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Since most fitness enthusiasts exercise mainly for health reasons, shouldn’t it be important to use the healthiest pre workout supplements available?

It only makes sense, so I decided to do research for the post to clarify the healthiest pre workouts.  I hope to help with making the best, informed decision on which of these supplements to use.

Every good Pre workout supplement should be made up of a few very simple ingredients such as Caffeine (or other stimulants) and Amino Acids.  It may also include some hydrating nutrients as well as flavoring and color.

The combination of these simple ingredients will give you incredible amounts of energy, strength and stamina to help boost you through any exercise routine.  Pre workouts add motivation and reduce fatigue for almost any sport.

What is a pre workout for - man drinking pre workoutThese can include running, cycling, weightlifting, exercise classes, Crossfit, team sports or for an all-around pick me up.  They can also be a key exercise supplement for weight loss.

This being said, some pre workouts have healthier ingredients than others.  Some are Caffeine Free as well as Creatine Free for those that are intolerant of these ingredients.  There are plant based pre workouts for those avoiding animal products.

You can get Sugar free pre workouts and those without artificial flavors or colors.  There are some that are even manufactured without fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and other additives.


Natural Pre Workout Supplements

Some pre workout manufacturers have started making a healthier alternative to “traditional” pre workouts.  This category is called All Natural Pre Workout Supplements.  Since we as a society have become becoming increasingly conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, this now is the fastest growing category of pre workout supplements.

Healthiest pre workout supplements - all natural logoAll Natural pre workouts contain the same hard-hitting Amino Acids and Caffeine.  However, they are made without artificial colors, artificial flavors and without artificial sugars.  This is a great alternative for those of us that are on the lookout for artificial ingredients in our diet.

“All Natural” pre workout supplements have taken a step in the right direction when it comes to using natural ingredients.  I have an in-depth review and tasting on a couple of All Natural pre workout supplements on this site.  These are Legion Pulse Pre Workout and Vintage Blast Pre Workout.


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Organic and Vegan Pre WorkoutsHealthiest pre workout supplements - USDA logo

If you keep an even closer eye on your healthy ingredients, the best pre workout option will be an Organic Pre Workout Supplement.

This category is growing in popularity very fast because it is the healthiest pre workout option.  The reason being is that the ingredients in Organic products have to pass rigorous inspections by the USDA Organic board.

In my opinion, these stringent guidelines are even better than having FDA approval.  Organic pre workout ingredients must be grown and manufactured without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals.  If they do contain animal products, the animals must have been on an Organic diet.

Organic pre workouts are also manufactured without using any artificial flavors, colors or sugars just like the “All Natural” category.  This pre workout category is a top-notch supplement that uses only quality and pure ingredients.  For all of this, the price can be slightly higher than a “traditional” pre workout.Healthiest pre workout supplements - broccoli

Vegan Pre Workout Supplements take their products a step further.  The Vegan category comes with the same prerequisites that are required in an Organic pre workout except that it must contain only plant based products.  No meat or dairy allowed.


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The Healthy Pre Workout Trade-Off

There is a bit of a trade-off between the “Traditional” Pre Workouts and the “Healthier” Pre Workout Alternatives.

Healthiest pre workout supplements - caffeine signBecause the All Natural, Organic and Vegan Pre Workout supplements have more pure and alternative sources of Caffeine than “traditional” pre workouts, they may not have quite the extreme energy kick.

The good news is that these alternative options used such as Green Coffee Bean and Tea leaves will still contain 2-5 cups of coffee worth of Caffeine.,  This means more than enough for a good workout, but probably not enough to give you the jitters.

Plant Based and Vegan Pre Workout supplements may not contain the same concentration of Amino Acids than the “traditional” pre workouts that get their protein from animal sources.  Animal and dairy products have more concentrated Amino proteins than plants sources.

However, plant based Vegan pre workouts, as well as Post Workout Protein Powders, will still have the adequate amount required to increase muscle growth and give you better performance.


Healthy Pre Workout OptionsHealthiest pre workout supplement - fruits

The “healthier” the pre workout supplement, the less sweet and flavorful they tend to be.  This is due to not using artificial flavors and sugars.

Personally I prefer this to a strong artificial fruit or chocolate flavor, and I don’t care for overly sweet either.  If the flavor is important to you in a pre workout, see my review on the best tasting pre workouts.

Healthiest pre workout supplements - bag of moneyA less concerning difference can be the price.  Although pre workouts in general, are fairly inexpensive, Organic and Vegan Pre Workouts use better ingredients that have stricter growing regulations.  This can drive up the price.  This will also go for Post Workout Protein Powders as well as other Organic and Plant Based foods.

The reason I said that this shouldn’t be a large concern is that the price will still be less than $2.00 per serving.  At an average of 3 servings per week, a $30.00 container could last 3 months.  At the price, this is the best exercise motivation that I can buy.

If you have any questions or anything to add about traditional pre workouts vs the healthier alternatives available please let me know in the comment box at the bottom.


