What Is Gaiam Yoga? – Everything You Need To Know!

After researching this topic for a week or more, I still have trouble spelling the word Gaiam and my fingers keep typing “Giam” Yoga. Setting this handicap aside, I’ve been able to put together a detailed explanation on “what is Gaiam Yoga”.

We will discuss everything you need to know about Gaiam Yoga including its background, a full evaluation of the Gaiam website, the comprehensive yoga app, and comparisons with one of its key competitors.

What Is Gaiam Yoga?

Gaiam Yoga offers a variety of supplies and materials anything yoga. They have all the necessities and yoga products for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

I think that you will find Gaiam products covering a wide range of not only everything yoga but some nice, all-around fitness equipment and products as well. Gaiam has amazing and detailed selections to offer that you won’t find anywhere else. Gaiam Yoga is much, much more than just yoga mats.
Their selection of yoga accessory options should be able to meet any of your personalized yoga preferences. The products they offer, help enhance amateur to advanced yoga activities, before, during, and after your practices. 

Gaiam Yoga Background

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The word Gaiam comes from the Greek word Gaia, which is the name of Goddess of Mother Earth in ancient Greek, and the English words I am.

Therefore, the word Gaiam simply translates to I am the Earth. This encapsulates the beauty of the connection of all things here on Earth. 
Their mission is to use their expertise and position as a forerunner in lifestyle brands to make fitness, wellness, and yoga accessible to everyone. 

Benefits of Yoga

I’m an occasional Sunday yoga participant myself, so I personally know the effects that yoga can have on the mind and body.

This practice of yoga benefits are proven, and almost every good fitness website and magazine will vouch for this.

In case you are not aware, here are just a few of the many benefits that can be received by engaging in yoga.

  • Improves strength and balance
  • Help with functional movements
  • Increases flexibility
  • Relieve pains in the back and neck
  • Improves stress management and overall mood
  • Provides long-lasting health benefits, especially for the heart

Gaiam Products

On their official Gaiam.com website, their products are efficiently categorized. There are six tabs on their home page, each with subcategories organizing every product, respectively.

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The six main categories are as follows:

1. Yoga

Under this tab, features their different yoga mats and their classifications.

There are premium yoga mats, classic mats, reversible, printed, performance, eco-friendly, solid color travel, and mat wash. These are all classified in the Gaiam Yoga Mats subcategory.

Yoga Gear is a subcategory in this tab. Towels, Gaiam yoga blocks and straps, accessories, hypo-microbial gear, blankets and bolsters, and bags are found here. 

Under the Fitness subcategory, you will find Gaiam resistance bands, free weights, stability balls and domes, fitness mats, recovery, kits, cardio, other resistance training exercise equipment, and free weights

The next subcategory is Yoga Apparel. This subsection contains Gaiam yoga clothes ideal and essential for doing yoga activities. Under this category, you can find Gaiam yoga socks, tops, bottoms, accessories, gloves, hats, and malas.

The last subcategory is the Collections section. Here is where you can find their performance line collection, men’s yoga collection, kids’ yoga and fitness, home gym essentials, and pilates.

Other sections of the “yoga” tab include:

  • Yoga Mat Finder, which helps you find the mat that suits your preferences
  • Yoga Kits containing a collection of yoga materials for specific purposes
  • Storage Solutions, for keeping your yoga materials organized and stored in your homes, such as racks for yoga weights
  • Value Packs such as 10 pack deals on mats, pads, and other accessories
What Is Gaiam Yoga -Gaiam yoga accessories

2. Active Balance

The next tab that you can see on the homepage beside the Yoga tab is the Active Balance tab. There are six subsections to this tab.

The first subsection is Active Sitting. This contains the Gaiam balance ball chair, stools, balance discs, and kids’ items. Next is Active Standing. You will find balance boards, standing mats, and stools in this subsection. 

The next subsection is Balance Balls. As the name suggests, here is where you will find those yoga balls. These include stability ball kits, replacement balls, fitness, and kids yoga.

In the Collections subsection, you will find office essentials, flexible seating options, posture support, and kidnasium.

The last subsection is Resources. Here you will find further subsections with exciting topics. These topics are Why Sitting Should Scare You, Benefits of Standing on a Balance Board, Balance Ball FAQs, and Instructional Guides.

An Accessories button in this tab and clicking on it will take you to the Active Balance accessories page. You will find extra materials you may want to purchase to enhance your active balance yoga exercises.

3. Apparel

As the label suggests, here you will find clothing designed to make yoga exercises easier.

Under this tab are seven subsections. Tops are the first subsection. Here you can find tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, bra tops, and jacket and wraps.

The Bottoms subsection is where you can find a wide variety of pants, leggings, and capris.

In the Accessories subsection, you will see the selections of malas and jewelry, socks and gloves, hats, headbands, water bottles, and bags.

