Is Plant Based Protein Powder Good for you? – The “Leafy” Verdict


Since I had an overwhelming response to my All Natural Pre Workout and my Organic Pre Workout Posts, I thought I should do some research for you on Plant Based Post Workout Protein Powders to recharge your body after your exercise.  When I talk about protein powder, this is interchangeable with post workout powder when talking about these supplements.

For many of you, the idea of plant base products may seem unnecessary or like a waste of time.  Big business and agriculture has persuaded us to think that these “green” products are unnecessary, too high priced or just not more beneficial to your diet than standard foods.

There are others like me that have thought plant based products were either a scam, or they were just a “hippie thing”.  Several years ago when I used to see organic home garden boxes, I thought that these people were very bored or had lost their mind.  Come to find out, these people were obviously ahead of their time.  I thought they were brainwashed.  Turns out, it was the other way around.

Now that I’m a little older and hopefully smarter, I am more knowledgeable and more concerned about my health. I have slowly started to realized the benefits of plant based products.

My best local source for my plant based foods happens to be Whole Foods.  If you have a store that offers healthier alternatives, start looking closer at the shelves.  You should notice that there are plant based alternative substitutes for a good amount of the conventional selections.  These healthy supplements mainly come in three categories, “Organic”, “Vegan”, or “All Natural”

protein-powderWith all this talk about healthy plant based products, why not try them for you post workout supplements?.  Most people that consume post workouts are working to be healthier than the average, and take better care of their bodies in general.  Your workout program may be a natural transition moving towards healthier nutritional supplements.

In this post we will discuss, “is plant based protein powder good for you”, but my other goal is to dig deeper into the different kinds of plant based post workouts.  We will talk about each of the Plant Based, Vegan, Organic and All Natural alternatives.  I will also include a brief background on these vegetable-based foods.

The Healthy Background on Plant Based Alternativesplant-based-post-workout

Back in the day, most of our food sources were sprayed with much worse chemicals than today, and planted with toxic fertilizers as was the case with the famous DDT pesticide.  Now many of the worst chemicals are illegal and have been banned for food production.

This movement to grow foods without these contaminants began in the 1960’s, but because of big business and federal funding it received a slow start to popularity.  The movement now is stronger than ever and will continue to grow.  The goal, of course is not only for a healthier food nation, but also for our environment and wildlife for many years to come.

benefits-post-workoutHealthy post workout alternatives strive to use natural sugars and sweeteners as well as using natural colors and flavors.  They also use plant proteins to activate the same chemical processes in you muscles that the more popular and traditional post workouts offer.

It’s pretty crafty how these manufacturers can use something like a beet for example to be used for not only the natural colors, but to supply the Beta Alanine.  This is one of the critical ingredients that increases your strength in most Pre Workout Supplements.

What does a Plant Based Diet Mean?organic-protein-powder

The actual plant based diet is a bit vague with it’s guidelines.  However, Organic and Vegan post workout protein supplements, with their strict manufacturing specifications are made using these plant based products.  Because plant based requirements are not regulated, post workout protein powders and supplements are not usually labeled using the phrase “plant based”.  When purchasing plant based products you will be looking for Organic or Vegan post workout protein.

People that follow a plant based diet will dabble with meats and dairy products.  The “based” is just what it says, that plants are the base of the diet.  So, plant based is much more flexible.  Basically, they are more “cutting back” on animal products and are eating mainly vegetables.  This is unlike a Vegan diet, which does not allow any meat or dairy products.

Since there are no plant based diet rules or restrictions, the produce may or may not be grown without pesticides and fertilizers.   If it says Organic, then it is guaranteed not to have these chemicals in it.

vegan-protein-powderLocal produce is also a good option if you’re eating healthy.  It is a hot spot for organic plant based foods, because they are usually grown with little or no pesticides.  This produce is very much unlike the majority of our farms, since commercially grown food producers are still using government regulated chemicals.



Can I Get Vegan in a Protein Powder?vegan-protein-powder

Unlike a plant based diet, Veganism is a way of life rather than just a diet.  They are taking a stand, and there is more of a cause against animal cruelty and saving the environment.

Vegan, short for Veganism is a diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy product and any animal derived ingredients.  What else is left then?!?!  Believe it or not, there are so many other ingredients out there that almost anything can be a substitute in some way or form.

