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There seems to an unlimited amount of online exercise programs available making it impossible to find the right one. workouts, routines, and weight loss plans have the largest selection of exercise videos and instructional training for a low price.

This established website is the authority in the fitness supplement field but also specializes in how to put these supplements into real-life fitness programs.  We will discuss the BodyFit benefits and explain what it’s all about. All Access Overview is a top U.S. online retailer of dietary supplements, sports supplements, as well as bodybuilding supplements for over 20 years.

This company has been a forerunner in developing successful proprietary sports nutrition products and accessories being developed and sold under its name.

It’s also known for its daily editorial content and live stream competitions.  Bodybuilding. com workouts through online access are now putting a large number of resources into its online body fit training programs. Review

This is my best, unbiased BodyFit review of the exercise program features for this workout plan.  This point of view is from someone that has been in the fitness industry for many years, so I should have a good grasp by now on what works and what doesn’t.


The Body Fit Plan

This is the best online solution to getting fit and losing weight while being trained by experts in the business.  These experts have performed literally thousands of Bodybuilding com videos and training programs to choose from.  The Body Fit Plan Reviews all of the key fitness angles that you need for success.

Bodybuilding com workouts program can be used for your home gym or at the commercial gym.  The workout routines include exercise tracking, nutrition planning, expert-led workout videos, supplement guides, workout tips, how-to videos, and much more.

This exercise database is overhauled and updated on a regular basis to give you new instructions, bodybuilding workout videos, and features.  This will help you to find the right exercise plans to meet your individual goals to make them as effective as possible.

Here are the two top online workout programs that you can choose from at All Access.  Either of these can be purchased monthly or yearly.



Bodyfit Elite Plan or All Access

  • 2,500 + workouts
  • 3,500 + how-to exercise videos
  • 90 + premium workout plans for muscle gain, weight loss, performance, and general fitness
  • Access to the fitness tracking phone App
  • 5% Discount on all supplements
  • Free shipping on orders
  • Exclusive video workout programs
  • Videos for fitness nutrition and how to rebuild after injury
  • Rest timer, exercise swapping, and workout customization

$12.99 per month – cancel anytime

Save $5.50 per month by getting the yearly membership for $89.88 Workouts - body fit prices

Bodyfit Plus Plan

  • 2,500 + workouts
  • 3,500 + how-to exercise videos
  • Detailed exercise instructions
  • Step-by-step workout tips from coaches and athletes
  • In-depth video exercise demonstrations
  • Reps, sets, and how-to photos to guide you

$3.99 per month – cancel anytime


Click Here for 7 day All Access Trial


How Does Fitness Plan Work

Pick a workout plan for the physical goal that you have in mind.  Then it will tell you the duration and physical level such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Take a look at the program overview to see more about the exercise outline and the schedule.  Each program will also contain a section on nutrition and supplementation.  This is an important guide for the most successful fitness program.

Then you can delve right into the plan you chose with a series of training videos and a step by step exercise instructions.  With these bodybuilding training videos, you can switch out of your program to start another one at any time.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments about this or any other workout bodybuilding plan, please leave a message at the bottom and I will respond.


See My Best 5 Day Bodybuilding Workout Routine Weekly Workout Plans

There are tons of weekly bodybuilding plans, ways to get the best muscle tone, and weight loss plans.  They include bodybuilding workouts for men and women.

Most of the programs are between 4 weeks and 12 weeks.  There isn’t any specific order to start in when beginning these weekly workout plans.  Simply look up the category that correlates with your physical goals and pick the one that looks the most interesting.


Fitness Articles For Beginners And Pros BodyFit also comes with thousands of workout articles written by professionals in the fitness industry.  This is an entire database about different exercises, nutrition, and featured articles.

A couple of features including how to use resistance bands, dumbells, and kettlebells.  Find out the best way to workout back, arms, shoulders, chest, and legs.


The Best Bodybuilding App Workouts And Reviews - Bodyspace phone appThis is called the BodySpace app and is free with your subscription.  It’s considered your “BodyFit Fitness Training Coach”.

The App comes with customer reviews and ratings of 4.8 out of 5.  Here are a few of the reasons to download this app.

  • Programs for every goal such as increased muscle mass and weight loss
  • Clear video instruction tutorials
  • The “fitness teacher” will record the number of reps, sets and difficulty levels
  • Body Fit meal plan reviews and nutritional information
  • Supplement information such as which ingredients to use All Access Videos

Here are some examples of the many video plans that they offer.

Muscle Building Plans

  • Shortcut to size
  • Best bodybuilding workouts
  • Modern physique
  • FST-7 training
  • Project mass
  • Living large

Weight Loss Plans

  • Shortcut to shred
  • LiveFit
  • FYR program
  • Lean Body
  • 12 Week Hardbody
  • 4 weeks to shred

Get Fit Plans

  • 7 day 6 pack
  • Total body dumbbell fix
  • Double kettlebell workouts
  • Transformation workouts Workouts - body fit all plans


Body Fit Elite Positives

  • More videos and training than anywhere else
  • Specialed bodybuilding workout programs
  • Training app
  • Step by step instructions
  • Low price
  • No contract

Body Fit Elite Negatives

  • This much information can be overwhelming
  • Must depend on yourself to stay motivated



7 Day Free Trial Period

This is a great concept to get an idea of this outstanding program before investing in it.  Get your workouts free.  I highly recommend giving this freebie a try to make a more informed decision.

The 7 day trial will give you the body fit training Elite or the “All Access plan”.  They do require your credit card information to get started, so be sure to cancel if, after the trail, you are not interested in the program.

Another advantage of this workout program is that you can cancel anytime. Workouts – Conclusion

This is one of the best workout subscriptions than I’ve seen based on the number of videos, detailed information, and program options.  Body fit weekly workout plans have it all. workout programs include muscle growth, toning, weight loss, performance, and overall fitness.

There is an outstanding amount of fitness training and bodybuilding workout videos.  It is also less expensive than many other fitness workout plans.  Some exercise phone apps alone cost more than this entire program.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments on plans with the best bodybuilding workouts, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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 BodyFit All Access


Quality training video's


Specialized exercise programs


Training phone app





  • 2500+exercise programs
  • 3500+instructional videos
  • Premium workout programs
  • 5% off supplements/free shipping
  • Track exercise with app


  • Requires some motivation on your part

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