The 10 Best Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit in 2021

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CrossFit is incredibly challenging and popular, while the equipment used by Crossfitters gets more abuse than in any other workout program. That is why I’ve put together this 10 Best Rogue Fitness Equipment for CrossFit in 2021.

Rogue Fitness equipment is some of the most durable and tough in the business. Their selections are also very functional and Rogue seems to make everything that you would ever need for this sport. This Rogue Fitness review is only scratching the surface as far as equipment used for CrossFit, so I’ll be sticking to some of the most pivotal and important selections.

Overview of the Best Rogue Fitness CrossFit Equipment Review

In case you are in a hurry, I’ve provided links to each of the Rogue Fitness products below. We will be going into more detail for each one later in this review.

Rogue Alpha CrossFit Package - Rogue Warrior Crossfit PackageRogue Warrior CrossFit Package$$$$CURRENT PRICE
What To Buy For The Home Gym - Rogue barbell and plate setsRogue Alpha Bar and Bumper Set$$CURRENT PRICE
How To Build A Squat Rack - Rogue fold back wall mount rackRogue Folding Squat Rack$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Workout Machines for the Home - Rogue echo bikeRogue Echo Bike$$$CURRENT PRICE
What Is A Plyo Box - Rogue foam plyo boxesRogue Foam Plyo Boxes$CURRENT PRICE
Best Weight Training Equipment for the Home - Rogue powder coat kettlebellRogue Kettlebells$CURRENT PRICE
Rogue Crossfit Alpha Package Review - Rogue medicine ballsRogue Medicine Balls$CURRENT PRICE
Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit - Black Concept 2 RowerBlack Concept 2 Rower$$CURRENT PRICE
Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit - Rogue Pull Up BarRogue P-5V Garage Pull-Up System$CURRENT PRICE
Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit - Rogue Echo Resistance BandsRogue Echo Resistance Bands$CURRENT PRICE

The Best Rogue Fitness Equipment for CrossFit in 2021

Here are my reviews of the best Rogue Fitness Equipment for CrossFit for 2021 to help you choose the ones that are right for your CrossFit workouts. Besides the all-in-one Rogue CrossFit Package, I have drawn the line to under $1000.00 as I think if you are spending more than that, it may not be worth the cost. You can also find Rogue Fitness coupons, daily shipping deals, and promotions for you to check out.

Best CrossFit Package

#1. Rogue Fitness Warrior CrossFit Package

Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit  - Rogue Warrior Crossfit package

Rogue Warrior Package Specifications:

Number of Crossfit items in set:17
Package options:Choose between D-ball weights, medicine balls, and bars

This Rogue CrossFit package is an entire gym in one and practically all you need for every CrossFit workout. It’s one of the only CrossFit packages that even include a heavy-duty rower, the Concept 2 Rower. The Warrior CrossFit set also comes with the Rogue Fitness Barbell and Bumper Plate Set. This includes the Olympic Ohio bar that comes with a lifetime warranty, and bumper plates: 2-10lb, 2-25lb, 2-35lb, and 4-45lb totaling 320lbs.

The rest of the Warrior CrossFit equipment is pictured above. The only thing that I would need in addition to this set would be a pull-up bar unless your squat rack comes with one. You may need a package with a different combination of CrossFit equipment than this one. If so, Rogue offers several other CrossFit package combinations.

Best Olympic Bar and Plate Set for CrossFit

#2. Rogue Alpha Bar and Bumper Set

What To Buy For The Home Gym - Rogue barbell and plate sets
Just One of the Many Combination Sets

Rogue Alpha Barbell Set Specifications:

Amount of weight included:320Lbs
Set includes:Olympic bar, spring collars, and 8 bumper plates

Here’s another good way to save money on CrossFit equipment as well as on shipping. The Rogue Olympic Bar and Plate set pictured is called the “Alpha Bar and Bumper Plate Set”. However, this just one of the many combinations available on the Rogue Fitness website. Of course, you can simply order each item separately.

