BCAA and Amino Acids – Protein’s Building Blocks


BCAA and Amino Acids are critical to muscle growth and development.  It is very important to get a sufficient amount of these before, during and after exercise.

Amino Acids along with BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are among the most important organic molecules used in your body.

Amino Acids with not only help get through a longer workout and with less fatigue, but these are also necessary nutrients that will build your muscles back larger and stronger to reach new goals the next time you exercise.

BCAA and Amino Acids - logoWe will discuss how BCAA’s and Amino Acids are the basis for anything protein.  We’ll talk about BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which is the name for a specific group within the Amino Acids group.  We will be discussing the two kinds of Amino’s, both essential and non-essential Amino Acids.

The entire realm of benefits that Amino Acids and BCAA’s are more than we can talk about in one article, so we will be focusing on the beneficial aspects that Aminos bring with exercise and muscle recovery.

Benefits of Amino Acids (as well as BCAA’s)

You have probably heard of BCAA and Amino Acids being referred to as “the building blocks of protein”.  This is because they are the base organic compounds that are vital for protein synthesis in the muscles.

Amino Acids are critical for many processes in the body, including healthy nails, hair, skin and organ repair such as in the liver and kidneys.  They are also the best natural way to boost athletic performance.

Tons of research has gone into Amino Acids and how they work for us.  There are no real negative aspects to taking Amino Acids, and it’s not really possible to take too much.  However, it is not good to have too little.

If you are into fitness and exercise, the biggest benefit from Amino Acids is that it increases muscle growth.  When you exercise, this stimulates protein synthesis which needs these Aminos for the muscle building process.  The Amino Acids will enable muscles to be built back stronger than they were before.BCAA and Amino Acids

Amino Acids are also proven to reduce muscle soreness and delay fatigue.  They will also speed up the strength and energy for muscle recovery between exercises.

In other words, you will be able to perform faster between sets in weight lifting, speed up between sprint times in running, and ready for the next round in boxing with renewed performance.  This goes for every sport.

This is why Pre Workout Supplements supply these essential Amino Acids for both increased endurance and strength.  Post Workout Protein Powders are supplying Amino Acids for enhanced muscle recovery.

If you have anything to add about the benefits of Amino Acids or the questions about them, please leave a comment at the bottom and I will respond.

Pre Workout Supplements and Amino Acids

You may be wondering what is in a Pre Workout Supplement.  Besides the Caffeine for energy, pre workouts are packed with Amino Acids which include your BCAA’s.

These proteins are critical for better performance, and really make a difference by making your exercise routine more efficient and giving the ability to push yourself harder.

One of the important Aminos in a pre workout it Nitric Oxide.  The reason this is key is that it works to vascularize your veins and increase the blood flow to your muscles.

This brings increased nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, enabling them to push, pull or lift harder.  The nutrient delivery system also helps muscles to recover quicker between exercises and keep from fatiguing.

Beta Alanine is an Amino Acid in pre workout supplements because it increases exercise capacity by improving athletic performance and helps to build lean muscle mass.

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Intra Workout Amino Acids

When BCAA’s are mentioned, this is usually in conjunction with Intra Workout Supplements.  This comes in a powder form and mixed with water to drink during the course of your exercise routine.

This can be critical to any sport for hydration and muscle recovery, similar to what Gatorade is too long distance runners.

BCAA’s or Branch Chain Amino Acids are a group within Amino Acids that include Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.  These Aminos are called “Essential” because they cannot be produced by your body, but can only be introduced by food or drink.

They have been shown to reduce muscle fatigue, build muscle and reduce muscle soreness.

During exercise, your body is triggered to use these BCAA’s at a higher rate.  Therefore, the muscles need to be recharged with these Aminos and Nutrients throughout the workout to keep the same level of performance.  See more information on my post about Intra Workout Supplements.


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Post Workout Protein Powder With Amino Acids

You may have heard of protein powder supplements because these are the most vital source of Amino Acids for after exercise recovery.

Whether these Aminos come from a well balanced, high protein meal or from a protein supplement, your body requires the maximum amount of Amino Acids for your muscles to rebuild after exercise.

Within 45 minutes to 2 hours after your workout is the peak absorption time for the uptake of Aminos for your muscles to use.  This adds additional Amino Acids to the ones that your body manufactures as well as the “essential” Amino Acids that it can only get from food.

Amino Acids in protein powder is where muscle gains begin.  As I mentioned earlier, Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.  Your need for Amino Acids is trigger by exercise.

Aminos are distributed through the bloodstream to the part of your body that needs it the most, including muscle tissue, liver, stomach and brain.  Exercise causes muscle tissue to be more receptive to these nutrients, and this results in a more efficient uptake.

During the exercise process, muscle tissue is broken down so it can repair itself to be stronger.  This is the basis of where muscle growth comes from.  The Aminos in protein enables you to be able to perform better, harder and faster for the next time you exercise.  This will also build better muscle tone and muscle mass.

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Amino Acid Conclusion

BCAA and Amino AcidsWhether you are into Crossfit, running, cardiovascular or weightlifting, BCAA’s and Amino Acids should be part of your nutritional regiment for success.  They will give you an athletic advantage and make it easier to power through your workout while being more productive.  Aminos will help you go faster, lift harder and perform longer without fatigue.

Amino Acids are essential to any exercise program.  They will give you the best success for achieving performance and reaching your goals.

Some Amino Acids are produced in your body naturally, while “essential” Amino Acids have to come from outside sources such as food or drink.  Either way, it is a good idea to introduce additional Aminos before, during and after any intense exercise.

BCAA and Amino Acids - man drinking pre workoutWe have discussed the advantages of BCAA and Amino Acids in Pre Workout Supplements to give you more strength and recovery throughout your workout.  There were Amino Acids in Intra Workout Supplements to keep you hydrated, recharged and keep from fatiguing during your workout.

You can also benefit from Amino Acids in protein powders post workout for successful muscle recovery and muscle repair to enable them to grow back larger and stronger.

I hope you learned something about what Amino Acids do in your body and benefits for your muscles, as well as how necessary they are to propel and fuel your workout.  If you have any questions about Amino Acids or BCAA’s, please leave a comment below and I will respond.


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