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What’s the Best Protein Powder for Men – The Manly Review

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Being a man that has used popular protein powders for most of my life, I thought it made sense to write about what’s the best protein powder for men.  This is a great topic since anyone who exercises or goes to the gym will receive some great benefits from taking protein powder.

Consuming the proper amount of protein after exercise is the key to optimum muscle growth, muscle recovery, and even toning and weight loss.

Protein powders are also called Post Workout Supplements, and there are literally thousands of them on the market.  This can make it difficult to figure out which one is best for you.

As men, we do have some different protein requirements which we sill discuss.  If you have a significant other, you will be interested in checking out my post on What’s the Best Protein Powder for Women.

I’m going to rate some of the top protein powders by considering some important factors.  These include the price point, the amount of protein per serving, the key ingredients and if it has any negative attributes.  I’ll briefly discuss how protein powders work for muscle recovery, which should help clarify which one works the best.

Men vs Women

men vs womenMen and women’s bodies in general, process proteins almost the same except for a few differences.  Men tend to metabolize nutrients at a faster rate than women.

This means that pound for pound, men need to take a larger quantity of proteins to get the same effects.  Therefore, we will need to consume a lot more quality food as well as essential proteins.

Women will tend to gain weight more quickly from calories in protein powders.  Therefore, it works out best for them to go with protein powders that have fewer calories and sugars per serving.

Us on the other hand, will be looking for a powder that contains more grams of protein per serving.  Of course, another factor is that women usually have a smaller frame and lighter body weight.  This alone will make a large difference in consumption.

Probably the biggest factor is that men generally want to build up more muscle and gain more mass, while most women prefer to have better muscle tone from exercise.  Women don’t usually want to “Bulk Up” as men do.  This is why we need a protein powder that contains more Amino Acids and calories.

What To Look For In The Best Protein Powderprotein powder ingredients

As I mentioned, men need to have a protein powder with more Amino Acids.  Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein, and all proteins are made up of these.  You can recognize them on ingredient labels listed by scientific names like Citrulline, Arginine and Beta Alanine.

Men should be looking for a product that has at least 20 grams of protein per serving if you are wanting to put on more muscle mass.

If it has less protein, you will just need to take a larger quantity of servings.  For example, most of the new, increasingly popular Hemp Based Protein Powders tend to have only 10 to 15 grams of protein per serving.

The amount of calories in a post workout for men doesn’t matter as much, since you will be burning between 300 and 1000 calories during your workouts.  Calories are also important for gaining muscle mass and strength.

It is proven that when performing high intensity exercise such as lifting weights, your body continues to burn calories for up to 24 hours after you finish.

organic-pre-workoutMy most health conscious friends always buy the Organic Protein Powders.  These are free of any pesticides, fertilizers or any artificial ingredients.  Organic supplements are quickly becoming the norm in nutritional supplements.


Let me know what you are looking for when purchasing your protein powder.  Please let me know in the comment box at the bottom of this post.

How Much Post Workout Protein To Take

protein-powderThis is a difficult question that ignites a lot of debate.  Some say that your body can only process up to 40 grams of protein post workout, while other studies show that you can take as much as you want and none will go to waste.

It is difficult to decide on this, but I recommend sticking with an amount that your stomach is comfortable with and not overdoing it.

Most protein powders contain around 20-25 grams per serving.  Manufactures are basing this on an average size man performing an average workout.  I’m bigger than average and push myself harder, so I usually take around two servings.

There has been a rule of thumb in the fitness industry if you are attempting to gain muscle mass and strength.  This is 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight.  I’m 200lbs, therefore 200 grams per day.  This calculation seems simple, but it’s not always an easy option, since you would need to know how much protein is in everything that you eat throughout the day.protein-powder

I’m not patient enough to run these numbers in my personal diet, but I have had good luck throughout the years taking 1 to 2 servings or 20-40 grams after my workouts.

Protein Powder for Weight Loss

protein powder and weight lossThere still is no “Magic Bullet” for weight loss except eating healthy, consuming less calories, and being physically active.  However, taking protein powder can be a great strategy for weight loss.

Protein powder for weight loss works by a combination of making you feel fuller with fewer calories, along with your body continuing to burn calories for hours after an exercise session is over.

Protein happens to be the most filling nutrient that you can eat, along with being low in calories and extremely good for your body.  After consuming your post workout protein drink, there will also be much less of a chance of ruining your hard earned workout results by snacking.

Exercise is one of the only proven weight loss strategies.  Exercise along with a filling, low calorie protein supplement will maximize your results if you are looking to lean up.

If you have had positive results with using protein powder for weight loss, please let me know in the comment box at the bottom of this post.

