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Pre workouts are extremely beneficial to any hardcore exercise routine, especially when it comes to us men.  Because of this, I’m going to explore what’s the best pre workout supplement for men.

Men tend to go at it harder, therefore needing the most energy, strength, and endurance that they can get.  A good pre workout offers all of this.  Our bodies process supplements differently, which means that we need the strongest and most effective product to give us that 110%.

Pre workout supplements are mainly advertized for weightlifters but work extremely well for other sports.  Whether its Crossfit, running or other types of athletic training, this essential addition will take you to another level of performance.

I’m going to explain the many benefits men will get from a pre workout and how this supplement works in our bodies.  Just so you know which pre workout is best, I will list the key ingredients to look for.  We are going to go over the best pre workouts that will help you kill it in the gym.

What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - man with muscular back

What Sets Men Apart

Besides hormonal differences between men and women, our bodies tend to be set up better for athletic activities.  Our genetics are built more for physical survival.

In general, we are stronger, more aggressive, have a larger frame and weigh more.  Our tolerance for certain ingredients is also higher.  This is why we need a stronger, more potent pre workout product.

Men’s metabolism is faster which means that our bodies burns through supplements using them more quickly.  Because we are larger, we naturally need more of everything to get the same effects.  What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - the sign for male

Another advantage to our metabolism is that we don’t hold on to body fat as easily because we burn it off at a much faster rate.  This makes it easier for us to get lean.

Some men may be less tolerant to the large amounts of Caffeine in a pre workout.  Because of this, it is recommended that everyone starts out with a small serving your first time with a new pre workout supplement.

Even though men and women develop muscles much in the same way, women will tend to do more cardio for their figure as opposed to us.  Most of us want to develop as much muscle as possible.  Luckily, men will benefit more form muscle gains and mass when using a pre workout.


Hormonal Factors Make the Difference

What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - testosterone sign

There is another thing that gives men a huge natural advantage over women called Testosterone.  This really sets our bodies apart, in the gym and with most types of exercise.

This hormone controls our bodies and our minds when it comes to anything from physical performance to sex drive.  Testosterone makes it easier for men to perform certain exercises and it helps us to push harder.

In our 30’s and beyond, testosterone levels begin dropping at a faster rate.  This is when men may need to rely on help from a pre workout supplement more than ever.


 Pre Workout Benefits for Men

Obviously pre workout supplements aren’t mandatory for getting in peak shape, but they are proven to increased performance and endurance in any sport.  This includes weightlifting, HIIT training, boxing, Crossfit, cycling or spinning classes.  Anything from basketball to shorter distance runs.

Blind studies have shown that when a group taking pre workouts compared to a group taking a placebo, the pre workout group improved their speed, reaction time, and decision making time.

Faster decision time also helps to provide the benefit of focus to your workout, getting you “in the zone”.  At the gym, a pre workout helps me to move more quickly from one exercise to the next while keeping me from getting distracted.  This results in a harder, more efficient workout.

The best pre workouts bring an awesome energy boost as well as increased strength and endurance.   A pre workout comes with built-in motivation to give you that second wind to go that extra mile.

Your muscles recover more quickly between each set, movement, or sprint depending on the kind of training.  This will keep you from fatiguing.

What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - Animated Muscle manPre workout Benefit Breakdown:

  • Improves time before muscle failure
  • Increased work capacity by providing energy
  • Draws fluid to muscles making them have a greater appearance
  • Boosts adrenaline helping the breakdown of fat cells
  • Enhances blood flow which helps muscles recovery quicker
  • Increased physical performance
  • Boosts power for a longer and harder workout
  • Uses energy to burn fat cells first rather than carbohydrates
  • Improves focus and motivation


The Essential Ingredients for Men

*Pre workouts are made of a few simple yet healthy ingredients.  They contain Amino Acid proteins, Caffeine, vitamins, and minerals.

Caffeine:   A Major Pre Workout Component:

What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - caffeine sign

Caffeine is a natural product that will really jump start your workouts.   This is one of the most effective ingredients in many pre workouts supplements.  Men will require more of this to get the same effects since we process it faster, and we tend to weigh more.

Another reason that many of us need a larger amount of Caffeine is that men tend to have a higher tolerance, though some of this is dependent on genetics.  The quantity of Caffeine in most pre workouts is equal to 2-5 cups of coffee depending on the concentration.

