The 10 Best Workout Equipment for the Home in 2021

Since our place of residence may just be the most practical place to exercise,, I’m going to review the 10 best workout equipment for the home in 2021.

Being able to do a full-body workout doesn’t have to take up a lot of space or cost a lot of money. Just be sure to purchase the most important and key exercise machines along with some of these accessories.

Before spending any money, assess what your future exercise goals will be to give you a better idea of the best equipment for your needs.

Best Home Gym Equipment for the Home Overview

In case you would like to get right to the “best of” products, below are quick links for the home exercise equipment that I will be reviewing. Further down in the article, we will be explaining more about the benefits of each one.

Best At Home Gym Equipment - TRX home2 systemTRX Training Suspension System$$CURRENT PRICE
Best At Home Gym Equipment - Harbinger Multi-Gym ProHarbinger Multi-Gym Pro$CURRENT PRICE
FitnBest Workout Equipment for the Homee - Fitness gear iron dumbbellFitness Gear Iron Dumbbells$$CURRENT PRICE
Best At Home Gym Equipment - Bowflex adjustable dumbbellsBowflex Adjustable Dumbbells$CURRENT PRICE
What To Buy For The Home Gym - Rogue barbell and plate setsRogue Barbell and Plate Sets$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Weight Benches For The Home Gym in 2020 - Bowflex stowable benchBowflex Stowable Bench$$CURRENT PRICE
Squat Racks for the Home Gym - squat rack with weightsRogue Monster Lite Squat Rack$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Treadmills for a Home - Nautilus T616 TreadmillNautilus T616 Treadmill$$$CURRENT PRICE
Best Workout Equipment for the Home - NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio CycleNordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike$$$CURRENT PRICE
Small Home Gym Ideas - Bowflex xtreme 2 SE HomeBowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym$$$CURRENT PRICE

The 10 Best Workout Equipment for the Home

Here are my reviews of the best exercise equipment for the home for 2020 to help you choose the right ones for your needs. Several of these items are under $100. As far as the exercise machines, I have drawn the line at $1200 as I think if you are spending more than that, it may not really be worth the extra cost.

#1. TRX Training Suspension System

Best At Home Gym Equipment - TRX home2 system

TRX Specifications

Instructions:TRX app and TRX training guide
Accessories:Suspension anchor/door anchor

The reason that the TRX Home System is first on the list is that you can get a full body workout with only a $200 investment. With this light and compact exercise equipment, all that is needed is a place to hang the unit. The best bodyweight workout can still build muscle as well as keep you fit.

It’s hard to believe that this simple strap system can be so effective. To get even more out of this TRX system, there is a full training guide with it to help give the best workout routines, including beginner to advanced moves. Along with straps, this kit also includes a door anchor, padded handles, and foot cradles. Keep in mind that if your goal is to gain muscle mass, this may not be the best system for you.

#2. Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

Best At Home Gym Equipment - Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

Harbinger Specifications

Weight limit:300lbs
Pull-up positions:4

Second on this list is a compact and inexpensive way to get one of the best home back workouts. This Harbinger pull up bar provides four different grip options: narrow, wide, hammer grip, and extra-wide. 

The Harbinger Pull Up Bar fits doorways up to 33″ and is strong enough to support up to 300lbs. The advantage of this high weight limit is so you can further strengthen your back by adding extra weight to your routine with a weighted vest.

This design places an extra-wide pull-up grip on the door frame giving it a wider option than many other pull-up bars. The Harbinger Pull Up Bar for the doorway can also be used for other home workout exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and dips.

See my review for other top rated pull up bars for the doorway.

#3. Fitness Gear Cast Hex Dumbbells

Fitness Gear Hex Dumbbell Review - Fitness gear iron dumbbell

Fitness Gear Specifications

Weight range:5lbs to 60lbs
Weight increments:Every 5lbs

This type of dumbbell may be considered to be the most “neanderthal” type of dumbbell workout. However, these clanking dumbbells are inexpensive and they last forever. If you are just starting out stocking your home gym or exercise room, simply pick up a few of the most important sizes in the beginning.

Fitness Gear Dumbbells come in weight sizes 5lbs to 60lbs with every 5lb increments in between. This type of exercise equipment for the home can enable you to get full-body workouts using only these. There is a protective enamel clear coat to prevent rusting, and these heavy-duty dumbells also come with a one year warranty.

For reviews on other quality dumbbell sets, see my best dumbbell sets for a home gym.

#4. Bowflex SelectTech 552

Best At Home Gym Equipment - Bowflex adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex Dumbbell Specifications

Weight range:2.5lbs-52.5lbs
Weight increments:Every 2.5lbs

When considering a compact home gym, these spacing saving dumbbells are genius. They can take the place of up to a 15 pair dumbbell set. Simply spin a dial and you will go from a 2.5lb pair to 52.5lbs. They can be selected for every 2.5lb increment in between.

Bowflex is a well known name that stands behind their product with a two-year warranty. This Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set is made with a protective plate coating to give you a smoother and quieter workout. They come with a dumbbell stand holder and a free phone app.

