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Product:   Orgain Organic Protein Powder
Price Range:      $$$
Where to Purchase:  Best Price at Amazon for Orgain Organic Click Here
Container size:  18 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:  4.5 out of 5
Orgain at
Pros:  Organic, natural, and plant based product.  Taste great.  High end ingredients.  0 grams of sugar.  Low calories and high protein.
Cons:  Not as sweet as some would like.  Priced on the higher end of protein powders.


Orgain Organic Protein Powder – Product Overview

USDA-organicI’ve been looking forward for a chance to try Orgain Organic Protein Powder, so I figured this would be the perfect time to do so.  It was about that time to write another review post, and I had been looking forward to trying this powder for a while now.

I was so enthused that I purchased both the regular Orgain Organic and the Orgain Organic with Greens. I went overboard and even bought the 12 packs of the individually package drinks in both the regular Orgain Organic and the Orgain Organic Vegan selection.  But that’s ok, its not like I won’t drink them.

This couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been searching for a protein powder that was a little healthier.  I wanted to get away from the artificial sugars like Sucralose, the artificial colors and flavors of a traditional post workout powder.  And an added bonus is the absence of chemicals, fertilizers and preservatives.orgain-ingredients

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to try hundreds of different protein powders dating back to when they tasted like sawdust.  They have come a long way, as now days most of them taste great.  Even the healthier ones like Orgain Organic, without the artificial ingredients come with some great reviews.

Being an “Organic” non-believer and skeptical of everything Plant Based in my past life, I’m ready to give in to the Organic madness.  On my website I have sampled “All Natural Pre Workouts“, “Organic Pre Workouts“, and Vegan Plant Based Pre Workouts.  None of these healthier alternatives have yet to kill me, and they are just as good as the less healthy options.

plant-based-pre-workoutThat being said, I’m actually looking forward to trying my first Organic post workout supplement.  Maybe I’m starting to grow up and make healthier decisions these days (pat on the back).  Soon, I will even be checking out Plant Based Protein Powders which for the most part are Organic.

Besides the review segment next, I will also point you in the direction of the cheapest and best link to get Orgain Organic Protein Powder.  I’ll also give you a little background on what it takes to be an Organic product, and what to look for in a protein powder.  I’ll even list the “pros” and “cons” of Orgain to help you make a decision whether or not this protein powder it right for you.

It time for me to put my shaker to work and get shaking with all of my new protein powders, so on “with the show”.

The Orgain Organic Review and Tasting

Taste is a very important part to me when it comes to supplements.  I hate a too sweet or too strong tasting artificial sweetener taste, or when the flavor is sickeningly over exaggerated into an awful, stinging booberry or a burning, desert tasting strawberry shortcake flavor.

To keep it simple, the flavor that I purchased was simply a “creamy chocolate fudge”.  Orgain protein powder also comes in 4 other flavors.  One is called “natural unsweetened” flavor.  Not so sure about trying that one.

orgain-greensOn my first run with my new protein powder, the shake was thick and foamy with no powder clumping.  The directions are 2 scoops of powder with 12 ounces of water or almond milk in a shaker of blender.  I always choose to use unsweetened almond milk to make my protein shakes.

My taste opinion…  Nice and chocolaty without it being artificially chocolaty flavored.  And not too sweet.  The Organic post workout category is generally not overly sweet, because there are no artificial sugars or flavorings.  Some regular post workout powders try to over compensate with fake sugars and flavors, with not so great results.

For this review I’m taking 3 scoops of protein, so I am upping the almond milk to 20 ounces.  The reason being, is that one serving of Orgain has 21 grams of protein and I wanted to get a little more because of my weight and my more intense exercise routine.  Of course, this is not for everyone, I just happened to be pushing myself harder in the gym lately.

The standard Orgain Organic serving size of 2 scoops is only 150 calories.  This is less than a small sandwich.

