The 12 Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym in 2020

Whether its new year’s resolution time or you’re just tired of going to your gym, you’ll want to know what is the best exercise equipment for the home gym in 2020.

A home gym is an excellent investment that doesn’t necessarily require spending a lot of money. 

Several types of home gym equipment are versatile enough to be used for many different exercises, therefore condensing the number of workout machines that you will need.

Getting the most functional equipment can be critical whether you have limited space for your small home gym or plenty of room in your garage home gym.

How To Buy For A Home Gym

What to buy for a home gym mainly depends on your budget and how much room you have to work with.  If you are putting together a garage or a basement home gym, space may not be a limiting factor.

One important thing that I’ve learned is to stay away from the cheapest, imported gym equipment.  These purchases almost always result in having to replace them before its time or many of them are unsafe.

With fitness equipment, you do get what you pay for.  Most of the better known names in the industry will back up their product with a strong warranty.

When putting together your home gym design ideas, keep in mind any future expansion as your workout program evolves

They make space saving workout equipment designed for a compact home gym and for saving money.  These include foldable workout benches, pull up bars for the doorway, folding squat racks, and adjustable dumbbells.

Lastly, be sure to read plenty of fitness equipment reviews such as this one, along with the customer input.  You will find this on most manufacturers’ websites.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - man using dumbbells for home gym

The Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym in 2020

Personally, I’ve owned home gym equipment a better part of my life, so I hope that I can shed some light on this topic.  Because the options are limitless, I’m going to recommend some of the best home gym exercise equipment based on value and versatility.

Once you purchase a few workout accessories such as dumbbells or resistance bands, you then may need other equipment to use them with such as benches and racks.  Slowly adding more home gym equipment gives you the ability to add more exercises to your fitness routine.

Best Workout Equipment for the Home QuickLinks

Image Name Price Buy
Best At Home Gym Equipment - Rogue tube bands Rogue Tube Bands $ CURRENT PRICE
Best At Home Gym Equipment - Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro $ CURRENT PRICE
Best At Home Gym Equipment - TRX home2 system TRX Training Suspension System $$ CURRENT PRICE
Fitness Gear Hex Dumbbell Review - Fitness gear iron dumbbell Fitness Gear Iron Dumbbells $ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Bowflex adjustable dumbbells Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells $$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Kettle gryp Rogue Kettle Gryp $ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - MiR pro weighted vests MiR Weighted Vest $$ CURRENT PRICE
Best At Home Gym Equipment - Zimtown Folding Weight Bench, Adjustable Incline Decline Exercise Bench, for Body Workout, Strengthen Muscles Zimtown Folding Weight Bench $$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Ethos Folding Wall Rack Ethos Folding Squat Rack $$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Schwinn airdyne pro Schwinn Airdyne Pro $$$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Total Gym Supreme Total Gym Supreme $$$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - BodyBoss 2.0 system BodyBoss 2.0 System $$ CURRENT PRICE

Best Exercise Resistance Bands

Exercise resistance bands should be at the top of the list for the best fitness equipment if you are just getting started.  First of all, they are dirt cheap.  An entire set of the most popular size resistance weight bands for less than $50.00.

Another reason for starting your home gym setup with a set of resistance bands is that they are versatile enough to work every muscle group and body part with them. 

Although exercise resistance bands can’t quite substitute for heavy lifting workouts, they are definitely versatile for the number of exercises that you can perform with them.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Rogue tube bands

Rogue Tube Bands

Rogue means quality, and this complete set of Rogue fitness resistance bands are all you need to complete any home gym setup. They are available in 6 different colors to represent each 10lb increment up to 60lbs.

These versatile mobility bands are made of latex elastic and come with handles that are textured grip. The base length starts at 48″ long and stretches from there to provide more resistance.  Rogue quality tube bands are can be used at home or in the gym since are convenient and portable.

They can be purchase individually or for a significant discount when getting the full set of six.  This product receives 5 star ratings on their website reviews and comes with a lifetime warranty.

See my post on the best exercise resistance band sets.

