Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review – Compact, Versatile, and Heavy Duty

A folding weight rack is an excellent solution for your home gym if you have limited space or need room for other exercise equipment. This Rogue Folding Squat Rack review was written because it’s a stable, full-size squat rack with a heavyweight capacity, yet still has the capability to fold up neatly against the wall when not in use.

It’s a good looking design that can be ordered in custom 10 color options and is versatile to add many other exercises besides just squat presses.

What to Look For in an At-Home Squat Rack

Squat racks for the home gym enable you to step up your workout game, by allowing you to do add heavier and more quality exercises to your fitness program.  These racks are very versatile because they can also accommodate many different attachments, giving you unlimited home gym exercise possibilities.

A home gym squat rack may be the most worthwhile investment you can make while putting together the best home gym setup.  Here are a few highlights on what to look for and how to shop for foldable squat racks.



If you are reading this, then size probably matters to you.  Whether we’re talking about a small exercise room or a large garage gym setup, space can still be a valuable commodity. 

It’s also important to think about future expansion for your gym when looking for the best compact home gym equipment.  You may end up planning for an exercise bike in the future, or perhaps a dumbbell set.

The Rogue folding squat rack is an excellent option for this.  Even with its sturdy 3″x3″, 11 gauge steel pillars, this rack is still flush within 5 inches of the wall!

The Rogue Slim Rack may be another spacing saving home gym option for you.   This squat rack isn’t capable of folding but is still compact at 15″ from the wall. The advantage of this non-folding slim rack is that it can work with more of the Rogue Monster Light Series accessory attachments than a folding rack.

For another idea in a small home gym, I also recommend a foldable workout bench to go with your folding rack.


The best weight racks need to be compatible so they can accept additional workout accessories.  This means that you will never get bored or outgrow your rack. 

They make add-ons for just about everything that you can think of.  You can add cables, straps, weight racks, dip bars, or anything Crossfit.

Weight Capacity

Look for at least 1000lb weight capacity or more in a squat rack if you are interested in a quality product and a better long term investment.  The lower weight capacities are not as sturdy, they are put together with bolts rather than welds, and they have not been through the same rigorous testing.

If you are looking for a budget pick, in a previous article I’ve selected the Body Champ Power Rack System.  The weight capacity is only 300lbs but it’s under $200.00.


This brings me to the price point.  If you are an intermediate weightlifter and on a budget, I recommend spending between $400-$500.  This seems to be the sweet spot where you can get a quality, sturdy and durable squat machine that is versatile enough to accept accessories and attachments.

If you are looking for a power rack or power cage (basically a large squat rack) for the home gym, the Rogue fitness power rack can start in the $500’s and go well into the $1000’s.


Get a brand name that will back up their home gym exercise equipment.  One reason I go with Rogue Fitness when I can, is the customer service is great or I can use the live chat whenever I have a question.  All Rogue frames, including the Rogue Fitness squat racks, come with a lifetime warranty.

The Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review

Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review - Rogue fold back wall mount rack

Rogue Specifications

Dimensions: 21.5″x49″ by 90″ high – Folds to 5″ depth
Weight Capacity: 1000lb+
Product Weight 163lbs
Barbell Adjustment Positions: 1-2 inch increments

If you are considering a Rogue Fitness Squat rack, the number of options for these can be confusing.  I chose to review the “Rogue RML 3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack” because it’s the best value in the Rogue Fitness Folding Squat Rack lineup.

Description and Features

The Rogue folding rack is a sharp looking piece of equipment that can be ordered in 10 different custom color options.  These optional, durable powder coat factory finish colors include reds, grays, blues, and even lime green.

This 163lb solid unit stands 90″ high, 44″ wide, and 24″ deep when extended during use.  The two upright are 3″x3″ thick and are made of 11 gauge steel.  The uprights are connected to four stable 21″ foldable swing arms.

