C4 Pre Workout Review – The Original Pre Workout Formula

Product:   C4 Original Pre Workout
Price:      $
Container size:  30 servings
Caffeine Per Serving:  150mg
Rating:  8.6 out of 10
Cellucor at cellucor.com
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Pros:  #1 pre workout on the market.  Tastes great with several flavors.  Great price.  Ample amount of Amino Acids for endurance and Caffeine for extended energy.
Cons:   May be too strong for some.  Contains some artificial ingredients.

C4 Original Pre Workout, Product Overview

If you’ve been to a vitamin or health food store in the last couple of years, you probably would have seen this heavily advertised product on the shelves.  C4 is currently the #1 selling pre workout supplement in the world.  I’m going to give C4 a rigorous test and do my own C4 pre workout reviews to see if it lives up to its name and is truly “the bomb”.

I know several people who use it, and I’m always looking for something new to add to my supplement rotation.   There are several other C4 products that get great reviews as well, so I’ll tell you a little bit about these.

I’ll let you know how well C4 Original performs, the amount of vascularity and pump, how great the energy kick, and if I go longer and stronger.  Don’t forget how important the motivation and focus factor is important as well.  I’ll let you know how it tastes, and even how well I can sleep after taking this monster.

C4 Original Pre Workout Review

C4 pre workout reviews - me doing a C4 reviewI was able to give the C4 Original a try today.  My strategy is always to mix my pre workout at home right before I leave for the gym, that way it is starting to kick in when I get there. You can see my shaker in the picture to the left with the C4 being a nice dark red color.

Fruit punch was not too fruity or sweet and it mixed well with no clumping.  However, It did come with that typical pre workout aftertaste, this is mainly from the Caffeine.  The pre workout bite makes me feel like I’m taking something strong… and I was.

I started feeling the tingling(from the Beta Alanine) after about 15 minutes.  Then I could feel the rest of the C4 coming on at about 25-30 minutes, right on time.

At this point, I had a short warm up and then started hitting the weights.  I was definitely satisfied with the energy that C4 gave me with its 150mg of Caffeine per serving.  It seemed that this gave it enough kick.  I could feel my blood flowing harder as it pumped more oxygen into my muscles.

Another great thing is that I felt like going harder, and to get a couple of extra reps out of each set.  This is what a good pre workout supplement is all about.

I worked out a little over an hour, but I could have gone longer.  Sometimes I like to go for a run on the treadmill right after weight training but not enough time today.  Pre workouts work great for running also, and since they can last 2 or 3 hours I can usually fit both my cardio and my weight training.

The C4 Original ingredients let me get to sleep that night.  Sleeplessness can be a very uncomfortable side effect, so always take your pre workout earlier in the day.  On my next round with C4, I’m going to inch up the serving size a notch to see if I get even better results.

I felt that that C4 did everything that it should have done, and I was not disappointed.  The pump, the strength, the ability to go longer, and of course outstanding energy.  I will definitely finish off the other 29 servings of my C4 Original.


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How To Take C4 Pre Workout

C4 Pre Workout Reviews - canister and shaker of C4

For this round, I ended up with the Fruit Punch flavor and was happily surprised with it.  Per the directions, I mixed one scoop with 6 oz of water and a couple of ice cubes (20 to 30 minutes before exercise).  Usually, I go with 1 1/2 scoops.

This being my first time with a new pre workout, it is recommended to start out slow.  The reason being is that the effects of a pre workout vary from person to person depending on body mass, metabolism and tolerance.

Since I’m around 200lbs which is a little more than average, it makes sense to take a little more.  I also have a bit of a “Caffeine tolerance” built up from taking pre workouts often.  Tolerance is when you need to take more and more of the a product to get the same results.

This can come to a point to where you aren’t getting much out of it anymore.  If this happens, simply take a few weeks off from Caffeine or switch pre workout brands.

If you have an question or comments on taking a pre workout or anything about C4, please leave them below and I will respond.


Try C4 ULTIMATE with 300mg of Caffeine


C4 Pre Workout Benefits

My review talks a bit about what C4 does for a workout.  150mg of Caffeine is just enough to get amped up and go.  It brings not only energy, but also motivation and focus.  Besides Caffeine, C4 Original is packed with many essential Amino Acids for muscle growth, endurance, and any other muscle functions.

