The 8 Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Review for 2021-Conditioning/Strength/CrossFit

Whether you are into beginner or advanced athletics, one of the most important things is having a dependable source to purchase the best exercise equipment. Since I’ve had such great luck with this company, I’ve put together this best Rogue Fitness Equipment review.

Rogue is one of those brands that has always stood out to me as cutting edge, but also their quality, usability, and price.

I’ll be introducing some of my personal Rogue Fitness favorites based on several qualities important to those of us that want the best. This includes my personal purchases as well as hands-on experience from friends that are trainers and gym owners.

Rogue Fitness Company Overview

I’ve been working out since age 14, which means that I’ve seen many brands of quality exercise equipment come and go. In recent years, I feel that Rogue Fitness produces some of the best home gym ideas, selections, and product versatility.

The “Rogue” concept started out in a garage in 2016 and quickly grew from there. Now with 600 plus employees, this company manufactures tons of heavy-duty steel fitness products and exercise accessories.

Rogue manufactures and creates exercise equipment covering every aspect you can think of in the fitness arena. From CrossFit and gymnastics to fitness gear, strength building machines, and all types of conditioning equipment.

Rogue Fitness is proud to be “Made in the USA” and is now known for its quality Rogue Fitness Home Gym Equipment, but also popular in commercial gym settings. This name comes with an excellent product warranty and customer service.

Best Rogue Equipment – Overview

In case you are in a hurry to see the best Rogue Gym Equipment, here are some quick links. I will explain more about each one later in my Rogue Fitness reviews.

Image Name Price Buy
What To Buy For The Home Gym - Rogue barbell and plate sets Olympic Bar and Plate Sets $ CURRENT PRICE
Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas - Rogue monster rack Monster Squat Stands and Power Racks $$ CURRENT PRICE
What Is A Plyo Box - Rogue foam plyo boxes Rogue Foam Plyo Box Set $ CURRENT PRICE
Rogue CrossFit Package Warrior CrossFit Package $$$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue echo bike Rogue Echo Bike $$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue Hex Dumbbells Rogue Hex Dumbbells $ CURRENT PRICE
The 3 Best Weight Benches For The Home Gym in 2020 - Rogue westside bench 2.0 Rogue Westside Bench 2.0 $$ CURRENT PRICE
Best Weight Training Equipment for the Home - Rogue powder coat kettlebell Rogue Cast Iron Kettlebells $ CURRENT PRICE

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews

Here are my reviews of the best Rogue Fitness Equipment of 2021 to help you choose the right ones for your needs. These recommendations are not in any particular order since what to buy for the home gym depends upon your personal fitness goals.

#1. Rogue Olympic Bar and Plate Sets

What To Buy For The Home Gym - Rogue barbell and plate sets
Just One of the Many Combination Sets
Alpha Bar and Bumper Set 320Lbs
Set Includes: Olympic bar, spring collars, and 8 bumper plates

Of course, you can purchase your Rogue barbell and plates in separate pieces, but why not save money on your home gym equipment and on shipping as well. The barbell set pictured above is called the “Alpha Bar and Bumper Plate Set” and weighs in at 320Lbs, but there are several other options with different selections of weight plates.

The set comes with a pair of Olympic Spring Collars and the heavy-duty steel, textured Olympic bar included is called the “Rogue Ohio Bar”. Their Rogue HG Bumper Plates are made for durability, a dead bounce when dropped, and a thin rubber high performance coating.

Check out Rogue’s bumper plate Storage Tree, Cart, and Rack options.

#2 Rogue Monster Squat Racks and Power Cages

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas - Rogue monster rack
Accepts Any Monster Light Attachments
Weight Capacity: 1000Lbs+
Accessories Included: J-Cups, and pull up bar(except for SML-2)

The squat rack pictured above is just one of the many Rogue power cages’ to choose from. However, many of you will only need the simple “Rogue Squat Stand” for your garage or basement gym. These squat racks come with a squat rack pull up bar to get in your back workouts.

All Rogue Fitness Squat Racks and Cages are extremely heavy-duty, made out of 11 gauge steel, thick columns, and a weight capacity of 1000Lbs+. The coolest part about Rogue exercise equipment is they accept any of the Rogue Monster Lite Accessories. These are dozens of new attachments available to step up your workout routine.

My favorite option for a compact home gym is the Rogue Folding Squat Rack.

#3. Rogue Foam Plyo Boxes

What Is A Plyo Box - Rogue foam plyo boxes
Plyo Box Sizes: 6″, 12″, 20″, 24″ – More combinations by stacking
Base Dimensions: 28″x28″

These foam plyo boxes are just one of the Rogue Fitness options available for plyometric exercises. This plyo box set is my favorite is because of its stability, safety, and versatility. However, if you have an exercise room or small home gym, these can take up too much space. in this case, you would be better off with the Rogue stackable steel plyo boxes.

This foam plyo box set comes in 6″, 12″, 20″, and 24 inches. Another bonus to this plyo set is that they can be set on end to get even more height combinations. They are wrapped in durable black vinyl and come with handles for moving around. These stable plyo boxes can be purchased separately, or save money by choosing as a set.

See more information and options on my “what is a plyo box” post and review.

