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How To Get Energy For A Workout – Energize Exercise

Having enough energy to get a proper workout can be the most important thing, right behind just getting to the gym.  However, if you don’t feel that you have the energy, getting there may not even happen. Since I first discovered pre workout supplements, it has been the best and most reliable way I’ve found […]

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Crossfit and Pre Workout – WOD “Workout Of the Day”

Crossfit has been successfully sweeping across this country and worldwide in recent years.  About 20 years ago, a company called “Crossfit” began from a single gym.  Now it is more of a concept than a brand. Crossfit is a lifestyle of exercise and nutrition with primary goals for weight loss, strength training, teamwork and for […]

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Are Pre Workout Drinks Safe – The Caffeinated Verdict

Are pre workout drinks safe?  This must certainly be a critical concern to exercise fanatics.  Have you ever seriously considered the safety of such a popular workout supplement?  Has your pre workout ever tasted like chemicals? Have you ever felt unwanted effects from your own pre workout like tingling, dizzy headedness, anxiety or nausea?  Have […]

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What’s the Best Protein Powder for Men – The Manly Review

Being a man that has used popular protein powders for most of my life, I thought it made sense to write about what’s the best protein powder for men.  This is a great topic since anyone who exercises or goes to the gym will receive some great benefits from taking protein powder. Consuming the proper […]

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Amino Acids and Muscle Growth – Building Blocks of Protein

  You may have questions about Amino Acids because you want to make better strength and muscle gains in the gym, increase performance or challenge yourself to meet bigger goals. If so, Amino Acids and muscle growth do go hand in hand.  So we are going to go over how they work to build muscle […]

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Caffeine Free Pre Workout Powders – You Can Be Free

With most of the posts on this site quoting great things about Caffeine in pre workout supplements, I thought that I should take a good look and do some research on Caffeine Free pre workout powders for those that don’t care for or can not have Caffeine. There are many explanations of why some can […]

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Exercise Supplements for Weight Loss – Pre Workout Works!

Exercise supplements for weight loss is one of the most popular topics on internet searches these days.  There are so many fake claims and false advertising.  All in all, there is no real proof that any of these even work. Most weight loss research is directed towards prescription medications, but even these show little solid […]

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Celsius Energy Drink Review – Turn Up the Heat

I first discovered Celsius Fitness Drink when I showed up at the gym for my afternoon weight training and cardio without my pre workout.  Oh My!!  Sometimes I even keep it in my car, but apparently not today.  That particular day, I happened to be going to Planet Fitness where they had a cooler full […]

Pre workout pre workout ingredients supplements

Is Pre Workout Bad For You – Let’s Break It Down

Pre workout supplements have been held in high respect by the fitness community since nutritional supplements first began to catch on.  The benefits to take a pre workout is high.  You get a boost that is excellent, you are able to feel your muscle tissue pumping, your blood moves stronger along with more determination and […]

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Protein Powder That Doesn’t Cause Bloating – Because Who Wants To Bloat

  Protein powder is essential for muscle development and post exercise muscle recovery.  Getting these essential Amino Acids (protein building blocks) is vital for your muscles recover and rebuild stronger, so you can lift, run or push harder the next time.  These supplements are a healthy source of protein and other nutrients that your body […]

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