All Rogue Fitness Barbell sets come with their lifetime warranty, heavy-duty Olympic Ohio Bar. The amount of weight in this particular bumper set is 320lbs. Rogue bumper plates are made for durability with their high-performance coating, and also made to give a “dead bounce” when dropped. And don’t forget about stainless steel spring collars that are included.

For convenient weight plate storage, check out Rogue’s bumper plate Storage Tree, Cart, and Rack options.

Best Squat Rack for CrossFit

#3. Rogue Folding Squat Rack

Rogue Folding Squat Rack Review - Rogue fold back wall mount rack

Rogue Squat Rack Specifications:

Weight Capacity:1000Lbs+
Dimensions:25″ x 56″ x 90″ (Folded 5″ x 49″ x 90″)

The Rogue Folding Squat Rack has the same weight capacity as the regular Rogue Fitness squat racks at 1000Lb+. However, this tough rack is even better for small home gyms. The added bonus is that you can fold it into the wall and out of the way to open up the middle of your room for other CrossFit exercises.

This Rogue Foldable Squat Rack has sturdy upright columns made of 11 gauge steel. One of my favorite parts is the adjustable pull-up bar on the top. This bar can easily be detached to swing the foldable arms into the wall, where it will only be 5″ deep. Like the Rogue Power Racks, this Rogue Fold Back Squat Rack will also accept Rogue “Monster Light” accessories and attachments.

Best Air Bike for CrossFit

#4. Rogue Echo Bike

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue echo bike

Rogue Echo Bike Specifications:

Resistance Levels:Increases automatically with speed
Console Modes:Speed, distance, calories, heart rate, target, intervals, and customizable

Made by Rogue Fitness, it’s the most durable air bike machine on the market with a weight capacity of 350lbs. For the workout of your life, Rogue Echo Bike won’t disappoint. It will give an incredible workout whether you are an athlete or a beginner. Put this in your CrossFit WOD to keep your heart pumping.

Keep your arms and legs pumping at the same time or they can be workout separately. Pedal movements are effective in pedaling forward or backward. The harder and faster you go, the resistance levels are automatically increased, no changing gears necessary. The Rogue Air Bike display tracks speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and customized target modes.

Best Plyo Boxes for CrossFit

#5. Rogue Foam Plyo Boxes

What Is A Plyo Box - Rogue foam plyo boxes

Rogue Plyo Box Specifications:

Plyo Box sizes:6″, 12″, 20″, 24″ – Plus more combinations when stacking
Number of boxes in set:4 pieces

Rogue makes durable and stable foam plyo boxes to incorporate plyometric exercises into your CrossFit routine. Foam boxes are safer, lighter, and more versatile. However, they can take up a good bit of room in a small exercise room. For a more compact space, I recommend the Rogue Stackable Steel Plyo Boxes.

This 4 pieces plyo box set comes in 4 standard heights but is capable of even more increments depending on the order it’s stacked in. The foam is wrapped in durable vinyl with sturdy handles to move around. These Rogue Fitness Plyo Boxes can be purchased separately, however, save money on shipping by getting them as a set.

Best Kettlebells for CrossFit

#6. Rogue Kettlebells

Best Rogue Fitness Equipment Reviews - Rogue Kettlebell E-coat

Rogue Kettlebell Specifications:

Kettlebell Increments:12 weight sizes ranging from 9Lbs to 88Lbs
Rogue Kettlebell Options:E-coat, powder coat, epoxy, rubber coated

What sets Rogue Kettlebells apart from most is that these premium materials and formed as a single piece of cast iron. This is extremely important with the abuse that equipment can take during CrossFit rounds. These kettlebells are made of high tensile strength and are corrosion resistant.

Their kettlebells come in 12 different weight increments that range from 9lbs – 88lbs. In addition, the handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and on the bottom is a “no-wobble” base. Other Rogue Kettlebell finishes are powder coat, epoxy, rubber, as well as colored kettlebell sets.

Best Medicine Balls for CrossFit

#7. Rogue Medicine Balls

Rogue Crossfit Alpha Package Review - Rogue medicine balls

Rogue Medicine Ball Specifications:

Sizes Available:2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,25,30
Medicine Ball diameter:All sizes are 14″

Rogue Medicine Balls are made for abuse with high-quality materials and thoroughly tested. They come in 11 different weights from 4lb to 30lb. At the same time, they are all made to be the same size with a 14″ diameter.

