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celsius-originalI first discovered Celsius Fitness Drink when I showed up at the gym for my afternoon weight training and cardio without my pre workout.  Oh My!!  Sometimes I even keep it in my car, but apparently not today.  That particular day, I happened to be going to Planet Fitness where they had a cooler full of cold water, protein drinks and different energy options.

I have some issues with “energy drinks” such as the heavily advertised “Red Bull” kinds, so I had my suspicions.  These kind of heavily infused drinks can give you the jitters, keep you awake at night and come with a big energy “crash”.  Obviously, I make the right choice that day, otherwise I wouldn’t be taking the time to review this product.

Celsius is considered a “fitness energy drink” more than a “making you hyper” type of drink, because of the specific ingredients that it contains.  One of the nice things about the Celsius product line is that they are zero sugar and made from “All Natural” ingredients.  I felt that this product was worth writing about, for an opportunity to turn others onto an alternate refreshing fitness energy drink.

Celsius Fitness Drink is made of a slightly different combination of ingredients than the typical Pre Workout Supplements that I review on this website, so I will briefly look at the Celsius ingredients that make this drink effective for an intense exercise session.  I’ll let you know exactly how Celsius tastes and helped me perform at the gym.

There are also a couple of other Celsius options available that I will introduce you to.  This includes Celsius Heat which contains more energy and Amino Acids, and a BCAA which is classified as an Intra Workout.  This keeps you energized and hydrated during your workout.  Lastly, I will show you where to get the best prices, so you can try it for yourself.  Here is my Celsius energy drink review.


My Celsius Fitness Drink Review

As I had mentioned, I’ve tried this drink before but didn’t “overthink” the results at the time. So this time I purchase a couple more cans for this review to experience some different flavors and also carbonated vs non-carbonated.

I decided to review the Celsius Original first, rather that the more amped up version called Celsius Heat.  Both the Original or Heat are designed for active people performing cross-fit, running, weight training or your activity of choice.

celsius-energyWhat I did remember from my experience with Celsius was the great flavor.  This time I decided to try the Grape Rush first (they have over 10 flavors to choose from).  I was happily surprised once again.  I’m used to the stronger, more “chemical” tasting pre workout powder mix that I usually make too stronger.  Celsius also tastes much better than any of the Red Bull or Monster types of energy drinks that I’ve had.

Personally, I’m going to recommend the carbonated version over the non-carbonated option personally.  It seems to taste better and more refreshing that the non-carbonated.

This energy drink took the typical 25 to 30 minutes to kick in.  It wasn’t an instant rush, but it set in gradually as I needed it.  The feeling from the Celsius Original was a bit different that the typical Pre Workout Powder that I’m used to.

I was not feeling “out of control”, and didn’t have the lease bit of the jitters.  This will happen if I mix my pre workout powder to strong.  Even though I wasn’t out of my head with the increase of energy, it still provided the boost that I needed for better performance.

I generally do a difficult weight rotation for about 1 hour and then hit the treadmill for another 30 minutes on a good day.  Celsius was able to keep me motivated the entire way.  I didn’t fatigue halfway through my workout, and the energy helped to keep me focused and push me to get a more intense workout.  These drinks are designed to get you into “the zone”, therefore getting a harder and more efficient workout.

The amount of energy and nutrients seemed to be right on the money.  I could have taken one of my more intense pre workout powders, however I didn’t really need more for this exercise routine that what Celsius provided.  Many times I coordinate the strength of whichever  pre workout supplement I’m taking that day, according to what I need to get accomplished or how I’m feeling.

Because Celsius gave me great energy and not an overpowering buzz, I would recommend it for almost any sport or activity that requires an extra boost.

I thought that Celsius Original was a well rounded drink to attain the performance that I needed this time.  It also has a clean taste as well as clean, “All Natural” ingredients.  I enjoyed it enough to try their Amino Acid packed, Celsius Heat in an upcoming review.

If you have tried any of the Celsius product and would like to tell us about them, or if have any questions please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this post.

Product:   Celsius Fitness DrinkCelsius-energy-drink

Price Range:    $
Where to Purchase: Click Here for the Best Price on Amazon
Servings Per Container:   12 can pack
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.4 out of 5
Celsius at celsius.com
Pros:   Great Price at around $1.70 per can.  Contains 200 mg of Caffeine, vitamins and minerals.  Zero sugar.  All Natural drink.  Try the variety pack.
Cons:   I didn’t enjoy the non-carbonated as much.  If you are looking for Amino Acids in addition, go with Celsius Heat.





Product:   Celsius Heatcelsius-heat

Price Range:    $
Where to Purchase: Click Here for the Best Price on Amazon
Servings Per Container:   12 can pack
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.4 out of 5
Celsius at celsius.com
Pros:   Contains 200 mg of L-Citruline and other Amino Acids for recovery.  300 mg of Caffeine.  Zero sugar.   Available in 9 flavors.
Cons:  If you are Caffeine Intolerant, it’s 300 mg of Caffeine is comparable to 3.5 cups of coffee.


Celsius Ingredients

Celsius Fitness Drinks use all natural flavors and sweeteners.  This is a big plus since their clientele are the time to be concerned about a healthy lifestyle.

Celsius is packed with many of the essential B Vitamins that naturally support energy production and help to  avoid fatigue, and  Vitamin C which is an important all around vitamin for your body as well as the immune system.  This drink also adds Chromium which normalizes blood sugar levels.

The all natural energy part:  Green Tea Extract boosts your metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories and store less fat.  This aids in Weight Loss.  Guarana Seed Extract provides a natural source of Caffeine.  These kind of seeds contain more concentrated Caffeine than coffee beans.

Lastly there is Ginger Root.  This is a well know, healthy herb that is used for a variety of uses.  Here it is used as a thermogenic which heats up your body and muscles and burns energy.

celsius-heatThe Celsius Heat contains Amino Acids in addition to these other ingredients.  This product is even more in line with my activities, with the additional energy and muscle building Aminos.

The L-Citrulline is there to prevent fatigue with high intensity exercise by expediting more nutrients to the muscle tissue, along with more Caffeine in “Heat” for a longer workout duration.


Celsius Fitness Drink is shown to accelerated metabolism, burn fat and provide healthy energy.  For my trial run with Celsius, I was satisfied with it’s results.  Just enough Caffeine to help power through my intense weight training and onto my 30 minute run after.

A good thing about Celsius Original is that is not overbearingly Caffeinated.  This means it can be a great fitness drink to be used for other things such as, a refreshing morning pick-me-up alternative to coffee, a wake-me-up for that afternoon slump and for any sport or activity that you perform.  Celsius products are designed for both men and women.

Another benefit of Celsius is that it is a very reasonably priced way to get energy before exercise.  It is already mixed, therefore more convenient.  It tasted great, and neither the flavor or sweeteners were overbearing.  The bonus to this fitness drink is that it is a healthy, clean and all natural drink.  It is also certified Vegan and zero sugar.

My personal preference is the carbonated version, but this may be different for you.  I’m sure that not all the flavors are perfect, but so far I have been satisfied with the Sparkling Grape Rush, Grapefruit and Raspberry Acai.

As another option, I recommend the Celsius Heat Fitness Drink.  I will be trying this next, because of the additional Caffeine and added Amino Acids.

celsius-BCAALastly, you can try Celsius BCAA Energy Drink.  This is called an Intra Workout Nutritional Boost.  It is made up of nutrients and Amino Acids to drink during your workout.  This enables your body to stay hydrated, recharged and keeps you from suffering muscle fatigue.


If you have tried Celsius Fitness Drink or have any questions about it, please leave a message in the comment box below and I will respond.

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