Rogue resistance band benefits:

  • Durable, long lasting latex-based elastic
  • Convenient and portable
  • 6 Resistance levels
  • Textured grip handles
  • Discount when purchasing full set
  • 5 star ratings

Possible Negatives:

  • Some may need more than 60lbs of resistance

Best Pull Up Bars

Pull up bars for the home gym are another inexpensive, extremely functional way to build the back, your second largest muscle group.  The best pull up bars will allow you to do wide-grip pull-ups, narrow grip pull-ups, underhand chin-ups, and hammer pull-ups.

These pull up positions work your back muscles in a variety of ways. This simple piece of fitness equipment will easily attach and detach in 2 seconds to most standard home doorways.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

The “Pro” has a slightly different design than most along with a couple of things that make this one stand out from the others.

This model provides four grip options: narrow, wide, and extra-wide.  In addition, there are also inside grips, for narrow grip under and overhand pull-ups.  It has a more padded handle area than any others to help strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, and arms.

The Pro fits doorways up to 33″ wide.  Because the handles are out on the door frame, this makes it one of the only pull up bars with a wider grip option.

The 300lb weight limit is more than sufficient for this kind of pull up bar.  Like some of the other, it can also be moved to the bottom of the doorframe to help with doing sit-ups or crunches.

It easily attaches to a door frame without installation, and comes down just as easy.  Because of the handle variations, its not as compact as single bar models.

See my best pull up bars for the doorway.

Pro pull up bar benefits:

  • 4 grip positions including extra wide and inside pulls
  • Sturdy steel construction that holds up to 300 lbs
  • Comes with thicker padding
  • Simple assembly that attaches and removes easily from the doorframe
  • Fits up to 34″ doorways
  • Works for pull-ups, triceps dips, push-ups, and sit-ups
  • One year warranty

Potential Negatives:

Best Suspension Training Straps

Suspension straps is another piece of inexpensive exercise equipment that gives you the ability to work on tons of different exercises.  They are also light and compact, so you can take them anywhere.

A great place to use these for your workouts is with playground bars at your local park or school.  If you have a home gym squat rack, this is another great place to strap on your TRX as part of your home gym exercise program.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home  - TRX home2 system

TRX Home2 System

The Home2 is TRX’s most popular suspension training system, though they offer some other great options depending on your fitness preferences.  The functional design uses your own weight for complete bodyweight training.  No steel weight bars or plates required.

With the Home 2 System, you can get a full-body workout at home or anywhere that you can attach the straps.  One of the biggest benefits of this exercise system, it’s one of the lightest, most compact exercise equipment out there. 

TRX suspension training straps are also very strong and durable. It’s easy to set up because it uses only one anchor point that the straps are attached to.

Within the straps is the locking mechanism used to adjust them for any exercise movement. From beginner to advanced moves, this system comes with the TRX app and an extensive workout guide.  TRX Home2 also comes with both padded handles and adjustable foot cradles.

If you don’t like your TRX suspension system for any reason, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Both athletes and beginners use the TRX System for flexibility, improving stability, building muscle

Check out other TRX Training Systems.

TRX Benefits:

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • No weight required, only your bodyweight
  • Convenient to use outside or anywhere
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Strong and durable
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Potential Negatives:

  • Not great for building muscle mass
  • Cost more than resistance bands

Best Dumbell Sets for the Home Gym

Dumbell exercises can make some of the best muscle building, balance, and core strengthening workouts that you can do.  If you have the room for them, the best dumbbell sets can have up to 50 pairs.

That is why I recommend getting a small dumbbell rack and start with just a few critical pairs of dumbbells.  A couple light, a couple medium weight, and then at least on heavy pair. 

This weight variation should be enough for you to achieve a full body dumbbell workout, especially when included with your other home gym exercise equipment.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Fitness gear iron dumbbell

Fitness Gear Cast Hex Dumbbell

They are made of solid cast iron construction so they are invincible.  However, they can rust if the coating eventually chips off, but they offer the best bang for the buck. Because there is no protective coating they may not be good for some home gym weight rooms.

They can easily dent your floor and they are not as safe as the coated ones, so first be sure they’re a good piece of fitness equipment for the home.

This hex shape feature does have its advantages and won’t roll around when doing pushups or other exercises on the floor.  You can purchase these Fitness Hex Dumbbells as singles, or get the entire hex dumbbell set.

