What Is A Noom Coach – It Sets the Noom Weight Loss Diet Apart

What is a Noom coach?  A personal diet coach is just one of the many benefits provided with the Noom weight loss phone app.  The app is called “Noom Coach: Healthy Weight Loss and More”.

This phone app takes you step by step through their successful weight loss program while including help from a live certified health coach.

I’m going to answer “what is Noom”, explain how the Noom Diet works for weight loss, and the ways the Noom Diet can work for you.

What Is A Noom Coach - Noom weight loss coach

What Is the Noom Weight Loss Program?

So what is Noom about? Before I get into the details about Noom live coaching, let’s talk about what the Noom Diet is and what its not.

The Noom Diet is a unique system based on science and works through technology.  Everything you need in this program runs through its user friendly phone app(Android or IOS).  

Does the Noom Diet work?  The Noom Diet is successful because its program revolves around changing your eating habits as well as your way of thinking.  The reason that this weight loss system has such great results, is it simply makes basic changes to your diet, rather than having to go hungry. 

Behavior modification through education is found to be a successful way to change your diet, therefore losing weight.  The Noom Diet program will help you to easily make better decisions when it comes to your food choices.

The Noom Strategy includes giving you an extensive Noom printable food lists.  It also keeps track of your vitals, weight, goals, and recipes. 

Your Noom weight loss app also offers daily tips, keeps you involved with your Noom support group, and gives you the ability to communicate with your personal Noom health coach.

What the Noom Diet Isn’t

Noom Diet is not an exercise program.  It’s not a food delivery service and doesn’t send prepared meals, shakes, or pills.  Nothing in this diet program will have you going hungry or starving yourself.  

What Is a Noom Coach?

So, how are Noom experts helping make that happen?  There are small improvements each week starting with training, beginning with Noom coaching.  In the following weeks, the app along with your weight loss coach will help to monitor your progress. 

At this point, Noom Coach features a system that lets you:

  • Get guidance from your target professional (coach)
  • Ask diet and health related questions
  • Review motivation and progress updates
  • Access instructions for exercising and diet
  • Learn which foods to add and foods to avoid
  • Connect with the people in your group

The Noom Coach is a major part of this weight loss app. The application focuses on helping you make significant weight and health changes each week with small, healthier routines and steps. This means that you can use the Noom Diet App to help monitor calories, workouts, and learn how to permanently lose weight. 

The Noom Program is not set up to be an instant fix but made for long-term health. It involves delivering a weight loss and diet model that people will choose to adopt for life.

All of this works to help you leave poor eating habits and replace them with some healthy long-term or life-long behaviors.  Hopefully, this becomes your everyday process as time goes by.

Noom Diet Coach Features

According to the Noom, improvements in weight loss take time and extra effort.  We will discuss some of the significant features and benefits that make up your Noom weight loss coaching app.  

You can access your Noom Coach at any time during regular working hours.  Unlike other weight loss apps, your personal weight loss coach has time to help.

Trainers don’t charge an additional fee for their service, because extra health coaching charges are why many diet programs fail.

At Noom, they make their app convenient for you to access your coach almost anytime. Have a question about the colors of food? Would you like to collaborate on an action plan for dinner on your night out?

It’s important for your overall health program to have a professional who is there to help with the details of your weight loss journey.

The Noom Coaches understand your weight loss scope

Coaches from Noom share a passion for changing health, nutrition, and behavior.  Noom weight loss coaches come from diverse cultures and backgrounds and can appreciate the value of a healthy lifestyle.

These Noom trainers are not going to recommend diets or just tell you what to do. With Noom Coaching, the most successful and positive path to weight loss is to work together to discover ways that suit your personality. 

However, it is important that when a coach recommends something, you do your best to stick with it.  

Noom Coaches offer timely responses

At Noom, coaches should be available to use, but still give you some space to make improvements and build healthier habits. 

They have noticed that the best way to work with your personal coach to build skills is regular check-ins.

Suppose your goal is to adhere to a calorie target or a particular exercise program.  In that case, your personal Noom Coach should respond with the proper resources to help you accomplish these specific goals.

If you have a question, your coach will always do his best to address these as well as your complaints as quickly as possible.

Weight Loss system allows for customizability

Your trainer should be able to “roll with the punches” in case they need to adjust quickly to the things you want to work on.  However these coaches will still stick to the basics for safety and success.

The Noom coaching app sticks to the program to achieve your targets by concentrating less on how and more on why.  

Here, your dedication is directly related to your determination to your goals.  The coach will work with you, providing help when things get tricky.

Noom Diet Coach gives personal attention

It is essential that your coach is responsive and puts you first.  The Noom Coach is a mentor that can adapt to best help with their customer’s expectations.

The Noom team focus is based on one thing, the priorities that are most important to you!   They will help in working together on your primary action plan as well as encourage you along the way.

What Is A Noom Coach - Noom diet app on phone

Noom Diet Benefits

To help further answer, what is the Noom Diet program, here is a list of several advantages to this model.

Noom Pros

  • Noom Coach model is supported by Science & Research
  • Other help resources include connecting to the Noom community
  • Noom Coaching app features built-in tracking
  • Program gives the actual date that goals will be achieved
  • Noom Diet food lists make this system simple to use
  • Gets to know your body better through healthy eating & exercise habits
  • App runs on most tablets and smartphones: Apple, Android, Google, Amazon
  • Noom constantly updates with the latest technologies and studies
  • Diet app has one of the largest databases of food available
  • Noom Coach reviews and customizes an eating plan for you
  • Huge knowledge database that you can use to research

Potential Negatives

  • Coach won’t respond after working hours
  • Diet only works if you stick to the program
  • Noom is not a Fast Fix Program but solid improvement over time
  • If not satisfied, Noom must be canceled before 7 day trial date

What Does Noom Cost

Monthly payment starts at $59 or you can save money with a $150 six month subscription.  As far as the Noom Diet cost and payment schedule, you will need to pay upfront for these. 

There is also a $99 two-month plan.  However, the majority of Noom customers have their best results within the first 16 week period

Noom Diet Free Trial

I would encourage you to try the 7 day trial to see what the Noom weight loss program can offer you. 

I’ve read many negative Noom reviews about people thinking it’s a possible Noom Diet scam.  From my research, this seems to be more of a user error issue by forgetting to cancel before the 7 day term. 

It is very important to cancel your credit card before the end of this period, otherwise, you will be charged!

Noom VS Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers (called WW) price can vary depending on which program you choose but is slightly less expensive than the Noom Diet.

Both of these diets are based on scientific studies and are proven to work if the customer applies him or herself.

Although the programs are similar, Noom is sometimes considered as the Weight Watchers for millennials.  Noom comes with more features and is more user friendly than the Weight watchers diet program. When comparing Noom vs WW, my preference is the Noom Diet.

What is a Noom Coach Conclusion

The Noom coach is a key part of this overall Noom weight loss program, and this benefit is one of the most critical parts.  There aren’t any other companies or competitors that can offer this in Noom’s price range.  

This instruction is provided by a live certified health coach.  Using the Noom app to communicate with your diet coach will offer motivation, advice, and answer any questions as you go.  

Noom Diet plan is based on science and carried out with technology.  This type of training is proven to bring the most effective weight loss results out there. The Noom weight loss app is proven to work when it’s taken seriously.

I recommend signing up for the Noom 7 day trial period to give this diet a chance. 

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