Does Noom Diet Work? – The Noom Diet Review

Does the Noom Diet Work? Yes, and we will explain how and why it works to reduce your weight. It’s not only more effective than other dietary methods but it maintains your energy levels at the same time.

My Noom Diet Review

Do you have anyone in your friends or family struggling with overweight who often becomes a victim of bullying or judgmental remarks?

Well, I am the one who had faced this two years back as I was nearly 220lbs. I was not only worried because of my obesity and people’s remarks, but also health problems. I have seen some old friends suffering from heart problems and other diseases just because of their weight.

For this reason, I searched a lot to find a way to lose weight more effectively. While checking on different weight loss remedies and diets like keto, I found some diet reviews about the Noom app. People were claiming that they have lost 20lbs in a month.

To make sure, I started to search more about the Noom diet. Well, according to the reviews on the internet, this diet is amazing. I decided to try it. With little effort and this app’s help, I lost almost 58lbs in 5 months.

Are you wondering how this diet works and why it is more beneficial than other weight-loss diets? As I have become a fan of this diet, I’ve gathered some important information about it that will surely encourage you to use this method. So, read on to learn more about the Noom weight loss program.

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How Does the Noom Diet Work?

So what is Noom about? Well, like any other diet, the Noom diet works by helping you lose your chubbiness by creating a calorie deficit. It happens when you eat fewer calories per day than you burn. The Noom app is responsible for calculating your daily calorie needs depending on your age, height, gender, weight, and other multiple questions.

This app uses an algorithm to predict how many calories a person should eat according to their timeframe and goal weight. Not to mention, the app will not allow consuming lower than 1,200 calories for women and 1,400 calories for men each day to ensure you are getting the required nutrition.

Noom also motivates you to do daily weigh-ins and food logging, which helps you monitor your weight loss process.

Does Noom Diet Work?

Of course, it does. This app offers you to lose weight with the help of some great weight loss techniques. The best method of this app is to self-monitor regularly. A 2017 research indicates that people who consistently and frequently monitor their weight and calorie intakes have a greater chance of losing weight.

Unfortunately, if you are a person like me who is not consistent, it might feel almost impossible to practice this technique for a longer period of time. In order to overcome this problem, the Noom app has developed features to enable people to supervise themselves.

The app provides you a personal health coach and a platform where people, who have the same objective, i.e., losing weight, can share their weight loss challenges and success stories.

Learn more about the personalized attention in my article on What is a Noom Coach.

Here are a few more benefits when using the Noom Diet App.

  • Get guidance from your target professional (coach)
  • Ask diet and health related questions
  • Review motivation and progress updates
  • Access instructions for exercising and diet
  • Learn which foods to add and foods to avoid
  • Connect with the people in your group

Noom Diet Program Studies

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You might be wondering if I am the only one who is enjoying the benefits of this diet. Well, it has helped many people, and you can get a better idea from this section.

A 2016 research shows the effectiveness of the Noom app. This study involved the dietary data of Noom users: what they consumed in 6 months. 77.9% of candidates reported a significant drop in their weight by using the app. Not to mention, many studies have found that people who regularly monitor their dietary habits lose more weight.

In 2017, another study, which involved 43 participants with prediabetes, showed Noom’s effectiveness. The researchers used the Noom app to set up a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). In the beginning, all the participants were either suffering from obesity or overweight.

This research aimed to determine whether the DPP could help promote weight loss in people. Surprisingly, the candidates lost significant weight by the end of 16 weeks with the help of DPP. 36% of participants lost more than 5% of their body weight.

These studies show that the Noom Diet is an effective way to becoming slim and fit.

Noom Diet vs Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet

Now let’s discuss why the Noom diet is better than some of the other current ones. There are many other successful Noom weight loss reviews besides mine, but it’s also good to know something about rival diet programs.

If we talk about the most popular Keto Diet, it is a great way of losing weight. However, a keto diet is a low carb diet that requires you to eat only fats as an energy source. While you can lose weight quickly, it can make you weak because of not getting essential carbs.

Now bring the Paleo Diet into the spotlight. This diet allows you to consume fewer carbs, 300 to 900 calories, and more protein per day, preventing your body from getting essential nutrients. It doesn’t offer a healthy diet plan because it eliminates legumes, dairy, and whole grains, which are nutritious. Not to mention, even the vegan diet has some downsides.

As its name suggests, it only allows you to consume vegetables and eliminate eggs, dairy, animal products, and animal-derived products from your life. This can make your body lack several nutrients, including calcium, iodine, vitamins D, and others.

Noom Food Lists

Compared to these other methods, the Noom diet is a wonderful way to lose body fat. The Noom app categorizes food items as red, yellow, or green based on its nutrients and calories. It prompts you to eat set percentages of food from each category and are organized in 3 Noom Diet food lists.

The breakdowns are, 25% Noom red food list, 45% Noom yellow food list, and 30% Noom green food list. This way, you can get all the essential nutrients. Unlike other diets, you will not feel tired and less energetic with this healthy diet.

Does Noom Diet Work - Noom Green food list

Strategy for Calorie and Nutrient Density

As I have discussed, Noom provides a color system based on the concentrations of nutrients and calorie density of foods. This measurement involves calculating the calories of a beverage or food relative to its volume or weight.

The calorie-dense foods are the ones with a larger quantity of calories in a small portion of food. On the other hand, low-calorie density foods have fewer calories in a large amount of food. Not to mention, low-calorie-dense foods like vegetables and fruits contain an ample amount of fiber and water but are low in fat.

The high-calorie-dense foods like meat, fatty fish, sweets, meats, nut butter, and desserts give you a considerable amount of fat or sugar, but less fiber and water.

This diet is beneficial for you because it doesn’t encourage you to eat only low-calorie dense beverages or foods. This way of eating can lead to chronic health problems such as heart diseases.

Eat Foods You Like

Most of the popular dietary methods limit certain foods or even entire food groups. This can lead to obsessive behavior or disorder eating. However, Noom takes a whole new approach by allowing you to enjoy all types of food that you like.

This is because some high-calorie dense foods such as nuts give you essential nutrients. Moreover, eliminating every perk from your life, such as chocolates or cakes, can only make you feel more attracted to them. The Noom diet only asks you to limit the consumption of these types of food instead of forbidding them.

What Does Noom Cost

Monthly payment starts at $59 or you can save money with a 6-month subscription for $150.  As far as the Noom Diet cost and payment schedule, you will need to pay upfront for these. 

There is also a $99 two-month plan.  However, the majority of Noom customers have their best results within the first 16 week period

Noom Diet Free Trial

I would encourage you to try the 7 day trial to see what the Noom weight loss program can offer you. 

I’ve read many negative Noom reviews about people thinking it’s a possible Noom Diet scam.  From my research, this seems to be more of a user error issue by forgetting to cancel before the 7 day term. 

If this diet is not for you, it is very important to cancel your credit card before the end of this period, otherwise, you will be charged!

Does Noom Diet Work – Bottom Line

Are you ready to say goodbye to your overweight body? Then, simply Download the Noom App and lose your unwanted pounds with the Noom diet. Not only will you become slim and fit, but your body will also remain as healthy and energetic as it should be.

If you have any other questions or comments about what is the Noom diet plan, please leave a message below and I will respond promptly.

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