These swing arms can be connected directly to the wall, but it is recommended to use their optional “stringers”.  These 11 gauge metal stringer brackets can be used to attach the entire unit securely to the wall.

There is an option to substitute 41″ foldable arms for an additional cost.  These allow the uprights to swing out into the room twice as far as its standard folding arms.



Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review - Rogue foldable squat rack dimensions


The largest benefit to this wall mount squat rack is that it can be easily be folded to just 5″ from the wall.  The Rogue squat rack even looks sleek in its folded position.  It’s as simple as pulling a couple of safety pins, and then it can fold either inward together or can be swung out to the sides.

This Rogue foldable squat rack has a 1000lb+ weight capacity, so you probably won’t outgrow this anytime soon.  A higher weight capacity means durability and stability.

J-cups are sturdy hooks made to hold the barbell. There is plenty of adjustment increments for these and they can be attached every 1-2 inches. This allows for plenty of height options depending on the individual.

The quick attach adjustable pull-up bar is included with this unit and is a must-have for doing pull-ups, plus it gives the rack more stability.

One option for the Rogue folding rack that I do recommend is the spotter arms.  The most important use for these is to safely catch the bar when muscles give out. They are also a convenient bracket used to hold the barbell for doing many other exercises.

This Rogue Squat Rack is compatible with any of the “Monster Light” accessories.   Some of these neat add-ons include pulley systems, rope anchors, dip bars, lat bars, plate storage racks, dumbbell spotter system, and numerous others.

The Rogue Folding Squat Rack is made in the USA and comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the frame and welds.

Potential Negatives

After research and studying reviews, I couldn’t find many downsides to the Rogue fitness squat rack. It earns a 5-star rating from its customers.

Although this rack can be mounted directly to the wall, they do highly recommend using their Rogue “stringer” for a more solid wall attachment. This part makes sense, but I was disappointed that this attachment isn’t included with the setup. However, this pair of custom 11 gauge stringers were only $50.00.

Installation instructions are straight forward but could take a little bit of effort for some. It may go smoother with 2 people if you aren’t mechanically inclined.

If you have any further questions, please leave a message at the bottom of this post.

Alternate Pick Folding Squat Rack

Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review - Ethos Folding Wall Rack

ETHOS Folding Wall Rack

If you have a small exercise room, this is my folding squat rack budget pick. The Ethos folding squat rack is also made of 11 gauge steel but does not list the weight limit. It’s not made with the same durability as the Rogue rack, but it should be able to support as much weight as the majority of us can lift.

It is compact and folds to 5.5″ from the wall. This rack comes with the wall mount “stringers” and J-cup barbell holders pictured. It also includes an adjustable pull up bar that helps to stabilize the unit. The Ethos Squat Rack comes with a lifetime warranty.

ETHOS Specifications

Dimensions: 49″x25″ by 92″ high – folds to 5.5″ deep
Weight Capacity: Heavy Duty but weight capacity not listed
Product Weight 159lbs
Barbell Adjustment Positions: 18 holes at 1″ increments

Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review Wrap Up

Rogue Fitness equipment is known for being durable and stands up to heavy gym use. I’m recommending the Rogue Folding rack because of its stability, compatibility, weight capacity, and price point.

Not many squat racks that fold flush within 5″ of the wall still have a weight capacity of 1000lbs+. This is a quality rack that comes with the Rogue lifetime frame warranty. For an additional cost, this foldable workout rack can be ordered in your choice of 10 durable colors.

I’ve been asked if there is a Rogue Fitness military discount on their fitness equipment, and unfortunately, they don’t at this time. However, you can still get Rogue Fitness Free shipping on certain items.

If you have any questions or comments about the Rogue Fold Away Squat Rack, please leave a message below and I will respond.

Rogue Folding Squat Rack






Weight Capacity







  • 1000lb+ Weight Capacity
  • Folds to 5" of the wall
  • Durable paint and 11 gauge steel
  • J-Cups and Pull-up bar included
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Custom colors are additional
  • Wall stringers not included

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