The fill is very important for quality medicine balls, and these Rogue balls will keep their shape through repeated uses. The shell is heavy-duty and scuff-resistant and held together with double-stitched nylon. All Rogue Fitness medicine balls come with a 2 year warranty as they can withstand both indoor and outdoor use.

Best Rower for CrossFit

#8. Black Concept 2 Rowerg Rower 

Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit - Black Concept 2 Rower

Concept 2 Rower Specifications:

Resistance levels:1 through 10
LCD monitor tracking:Distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and watts

This is the only piece of equipment not manufactured by Rogue. However, it is an excellent CrossFit machine, and Rogue offers it at list price. You also get Rogue’s customer service and prompt shipping. For CrossFit routines, you will need a heavy-duty rower that can handle hard work, and Concept 2 has a strong track record for this. The Black Concept 2 Row has an advanced, high-performance motor with 10 levels of resistance.

Both the flywheel and the monorail are both made for smooth and quiet movement. The clean LCD monitor tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, watts, and Bluetooth to connect with wireless heart monitors. If you have a small garage gym or home gym, Concept 2 can break down into two parts or simply roll it out of the way. Rogue even makes a space-saving wall hanger for this rower.

Best Pull-Up Bar for Crossfit

#9. Rogue P-5V Garage Pull-Up System

Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit - Rogue Pull Up Bar

Rogue Garage Gym Pull Up Bar Specifications:

Weight capacity:500lbs+
Bar width:52″

This system can be used as a wall mount pull-up bar or a ceiling mount pull-up bar. Either way, this is a heavy-duty and well-braced pull-up system that Rogue guarantees against failure at a weight limit of over 500lbs. The 11 gauge steel is more than enough to support any type of CrossFit activity even when wearing a weighted vest.

Unless you have a squat rack with a pull-up bar, this is one of the best CrossFit garage gym ideas as well as being a critical piece of exercise equipment. The bar is 52″, long enough for even the widest pull-up exercises. For CrossFit classes, this is the best pull-up bar for multiple CrossFitters or pull-up competitions, because several brackets can be used with one long bar.

Best Resistance Bands for CrossFit


Rogue Fitness Equipment for Crossfit - Rogue Echo Resistance Bands

Rogue Resistance Bands Specifications:

Levels of resistance:15lbs to 200lbs
Number bands:8 sizes

Exercise bands must have two important attributes when it comes to CrossFit and that’s strength and durability. Rogue Fitness resistance bands are good in both departments and at an inexpensive price. These workout bands come in 8 different resistances depending on which color you are using. Because band workouts are so low-impact, this is also the best home fitness equipment for seniors.

This Rogue exercise resistance band set starts with 15lbs of resistance and then goes up 7 more increments. The strongest resistance band is 200lbs! This is more than most people will ever need but comes in handy when doing assisted pull-ups. It’s actually surprising how many different exercises these bands can be used for. The Rogue Echo bands are each 41″ long and can be ordered individually or as a set.

The Best Rogue Fitness Equipment for CrossFit Conclusion

Whether you have just an exercise room in your home, a garage gym space, or a basement home gym, I feel this is the best CrossFit equipment you need for a home gym.

Many of these selections work well for saving space that allows for more room for your workouts. The squat rack folds to within 5″ of the wall, the CrossFit rowing machine and exercise bike can just roll out of the way, the pull-up bar stays up in the air, and exercise bands take up little to no space.

Rogue is an easy choice for me because of their huge CrossFit selections, made in the USA in their Ohio factory. But that’s not all, Rogue products are incredibly durable, making them excellent for CrossFit. Their equipment comes with a strong warranty, and the prices are in line with other quality CrossFit equipment stores.

*If you have any questions or comments about these best equipment for CrossFit, please leave them in the comment box below.

I’ve had been asked if there is a Rogue Fitness coupon or Rogue Fitness military discount. Unfortunately, they don’t at this time. However, they do have daily shipping deals which may help if you click the link below.

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