The last subsection is the Collections. Here you will find The Opal Collection, The Aria Collection, Basics, and Lounge Wear options.

You will also find the New Arrivals for apparels that have just arrived in stock, Size Chart, to help you buy the clothing that fits you and Clearance.

What is Gaiam Yoga - Gaiam yoga recovery accessories

4. Recover

As the name suggests, this category has everything you need after performing yoga and when you are recuperating.

The first subsection in this category is Recovery Tools. Here is where you will find foam rollers, massage, hand and foot care, neck and back care, kits. The second subsection is the Trouble Zone. Selections in this subsection are Shoulders and Back, Hands and Arms, Legs and Feet, and Total Body.

The Collections subsection in this tab includes Gaiam Restore, Gaiam Relax, Hot and Cold Therapy, Self-Guided Products, and Petwell.

The last subsection is the Resources. Selections here are Recovery Workouts, Recovery Guides, and Which Foam Roller is Right For You?

5. Meditation

What is Gaiam Yoga - Gaiam yoga meditation seating

This tab is where the yoga materials for meditation can be found. The first subsection is the Meditation Seating. Selections include cushions, bolsters, and chairs. 

The Accessories subsection in this tab has Blankets, Eye Pillows, Oils and Diffusers, Meditation Space, Malas, and Chair Cushion Covers. 

The Collections tab includes the Relax Line, Meditation Basics, the Gaiam yoga beginners kit, and other selections. The last subsection is Resources, with Instructional Guides, Meditation for Beginners, and Learn More About Meditation.

6. Sale

The last tab in the Gaiam Yoga website pertains to the item that they have on sale. This is my favorite section.

Clicking this tab will take you to the page wherein various yoga materials are sold at lesser prices. Check this tab out often since stocks will run out fast once they go on sale.

Currently, there are deals on yoga mats, balance boards, a Gaiam ball chair, hand weights, and the Gaiam yoga block.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Finder

Don’t forget about the most complete yoga mat finder page. Choose which mat is best for you by size, thickness, material, stickiness, eco-friendliness, and price.

After that, you can also pick your, style, color, pattern, texture, and print. Gaiam carries one of the largest yoga mat collections around, and for a reasonable price. 

What is Gaiam Yoga - Gaiam yoga phone app

Gaiam Yoga Studio App

Here’s another helpful way to get the most out of your yoga practice. This yoga app contains the Gaim yoga videos for all levels. The videos are in HD format, and the commentary from the instructor is clear and easy to follow.

With this app and the products that you can buy from their shop, there is less need for you to go to a yoga studio since you will be able to do the yoga exercises without leaving your home. 
This Yoga Studio has more than 75 prepared classes including numerous Gaiam yoga workouts, power yoga videos, satya yoga, vinyasa yoga, and others.
Their user interface is pleasing and user-friendly. Because of this, you won’t have trouble navigating its features. Furthermore, you also can make your own customized yoga classes. 

Gaiam Yoga Reviews

To complete this breakdown of Gaiam Yoga, it only makes sense to search through some customer reviews. Most reviews are about particular Gaiam product and not for this company as a whole. On these, I discovered 1000’s of great ones with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The review below is just one example of what people have to say about Gaiam yoga mats. When I’m able to try these products out for myself, I will be writing my own Gaiam Yoga review.

What is Gaiam Yoga - Gaiam Yoga reviews

Gaiam Yoga VS YogaClub

What is YogaClub? This is another dominant shop that sells yoga materials. Much like Gaiam Yoga, their plethora of yoga materials is vast, varied, and of excellent quality.

What’s good about YogaClub is that they offer customizations and personalization to their apparel and materials, making it fit you perfectly. On the other hand, Gaiam Yoga makes up for their more considerable amount of selections, ensuring that there is an item for your body type, preference, and personality.

Furthermore, they have features that help you locate which product is best for you. This is pretty convenient, especially if you are new to yoga.

While both offer many yoga items of excellent quality, the Gaiam Yoga club makes it easier for you to choose which products suit you best because of their many well-organized categories.

The Gaiam Website categories further subdivide all of their products into numerous subsections, making it more convenient to find what you are looking for.

What is Gaiam Yoga - Gaiam yoga mat sundial

What Is Gaiam Yoga –

Final Words

The Official Gaiam.com website and Gaiam yoga store is a one-stop yoga shop for everything you can think of when it comes to all of your yoga practice needs.

This includes numerous categories on anything yoga, apparel, accessories, yoga workout equipment, and even live yoga classes on the app. Gaiam delves even further into yoga disciplines with items for meditation, balance, and recovery.

Gaiam provides unlimited yoga practice ideas and options. Don’t forget to check out the sales, value packs, wholesale items, and membership rewards.

Everything comes with their Gaiam Yoga satisfaction guarantee in case you would need to return or exchange anything from their store.

If you know of a better place to find all of your yoga needs, please leave me a message below so I can review these as well.

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