Rogue Fitness Dumbbells – Quality, Durability, and Variety

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells are ranked as some of the best exercise equipment for the home.  Dumbbells are versatile, meaning that they can be used for almost any weightlifting exercise out there.

A full dumbbell set is also reasonably priced and can offer more value compared to many home workout machines.  Also, Rogue Fitness equipment is known for providing quality products with an excellent return policy.


Home Gym Dumbbell Benefits

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - animated man doing a curlThe biggest benefit of having a home gym dumbbell set is how many different ways they can be utilized.

Dumbbells can be used for almost any exercise in the book, workout out a specific body part, or any particular muscle group.

They offer many more workout options than either a barbell set or kettlebells.  Besides these advantages, here are some specific benefits that workout out with dumbbells provide.

  • Opposing weights give a more intense, full body workout
  • Creates intramuscular coordination making muscles stronger for other exercises
  • Increased range of motion engages more muscles
  • Work with physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Dumbbell movements work your core muscles during almost every exercise
  • Strengthens imbalance for better muscle symmetry
  • Training with dumbells is excellent for building functional strength
  • Less injuries than from barbell sets and kettlebells

As far as home use is concerned, an average dumbbell set size is one of the best options if your priority is a compact home gym, and dumbbells are priced less than many types of home gym equipment.

Their durability and usefulness make a quality dumbbell set a great long term investment.


The Rogue Dumbbells

There are a few different Rogue Fitness Dumbell sets to choose from.  Each type of Rogue Fitness Dumbells is made out of durable material whether it be solid rubber, urethane, or PVC.

The standard Rogue hardened chrome textured, and ergonomically shaped handles are made to last.

Their Rogue Dumbbell warranty is for one year, and these dumbbell pairs come in every size that you would need for the best home gym.

Rogue Fitness Dumbells can also be purchased in pairs or even in singles.

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - Rogue hex dumbbell set

Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbbells

This Rogue Rubber Dumbell is the most popular selection in the Rogue Dumbbell line of products.  They are a combination of value, durability, and functionality.

The hex dumbbell shape is easy to work out with, especially for certain exercises like “deep push-ups” where a stable surface is required.

These dumbbells are sold in pairs from 2.5lbs to 125lbs in 2.5lb increments.  The weight heads are encased with heavy duty rubber for cleanliness, safety, and noise reduction.

To save money and make it easy, they can be purchased in a Rogue Hex Dumbells Set.  There are three different Rogue dumbbell sets available; the most utilized 5-50lb set, as well as 55-100lbs, and 105-125lbs.  These sets come in 5lb weight increments.

Purchase Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbbells


Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - Rogue urethane dumbbells

Rogue Urethane Dumbbells

The Rogue Urethane Dumbbell comes with an upgraded price for those interested in an even better quality product.

It comes with an even more durable and shock resistant plating, a hardened chrome handle, and plates made into a single welded piece.  This makes them more expensive than their standard rubber hex dumbbells.

Although hex dumbells come additional benefits, so do the Rogue round shape dumbbells.  They can be better for certain exercises such as “dumbbell ab rollouts“.  However, round dumbbells do take up a little more room which can be a disadvantage for a small home gym.

These urethane dumbbells are sold in pairs from 5lbs to 150lbs in 5lb increments.  Like the hex, the urethane series is available in similar Rogue dumbbell sets but in other various size ranges.

The different money saving options for these Rogue dumbbell sets are; the most popular 5-50lb set, also 5-75lbs, 55-100lbs, 5-100lbs, and 105-150lbs.  These sets also come in 5lb weight increments.

Purchase Rogue Urethane Dumbells


Buying Rogue Dumbbells In Sets

We recommend purchasing a Rogue Dumbell set for a couple of different reasons.  Save money when buying in sets, and some dumbbell sets even include free shipping which can be huge.

Chances are, most of us won’t need an entire set, so Rogue divides these into the most popular dumbbell increment sets.

Some of you will be using a home gym bench or other weight lifting equipment and will probably need the heavier dumbbell sets, 50lbs and up.  However, most people won’t be using anything over 70lb dumbbell pairs.

If you enjoy Rogue fitness equipment for home, they make a Rogue Flat Bench and a Rogue Adjustable bench that work well for a home gym setup.

⇒ If you have any questions about a particular Rogue Dumbells set, please leave a message at the bottom and I will respond.


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Rogue Kettle Gryp

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - Kettle grypI wish that I would have thought this one up!!  Now you can turn any dumbbell size up to 55lbs into a kettlebell for under $40.00.