#4. Rogue CrossFit Packages

Best Weight Training Equipment for the Home - Rogue Warrior Crossfit package
Number of Pieces in Set: 32
Rogue Crossfit Package Options: 8 different sets available or customized sets

This “Warrior Crossfit Package” contains the best CrossFit equipment package deals. If this one doesn’t suit your Crossfit workouts at home, there are several other Rogue Crossfit sets to choose from. Of course, any of these items can be purchased individually, and without the package discount.

Because of the versatility of the Warrior package, it is preferred by many Crossfit coaches and instructors. This contains a solid Crossfit equipment list, totaling 32 pieces in all. I feel that the only thing missing to be an entire gym is an adjustable bench and a folding squat rack.

Rogue equipment packages are well thought out, and Rogue is the official equipment provider of the grueling, Reebok CrossFit Games.  You can even contact Rogue directly to discuss customized CrossFit garage gym packages.

I’ve been asked if there is a Rogue Fitness military discount for these packages, and unfortunately, they don’t at this time. However, you can still get Rogue Fitness Free shipping on certain items.

For more inspiration, check out my Best Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas for 2020.

#5. Rogue Echo Bike

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue echo bike
Resistance Levels: Increases automatically with speed
Console Modes: Speed, distance, calories, heart rate, target, intervals, and customizable

Echo is their signature Rogue air bike is the most durable one on the market. If you’ have ever performed a fan bike workout, you are in for a treat. This is an intense full-body workout, and one of the best ways to get into premium shape quickly.

There is no need to adjust difficulty levels as the Rogue Echo fan bike increases resistance automatically the faster that you push yourself. Its crystal clear digital display tracks speed, distance, calories burned, and even heart rate. The monitor comes with a range of target modes that can be customized according to your fitness goals. The Rogue Echo Bike is incredibly stable and has a weight capacity of 350Lbs.

#6. Rogue Dumbbell Sets

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue Hex Dumbbells
Weight Sizes: 2.5Lbs – 125Lbs
Purchasing Options: Sold in pairs or discounted as a set

Rogue Hex Dumbbells are a durable, heavy-duty design while also for the budget-conscious. Pricing for these dumbbells comes out to under $3.00 per pound. The Rogue Fitness Dumbbells are encased in rubber to make them safer, quieter, and more durable. The chrome-plated handle won’t rust and the hex shape of the heads make them more convenient for stacking in case there are no dumbbell racks available.

The Rogue Dumbbells are solid as pairs, and the individual sizes range from 2.5Lbs to 125Lbs! Dumbbell workouts promote strength, muscle mass, stability and balance, rehab specific exercises, and they are the most versatile type of weight lifting equipment.

For a huge space and money saving idea, check out the Rogue Kettle Gryp. It’s a brilliant attachment that turns any Rogue dumbbell size into a functioning kettlebell.

#7. Rogue Westside Bench 2.0

The 3 Best Weight Benches For The Home Gym in 2020 - Rogue westside bench 2.0
Weight Capacity: 1000Lb+
Accessories Include: J-Cups, adjustable spotter arms and pins

This is a commercial-grade, heavy-duty weight bench but comes with a home gym price. Its 1000Lb+ weight capacity is designed with 11 gauge, 2″x3″ steel columns, and a 7 gauge steel-reinforced spine on the underside.

The Westside 2.0 workout bench comes with infinity J-cups, a 24″ spotter pin safety set. The uprights have 1″ on center hole spacing to allow more specific adjustments for your body frame. The adjustable bench pad height can also be moved up and down. This customer pad offers maximum back support and comes with a choice of the 12″ wide standard pad or the “Thompson Fat Pad”.

#8. Rogue Kettlebells

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue Kettlebell E-coat
Kettlebell Weight Increments 12 sizes ranging from 9Lbs to 88Lbs
Other Rogue Kettlebell Options E-coat, powder coat, epoxy, rubber coated

Rogue Kettlebells are made from premium materials and formed as a single piece of cast iron. The iron is corrosion resistant and possesses a high tensile strength. Finishes include the basic black E-coat finish or the classic powder coat finish. They come in 12 different weight increments from 9Lbs to 88Lbs.

These durable kettlebells are strong enough to be approved by the US Army combat fitness test. There are several different styles of kettlebell available. For each style, the handles are ergonomically designed and shaped with a “no-wobble” base. Other Rogue Kettlebell styles include epoxy finishes, rubber-coated, and color coated competition sets,

Rogue Fitness Warranty

Rogue products are known for quality, and provide one of the best warranties in the industry as well as excellent customer service.

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue Warranty

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews –

Wrap Up

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - me hanging from Rogue equipment
Me – Hanging Around Rogue Equipment

In this review, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the full Rogue Fitness collection. I had to narrow this Rogue review to just a few of my favorites.

In addition to rigs and racks, they manufacture gear and accessories down to mobility and recovery tools. This includes most of the equipment that you would need for any commercial or home gym setup.
I’ve had the opportunity to experience much of this Rogue workout equipment firsthand. Rogue products rank high in quality, durability, functionality, and warranty.
If you have any further questions or comment about the best rogue exercise equipment, don’t hesitate to leave a message below and I will respond.

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