The dumbbell weights are sold in 5lb increments to 60lbs.  These hex cast iron dumbbells also come with a standard Dick’s Sporting Goods one year warranty.

I’m listing this type of dumbbell because of the price.  For rubber coated dumbbells, I recommend either the Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbells, the York Rubber Hex Dumbbells, or Rep Fitness Rubber Dumbells.

Fitness Gear Cast Benefits:

  • Lowest price
  • Available from 5lb to 60lbs
  • Heavy duty dumbbells
  • Don’t smell like rubber
  • Delivery or store pickup options
  • One year warranty

Possible Negatives:

  • Noisy, less safe, easily damages floor
  • 5 lb rather than 2.5lb increments
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home - Bowflex adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex is known for the best at-home exercise equipment, and their adjustable dumbbells are one of the most popular on the market.  This is one of the newest innovations in home gym equipment.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 come in pairs and just one dumbbell adjusts from 2.5lbs to 52.5lbs in 2.5lb increments up to the first 25lbs.  

This can save you from purchasing up to 15 dumbbell sets. Just the turn of a dial will change the amount of weight to what you want.  Then only the amount selected will release when you pull it off of its platform.

The individual weight plates are coated to reduce noise. Some feel that this type of dumbbell feels a little bulky during certain movements, but most of their customers give this product a 5 star rating. An added bonus is that this dumbbell set comes with a free Bowflex SelectTech training app.

Other great products are the Bowflex Adjustable Barbell Set and the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell which also come with high customer ratings.  

Bowflex Benefits:

  • Space saving – takes the place of several dumbbell sets
  • Saving money buying just one set
  • Up to 52.5lbs each in 2.5lb increments
  • Quieter workouts
  • Easy to adjust weight dial – clearly marked
  • Two year warranty – with a well known name

Possible Negatives:

  • Adjustable dumbbells can feel bulky
  • Comes with platform, rather than a stand
Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Kettle gryp

Rogue Kettle Gryp

I wish that I would have thought of this invention!!  Now you can turn any dumbbell size up to 55lbs into a kettlebell for under $40.00. Their Rogue Kettle Gryp is a portable kettlebell system that acts as an entire kettlebell set. Enjoy the best kettlebells for the home as an all-in-one system.

The way this attachment is designed mimics the same action as an actual kettlebell. The Kettle Gryp is compatible with any Rogue Dumbbell by simply clipping it on the dumbbell handle.  Brands with similar handles should be compatible.  If not, Rogue will take returns.

This functional kettlebell grip design is compact, impact-resistant, inexpensive, and easy to use. Their Gryp is a neat invention that will save tons of money on your home fitness setup costs not having to buy a kettlebell set. 

One of these can really cut down on room with your valuable home gym space. This “made in the USA” product comes even comes with a lifetime warranty.

This all-in-one kettlebell set is also compatible with Rogue dumbbell sets.

Best Weight Vests

These weighted vests are a workout in themselves by just wearing them.  When using them inside your home gym, their best use is for pull ups and dips, but they can also be used during squats and core exercises. 

If you have a treadmill, this is an excellent time to get the maximum advantages out of your weight vest.

Outside of your exercise room, they can be used for more than just home gym workouts.  Weight vests work on your endurance, strength, and cardio simply by wearing them while walking or running. 

When wearing these, your body is constantly having to maneuver differently, therefore working the core and other body parts without you even knowing it.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - MiR pro weighted vests

MiR Weight Vest

This is just one of the many brands that are designed for heavy duty strength training.  It’s advantageous when used with lighter weight as well.  If you think you can handle it, this vest can be purchased in up to 120lbs of resistance.  The vest material is durable nylon with a lifetime warranty.

The actual vest weight is 2.5lbs and the weight packs are added in 3lb increments to help you reach different plateaus.  60lbs is the lightest starting weight package.  From there, the packages go up every 10lbs up to 120lbs.

This vest is also balanced with a dual layer design that holds more weight in the bottom half by having more compartments for weight. The MiR Pro comes with a double padded shoulder system for added comfort for such heavyweight.

MiR weighted vest is a one size fits all vest but made with a contoured fit and comes with two adjustable straps and an adjustable heavy duty belt. The individual weight packs are securely held into place using a hook and loop closure system.