#5. Rogue Barbell and Plate Sets

What To Buy For The Home Gym - Rogue barbell and plate sets

Rogue Specifications

Full set:Plates, Olympic bar, collars
Bumper plate sizes:10, 25, 35, and 45lbs

If you are interested in the weight training equipment for the home, this just one of the many barbell set combinations available. Purchasing plates in groups like this will save you money as opposed to buying in single pieces. The plates in these Rogue barbell sets provide long-lasting heavy-duty, thick bumper plates in a variety of sizes.

The Rogue Olympic bars are of commercial quality and guaranteed never to bend or break. Lastly, the sets come with a pair of stainless spring collars. Rogue is professional-grade, so it is recommended especially for basement or garage gyms.

#6. Bowflex Stowable Bench

Best Weight Benches For The Home Gym in 2020 - Bowflex stowable bench

Bowflex Specifications

Weight Capacity:600LB
Positions:6 including decline

If you decide to add a dumbbell or barbell set, your next step would be to invest in a workout bench. The best weight benches for a home gym will be adjustable and a folding weight bench. The Bowflex Stowable bench is made with a commercial quality all-steel design that is made to last.

The 6 adjustable bench angles are important for hitting your muscle groups at every angle. This Bowflex folding bench has a 600lb+ weight capacity and a 15-year warranty on its frame. When you are ready to store, simply roll this bench out of the way. When storing upright, the footprint size is reduced by 50%.

To learn more, see my Bowflex Stowable Bench Review.

#7. Rogue Monster Lite Squat Rack

Squat Racks for the Home Gym - squat rack with weights

Rogue Specifications

Weight Limit:1000+Lbss
Accessories Included:Pull-up bar, J-cups

This is called their Monster Lite squat rack because of its efficient and compact frame. However, it is as strong as the Rogue heavy duty versions with 3×3″ 11 gauge steel columns. This squat and power rack can hold up to 1000+lbs of weight.

My favorite part about this rack is that it will accept any of the Rogue Monster Lite Accessories. Accessories enable you to have a more versatile workout because they can add many other exercises to your workout routine. Rogue includes an option of which type of built-in pull-up bar you choose. These kind of pull up bars are extremely stable and a must-have in a home gym squat rack.

For a home gym space-saving option, check out foldable squat racks, they will fold almost flush to your gym walls.

#8. Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Best Treadmills for a Home - Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Nautilus Specifications

Top Speed:12 MPH

Nautilus is a big name in the best home gym equipment, and this one is equipped with all the options that you will need for staying in peak shape. This versatile treadmill comes with 26 different programs that use up to a 15% incline. Custom exercise routines range from fat burning to HIIT Training.

It comes with a state of the art running cushioning system, a cool blue LCD display to view all your data including heart rate, 3-speed fans, speakers, Bluetooth, and a phone app. Nautilus Treadmill stands behind its name with a 10-year frame and motor warranty.

For other treadmill options, see my 6 Best Treadmills for a Home In 2020.

#9. NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike

Best Exercise Bike for the Home - NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

NordicTrack Specifications

Resistance Levels:22
Training Programs:Unlimited

This is one of the highest-ranking, live interactive training bikes, but still under the $1500 price limit that I placed on this review. The unlimited classes and workouts digitally adjust your inclines, declines, and resistances. This system keeps it interesting with biking anywhere around the globe on your 14″ HD touchscreen.

Program up to 4 user profiles, and enjoy the convenience of cooling fans, speakers, and blue tooth. The NordicTrack exercise bike can also be used manually with its 22 levels of “one-touch” digital resistance modes. This commercial-grade steel bike is fully adjustable and comes with a full warranty.

For more options, see my 5 Best Exercise Bikes for the Home in 2020.

#10. Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

Small Home Gym Ideas - Bowflex xtreme 2 SE Home

Bowflex Specifications

Resistance amount:210lbs, upgradable to 410lbs
Number of exercises:Over 70

The Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym is made with smooth and durable power rod resistance technology for a time-proven and efficient workout. Upgradeable to 410lbs, this power machine can be used to build muscle mass. However, most customers are just fine with the standard 210lbs of resistance that brings solid muscle tone.

This home gym workout machine combines with a cable system to provide over 70 different exercises and variations. There are other Bowflex accessories available to further add to the workout capabilities. Bowflex power rods come with a lifetime warranty.

For the next step up in home gym machine technology, check out the Bowflex Revolution.


Best Workout Equipment for the Home

This best home gym equipment review only touches on the many home gym ideas out there while new ones are springing up every day.

But the fact is that with an exercise room or basement gym, there is no need to start out with a huge budget and a bunch of fitness equipment that you won’t get the most benefit from. First, think about your future fitness goals, next, your fitness room layout, and go from there.

If your goal is gaining muscle, move right into a squat rack, barbell set, and workout bench. For muscle tone, start out with a resistance band set and a running treadmill.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on what you think is the best exercise equipment for a home gym. Please leave a message below.

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