C4 also contains Creatine.  Creatine is found naturally in your body or can be made synthetically.  It is the most widely studied and used exercise supplement.  It is proven to increase muscle mass, strength, and performance.

C4 pre workout reviews - amino acid moleculeThe Beta-Alanine is an Amino Acid that improves exercise capacity, athletic performance, and helps to build lean muscle mass.   You know this Amino is working from the head tingle that it gives you.

My favorite Amino is Arginine.  Arginine synthesizes into Nitric Oxide during exercise.  Nitric Oxide creates vascularization in the veins to increase blood flow.  This blood flow brings more nutrients and oxygen to the muscle tissue.  The results are that your muscles will stay fresh and charged to avoid fatigue between exercise.

For more information on what’s in Original, check out C4 Pre Workout Ingredients.


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C4 Pre Workout Negatives

Reading some other C4 pre workout reviews, I didn’t find many negatives to this product.  The only thing that I saw consistently is that it came clumped up.  This can happen with any pre workout supplement due to shipping issues or improper shelf rotation.  If you ever have a problem with any pre workout, these supplements come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Simply return or exchange for another.

C4 pre workout reviews - caffeine signAlthough 150mg of Caffeine is around the average content for pre workouts, this may still be too much for some.  You can always mix it less strong, or try a Caffeine Free Pre Workout.  Don’t take too much C4 the first time.  This can result in anxiety,  nausea or headaches.

C4 Original does contain some artificial ingredients.  This is not a large quantity so I wouldn’t be too concerned about this.  However, some people don’t want this in their diet at all.  If this is the case, you can try an All Natural Pre Workout.  These do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sugars.


C4 Energy Drink

I also recommend the C4 Pre Workout Drink for when you are on the go.  This has the same intense ingredients as the C4 Original powder, but also comes with refreshing carbonation.

Product:   C4 Original Carbonated Zero Sugar Energy Drink
Price:      $$$
Where to purchase:  Check Price for C4 Energy Drink
Container size:  Pack of 12-16oz cans
Rating:  4.3 out of 5
Cellucor at cellucor.com
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Pros:    Zero sugar, zero calories.  Comes in 8 different flavors.  Convenient for when you’re on the go. 
Cons:   Can’t mix it to a specific strength like the powder form.


See my C4 Pre Workout Drink Review


C4 Pre Workout Reviews

C4 Original is a super popular product and evidence is with over 690 customer ratings as of this writing. Below is a screenshot of one of those reviews from a verified purchaser. You can click on the image to see more verified customer reviews.

C4 Pre Workout Reviews - Amazon product review


C4 Original Pre Workout Review Wrap-Up

I feel that my C4 Original Review went well and that I had a good all around experience with it.  The amount of energy and performance that it gave me was impressive.  It had the right amount of Caffeine and Amino Acids to give me an intense workout.

There were no C4 pre workout side effects, and it didn’t keep me up all night.  C4 also comes at a good price adding up to less than $1.00 per serving.  The final conclusion is that I would recommend C4 Original pre workout to my friends.  It will intensify your workouts and help harder and with more strength.

If you are interested in some other C4 products, I was also impressed with C4 Ultimate Shred.  This strong pre workout comes with thermogenic ingredients to increase your fat and calorie burn.  I’ve reviewed the C4 energy drink shown above as well.  This has the same ingredients as C4 Original but has more Caffeine at 200mg per can.

If you have any questions or comments about my C4 Pre Workout Reviews, please leave them at the bottom and I will respond.


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C4 Original Pre Workout













  • 150mg of Caffeine is just right.
  • L-Arginine for vascularization
  • Great for increased endurance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fruity taste, mixes well.


  • Contains some artificial ingredients
  • C4 may be too strong for some

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  1. Great review! You’ve really covered C4 Pre Workout from all angles and gave all the necessary information.
    This seems like a great energy booster before workout.

  2. I have used this product before and LOVED it. I love that they have an energy drink to pair with it for those times when you just want to grab something and GO! Convenience is so important for me on occasion. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Kay,

      That is very cool that you have used C4, though it is probably the best selling pre workout in the world.

      I haven’t tried the energy drink yet, not sure if there is enough to write a review on.

      Since you enjoy the C4, I also did a post on C4 Pre Workout Ingredients, that goes into more detail on the product.

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