What Is The FitTrack Scale – Accurate Weight, Body Fat, And Muscle Mass

What is the FitTrack Scale?  It is a technologically advanced digital scale that provides 17 key body measurements that will enable the user to set fitness goals.

This information includes everything necessary for tracking and monitoring physical progress.  It’s all provided in easy to read charts that are shown in their free phone app.


What Is The FitTrack Scale

What Is The FitTrack Scale - FitTrack Dara ScaleThe Fit Track Dara Smart Scale is a digital scale that gives your weight along with 17 useful fitness measurements.

This digital scale combines the technology necessary to give provide readings of all your important physical attributes.

These important measurements have been shown to be accurate and can be seen in an easy to read format with a phone app.

The way that this information is simply presented, there is no need for a trainer or health professional to help you understand it.

This smart scale is an important tool to be used with a fitness program.  Fit Track digital scale is a sleek and compact package where all of these features cost under than $100.00.

The highlights include body fat percentage (BFP), amount of muscle mass, body water percentage, and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

There are 4 electrodes that send pulses throughout your body to get accurate physical measurements.

Your weight will be shown on the digital scale readout, and all of the other detailed information pops up on your phone app.  This way you can track and measure your fitness goal progress.

The Fit Track app will give you a detailed road map for the many levels of physical health accomplishments.

Included in this price is the option to monitor up to 8 of your family members with their own personal profile.

FitTrack Scale Accuracy

The FitTrack scale is FDA approved and demonstrated to be within 3% body fat scale accuracy of the true measurements.

It has been independently tested and shown to be the most accurate BMI digital scale in its class.

FitTrack Athlete Mode

The FitTrack scale can be set on a special athlete mode that takes into account the differences for someone that has a higher fitness level and has more muscle mass.

It will adjust the body composition model to account for more accurate readings.


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How Does the FitTrack Scale Work

Fitrack scales work by sending a safe and low electrical signal through your feet and into the body.  This is sent through the 4 metal electrodes where the feet are placed.

FitTrack uses two different frequencies that give a higher level of accuracy than other scales in its category.

As this signal passes through the body, different types of tissue such as muscle or fat, give different readings.

Since some tissues give more resistance, this enables the scale to calculate body composition in several different ways.

The scale has the ability to coordinate all of this data to accurately determine 17 different body measurements.

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FitTrack Phone App

What Is The FitTrack Scale - Fit Track appThis is a free phone app that is necessary to monitor all of your measurements.  It’s a complete resource for providing everything that you need to know about your body for goal setting.

It easily connects with your phone with Bluetooth technology and automatically syncs to provide your body composition within seconds.

Simply answer a few profile questions such as age, height, and gender.  The format is easy to read and keeps track of all of your measurements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The Fit Track phone app can also be synced directly with Google Health, Apple Health, and any other popular health tracking programs.


FitTrack Scale Benefits

It is proven that people who monitor their fitness progress on a regular basis have a much better chance of achieving their physical goals.  The Fit Track Dara Smart Body Digital Scale can be your all in one tool for providing these measurements.

  • FitTrack is within 3% accuracy of actual measurements
  • Sleek looking, compact and water-resistant
  • Automatically syncs up to 8 family members for their own profile
  • FitTrack app shows 17 vital pieces of health data
  • Shows your healthy fat to muscle rate FitTrack ratio
  • The most accurate body composition scale in its class
  • Using FitTrack on a regular basis is proven to result in significant weight loss
  • The FitTrack program is proven to provide additional motivation
  • The most accurate method available to see progress
  • Shown to help reach fitness goals 8 times faster
  • Provides all of the information necessary to stick to fitness goals
  • Automatically adjusts for all body types

Potential Negatives

  • A true reading of overall health must be provided by a doctor
  • Fit Tracker scale success is ultimately up to you
  • Cost more than a typical digital scale
  • LCD screen only shows your FitTrack standard weight


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The 17 FitTrack Scale Measurements


Customer FitTrack Scale Reviews

FitTrack customers are extremely satisfied with their purchase of the Fit Track digital scale as well as their other products.  There are over 900, 5-star Fit Track reviews on their website.  Click this review to see other FitTrack Reviews.

Fit Track Scale Reviews - FitTrack reviews

Of course, it has the time and date, but it also receives emails and text notifications.  My favorite benefit of the Fit Track Atria smart watch is its ability to accurately record your number of steps as well as heart rate.

Tracking your cardio health is one of the most important and fastest ways to get in shape and burn more calories.

The Bluetooth connection links to your favorite phone apps, and also takes pictures and plays music.

The Atria watch even tracks your sleep.  It translates every movement during sleep to monitor disorders and disruptions in your sleep patterns.


What Is a Body Fat Scale?

One of the most used FitTrack scale measurements is Body Fat Percentage.

A certain amount of body fat is essential to be used as an energy source and insulation, but too much will lead to long term medical issues.

This is a very complex topic since we are all built differently, and we all retain and burn fat at different rates.  What an ideal body fat percentage is for some, may not be for others.  Genetics also plays a big part in where your body fat percentage falls.

There is an established range to be used in general depending on your age, sex, and body type.

Here are a few of the categories.  The lower range of the percentile is for young people while the higher range reflects more as you get older.

Essential fat10-13%2-5%

Check out this link to one of the many Body Fat Calculators.


What is the FitTrack Scale Conclusion

The Fit Track scales read 17 important measurements that reflect your physical makeup and health.

Some of the most important readings include weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index.  It comes with a free phone app gives you easy to read scales and charts.

Fit Track digital scale is an accurate tool used to base your fitness goals ranging from weight loss to gaining muscle mass.

It has been proven that people that use FitTrack on a continuous basis have a much greater chance of reaching their physical goals.

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