Their Rogue Kettle Gryp is a portable kettlebell system that acts as an entire kettlebell set.  How this attachment is designed, mimics the same action as an actual kettlebell.

The Kettle Gryp is compatible with any Rogue Dumbbell by simply clipping it on the dumbbell handle.

This functional kettlebell grip design is compact, impact-resistant, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Their Gryp is a neat invention that will save tons of money on your home fitness setup costs not having to buy a kettlebell set.  This will greatly cut down on your valuable home gym space.

This “made in the USA” product comes even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase the Rogue Kettle Gryp


Rogue Adjustable Dumbbells

There are two different types of adjustable dumbbell sets.  One type comes with a bar and individual plates that you can load called “pro style dumbbells” or “loadable dumbbells”.

The other type is a newer invention that is actually one unit that detaches to turn into several different dumbbell weight sizes.

Rogue Loadable Dumbbells

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - Rogue loadable dumbellsThe Rogue loadable dumbbell sets is one of the most compact and versatile ways to put together a gym for the home.

These plates are also compatible with a standard Olympic weight bar, so you can use the same weight collars and weight plates as your barbell set.

The plates, are called Rogue Dumbbell Bumpers, are rubber coated to reduce noise and damage to your home gym floor.

These zinc coated bars and bumper plates come with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase Rogue Loadable Dumbbells


PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbells

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - Powerblock adjustable dumbbellsRogue fitness is the authorized dealer for one of the best “adjustable dumbbell” packages on the market.

The PowerBlock EXP is the hottest type of this compact and easy to use dumbbell.  This all-in-one dumbbell set will save you both money and space.

The PowerBlock comes with numbered side rails on each plate that corresponds to the amount of weight selected.

Choose the number of pounds, and when you lift the handle, only the amount of weight selected will lift up.

PowerBlock’s most popular dumbbell gives you 5lbs to 50lbs in 2.5lb increments.  This one dumbbell takes the place of a 16 piece dumbbell set.

For a heavier adjustable dumbbell, they make a stage 2 and stage 3 expansion kits.  Additional 2.5 weight increments will give you up to 90lbs each and replaces 28 sets of regular dumbbells.

There is another great adjustable dumbbell system that is also high-quality made by Nautilus called Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells.

Purchase Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells


York Dumbbells

The Rogue Fitness website is also an authorized dealer for individual York Dumbbell weights and York Dumbbell sets.

The York hex shape makes them stable to use and for easier storage.  Each York Dumbbell has the weight clearly embossed on it.

York hex dumbbells come with a standard one year warranty.

Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - York rubber hex dumbbell

York Rubber Hex Dumbbells

These York Rubber Dumbbells are available from sizes 2.5lbs to 125lbs each in 2.5lb increments, so this offers a large variety of different weights to choose from.

There is also an option to save money getting the York Dumbbell setThe most popular and most utilized dumbbell weight package is 5-50lbs, followed by 55-100lbs, and lastly the 105-125lb package.  These dumbbell sets come in 5lb increments.

The York Dumbbell handles are an ergonomically molded and textured, solid steel chrome.  The ends are covered in durable rubber to make them safer and quieter.  The rubber is also easier on your floor and makes them easier to clean.

Purchase York Rubber Dumbbells


Rogue Fitness Dumbbells - York pvc dumbbells

York Hex PVC Dumbbells

Like their rubber coated option, the York PVC Dumbbells are durable, quiet, and easy on your floors.  They come with the same quality, ergonomic chrome-plated handles.

For a home gym dumbbell set, the main advantage is that they won’t leave your workout room smelling like rubber.  Also, you never have to worry about the rubber covering coming loose ore getting damaged.

The York PVC Dumbbell line is offered from 5-50lb pairs in 5lb increments.  PVC is an upgrade, so you will be paying more for this type of dumbbell.


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Rogue Fitness Dumbbells Conclusion

If you are looking for a basic quality dumbbell to get the best home fitness workout, I recommend either Rogue Rubber Hex or  York Rubber Hex dumbbells.

I’ve had excellent luck with Rogue fitness equipment.  However, both Rogue and York dumbells are durable, are comparably priced, and come with a one year warranty.

I also recommend the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set that can replace up to a 28 piece set, saving money and space.

Whichever type of dumbbell set that you wind up with, dumbbell exercises will provide incredible results towards your weight training goals.  I highly recommend including a few dumbbells or a full dumbbell set into your home gym design ideas.

You can see my reviews on some other dumbbells at Best Dumbbell Sets For A Home Gym.

⇒ If you have any questions or comment about Rogue Fitness Dumbbells, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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