Take a look at my Best Weight Vests For Men review.

MiR Pro Benefits

  • 120lb maximum weight adjustable in 3lb increments
  • Double padded, lined shoulder support
  • Mid chest belt to keep weight from bouncing
  • Tight hook and loop weight fasteners
  • Front, back, upper and lower pockets for balance
  • Prices include weights
  • Heavy duty construction

Potential Negatives

  • Not low profile enough to go under clothing
  • One size fits all may not work for those that are very small or extra large

Best Weight Benches for the Home Gym

The best weight bench for a home gym should be sturdy, adjustable, and fairly inexpensive.  It’s also very useful when paired with the weight racks that I will describe below.

These benches can bring an entirely new set of exercises to your exercise program.  Workout benches can be good for more than just bench press workouts. 

Of course you’ve got the incline and decline bench presses, but also forward and backward flys, incline bicep curls, nose busters, dumbbell lat pulls, and the list goes on.

For my home gym setup, I prefer a folding workout bench.  That way it can be easily folded to make more room to work on other workout equipment.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Zimtown Folding Weight Bench, Adjustable Incline Decline Exercise Bench, for Body Workout, Strengthen Muscles

Zimtown Folding Weight Bench

This quality folding weight bench was recently marked down considerably making it a great bargain.  It has a high weight limit at 660lbs.  Be sure to get a higher weight limit than you need since this will ensure that you are getting a more stable bench.

The Zimtown Foldable Weight bench has a durable frame and a thick commercial paint coated finish.

The weight bench back is nicely padded and has 6 adjustments, while the seat adjusts into 3 positions. The best part about the Zimtown bench is that it’s easily foldable into a compact size for storage.  Zimtown foldable workout bench comes with a 1 year warranty.

See my 3 Best Foldable Workout Benches of 2020

Zimtown Benefits:

  • 660lb weight limit with heavy duty frame
  • 6 backrest positions and 3 seat positions
  • Easily foldable
  • Thick padding
  • 1 year warranty

Potential Negatives:

  • Still looking for some

Best Squat Racks for the Home Gym

Squat racks are very versatile, adjustable, and will add many more exercises to your home fitness program.  They’re not just for squats.

Other exercises include military presses, barbell lat pulls, deadlifts.  I recommend combining a weight bench to go with your squat rack to add an entire other set of exercises.

Rogue Squat racks will accept dozens of accessories such as dip bars, cables, weight racks, and everything Crossfit.

Since most of our home gyms are small, I’m going to direct you towards a folding squat rack.  If space is not a concern, I highly recommend what’s called a “power rack” since these are even more versatile.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Ethos Folding Wall Rack

Ethos Folding Wall Rack

If you have a small exercise room, you may need a reasonably priced compact folding squat rack. The Ethos folding squat rack is also made of 11 gauge steel but the manufacturer does not list the weight limit.  It’s with durable 11 gauge steel, so it should be able to support as much weight as the majority of us can lift.

It is compact enough to fold to 5.5″ from the wall. This rack comes with the wall mount “stringers” and J-cup barbell holders pictured. It also includes an adjustable pull up bar that helps to stabilize the unit. The Ethos Squat Rack comes with a lifetime warranty.

For a heavier duty compactable squat rack, check out my review of the Rogue Folding Squat Rack

Also, here’s my 3 Best Squat Racks for a Home Gym in 2020

Ethos Benefits:

  • 11 gauge 3×3″ steel
  • Comes with an adjustable pull up bar
  • Plenty of J-hook spacing positions
  • Comes with wall mount stringers
  • Adjustable floor stabilizing levers
  • Lifetime warranty

Potential Negatives:

  • No weight limit listed
  • Not able to add accessories

Best Exercise Bikes

What type of exercise bike for the home gym that you get is a personal preference.  However, for an intense workout, I recommend getting one of the best air bikes.  Air bikes bring your fitness level to a whole new workout.

They work well for high interval training, which is proven to be one of the best types for stronger cardio and better muscle tone.  Air bikes are a simple concept where the harder you peddle, the more resistance it gives you.  Of course, the cool air from the fan is nice too.

