The 12 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Fitness in 2021

Best Fitness Subscription Boxes

What a great way to keep motivated for your exercise program than getting the newest fitness gear and apparel delivered to your door. This list of the best monthly subscription boxes for fitness is bound to have one just for you. Whether your exercise involves the gym, running, eating right, biking, yoga, or even mountain climbing, it’s here.

Subscription boxes give you the newest supplements, clothing, and accessories, usually even before they are released on the market. Be the first to get the newest cool stuff. Most companies allow you to delay or cancel your box delivery subscription at any time. The right fitness box will help keep you going all year long.

What is a Subscription Box?

A fitness subscription box is a package full of fitness-related products from a certain distributor delivered to the consumer, usually monthly. The said products are selected according to a theme like, for example, if the distributor is focused on bodybuilding, then the products packaged are for building muscle mass that includes supplements or tools.

The distributors can be from different aspects of fitness. You will be the one to choose, depending on your exercise goals. Subscriptions can also be done in different periods: monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

Considerations for Buying a Subscription Box

Here are some important factors to consider when buying a subscription box:


Getting a subscription box with new stuff monthly is exciting. However, as time goes by, you will realize that you might not need some of the stuff inside the box, and it can pile up and become clutter. To avoid this, you can opt for a customizable subscription box or one with a clear outline of its content from the get-go.


Aside from achieving convenience, one purpose of availing of a fitness subscription box is to save money. You can easily know if you are saving money on your subscription box by taking into account the box’s individual content and its cost of shipping.

Subscription Options

Different companies offer their own unique subscription. However, most of the time, the longer your subscription period, the more savings and freebies you will get.

Cancellation Policy

There is no guarantee that you will like the boxes you receive, so make sure to read your subscription’s cancellation policy before committing to it.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Fitness

Now that you have learned a thing or two about the best fitness subscription boxes, here are the following websites that offer some of the best fitness subscription boxes recently. The list is diverse, meaning there are fitness subscription boxes that cater to yoga practitioners, runners, bodybuilders, or in general fitness.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Fitness - Gainz Box contents

Gainz Box

If you are into CrossFit, a movement that implores a high-intensity form of strength and conditioning exercises, then subscribing to GainzBox might be a great idea. The monthly fitness subscription contains about 4 to 6 products that can possibly enhance your CrossFit routine.

It will contain supplements, accessories, apparel, food, and even equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands. GainzBox also offers special gift boxes for birthdays or holidays at a higher price point. The regular subscription can cost $32, but if you opt for subscribing in the future months, then you may avail of the discount.


  • Offers exercise equipment
  • Applicable to other fitness disciplines related to CrossFit such as Parkour or even modern dancing
  • Has gifting options


  • Can have too many options to choose from since CrossFit has a wider focus
Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Fitness - Ellie fitness box


Want to have extra motivation? How about looking good while burning those calories? Ellie is more catered to the fashion side of athletics. The monthly subscription includes 3 options for apparel or gear to choose from.

Each month, you may receive a sports bra, a tank top, cycling shorts. If there is some item in the package that you don’t like, you have the option to skip it or have it replaced with another acceptable item. The regular subscription cost is $40, but you can add an additional item with an extra $10.


  • Has flexible replacement policies
  • Offers an option to add more items if necessary, for a cost


  • Focus more on women’s needs
Best Fitness Subscription Boxes - The Barbell Box contents

The Barbell Box

The Barbell Box is one of the fitness companies that cater to almost all lifestyles. This is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men. Whether you are a bodybuilder, an athlete, a yoga-practitioner, or an adventurer, there is the right package for you.

One of the features of their monthly subscription package is the range of customization. There can be nutritional supplements, workout gear, and even motivational materials. Aside from having quality products, a portion of your payment will be used to donate to Canada’s Right to Play movement. 


  • The package can be highly customizable
  • Includes advocacy
  • Caters to many fitness lifestyles


  • It might be too variable due to the customization


This is not related to the “Barbell Box” above, but is aimed strictly for women and brought to you by women. Get new gear, snacks, supplements, fitness accessories, and women’s fitness apparel delivered each month.

Barbella is one of the best subscription boxes for women with between 4 and 6 well know and new to the market products. Bonuses include samples, workout tips, and recipes. Be sure to enter your body size for the correct workout and Crossfit apparel.


  • Skip a month or cancel any time
  • Run by women for women
  • Featured Brands


  • Can customize size but not arrangements
Best Fitness Subscription Boxes - Fabfitfun box contents

Fabfitfun Box

This is not specifically a fitness box except for “fit” being in the name. But it looks like fun, so I’m including it anyway. Most importantly, this subscription box is customized to your preferences, so the sky is the limit on this box. Catagories for thier full size products include beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, home, and tech 

The Fabfitfun team picks out their favorite premium and emerging brands that they feel you would like to try according to your taste. This “lifestyle” company also offers streaming videos including workouts, as well as a social community and savings on other products.


