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Tempo Studio Review – Interactive, Live Streaming, Personal Trainer

Now you can meet with a personal trainer or participate in an intense exercise class without ever leaving the house.  But is this system worth it?  There aren’t many Tempo Home Gym reviews available, so we will break down the details of this extensive exercise system.

The technology and functionality of this home gym are impressive, so we will review the many benefits that come with it, as well as how it works.


Exercise Equipment


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What is the Best Pre Workout Supplement - me holding supplements

Hey, I’m Jim

I started working out at a very young age, coached by my “health nut” grandfather. By age 14 I had moved on to weightlifting. For some reason, I really caught on to how to work out effectively in the gym. It enabled me to excel in football and wrestling through high school.

It felt great to get “pumped up” at the gym, and really liked the physique that I was getting from working out. The heroes of that time like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Olivia, Frank Zane and Lou Ferrigno really motivated me. I even did some amateur bodybuilding.