What Is Noom About – Learn About The Noom Diet Plan

What is Noom about? The quick answer is a weight loss app that categorizes food into three colors based on the number of calories they contain. This helps to guide you in the right direction while at the same time allowing you to eat what you like.

The largest benefit may just be the Noom virtual health coach, available to answer questions and help you with motivation. Like this program, nowadays most diet plans are done from the convenience of a phone app. We think this app is the most cutting edge weight loss plan.

In this article, we will review more details on the Noom Weight loss program. We’ll include the Noom benefits and negatives, the Noom price, how the Noom Diet works, as well as comparing this diet app to other ones.

What Is Noom About?

You may have heard about the Noom Diet fad if you have been researching ways to shed some pounds. But do you know how this app works to help with your weight loss journey?

This is an app that helps you cut down your unwanted fat by using a totally different and scientifically proven method. They use a behavioral approach to help permanently change your habits instead of calorie counting.

Noom also offers you activity tracking, calorie counting, personal coaching, and group support. Instead of forcing people to abide by strict diet rules, this app teaches you unique skills and helps you to develop healthy habits.

This is an effective weight loss program, there have been millions of positive Noom reviews and successful Noom before and after customers.

How Does the Noom Diet Work?

So, how does the Noom App work? The procedure starts, first by downloading the app on your phone or tablet. You automatically start with the Noom Diet free trial. Once you launch the Noom app, you share your personal details.

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This information that’s required to help you begin, includes age, gender, eating habits, outdoor eating habits, activity levels, lose goals, and several more. Then, the app will make your weight loss plan for you according to the information that you entered.

After this, Noom gives your full plan about what you can eat and the strategy for getting to your weight loss goals. The Noom app will help you track your food, water intake for the day, and activities.

The Noom App even gives you your expected date that you will accomplish your specific weight loss goal.

What Is the Noom Food List

At this point, you will get to see your Noom Food List. This is your guide on what to eat. The goal is to eat the recommended percentage of food from each type of food group. These 3 categories go by the color system of green, yellow, and red.

  • Noom Green food list contains fewer amounts of calories and gives you higher energy. This segment includes mostly veggies, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Noom Yellow food list contains more calories. They include yogurt, low-fat cheeses, beans, and other low-fat foods.
  • Noom Red food list has the highest amount of calories. This category includes food like nuts, chocolate, juice, red meat, pizza, and other ones considered “junk” food.

After the free trial period is over, the app will assign you a group coach and a support group of other dieters. You can reach the support groups 24/7 and your Noom coach during regular business hours.

Your Noom Diet coach checks your daily progress and may comment on your calorie intake goals. They will also answer any questions as well as giving motivation for your diet program. Note that Noom coaches are not registered dietitians, but they need to take a certified course on the diet program.

Learn more about the Noom Food Lists Here.

Pros and Cons of the Noom Diet

Although the Noom Diet weight loss program is an excellent plan for many reasons, it also has some drawbacks. People who prefer to get one-on-one counseling may not find the Noom program suitable for them. On the other hand, hanging to wait a whole week to meet a one-on-one counselor can be counterproductive.

Because of this, most people opt for a diet app like Noom because of the daily support and feedback. Most individuals really get a lot out of having 24/7 support on their phone app.

Another advantage of the Noom app is that it also considers social eating offering help with restaurant food. Noom even gives you the ability to plan ahead for any events like vacation, holiday, party, or wedding. Planning your eating ahead of time is something that professional dietitians always recommend. This way, you don’t have to resist eating tempting food at events.

Lastly, the Noomweight loss program is much more quite affordable than having your personal dietitian. Its also competitively priced with other successful weight loss apps (see my review, Weight Watchers vs Noom).

How Is Noom App Different from Other Apps?

Many features of the Noom app are similar to Myfitnesspal and Weight Watchers (See Noom vs WW). However, with Noom you don’t have to count calories. The Noom Diet plan is considered to have the best success because you can eat more of what you want.

According to a 2019 study, the Noom app contains the most accurate data of food calories compared to other mobile apps. Their partnership with both Novo Nordisk and the CDC shows that the app comes recommended by the scientific community.

The biggest benefit of Noom vs other apps is the Noom diet coach. Having a personal coach to communicate with at any time and provide feedback is the primary reason more users are subscribing to this app.

What Does Noom Cost?

Noom has several different plans for its users. One is to opt for the monthly plan of $59 or go for a two-month plan of $99.

However, the best results with Noom have been shown to happen around the 16 week period. Because of this, it’s recommended to sign up for their 6-month program. There is also a significant money saving incentive to sign up for this amount of time. Whichever program you choose, you must first start with the free trial.

Other Top Rated Noom Programs

Although the Noom app is most popular for its weight loss plan, its Diabetic Prevention Program is also well known and even recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Noom diabetic prevention plan has had impressive results in the way it helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Their newest app is the Noom Healthy Mind App. I haven’t been able to review this new program yet, but I’m assuming it’s a quality program based on Noom’s other solution plans.

In Noom’s Health Mind program, it’s built to help people manage their daily stress and anxiety. This app helps develop emotional awareness and be more resilient to stress. I’d say everyone needs some sort of outlet like this these days. The Noom reviews say that it’s easy to use and fun.

This is a 12-week program of educations and motivation with daily and weekly activities for stress management. Part of this includes one-on-one coaching with a live Noom therapist done through the Noom app. Like the Noom Diet, the Healthy Mind program also offers a free Noom trial.

How To Cancel Noom App?

If, during the free trial, you decide that the Noom Diet is not for you, don’t just remove the app from your phone. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open your app, whether you have it on your mobile, laptop, or other devices.
  • Click on the blue chat bubble on the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Send a message to your coach that you need to cancel your subscription.
  • You will then receive a link. Open it, and just follow the instructions.

It’s important to cancel the app before your trial period ends if you don’t want to use the program. Otherwise, the app will charge you, and they don’t give refunds. If you forget to cancel the subscription, Noom will charge you $99 on the 15th day of your trial period.

If you have successfully completed the program, they will still bill for further monthly plans until you unsubscribe from the Noom weight loss app. So, be sure to follow the steps mentioned above to cancel your subscription.

The “What Is Noom About” Conclusion

In closing, to answer what is the Noom Diet about, Noom is a unique diet app that works by helping you to understand the calorie density of the different types of foods. Working on a calorie deficit is the basic premise of this diet, but you wouldn’t know since there are no drastic changes in what you eat. It doesn’t restrict you to stop eating foods like pizza and cake.

The Noom weight loss app motivates you to eat what you want, but smaller quantities of higher calorie foods. This gives you a chance to follow a diet while still enjoying good food and keeping your energy levels up.

This diet plan encourages you to consume food that has lower calories while at the same time actually changes the outlook one has on eating. This is why the Noom Diet program has a higher rate of success when it comes to keeping weight off permanently.

If you have any questions or would like to know more on “what is the Noom Diet Plan”, please leave a message below and I will respond.

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