Later this evening, I was still a little full.  Not that this is a meal replacement shake, but it definitely curbed my hunger for the evening.  I could have eaten dinner, but as a single man I preferred to snack tonight.



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Is There a Down Side to Orgain?

Personally, the only negative that I could find is it’s price.  Unfortunately, eating healthy costs more and always will be, so look at it as an investment in your body.  The strict USDA regulations as well as a higher quality of ingredients make Orgain more expensive to grow and manufacture.  Everything must come from products that are grown without chemicals and fertilizers.

Orgain may be the best $30 dollars that I have ever spent.  However, it only contains 18 servings per container.  The serving size is 2 scoops instead of the 1 scoop like the regular post workouts.  The serving size is larger because plant proteins are not as concentrated as animal proteins.  For such a great Organic protein, it comes out to only $1.50 per each serving. Since you most likely don’t exercise every day, this powder can last some a couple of months.  Sounds worth the investment for your health.

Other Online Reviews

To make my review more in depth,  I read some Orgain Organic Reviews on several websites to know the entire story or see if I had missed anything.  In general most of the reviews that I have read were on the positive side.  People really seem to like it.  This is saying something since Orgain is competing with regular brands that spend a lot of money, time and research to make their’s taste better by using artificial flavors and sugars.

Some of the negatives that I read were user error.  Such as, taking it before the workout (it is a post workout supplement) or taking more than the recommend serving.  As I figured, a couple people out of a thousand didn’t like the taste or it wasn’t sweet enough.  This comes back to the absence of the artificial ingredients. Personally, I don’t care for my protein powders to be super sweet.

One review talked about the awesome “almond butter and banana protein smoothie” that they make out of their Orgain Organic.  I may be trying this one for myself.

If you have your own review, or a product that you really like, I’d be interested in hearing about it.  Please leave your comment in the box at the bottom of this post.orgain-shake


I recommend the Orgain Protein Shake when you don’t have time to shake it yourself.

Later this, I enjoyed this “on the go” alternative protein shake. —————>>

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The Orgain Organic Conclusion

As a long time user of Post Workout Proteins.  I am more satisfied with Orgain Organic than many that I’ve tried.  I’ll go ahead and give my blessing on this protein powder.  Not only is it better that most post workouts, but there are no chemicals, fertilizers and artificial ingredients.

orgain-organic-proteinThe Chocolaty taste and no clump formula were up to par.  Not too sweet, and not an exaggerated “fake” flavor.  Along with the almond milk that I chose to mix it with; it was a great, filling protein powder.

I was also happy with the Orgain Organic and the Orgain Organic protein shake.  These come in 12 packs, are pre mixed and are a great choice for “on the go”.  That’s what protein powders are all about, getting the after workout protein and nutrients needed when dinner is not readily available.

There are no real negatives to Orgain Organic unless you are on a tight budget. There are definitely less expensive proteins on the market, but none of those come close to the purity of the ingredients in Orgain.  Many protein powders advertise natural or plant ingredients when it is just false advertisement.  Make sure it has the USDA Organic seal before you purchase.

If you are interested in Organics for the healthier lifestyle, I have some great reviews on Organic Pre Workouts that will give you the energy and performance that you need during your exercise routine.  Here are the posts… All Natural Organic Pre Workout or Organic Vegan Pre Workout

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If you have any other recommendations for Organic protein powders, or any questions on Orgain, please leave a comment in the box below and I will respond.meditate-pre-workout



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  1. This was super helpful for me, I have never tried Orgain I have been drinking Vega for a while now and I think they are comparable products – or at least from my point of view.
    I will have to give Orgain a try. Thanks for letting us know what you thought on the taste and even mentioning the on the go bottles. Those always seem to be soo much more expensive then I would like to pay for a protein drink though. Because its pre made they make it cost way more.
    Anyway, great post Jim!

    • Thanks for the input Molly!
      I didn’t even think about that price of convenience. Doing the math, looks like it’s about a $1.00 per serving more.
      Haven’t tried Veda yet. I’ll put that on the list.


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