Echelonfit rowing machine.  Like riding a 21 speed bike, 32 resistance levels offer the most options available to give you an intense rowing workout. 

Construction and Durability

Echelon makes a sturdy rower that can handle up to a 300lb weight limit.  The frame is made of sturdy aluminum and steel.  This construction gives the best rowing machine experience by keeping it balanced, smooth, and quiet. 

The surprising part about this durability and materials is that it is still surprisingly light at 108lbs. Echelon rower has a comfortable seat and adjustable foot holders.

Echelon Rowing Machine Review - Echelon rowing machine with lady rower


This 108lb rowing machine easily folds in half and has rubber wheels to assist in moving it out of the way.  The Echelon Rower can be stored in an upward position which takes up the least amount of space.  

When you are ready to work out, simply roll it out and fold it down.  This compactability makes it perfect for any exercise room or small home gym.


Echelon made it one of their goals to provide the most affordable smart rowing machine in its class. The Echelon rower price is $999.00.

Another option other than dishing out $1000 at one time is their easy payment program.  This is zero money down and $46.00 for 36 months. 

The Echelon interactive rowing machines even come with their 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  This means that if you choose to use their payment program and are not satisfied, you can return it before your first payment.  

All Echelonfit smart machines come with a one year warranty.  There are extended warranty programs available.


The standard membership fee is $39.99 per month.  You can, however, save money by purchasing a longer commitment.  $400.00 will give you one year which averages out to $33.00 per month.  $600.00 will give you two years, which is only $25.oo per month.

These monthly membership charges for live interactive classes are competitively priced. 

For example, Tempo and Mirror both charge $40.00 per month, and Tonal is $50.00.  Peloton is $39.99 per month, with no discount for purchasing multiple months.

If you have any of the other Echelon interactive home gym machines, one membership fee can be used on any of them.

What’s really nice is that you can add profiles for several other family members.  This way anyone in the household can use the rower for the same cost.

This rower could be used without the membership, but there would be no way to track your workout sessions or vitals.

Echelon Rowing Machine Review - NordicTrack RW900 Rower

Echelon VS NordicTrack

After reviewing both the Echelon Rower and the NordicTrack RW 900 Rower, many of the attributes are similar. Both give you live and on-demand classes at the same price, but there are a few differences.

The biggest one is the screen size. The NordicTrack Rower has a larger 22″ touchscreen which has similar features and stats as the Echelon.

Another difference between the NordicTrack vs Echelon is that the NordicTrack rowing machine has 26 resistance levels and 10 levels of adjustable air resistance, while Echelon comes with 32 resistance levels.

If you decide to try the Nordictrack Rower, it does come with 1-year of classes for its iFit membership.

NordicTrack does make a less expensive version that comes with a small LCD screen showing just time and laps rather than an interactive experience.

Echelon Rowing Machine Review - Echelon Rowing machine with man rower

Echelon Rower Review Conclusion

The Echelon Smart Rower is ranked as one of the best home rowing machines in its categories. If you are looking for a great interactive experience with a versatile indoor rower, this is the one.

Echelon is loaded with technology, comes with all the bells and whistles, and is competitively priced.

The Echelon fitness rower is an advanced yet sturdy smart exercise machine that would complement any home gym as one of the best interactive rowing machines.

If you have any questions or comments about this Echelon Smart Rower Review, please leave a message below and I will respond.

Echelon Smart Rower













  • 32 levels of resistance
  • Screen shows vitals and stats
  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Profiles for multiple family members
  • Competitively priced


  • Monthly membership costs
  • Uses your smart pad

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