What Is The Total Gym – A Versatile Total Body Home Gym

What is the Total Gym?  The Total Gym is a compact all-in-one home exercise studio.  This single piece of fitness equipment is capable of providing countless numbers of full body exercises.

Optional attachments can be used to offer even more possibilities.  The Total Gym machines are stable, well made, and easy to store.  We will go over the various models available and what makes them a complete home gym.


What Is The Total Gym

Just like the name implies, a “total gym“.  It’s an all-in-one total body workout machine designed with a sliding bench and a cable pulley system.

Total Gym exercise equipment is designed to give you a wide range of exercises and with various resistance levels.

Because of its versatility, this home gym is good for cardio, calorie burn, building muscle tone, strength, and for weight loss.

This piece of fitness equipment has been a proven choice in a workout machine for homeowners and trainers.  You can even see the Total Gym machine in private gyms.

There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Man using Total Gym Supreme


Total Gym Review

We feel that the Total Gym can be a great choice if you are looking for an all-in-one, full body workout.  It’s designed to hit every main muscle group as well as the smaller ones.

With the wide range of attachments, the number of Total Gym workouts is endless.  The resistance levels can be adjusted for each exercise, to make it easier or more challenging as you progress.

Because you will have the ability to work on any part of the body, the Total Gym is really the only thing you will need for your home fitness training.  It’s light, compact, and simply folds for storage, yet stable enough to hold plenty of weight.

There is a free exercise program that you can use as well, called Total Gym TV.  This online fitness program shows an unlimited amount of workouts designed specifically to be used with the Total Gym.

For even more details, see my Total Gym review for a full breakdown of each Total Gym exercise machine.

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There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Woman using total gym fitness machine


Why Total Gym?

There are many home gym fitness machines out there to choose from both good and bad.  Total Gym has withstood the test of time while making occasional tweaks along the way to make their equipment even better.

Here are a few things that can be important to a consumer while looking for the best home gym equipment.


Total Gym is designed to give you the entire range of exercises to give you a full body workout.  It covers all of the main muscle groups by offering exercises such as chest flies, abdominal crunches, squats, pullups, and rows.

For every exercise, you can also adjust the level of resistance making it more difficult for strength building.  Depending on your fitness goals, you can also focus on cardio, calorie and fat burn, strength, or endurance.

There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Total Gym storageCompact

We can’t think of any home gym that both offers so many exercises while at the same time can just be folded for easy storage.  This can be a big deal for some.

Many of us don’t have a dedicated “exercise room, and its embarrassing for guests to have to walk around a piece of fitness equipment.

Set Up and Durability

First of all, the total gym comes fully assembled, all you will need to do is take it out of the folded position.

The frame is made out of thick steel tubing and can support more weight than you would think.  Some models can hold up to 650lbs.


Home gyms are by far the most convenient way to workout.  Fortunately, the Total Gym machine is both lightweight and compact.  It simply folds up when you are finished.  There won’t be any excuses not to use it at any time.


This home exercise system has several different models and price points available.  This ranges from the Total Gym Supreme if you are on a budget to the Total Gym GTS which is the higher-end model used more for professional settings.

No matter the price, all of the total gyms work in a similar way to allow plenty of different exercise movements.  Each one provides everything necessary in a full body exercise machines.

Total Gym can also make it easy to purchase with its optional financing plan.  On top of this, they offer a 30 day trial period to see if you like their concept.


Total Gym Exercises

This piece of equipment is made to hit every major muscle group, therefore considered to be a full body exercise machine.  Here are just a few of the primary exercises that can be performed.

  • Crunch
  • Pull-Up
Total Gym Exercises for the Chest
  • Chest Press
  • Chest Fly
Total Gym Exercises for Legs
  • Leg Curl
  • Reverse Leg Curl
  • Squat
Total Gym Exercises for Shoulders
  • Shoulder Press
  • Upright Row
Total Gym Exercises for Biceps
  • Biceps Curl
Total Gym Exercises for Triceps
  • Triceps Extension


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Total Gym Models

Here is a brief rundown on the four main Total Gym equipment options.  They also make a Total Gym Row Trainer which I will be reviewing in the future.

For a full rundown on these machines, check out the Total Gym Review.


There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Total Gym Supreme

Total Gym Supreme

This is their base model, but don’t be fooled.  You can still perform over 60 exercises and use 12 different resistance levels.

It also comes with a few free accessories including their $150 AbCrunch accessory included.


Total Gym XLS

There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Total Gym XLSIt’s a step up from the Supreme, but Total Gym’s most popular model.  You can perform over 80 exercises, there are 6 resistance levels, and it can support over 400lbs of combined weight.

Free accessories include ankle cuffs, squat stand, wing attachment and leg pulls.

See more about this model at my Total Gym XLS review.


Total Gym FIT

There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Total Gym FITFIT is their newest model and offers 85+ exercises, 12 resistance levels, and can hold up to 450lbs of combined weight.

It’s a little more beefed up with a stronger and smoother running board, an easier adjustment system, and a larger training deck.

Total Gym FIT includes even more accessories including the AbCrunch attachment.


Total Gym GTS

There are different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging. - Total Gym GTSThis “professional” model is the most expensive, but the mack daddy in Total Home Gyms.

It features over 200 exercises and 22 resistance levels!  A truly versatile machine that has more capabilities than most people can even use.

The GTS also comes with a free 6-piece strength package.  Because of this, you’re going to need its 650lb combined weight limit.

The lift adjustment is hydraulic, the squat stand commercial grade, and it comes with 6 pully positions to hit every angle.


Total Gym Accessories

What Is The Total Gym - Total Gym triceps rope setMost of the Total Gym models include a few of their attachments to go with, such as the leg pull and ab crunch.   Other available options include tricep ropes, several different squat stands, cyclo trainer, dip bars, and even a pilates kit.

For strength training, they sell a weight bar attachment for only $19.95.  This will allow you to add plates to each side of the machine to make your exercises more challenging.  Keep in mind not to go over the recommended combined weight limit of your unit.

The Total Gym Rowing Machine is not an accessory but is a separate piece of home gym equipment aimed at full body circuit training.


Total Gym TV Workouts

Total Gym comes with a free basic plan offering online steaming of the basic Total Gym exercise routines to get you off to a strong start.

Beyond these basics, you can subscribe to their Total Gym TV Premium membership.  It includes unlimited access to a large assortment of premium workouts taught by certified fitness trainers.

There are always new workout releases coming out and with new trainers.  This membership also includes “Chuck Norris Total Gym workouts” and “Christie Brinkley Total Gym workouts”.


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Total Gym Reviews

The Total Gym home gym comes with excellent customer reviews.  Their website has over 3400 reviews!  And these Total Gym reviews average out to 4.6 out of 5 stars.  Click on this review to see others like it.

What Is The Total Gym - Total Gym XLS reviews from customer

»»  The most popular model is the Total Gym XLS.  We feel that it has the biggest bang for the buck in their product line.  Check out my Total Gym XLS review.


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What Is The Total Gym Conclusion

The Total Gym is a proven home gym system with a successful track record in the industry.  This home gym offers an unlimited amount of exercises for every body part and muscle group.  For each exercise, there are several different resistance levels to keep your workouts challenging.

With this Total Home Gym, you can work on any physical goal that you have in mind, from fat burn, cardio, or strength building.

You can expand on your Total Gym training program with additional attachments and Total Gym TV workouts.  Total Gym is also great for the home since it’s compact and lightweight making it easy to store out of the way.

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