Is The Noom Diet A Scam? – Noom Diet… Does It Work?

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Is the Noom Diet a scam? Does Noom Diet Work?  What is the Noom weight loss plan?  We will be answering these questions along with examples of the Noom Diet, including the Noom Diet food list to help you determine if this weight loss program is good for you.

If after getting this information you decide to give Noom a try, there is a free Noom Diet trial that you can start out with.  We will also go over the different pricing tiers if you sign up for the Noom app.

What is the Noom Diet Plan

So what is Noom about?  Well, like many weight loss programs these days, the Noom Diet runs on a well-organized phone app.  This Noom app is designed to track your weight and help you cut down on calories.  

If you want a program to help keep an eye on what you eat, remind you to control your cravings, and connect you with people who have the same goals, then this diet is for you.

The best part is: Noom doesn’t offer you a mindless meal plan or radical nutrition advice that other weight-loss applications usually do. The Noom creators have a totally different approach. Their agenda is to enjoy food in moderation along with trying to eat more plant-based foods.

Noom offers you a creative diary that consists of food lists that you can eat. This makes it easy for you to choose healthier food on a daily basis.  Another goal of the Noom Diet Plan is to help clients change their entire outlook on what they eat. 

As far as, is Noom Diet a scam, over 45 million members worldwide support this weight loss program and would tell you otherwise.

How Does Noom Diet Work? 

The Noom Diet is a science backed program aimed at reducing your weight while consuming all the essential nutrients including protein and vitamins. This way, you don’t feel weak as you would during other calorie cutting diets. Plus, you can eat food that you like rather than prepackaged or tasteless food items.

The Noom app works as your nutritionist, trainer, and health coach, all at the same time. To start your Noom weight loss journey, you can opt for the 7-day trial program. If you think that you can succeed at this diet, we will go over the different program options that you can pick from.

When you first begin with this app, it will ask you to fill out their thorough questionnaire.  Some of the questions include age, gender, eating habits, workout routine, and other daily lifestyle questions.

After the initial setup, this app will show you the “Noom Food Lists”.  They are categorized in colors: red, green, and yellow.  Noom lets you know how many calories you can eat daily from each color section. You can pick any food from these segments but in specified amounts. 

What sets the Noom app apart from others diet apps is that you are given your own coach from which you can take advice and ask questions at any time you want. The app also recommends you take five minutes a day to educate yourself with one of their short articles.

Is The Noom Diet A Scam - food buffet

What Do You Eat on Noom Diet?

This may be the most important question when looking into the Noom Diet weight loss program.  Most of us find it hard to eat a certain type of food throughout their diet.  Of course, this is why they fail.

For instance, some diet methods suggest you only eat veggies and fruits. Others make you stick to a strict calorie count.  However, Noom is designed to help you satisfy your cravings yet remain on a true diet. It’s a fact that you can’t eat fatty items all the time, but you can follow the plan and still get the chance to taste the foods you want.

Simply choose your foods according to the color system, called the Noom food list.

  • Red color section contains the least nutrient-dense and more calorie-rich food items.
  • Items in green are the most nutrient-dense and less calorically dense foods.
  • Yellow food category falls somewhere in the middle of both.

Learn more about Noom Food Lists.

The goal is to eat 30% of food from green, 45% from the yellow segment, and 25% from red foods daily. By keeping these percentages in mind, you can opt for any food mentioned in the categories. 

To give you a better understanding of these food lists, here is a Noom Diet plan example:

Noom Green Food List

Apples, carrots, blueberries, Brussels, bananas, oats, broccoli, egg whites, non-fat dairy products, whole-grain bread, beets, berries, quinoa

Does Noom Diet Work - Noom Green food list

Noom Yellow Food List

Salmon, turkey, avocado, whole eggs, beans, tofu, lean ground beef, chicken, low-fat dairy, chickpeas, black beans

Is The Noom Diet A Scam -  yellow food list

Noom Red Food List

Nut butter, beef, dried fruit, bacon, olive oil and other oils, potato chips, cake, pizza, burgers, pork, nuts and seeds, full-fat dairy

Is the Noom Diet a scam-Noom red food list

What Is a Noom Coach?

One of the biggest highlights is that it offers you access to a personal nutrition coach to discuss your concerns about your diet and take guidance through a chat feature. This includes answering any diet or weight loss questions that you have.

Note that you only have access to your assigned health coach during business hours. This means they will not answer you at midnight or 4 am. You can still talk to someone through the chatbox. However, after hours you will be communicating with a person who doesn’t have knowledge about your dietary preferences, lifestyles, and health history.

This method of coaching has been proven to be successful for most people and offers the necessary motivation to succeed.  However, if you feel that you need to have face-to-face coaching, you may not get what you need out of the Noom Diet app.  

Keep in mind that some Noom coaches are nutritionists, but not all of them.  Either way,  Noom Diet coaches are required to successfully complete the Noom certification course. 

What Is the Noom Price?

The following are a few Noom Diet plan options that you can choose from.  Basically, you will receive a larger discount depending on how many months that you sign up for.  Keep in mind that the price of these plans can fluctuate.

Most results can be seen in the first 16 weeks, so Noom recommends using their program for at least this long. You will start with the Noom free trial and select the best Noom program after this period.

  • $59 for a monthly plan
  • $99 for a two-month plan
  • $150 for the 6 month plan

In case you don’t want to continue the Noom diet, you must cancel the subscription. Noom will absolutely charge your card after the trial period if you don’t cancel, so don’t forget about this.

Most negative Noom Diet reviews are because the customers forget this cancelation, and there aren’t any refunds for this.

How to Cancel Noom Subscription?

Canceling the Noom app is pretty easy. Simply, use the following steps.

  • Open the application on your mobile, laptop, or other devices.
  • Find and click on the blue chat bubble on the upper right corner of the app.
  • Message your coach that you want to unsubscribe from the app.
  • You will get a link to process your cancellation, be sure to follow instructions.

Make sure not to delete or uninstall the app until you get the confirmation from Noom that you have successfully unsubscribed from the health plan.

Bottom Line – Is the Noom Diet a Scam

45 million plus customers would say that Noom is not a scam. Noom is based on science and is a proven and successful diet plan.  It can be a life-changing program that helps you lose weight efficiently and without trying to starve you.  You still eat tasty and nutritious foods that keep your energy levels up.

The Noom Diet goal is achievable, and this program is meant to permanently change the way you look at what you eat.  Because of this, the Noom Diet works well even for the long term.

There have been some complaints submitted to the BBB claiming that the Noom Diet is a scam. These are based on the Noom free trial cancellation policy.  If you don’t choose to follow through with this diet program, it’s important to cancel the Noom Diet before the free trial period expires.

If you have any questions or comments on what is Noom or does Noom work, please leave a message below and I will respond.

Noom Diet


Food Options


Success Rate


Health Coach


Convenience/User Friendly



  • Easy to use phone app
  • Eat what you want
  • Proven track record
  • Science backed program
  • Free trial


  • If you don't cancel trial, you will be charged
  • There are less expensive apps

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