This brings us the Vegan post workout supplement.  Being in the “nutritional supplement” category, there are a few great alternatives.  To differentiate between some of these terms, all Vegan post workouts are Organic, but not all Organic post workouts are Vegan.

The truly Vegan supplements are the narrowest category of post workouts to choose from.  But yes, your can get Vegan in a protein powder.  They will be easy to find and labeled well, since Vegan is a highly specialized niche with lots of demand..

If you would like to add some plant bases energy to your exercise routine, check out my post for some great Organic and Vegan Pre Workouts Here and you will find that the majority of them are Vegan.

What is an Organic Protein Powder?

organic-post-workoutThis is my favorite category of post workouts for a few reasons.  The availability within this category is the fasted growing, with more reasonably priced Organics appearing all the time.  This and Vegan are also the healthiest category of post workout supplements because of the strict manufacturing guidelines.  This is the only category where the ingredients are truly grown without fertilizers and pesticides.

As we mentioned earlier, not all Organic post workouts are Vegan.  It is also important not to be confused between Organic and All Natural protein powders  This doesn’t mean that All Natural products aren’t a great product, but they don’t have to abide by the same set of strict guidelines as Organic.  Most organics are also non-GMO (genetically modified organism).  If you are concerned about GMO’s, we will have to spare that conversation for another day.

Must have USDA Organic seal

The USDA agency enforces polices with strict guidelines that must be followed if it is to be stamped USDA Organic.  Be sure to look for this stamp of approval.  You may have thought that the USDA was just in charge of meat inspections, mainly because of all of those “USDA approved Top Sirloin” advertisements.  If the post workout doesn’t have the USDA Organic stamp, it is not Organic.

Organic products must be 95% free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or dyes.  They must also be manufactured without using industrial solvents.  These are pretty tight restrictions, and tend to bring up the prices on Organics for that reason.

Although much has been done to regulate chemicals in the farming industry in general, some of the deadly agricultural chemicals and fertilizers of the past still haunt our environment and wildlife decades later.

If you have a favorite Organic post workout supplement, I’d like to know.  Please add a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

What is an All Natural Protein Powder?

natural-post-workoutNext is the All Natural Post Workout Supplement.  This is kind of a hybrid between the popular and more traditional post workout proteins and the Organic post workouts.  They are less expensive than an Organic and many times contains more Protein per serving. The ingredients used to grow All Natural Supplements are not required to be pesticide and fertilizer free, so they are not held to the same strict guidelines,

However, these all natural post workouts are healthier for you than the “traditional post workouts” that have long since been the standard for the industry.  The all naturals, do not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, processed sugars and usually use natural extracted Caffeine.  This can make a difference for your overall health, since we have yet to learn all of the side effects associated with man made additives.

These companies strive for more natural and less processed ingredients all around.  Some are better than others, so try to pay attention to the supplemental facts on the back label.  You will find that there are many brands the “claim” to be natural but are not.  There is much to know on All Natural Protein Supplements, to much to get to in this post.

If you would like to add some all natural energy to your workout, check out my post on the Best All Natural Pre Workout Products Here.

As we discussed, the actual plant based diet is not vegetable only.  The plant part is just the base or the majority of the diet.  It can or will include meat and dairy products.  However, many post workout protein powders that are labeled “plant based” or “Organic” are made from only vegetables.orgain-ingredients

There are many false profits out there in the Organic, Vegan, and All Natural categories.  Many post workout protein manufacturers falsely advertise their brand.  So beware, it costs considerably more money and research to manufacture quality healthy alternatives.  If you are interested in an Organic post workout, remember to check for the USDA Organic seal.

Don’t be fooled when you do an only search for Organic, Vegan or All Natural and everything under the sun comes up.  Please be cautious and be sure to read each description individually.

I don’t strive to eat a plant based diet myself, I’m more like 50/50 meat and vegetables.  That being said, as a consumer I tend to purchase my post workouts from the All Natural category that we discussed.  If you look at the statistics, the majority of the US population doesn’t eat enough vegetables.  This can lead to long term health problems, since then they are then filling up on more unhealthy foods.

I would recommend and encourage us in the fitness community to use more Organic, All Natural and Vegan products as part of our healthy lifestyle. I hope you are now more knowledgeable about these safe and healthy post workout protein powders in order to make a more educated decision on what’s right for you.  You can also click here for more information on Post Workout Proteins Powders.

If you have any question or comments about this post, please leave them in the box below and I will respond shortly.



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