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Is Pre Workout Safe?FDA approved pre workout - FDA logo

Pre workout supplements along with other nutritional supplements available are not FDA Approved.  This does not make pre workouts bad since the ingredients contained are individually approved.  The Caffeine and Amino Acids in pre workout supplements are very simple and naturally occurring so they come with very little, if any side effects.

The only time that pre workouts are unsafe is when they are not taken properly.  I’ll be the first to admit to making this mistake.  Who wouldn’t want to get maximum benefits by taking more!  However, I don’t recommend doing this and more is not always necessarily better.  Always start out slow and work your way up, to avoid potential headaches, jitters or nausea.

Healthiest pre workout supplements - Caffeine logoPre workout supplements are designed to be strong for giving you the best results.  This can be especially true for the Caffeine content.  some pre workouts can have a much as 400 mg of Caffeine.

That is double the recommended daily dose.  Fortunately, Caffeine is a naturally found stimulant that only has temporary effects.

If you find that you are Caffeine Intolerant, there are some great Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements available.  These products make up for the lack of Caffeine by providing more of the other active ingredients.


Healthiest Pre Workout Supplements:


organic-muscle-pre-workoutOrganic Muscle Organic Pre Workout

Price Range:    $$$
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price
Servings Per Container:   20 serving container
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.3 out of 5
Organic Muscle
Pros:   This is the best rated Organic Pre Workout available.  Organic, Vegan, and Non-GMO.  Amino Acid pump comes for vegetables.  Caffeine is naturally sourced from tea leaves
Cons:  Cost a little more per serving, but has more quality ingredients.


What Is The Best Pre Workout Without Creatine - canister of vintage blast pre workoutVintage Blast Pre Workout

Price Range:    $$$
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price
Servings Per Container:   20 serving container
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.3 out of 5
Old School Labs
Pros:   The “healthiest” choice in the “All Natural” category.  This means no artificial flavors, colors or sugars.  Their “two stage” formula ensures energy and stamina to end of a workout.
Cons:   Not a plant-based product in case you are Vegan.


Genius pre workoutGenius Pre Workout Powder

Price Range:    $$
Where to Purchase:  Click Here for the Best Price
Servings Per Container:   20 serving container
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.5 out of 5
The Genius Brand at
Pros:   The best “Caffeine Free” non-stimulant pre workout that won’t leave you with the jitters.  “All Natural” formula with no artificial ingredients.  Clinically studied energy and endurance booster.
Cons:  Not recommended if you prefer Caffeine in your pre workout.


All Natural Organic Pre Workout - garden of life organic pre workout

Garden of Life Sport -Organic Pre Workout

Price Range:     $
Best Place to buy:  Click Here for the Best Price
Servings Per Container:  231g or 40 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
My Rating:  3.7 out of 5
Garden of Life
Pros:  Provides a strong nitric oxide blend as well as plenty of vitamin B vitamins for a metabolism boost.  Sugar free.  A very economical option.


All Natural Organic Pre Workout -vega sport pre workoutVega Sport Premium Energizer Pre Workout

Price Range:    $$
Best Place to buy: Click Here for the Best Price
Servings Per Container:   25 servings
Rating:   3.9 out of 5
Vega Sport
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Pros:  Gluten Free, Non GMO, and Vegan.  100mg naturally sourced Caffeine.  Packed with B-12.
Cons:  Not Organic.  15grams of sugar


The Healthy Conclusion

Healthiest pre workout supplements - cartoon weightlifterTaking a pre workout before an intense exercise session can make the difference between an average workout and an extreme one!  At the same time, we are doing all of this for our health in the first place, so why not get the healthiest pre workout.

This article provides a better understanding of what a healthy pre workout is and give some options for the best ones.  Although there is no such thing as an FDA approved pre workout, they are still the safest supplement available to get the best performance,  energy and endurance.

All Natural Pre Workouts are a great way to go if you want to avoid artificial colors, flavors and sugars.

Organic Pre Workouts are even better because not only are they free of artificial ingredients, but are also don’t contain any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.  Vegan Pre Workouts have all of the benefits of Organic, but don’t the ingredients do not contain any animal or dairy products.

There can be some trade-offs when it comes to the healthier, All Natural or Organic Pre Workouts.  These can come in taste or strength of ingredients.  However, these differences shouldn’t be significant enough to keep you from reaping the benefits that they provide.

Healthiest pre workout supplements - man drinking pre workoutThe taste being less sweet and strong in the more natural pre workouts can actually be a good thing in my opinion.  There can be a bit less Caffeine because of the natural forms, but this can be adjusted with the quantity.

Some Vegan Pre Workouts may have less potent plant based Amino Acids, but still significant enough to give you the strength needed.

Of course, the option of the good old “Traditional” Pre Workout option is always available.  You can see my reviews on both Men’s Pre Workouts and Women’s Pre workouts.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding healthy pre workout supplements, please leave it in the box below and I will respond.


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