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Best All Natural Pre Workout – What Does it Take to be Natural?

All natural pre workout supplements are becoming a more and more sought after product in this age of health.  There is now so much many more companies developing these, and more marketing directed to it as they enter this niche within the pre workout world.  All Natural is becoming the fasts growing trend, as nutritional supplement companies are doubling doing on their research to narrow down the ingredients in their products to the all natural specifications..

All natural pre workouts are getting great reviews and becoming even more popular on the fitness scene.  But, can they preform like the standard pre workout that many of us have become accustomed to?  And what are the differences to being “all natural” vs the “standard” pre workouts that we already know and love?

Our goal is to find the best All Natural pre workout.  We will explain what “all natural” really means, and the ingredients that it takes to be in this category.Natural-pre-workout

What do They Mean by “All Natural”

According to the FDA, a food labeled natural is defined as “nothing artificial or synthetic including colors is included in or has been added to the ingredients that would not normally be there.”  This means that All Natural foods do not have artificial colors, artificial flavors or sugars.fda-pre-workout

Of course, workout supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so it is left up the the manufactures and the label reading consumer to monitor themselves.  Therefore, this definition cans pretty broad, but if you want to avoid these artificial ingredients, an all natural pre workout supplement is the way to go.  That’s why I’m going to show you the brands that I trust and have personally used.

All natural does not mean organic.  Organic means that none of the ingredients have been processed and they do not contain hormones, or antibiotics.  In addition to this, there are no artificial flavors, colors or sugars.  In other word, nothing artificial or synthetic that would not be found naturally in your body..

organic-pre-workoutOrganic foods cannot have pesticides, GMOs or growth hormones.  Organic ingredients also have strict rules about environmental pollution and animal welfare.

The Organic category may be better for you that All Natural.  However, the advantages for All Natural are that it is less expensive, there are many more brands to choose from, and I feel that they are more effective.  This being said, I feel that the All Natural segment is still a great healthy choice.

If you are interested in Organic pre workouts, you can click on my Organic Pre Workout Review Here.

Do “All Natural Supplements” Perform Like Traditional Ones?

Natural pre workouts would’t be worth purchasing or even taking if they didn’t preform properly.  Of course the manufacturers have claims that these are the better, safer way to energize, increase performance and promote strength.

I’m far from trying them all, but have had good luck so far.  Keep an eye open for more future “hands on’ reviews on All Natural pre workout powders in ear future.


As I am a “review reader”, the All Natural products seem to rate just as good as the other more popular ones.  Here are just a couple of the positive reviews I pulled off of Amazon about a particular pre workout that I like called, Legion Pulse All Natural Pre Workout Supplement:

*I like this product. After taking it, wait 15-20 minutes and you’ll feel the urge to jump into the gym. (Literally urge to jump to the gym). And finish all your scheduled work out for the day. I really feel more concentrated when working out. I think it vasodilates vessels in you brain which makes you more focused.

and there’s this…

*It is a clean “high”. And with this pre-workout I am able to tell the difference; the main thing I notice is that I’m able to endure the ‘burn’ for a longer duration (probably due to the increased oxygen flow to the muscles that this was formulated to do). It also makes be feel like I can move more rapidly, as if the air around me is thinner.

I combed through many reviews about Legion Pulse and a few others All Natural pre workouts, and didn’t find many bad ones.  Most of poor ratings that I did find were minor problems with the natural flavor, or that the price was to high.

From my experience, All Natural pre workouts perform just as good as a traditional pre workout, and I think that they are definitively worth a try if you haven’t already done so.  And what if it doesn’t work for you?  Well, most stores and websites have a 30 day guarantee even if the product has been used, so why not take a chance on something new for your health.

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The Difference between “All Natural” and a “Regular” Pre Workoutstevia-pre-workout

There are not a lot of differences, but here are the few key ones.  Standard pre workout is sweetened by Sucralose or other artificial sugars, and all natural pre workout is usually sweetened by Stevia. Both of these products come from sugar, but manufactured differently.  With Stevia being healthier for you.