  • Most versatile product selection
  • Quality and full-size products
  • Large selection


  • Seems pricy for a seasonal box
  • Not a monthly box, but 4 times a year
The Best Subscription Box - Fabletics Box contents


Choose what style of athletics you prefer from yoga, run, gym, cycle, or a mix of each. You will receive monthly boxes with the newest products, styles, and patterns. Fabletics offers high-quality workout clothing, athletic gear, and apparel by top designers.

Pay monthly or yearly, and you can also skip a month at any time. Sign up to be a VIP member and get regular sales 40-50% off of the retail price using their online catalog.


  • Stay current with the newest products
  • Collections by Devi Lovato and other celeb partners
  • Discounts on regular orders


  • Not much in gear selection


Do you have an intense passion for running? The products offered by StrideBox might pique your interest. Inside the monthly subscription package are 4 to 6 snacks that focus on running usages such as bite-size crackers, nutrient-filled bars, or electrolyte-utilizing supplements.

In addition to snacks, gears and accessories are being offered like sunglasses, water bottles, and recovery balms. Basic monthly subscriptions can cost $25.


  • Offers products not common in regular sports shops
  • Caters to needs of ultra-marathoners


  • No clear indication about replacement options

Fit Snack

Diet is an integral part of maintaining one’s fitness and Fit Snack offers a variety of snacks that can help you attain optimum nutrition without the fear of gaining weight. Each month, the package constitutes 8 to 12 snacks that are carefully selected by their nutritionists.

All of the products are organic, gluten-free, high-protein, and vegan. The monthly subscription starts at $29, but you may be getting bonus items if you opt to avail a 6-month or 1-year subscription.


  • Offers bonus items if a longer subscription is availed
  • Plenty of snacks included


  • It might not appeal to meat-lovers

MuscleBox and Miss MuscleBox

The products of MuscleBox can pump inspiration for your workout routine. You may try to subscribe monthly and receive items such as fitness snacks or workout equipment. This workout subscription box has a ‘theme’ each month, such as abs workouts only or mixed martial arts.

Since MuscleBox is geared towards men’s needs, there is “Miss MuscleBox” that caters to women. If you want a subscription solely focused on integrating as much protein as you can in your body, then maybe the ‘Protein Box’ is the right choice. The basic monthly subscription starts at $23.

The Miss MuscleBox is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for women that are active.


  • Has themed features for attraction
  • Gender-specific products


  • Protein-based food option is separated from the basic package
The Best Subscription box - Yoga Club box contents

Yoga Club

When it comes to improving your yoga routine, YogaClub can provide a monthly subscription filled with an outfit that aids your movement. The clothes are from quality brands, and the style is according to the customer’s preference.

There are 3 options available for subscription: Mantra, which consists of 1 pair of leggings; Karma, which usually consists of a top and a pair of leggings; and Guru, which consists of 2 tops and a pair of leggings. The subscription boxes can include bras and jackets too. The cost of a subscription starts at $79. 


  • Sizes are according to customer’s preference
  • Products come from quality brands


  • Quite expensive


As the name indicates, this subscription box solely focuses on snacks and ingredients. All of the items are aimed to provide the necessary nutrients in a diet. CleanFitBox not only provides bite-size snacks, but there are also long-lasting products like nut butter and seasonings.

There are also protein bars, energy drinks, and more. The regular option contains more than 9 items, while the ‘SuperSnacker’ option features more than 18 items. Starting a $35-subscription, you can expect to receive all-natural products that are free from artificial preservatives, colorings, and flavors.


  • Safe-to-consume products
  • Plenty of products included
  • Focused on most types of eaters


  • Need experimentation to figure out which food is preferred
The Best Subscription Box - Nomadik box contents

Nomadik Box

If you are an outdoorsman or woman, this is one of the coolest subscription box ideas I’ve seen for you. From hammocks to water bottles, and everything in between. Some of the outdoor equipment you will receive before it even comes on the market.

These products will help to inspire you by giving you products related to each upcoming season, so you can always stay ahead. Contents are guaranteed to have a retail value of at least $20 more than their monthly subscription fee. You can choose how often you would like to receive these based on which program you choose.


  • Largest subscription box selections for outdoors
  • Quality name brands
  • Good subscription box value
  • 1 month, 6 month, or annual programs


  • Concentrate solely on outdoors

The Best Subscription Box Wrap Up

These fitness and workout subscription boxes are the perfect thing to keep your exercise program fresh and to add motivation. There are special monthly boxes for every activity that you can ever think of.

In this review, we focus on fitness subscription boxes that include choices for active apparel, outdoor equipment, supplements, and yoga accessories. We even included some of the best monthly clothing subscription boxes for men and women.

Keep in mind that most of the boxes reviewed here can be customized to your body size and interests. Another benefit to this system is that the value of these box items is almost always more than the retail price of the items they contain. Lastly, most of these boxes can be canceled at any time.

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