Fan bikes are not necessarily meant for older folks or those with back problems.  If this is the case, its recommended to use a recumbent exercise bike.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Schwinn airdyne pro

Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Schwinn is one of the first in manufacturing air resistance bikes and the Airdyne AD Pro is their favorite.  This bike is made with solid steel cranks, a weighted flywheel, and a double coated steel body. The solid handles allow both vertical and horizontal grip.

It comes with a large, comfortable, padded seat, with a clamp system that holds it allows for changing to a different customized seat.  Foot pedals are made with a reduced slip design.

Schwinn Airdyne Pro uses a durable, quiet drive belt system to power the fan.  Like their competition, it is designed to increase resistance as more force is applied.

There is a large, programmable display console that keeps track of speed, watts, time, distance, and calories burned.  This is the only model in this review that comes with a cup holder. With the Schwinne Airdyne, the frame warranty for a period of ten years and for any defect in material or workmanship is two years.

To see other air bike recommendations, check out “What Is The Best Air Bike“.

Schwinn Airdyne Benefits:

  • Belt drive air resistance system
  • 26″ weighted fan blade
  • Moisture repellant  steel construction
  • Multi grip handlebars
  • Large LCD display screen
  • Oversized, padded seat
  • Water bottle holder

Potential Negatives:

  • Air bikes are pricey
  • Not good for a small space

All-In-One Exercise Machines

Another option is an all-in-one home gym exercise machine.  This would eliminate having to purchase multiple pieces of exercise equipment to get a full body workout. 

These type of home gym exercise equipment options certainly have their limitations, but may be worthwhile, especially if you have a small exercise room to work with.

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - Total Gym Supreme

Total Gym Supreme

This is the simplest, and most cost-effective, of what the brand Total Gym has to offer.  It has a weight capacity of 275lbs and the ability to do over 60 different exercises. (Other models come with more options)

The Total Gym exercises cover workouts for every body part and muscle group as well as cardio workouts.  As your fitness program progresses, there are 12 resistance levels to keep you motivated.  These all-in-one home gyms are light and compact, so you can fold it away when not in use.

It includes tons of free streaming workouts that are useful for both pros and beginners.  Total Gym comes fully assembled so you do not have to worry about building it yourself.

See other Total Gym models at The Total Gym Review.

Total Gym Supreme Positives:

  • 60 different exercises
  • 12 Levels of Resistance
  • Free ab-crunch accessory
  • Comes fully assembled
  • 1 year warranty

Potential Negatives

  • Not made for gaining muscle mass

BodyBoss 2.0 System

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym - BodyBoss 2.0 system

The BodyBoss Home Gym 2 system is a complete workout package for a great price  The way this system is set up, you can get many more exercises out of it than resistance bands alone.

The base can withstand 500lbs of force and each band provides 30lbs of resistance.  This amount increases by doubling up on bands.  One of my favorite accessories includes is a door hanger attachment to add even more exercises.

BodyBoss 2.0 home gym is under $200, provides hundreds of exercises, and has incredible customer reviews.  It is a portable home gym and full body workout system for strength building and cardio, but not necessarily for muscle mass building.

Several accessories such as an ab roller are available to add even more exercises to your workout program.  We highly recommend purchasing the second set of BodyBoss bands to increase resistance levels.

See my Body Boss Home Gym 2.0 Review.

Body Boss Positives:

  • Portable home gym system
  • Full body workouts with 300 plus exercises
  • Great value for a home gym
  • Countless free online exercise videos
  • Durable, versatile, and only weighs 15lbs
  • Offers a neat band boxing training routine
  • One year warranty

Potential Negatives:

  • We recommend purchasing the extra set of bands
  • Not meant for muscle mass development

Best Exercise Equipment for the Home Gym – Wrap Up

As you can see, there really isn’t a need to visit a commercial gym anymore if you don’t have to.  For a reasonable price, you can get a small amount of equipment that will hit all of your muscle groups, every body part, and perform any movement.

Whether your goal is cardio, building strength and muscle, endurance, weight loss, or toning, it can all be done even in a small home gym.

You can just start out with a $40.00 set of resistance bands, which will enable you to get a full-body workout.  With any exercise equipment for a home gym, you will find hundreds of exercise videos online to take advantage of.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments about the best at-home gym equipment, please leave a message below and I will respond.

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