Artificial flavors and colors.  I’ll bet you know which one does and doesn’t contain these.  This is a win for all natural pre workouts.

plant-based-pre-workoutBoth have forms of caffeine, but regular pre workout has a synthetic caffeine stimulant and all natural pre workout has a naturally derived caffeine that comes from plant based.  Of course, plant based caffeine is healthier for you.

Basically, the all natural contains plant base ingredients as opposed to chemical substances.  This is another benefit since plant based substances are more easily absorbed by the body.


If you have a preference for All Natural, Organic or any other kind of pre workout, I’d like to know.  Please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this post.

What is in All Natural Pre Workoutsnatural-pre-workout

All natural pre workouts have much the same ingredients of regular pre workouts.  The major ingredient in all pre workouts is Caffeine.  The difference is that all natural pre workouts contain natural energy boosters such as coffee bean extract, green tea leaves and other forms of stimulant free energy.

All natural pre workouts have all of the essential vitamins and amino acids that a regular pre workout would have. These are the ingredients needed to help supply your muscles with energy, along with protein synthesis and muscle recovery.  One of these essential vitamins is the B vitamin, which we all know gives you natural energy.

All natural contains Nitric Oxide which is a vasodialator that improves blood flow, and with it brings Oxygen to your muscles for more endurance.  Beta Alanine which tingles and increases performance.  All natural pre workouts may sometimes contain Creatine which is found to help produce energy during heavy lifting or high intensity exercises.

To summarize, All Natural pre workouts are put together just as well as regular workouts, just with out the bad stuff.

As Promised, Here are the Best All Natural Pre Workouts


legion-pulse-pre-workoutProduct:  Legion Pulse Pre Workout
Price Range:      $$
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price on Amazon
Container size:  1.09lbs or 21 servings
My Rating:  8.5 out of 10
Manufacturer:  Legion Athletics at
Pros and Cons:  Packed with Amino Acids and other good nutrients.  Price is higher because container is only 21 servings.



vintage-blast-pre-workoutProduct:   Vintage Blast Pre Workout
Price Range:      $$$
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price on Amazon
My Rating:  9 out of 10
Manufacturer:  Old School Labs at
Pros:   The only two stage system to give that extra boost through the entire workout.


naked-energy-pre-workoutProduct:   Naked Energy Pre Workout
Price Range:      $
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price on Amazon
Container size:  50 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
My Rating:  8.5 out of 10
Manufacturer:  Naked Nutrition at
Pros and Cons:  50 servings per container is much more than the competitors.  Stay away from the unflavored Naked Energy.



vega-pre-workoutProduct:   Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer
Price Range:      $$
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price on Amazon
Container size:  540g or 30 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
My Rating:  8.0 out of 10
Manufacturer:  Vega at
Pros and Cons:  All plant based.  Some of the flavors are not the best tasting, but this is sometimes to be expected from a pre workout.

The All Natural Conclusion

Of course “The Best” of anything, is always what is best for the individual since each one of us have different results from the same product.  It does seem like all natural pre workouts have some great benefits for around the same price as the rest.

We have discussed what the differences between All Natural and regular pre workout, and now the “all natural” may sound more enticing.  One of the draw backs is the pricing, which can cost more because of the “all natural” ingredients.  But if you are closely watching what goes into your body, it will be well worth it for your health.

If you are interested in Organic, Click Here for my Organic Pre Workout Review.  These are the next step up from all naturals since the USDA requirements on these are very strict.

Keep your eye open for my next “hands on” all natural pre workout review in the near future.  I’ll be sampling my on container, and dissect the results.

All natural is a healthy alternative in our pre workout world.  It leaves out the artificial colors and flavors, as well as any artificial sugars.  The best part is that they perform just as well as regular pre workouts available.

If you have tried any all natural pre workouts and would like to tell us about them or if have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below.pre-workout-energy

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