Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar – Perfect For Your Home Gym

The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar is an excellent way to get a full back workout without leaving the house.  A good pull up bar is an important addition to any home gym exercise program.

Doorway pull-up bars are inexpensive, convenient, and easy to set up.  Pull-ups are considered one of “the major” back exercises for both athletes and amateurs and are known for being the primary way to get a bigger, stronger back.


Pull Up Benefits

The back is one of the most important muscle groups in the body and is the second largest to our legs.

It’s extremely important to have a strong back since its strength must be greater than the front of body strength to prevent injury from muscle imbalance.

As far as back exercises go, the pull-up exercise is the most beneficial movement that you can do.  It also looks awesome to have a “jacked back”.

This simple exercise activates every muscle in the back along with the shoulders, arms, and even the chest.

The pull-up muscles worked in the back include the traps, deltoids, lats, glutes, as well as every small muscle in between.

Benefits of Pull-Ups

  • Most efficient movement for muscle gains
  • Gives you that athletic “V” shape
  • Improves functional strength and ability
  • Strengthens back, arms, hands, shoulders, and chest
  • Improves posture
  • It’s an easy way to monitor fitness progress
  • Builds muscle endurance and burns calories


How To Use the 3 Grip Positions and More

The Perfect Fitness Doorway Pull Up Bar for the doorway comes with 3 different positions that you can use.  Each one works your back a little differently, allowing you to perform three separate exercises or variations.

It is recommended to vary all three of these positions for a more well rounded back workout.

When using this pull up bar on the ground, there are several more exercises that you can do.  These multipurpose exercises include dips, push-ups, and working the abdominal muscles.

Close Grip Pull-Ups

These are done with the innermost pull-up bar grip.  They focus more on building the inner lats, lower traps, biceps, and even the pectorals.

The hand can be facing out or towards you.  Either way, the close grips tend to use your arm bicep muscle the most.  Because of this, some may find that close grip is the most difficult.

Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar - man using perfect fitness wide grip pull upThis is done using the most outer grip of a pull-up bar.   Although these are great for your entire back, the wider that you put the hands, the more you are isolating the outer lats.

That is why wide grips are known to build your back wider.  The wider the grip, the more challenging this exercise becomes.

Keep in mind that going too wide can lead to injury.  Don’t do it if it hurts.

Hammer Pull-Ups

These are the handles that protrude outwards from the pull-up bar.  Start by facing your palms towards each other.  This exercise engages the biceps and more of the upper-middle back.

Hammer pull-ups are sometimes referred to as “neutral grip pull-ups”.  They are a great variation and some find this position to be the easiest.


Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar - Pull up bar dipsPut the pullup bar on the ground so the rounded part is up.  Then back up to it in a sitting position and put your butt down between the two hammer grips.

This will enable you to do dips by moving your body up and down using your arms.

Dips are an excellent movement to focus on your triceps and shoulders.  It also works the chest to a certain extent.


Of course, you can do a push up on the ground without a piece of equipment.  However, when doing them holding on to a pull-up bar, it allows a deeper movement.

You will find that being able to go deeper into a push-up will make it more challenging and harder to do as many.  This challenge means more muscle growth and a larger chest.

Leg Raises and Sit-Ups

Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar - pull up bar for sit upsLock the pull-up bar in at the bottom up the door casing so it is secure.  Put your feet under it to be able to do pushups.  Turn around and put your hands under it to do leg raises.

Both of these exercises are critical for getting a strong core and abdominals.


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Pull Up Exercise Variations and Methods

Besides different hand positions a good pull-up bar for a doorway can be used to hit the back muscles differently, there are also a few different strategies to use for your back workouts.

Assisted Pull-Up

If you are a beginner and can’t do any pull-ups at first, grab a chair to stand on.  Slowly lift do a pull-up by helping with your legs just enough to get you up there.  It’s basically an assist, and this will quickly get you doing pull-ups with your arms alone.

Already doing pull-ups on your own?  Used your leg assistance with the last few reps to help you complete your movements.

Negative Pull Up

This is also a great one that provides results for beginners on up.  Either pull your self up or jump up to the top position and count to 10 as you slowly lower yourself down.

It’s called a negative rep, and not only creates more strength but is also a great way to increase the number of pull-ups that you can do.

Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar - man doing pullupsWeighted Pull Up

For this, you must be able to perform several pull-ups without assistance.   You can use a weighted vest or they sell special weight belts that you can attach plates to.

If these aren’t available, I will simply hold a dumbbell between my thigh muscles and bring my feet up to help keep it in place.

Weighted pull-ups will build much more strength and bring more muscle growth than a regular pull up.

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Kipping Pull-Ups

This move is something that you will most likely see in a Crossfit workout.  It’s basically a “cheat” movement in which you will do an upward bucking thrust with your lower body to be able to complete more pullups or get in the last few difficult ones.

It’s also called a “hip snap pull-up”, and this is an effective way to get in more reps and bring you to muscle exhaustion quicker.

Dead Hang Pull Up

Dead hang is nothing special, but it is an exercise term.  Just like it implies, it begins from a still staring position with a full extension of your arms and then does a regular pull up.

This “non-cheat” pull up is the most difficult because of the proper form which uses all of the upper body strength with proper form.

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Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar Review


What Is The Best Pull Up Bar For The Doorway - Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar


This is one of the highest rated pull-up bars for a doorway.  It’s not only solid but is an inexpensive piece of home gym workout equipment.

It easily attaches to any standard doorway that has a frame width between 27″ and 33″ while it can fit doorways up to 6″.  This makes it one of the more truly adjustable home pullup bars.

Perfect Fitness pull up bar has an innovative pad system.  The flat anchors hold this bar much more stable than many of the pull-up bars in its class.

The padded handles offer three sets of grip positions for close grip, hammer grip, or wide grip pull-ups.

It’s made of stong hollow steel tubing that can support up to 300lbs.  Because of this, you can step it up a notch by doing weighted pullups to make your exercise routine more challenging.

Perfect Fitness doorway pull-up bar does not anchor to the wall and won’t harm your paint or wood trim.  It can be a part of a total “portable gym” system that you can even take on vacation (maybe not on planes).

Perfect Fitness Positives

  • Fits up to 35″ wide doors
  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • Patented secure fit frame guard with padded handles
  • Adjustable frame design to fit types of doors
  • 3 grip options: wide grip, close, or hammer grip pullups
  • Multi use for pushups, situps, and dips

Potential Negatives

  • If you have short arms, the widest grip position may be too wide
  • Over time, grips could mark up door casing

To find out “what is the best pull up bar”,

see my review on the Best Pull Up Bar For The Doorway

Purchase the Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar at


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Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar Reviews

Customers are really enjoying this all-in-one pull up bar, and taking full advantage of home many exercise options that can be done with it.  The Walmart website has over 160 reviews that average out to a 4.3 out of 5 ratings.

Click on this Perfect Fitness pull-up bar review below to see others like it.

Perfect fitness multi gym pulll up bar Product review - Walmart


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Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar - Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar

Maximiza Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Here is a little different pull-up bar design that can offer other ways and types of strength and toning exercises.

This piece of home gym exercise equipment can be used for the pull-ups and chin-ups, but also for dips, situps, and crunches.  In other words, you can hit more bodyparts with it.

What makes this attachment work differently, is that it can be used at different heights and places along the doorjamb.

Set this bar high for upper body exercises and low to do lower body and core exercises.  It has larger, more cushioned foam grips to minimize hand fatigue.

The Garren Fitness Maximiza doorway pull-up bar is heavy duty and comes with 3 sets of door mounts that you screw into at your preferred heights.  It adjusts for the widest door frames, including handicap accessible doorways.

Maximiza Pull Up Bar Benefits

  • Fits doorways between 26″ and 39″ wide
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Set workout bar at various heights for different exercises
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Larger more cushioned hand grips
  • Bar needs no assembly

Possible Negatives

  • Door mounts must be attached
  • Costs more than the Perfect Fitness pull-up bar
Purchase the Maximiza Pull Up Bar at



Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar – Conclusion

Having a home gym pull up bar for the doorway is the most convenient way to improve upper body strength and grow back muscles larger.

The Perfect Fitness brand is a top-rated, heavy-duty pull-up bar ideal for home workouts.  It’s inexpensive, made with non-marking pads, and easily comes on and off the doorway.

3 different sets of handle positions make it versatile enough to work back muscles effectively.  It can be taken off of the doorway to be used for pushups, sit-ups, and dips.

Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar is a must for your home gym set up to give you a well rounded workout routine.

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