How Does Protein Powder Work For Muscle Gain arm muscles

The Amino Acids in protein powder is where your muscle gains begin.  As I had mentioned earlier, Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.

When your body breaks down the proteins for energy and for tissue repair they are left with Organic Amino Acids.  The amount of Amino Acids that will be synthesized from protein depends on your body’s needs at that time.

The need for Amino Acids are trigger by exercise.  They are distributed throughout the bloodstream to whichever part of your body needs it the most.  This includes muscle tissue, the liver, stomach and even the brain.

The remaining proteins are converted to glucose and burned as energy, or are converted to glycogen or fat storage.

Exercise causes your muscle tissue to be more receptive to nutrients, resulting in a more efficient uptake.  Through many chemical processes, the Amino Acids take optimal form for use in your muscle tissue.  This is the important “window of opportunity” that will result in better muscle growth and recovery.

After the workout is when your body is ready for the peak absorption of these proteins.  This timing is between 1 to 3 hours after exercise.  After this, it will take several hours to get the Aminos into your muscles.

The reason that our muscles require protein afterward is that this, more than ever is the best time to start muscle repair.  During intense exercise, muscle tissue is broken down.  This tissue breakdown is what enables the muscles to grow back stronger and bigger.

Keep in mind that drinking a protein supplement is never as healthy as eating a well balanced meal that contains plenty of protein.  Unfortunately, many of us do not always have time for this.

What is the Best Protein Powder for Men


Product:   MusclePharm Combat Protein Powdermusclepharm protein powder
Price Range:      $$  (.76 per serving)
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on MusclePharm Combat Protein Here
Container size:  54 servings (4 pounds)
Grams of Protein:  25 Grams
Guarantee:   30-day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:    4.4 out of 5
MusclePharm at
Pros:   Whey Isolate powders contain less Lactose and fat.  25 grams of protein per serving!  Has both fast releasing proteins and Casein for slow release.
Cons:  If you are Lactose intolerant, this still contains three kinds of Whey.


Product:   BSN Syntha 6-Whey Protein Powdersyntha-6
Price Range:      $$  (.79 per serving)
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on Syntha-6 Protein Here
Container size:  48 servings (5 pounds)
Grams of Protein:  22 Grams
Guarantee:   30-day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.5 out of 5
BSN at
Pros:   Whey Isolate powders contain less Lactose and fat.  Micellar Casein for slow release.  10 grams of carbs for energy.  6 tasty flavors.
Cons:   More calories than average, but that makes it even better to gain muscle mass.


Product:   Gold Standard 100% Wheygold standard whey
Price Range:      $$  (.81 per serving)
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on Gold Standard Protein Here
Container size:  71 servings (5 pounds)
Grams of Protein:  24 Grams
Guarantee:   30-day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.4 out of 5
ON at
Pros:   100% Whey plus BCAA’s.  Low carbs and sugar.  4 grams of Glutamine(builds muscle)
Cons:   More calories than average, but this is good for muscle mass.  Contains Lactose in case you are Lactose Intolerant.


Product:   Muscle Milk Protein PowderMuscle Milk Protein Powder
Price Range:      $$$  (1.50 per serving)
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on Muscle Milk Protein Here
Container size:  32 servings (5 pounds)
Grams of Protein:  32 Grams
Guarantee:   30-day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.3 out of 5
Muscle Milk at
Pros:   The highest amount of protein per serving at 32 grams.  High carbs and low sugar.  Comes in 9 great sounding flavors.
Cons:   Cost a little more, but highest amount of protein in category.


The Manly Conclusion

crossfit-pre-workoutMen and women have different needs in a post workout protein powder.  As men, we should be more concerned with the quantity of protein per serving more than the amount of calories.  Because of our need to become stronger and to bulk up, we will need as many essential Amino Acids in proteins as we can get.

Men tend to have more intense workouts, therefore tearing down the muscle tissue.  Protein is what rebuilds and regenerates muscle to grow them faster as well as bigger.

Without a post workout Protein Powder Supplement, your muscles won’t have the ingredients that they need to repair and rebuild to be stronger for your next workout.  That is why post workout time is critical for achieving maximum muscle growth.running-pre-workout

Protein powders are recommended for anyone with an active lifestyle, especially if you are into high intensity exercise.  High intensity includes weight lifting and cross-fit, as well as some kinds of Cardio and Running.

Post workout protein is mandatory for complete muscle nutrition to provide more strength and endurance on your next exercise session.  Keep in mind that protein powder works great as part of a weight loss program.  Most of us are always looking to lean up.

Also, remember to take the proper amount of protein powder according to your weight, and how much muscle mass you are striving to gain.

If you have any questions about protein powders or on my recommendations, please leave a comment below and I will respond.

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