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An online exercise program can be the most efficient way to reach your physical goals whether you are working out at a gym or at home.  So what is the best online workout program?

If you are searching for a fitness program that is inexpensive and doesn’t require specialized equipment, there aren’t as many options as you would think.

The word is out on the workouts with their years of experience in the industry as well as the largest video library of exercises ever.  We are going to provide all the information about their BodyFit gym workouts hosted by personal trainers.


What Is Body Fit BodyFit “All Access” is one of the top online workout programs when looking for a full body, comprehensive exercise and conditioning plan.

It includes thousands of detailed instruction and exercise videos that are prioritized according to what category you are looking for.

The BodyFit videos include anything from aerobic conditioning and weight management to bodybuilding workout programs like increasing muscle mass.

There are also over sixty different 4, 8, and 12 week exercise programs designed around any workout goal that you can imagine.  Many of these programs are designed by professional trainers and even some famous fitness faces.

BodyFit and workouts come with a fitness tracker to record your number of reps, sets, and weight used as well as your difficulty level.  This way you can increase your fitness levels to always be achieving bigger physical goals.

You can learn about your diet with the BodyFit healthy meal planning and nutrition along with their calorie counting program. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nutritional supplements.  So of course, there is an entire section dedicated to guiding you on which supplements to use according to your health goals.

There are two programs listed below that you can choose from, their BodyFit Elite and BodyFit Plus.

For further information, check out my Body Fit Plan reviews.



What Is BodyFit Elite

The Elite option is the more popular and higher end program, yet still offered for a reasonable monthly price.  Here is what it includes:

  • 2,500 + workouts
  • 3,500 + how-to exercise videos
  • 90 + premium workout plans for muscle gain, weight loss, performance, and general fitness
  • Access to the fitness tracking phone App
  • 5% Discount on all supplements
  • Free shipping on vitamins and supplements
  • Exclusive video workout programs
  • Videos for fitness nutrition and how to rebuild after injury
  • Rest timer, exercise swapping, and workout customization

$12.99 per month – cancel anytime

Save $5.50 per month by getting the yearly membership for $89.89

I use for my personal supplement needs because of their large selection and prices.

The BodyFit Elite program is a great option because of the discounts and free shipping on products that you will be purchasing anyway.


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What Is BodyFit Plus

  • 2,500 + workouts
  • 3,500 + how-to exercise videos
  • Detailed exercise instructions
  • Step-by-step workout tips from coaches and athletes
  • In-depth video exercise demonstrations
  • Reps, sets, and how-to photos to guide you

$3.99 per month – cancel anytime

There isn’t a large difference in price, so we signed up for the Bodyfit Elite to get the “all access” program.

If you sign up for the BodyFit Plus program at a lesser cost, you can always easily upgrade if you find that you want to enjoy the additional benefits.


What Is The Best Online Workout Program - Bodyspace phone appBodyFit App Included

All of the frills available on your computer can also be synced to your BodyFit app.

From the main menu, you can start by accessing the video library with over 3,000 movements and go from there.

The Body Fit phone app is easy to use and the reviews show a 4.8 out of 5 user rating.

  • Step by step video guidance with instructional videos
  • Endless library of workouts
  • Read in-depth form cues for popular exercises
  • Record and review stats and goals with your complete workout tracker
  • Body Fit meal plan reviews and nutritional information
  • Pull up all of your detailed workout history

This is a separate app than the BodySpace social fitness app.


7 Day Free Trial

We highly recommend the 7 day Body Fit training trial offer.  This gives you the Bodybuilding “all access” elite program to use for all the perks that are available, and you can even assess your overall fitness.

They do require a credit card to have on file, and if you don’t cancel by the 7th day you will be enrolled in their one month program with no contract.

We tried to opt-out of the Bodyfit program just to see if it was as simple as it says.  When the online chat prompt came up, I simply asked that they take me out of the program, and the fee was never charged to my card.

If we had one complaint about BodyFit, it would be that there is so much information and video training that it can be overwhelming at first.  Luckily, it is well organized enough to make this a user friendly program.

⇒ If you have any questions about our experience with the BodyFit online program, please leave a comment at the bottom.


This program is free to download but does require an active subscription to use it.  There is no contract, so Bodyfit can be canceled or renewed at any time with no hassle.

You will receive significant savings if you renew for a year at a time.



Body Fit Video Library

Just to give you a taste of some of the categories that you will have to choose from.  These include bodybuilding workouts for women, cardio, toning, and muscle mass.

Muscle building Plans

Weight Loss Plans
  • Shortcut to shred
  • FYR
  • Lean Body
  • 4Weeks2Shred

Strength Gain Plans

  • Shortcut to strenth
  • Power bodybuilding
  • Bench 300
  • 30-day shoulders
  • 30-day chest
Get Fit Plans
  • Get ripped, stay big
  • 7-day six-pack
  • Ultimate 30-day
  • Metaburn-90

Performance plans


What Is The Best Online Workout Program - Bodyfit programs 1

What Is The Best Online Workout Program - Bodyfit programs 2


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What Is BodySpace?

Not to be confused with the BodyFit online workout program, BodySpace is a free social media platform and community for those that enjoy working out.

It allows you to design your own BodySpace exercise program as well as see what’s working for others.

After signing up for your free account, you will then fill out your profile including your personal goals.  From there, BodySpace will help you select goals and design an accurate timeline according to what physical change you want to make.

Ther are tools and tips provided to help you along the way, or even use the programs designed by other BodySpace members.

You can even showcase your pictures, accomplishments, goals, and workout routines for other members to see.

The best way to track your goals on BodySpace is to use this app to track your exercises, reps, sets, and amount of weight for every workout.

This information will sync up to your phone so you can use it anywhere.

BodySpace gives you a support group by using the online fitness community.  You can get help from others about personal training, exercise routines, supplements, and nutrition.

Keep in mind that this BodySpace social fitness app is different than the BodyFit app.



What Is The Best Online Workout Program – Wrap Up combines its 20 years of fitness, strength, and nutritional expertise into one of the best workout subscriptions available.  The BodyFit “all access” program is a full fitness package.

It includes an organized library of video tutorials and step by step instructions, the BodyFit phone app to watch videos anywhere, a comprehensive fitness tracker, unlimited nutritional information, and supplement guidance.

A seemingly endless selection of videos is grouped by weight loss plans, cardio plans, muscle building plans, strength building plans, and performance plans.

The two options are the Body Fit Elite or the Body Fit Plus.  Either way, you can start out with the free 7-day BodyFit trial offer and go from there.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments on the best online workout program, please leave a comment below and I will respond.  There is also additional information on my workouts and BodyFit plan reviews.




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