Genius Pre Workout Review – Best Non Stimulant Pre Workout

If a jitter-free, non-stimulant pre workout that still packs energy sounds good to you, read more in this Genius Pre Workout Review. You’ll discover that the brand name “Genius”, really does represent their exercise supplement line very well.

Besides the effective and stimulant-free recipe, Genius Pre adds nootropic ingredients to get additional muscle and brain support. I’ll go further into these ingredients along with the talk about the benefits that Genius brings.

The Genius Brand Overview

The Genius Brand company first began as a way to bring truth to exercise supplements. Their aim is to use natural and safe ingredients while still providing the best value possible. They knew that they could help with improving athletic performance during real-life use rather than just stating facts on a label.

Besides Genius Pre, they have also developed some other popular supplements I encourage you to try. Some of these include creatine, BCAA’s, fat burners and diet supplements, Nootropics for brain health and testosterone boosting.

Genius pre workout


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The Genius Brand
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Genius Pre Workout Review

They call it their “mind-to-muscle” pre workout powerhouse. As I research this product, it’s obvious in the ingredients that Genius Brand really does use science in their supplements.

It’s impressive that Genius was able to develop a stim-free pre workout that really works. Taking out stimulants can make a pre workout more effective since Caffeine can actually hamper workout progress. Stimulants can constrict blood flow to the muscles.

Pre Workout Pump

I haven’t checked to see if every one of their ingredients offers the best “clinical dose”, but 6 grams of Citrulline Malate and 2 grams of Beta-Alanine checks out. This amino is a must-have to get more muscle pump and workout endurance, so it’s the first ingredient I look for when assessing the top pre workout supplements.

Nootropic Functions

Genius Pre Workout Review - Genius brand logo

A pre workout based on Nootropic ingredients was intriguing to me, as I haven’t had a lot of experience with them. But Genius Pre is packed full of these healthy ingredients. Nootropics are known to boost brain power, but what about using them for exercise?

It turns out that Nootropics are classified as nutrients that are used to enhance cognitive functions which, in turn, heightens your physical capabilities. These nutrients also affect mood, focus, motivation, and agility.

Alphasize and Astragin are a couple of signature Genius Brand nootropics. In addition, this pre workout also includes the well-known amino acids, Taurine and Tyrosine which give similar nootropic effects. I list more information about nootropics for pre workouts in the ingredient breakdowns below.

Taste and Sweeteners

The Genius pre workout ingredients are safe, clean, and all-natural. It is sweetened with organic Stevia, a natural product derived from the Stevia leaf.

Genius Pre Workout comes in both Sour Apple and Grape Limeade flavors, the latter being the more popular. Both of these are also 100% naturally flavored.


Genius Pre Workout Ingredients

Citrulline Malateincreases performance and overall endurance, a precursor to nitric oxide which increases blood flow for faster recovery between sets.

CarnoSyn: Beta-Alanine, an amino acid that brings strength and endurance, delays muscle fatigue, and a proven performance enhancer.

Betaine Anhydrous: increases cellular hydration for greater endurance and muscle growth, for better focus and power output.

L-Tyrosine: an amino acid that improved performance, mood, helps with focus, and prevents stress on the body.

L-arginine: like Citrulline, this amino acid is a nitric oxide precursor that is known to increase blood flow for faster recovery while working out and also fitness endurance.

Taurine: maintains healthy levels of oxidation, hydration, and electrolyte balance, helps promote focus and may improve or speed up muscle recovery.

Genius Pre Workout Review - Genius pre workout ingredients

AlphaSize: optimizes muscle power output, an effective brain nutrient that sharpens agility.

Alpha GPC: linked to improved power output, cognition, and production of growth hormone.

HICA: related to leucine and has slight evidence of promoting muscle mass, and elevated performance over time.

ElevATP: a combination of minerals to boost power and training volume, supports lean muscle, and improve athletic performance.

Rhodiola Rosea: reduces fatigue and may boost cognition.

Theobromine: a vasodilator and natural stimulant for energy.

AstraGin: increase performance by enhancing nutrient absorption.

Huperzia Serrata – aids in clarity and mental focus.

Genius Pre Workout Reviews

Genius Pre is an excellent product and can be seen when reading their customer reviews. Both The Genius brand website and Bodybuilding. com carries this as a 5-star rated pre workout. Click the image below to see other reviews like it.

Genius Pre Workout Reviews

The Genius Brand Family of Products

Genius offers many other all-natural and clinically proven exercise and nutritional supplements. To get even better results in your exercise program, it’s recommended to “stack” these supplements. This is done by using more than one product together to heighten the effects.

Supplement Stacking

There are many supplement combinations that work well when used together with Genius Pre. Here are a few effective examples of supplement stacking.

For extra power and endurance when weightlifting, mix your Genius Pre Workout with Genius Creatine Power Matrix. Creatine is the most studied and proven supplement for building strength and muscle.

See more on this at my Creatine Monohydrate VS HCL review.

Add Genius L-Arginine for additional aminos’ or Genius Mindfulness to your Genius Pre Workout for additional energy and focus. Use Genius Pre Workout along with Genius Muscle Builder for added strength, power, and muscle building.

Genius Pre Workout Review - Genius Creatine power matrix

Another idea is, Genius Pre Workout stacked with Genius Consciousness to boost focus and productivity while helping with mental fatigue.

To increase fat burning and torch more calories, use the stimulant-free, Genius Burn along with Genius Pre Workout. They even make an intra workout supplement, full of BCAA’s and aminos to refuel your muscles during exercise.

Lastly, I thought that their Genius Test was pretty neat. It is a libido and testosterone booster that decreases stress and increases focus and energy.

Genius Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Though we will never see a stronger legal stimulant than caffeine, Genius Pre is the next best thing with this stim-free pre workout.

This product is one of the best non-stimulant pre workouts that I’ve researched. One excellent feature of this supplement is the many different nootropic ingredients used to bring focus and energy. Genius Pre also contains clinical amounts of the critical amino acids for a performance seen only in the best pre workout supplements.

These “Genius” combinations of ingredients supply plenty of muscle pump, endurance, and motivation to get a more intense workout.

Another “Genius” idea is to use Genius Pre as a stack (taken together) with other Genius Brand products to get even more heightened results.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Genius Pre Workout supplement or about any other The Genius Brand products, please leave a message below and I will respond.













  • Premium all natural ingredients
  • All Natural and Caffeine Free performance
  • Nootropic energy and focus
  • Clinical amounts of aminos for muscle pump


  • Only 2 flavors available

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