Others may be less tolerant causing different degrees of discomfort.  If you are Caffeine intolerant or have a Caffeine allergy, I can recommend some excellent Caffeine Free Pre Workouts.


What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - creatine in spoon and spilling

Creatine is an extremely popular and a highly researched ingredient for building muscle.  It increases strength and power during your workout.  It also brings more energy and endurance as well as muscle gains.

This is one of the only products that many weightlifters take in addition to a pre workout as a separate supplement.  For massive gains, I encourage you to do this.  There are two different types of Creatine powerhouses available, Creatine HCL and Creatine Monohydrate.

Another benefit of Creatine is that is a safe product.  There is a chance that Creatine could cause weight gain through water retention.  If this is the case, I’ll recommend the best Creatine Free pre workouts.


A good pre workout should have BCAA’s or Branch Chain Amino Acids.  These are the building blocks of protein that generate the protein synthesis in your body.  They include leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  BCAA’s do everything from increasing mental focus to helping with muscle endurance and strength.

For those that need even more performance and hydration during their workout, I recommend drinking a BCAA Intra Workout Supplement.  This is in that brightly colored water container you see guys carrying around at the gym.

Nitric Oxide:

NO2 boosters or Nitric Oxide is essential in a men’s pre workout.  Look for the Amino Acids called Arginine and Citrulline.  These Aminos will synthesize to boost the amount of Nitrogen Dioxide.

This acts as a vasodilator, expanding your veins and arteries to bring more blood flow to your muscles.  The much needed oxygen, nutrients and additional hydration will then be absorbed faster by your muscle tissue.

Beta Alanine:

This another important Amino Acid to look for in a men’s pre workout.  This controls muscle fatigue by removing the lactic acid that builds up when pushing your muscles to extremes.

It will help you power through a workout without slowing down, keeping you from fatiguing and provide longer endurance.  Beta Alanine also produces carnosine, which improves exercise performance.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Not all pre workout will contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, but most of them have several different B vitamins for natural energy.  Vitamin B will also be found under other names such as Niacin, Riboflavin, and Folic Acid

Men should get more vitamins and minerals in general since we tend to be more active and burn through them quickly.  Omega 3’s and Vitamin D are two important ones for those that exercise.  Calcium and iron are more fundamental for women.

*If you have any questions on the best pre workout ingredients for men, please leave a message at the bottom and I will respond.


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What’s the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men

*These top pre workout supplements have been selected because they have the optimal amount of the ingredients best for men.


Product:   C4 Ultimate Pre Workout PowderWhat's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - C4 ultimate pre workout

Price Range:    $$$
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on C4 Ultimate
Servings Per Container:   20 servings
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4 out of 5
Cellucor at cellucor.com
Pros:  300mg of  Caffeine.  Contains Nitromax for a dual Nitric Oxide pathway.  All Natural Ingredients.  Sugar Free
Cons:  “All Natural” ingredients cost more to manufacture.  C4 Ultimate may be too strong for some.

See My Full Review on C4 Ultimate


What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - container of b-nox androrush pre workoutProduct:   B-Nox Androrush Pre Workout

Price Range:    $$
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on B-Nox Androrush
Servings Per Container:   35 servings
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4.2 out of 5
Betancourt Nutrition at betancourtnutrition.com
Pros:    Packs a strong punch for the price.  Packed with plenty of BCAA’s and other essential Amino Acids.
Cons:    Can’t determine individual ingredient quantities – no break down on Supplemental Facts label.

See My Full Review on B-Nox Androrush


Product:   Vintage Blast Pre WorkoutWhat's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - vintage blast pre workout

Price Range:  $$$
Where to Purchase:  Get the Best Price on Vintage Blast
Servings Per Container:  20 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:  4.4 out of 5
Old School Labs at oldschoollabs.com
Pros:   Best All Natural Pre Workout. Two stage pre workout for longer lasting energy.  Contains a Nitric Oxide booster. 
Cons:   More pricey because of All Natural ingredients, but worth it.

See My Full Review on Vintage Blast


Product:   Mr Hyde Nitro X Pre Workout PowderWhat's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - Mr Hyde pre workout

Price Range:    $
Where to Purchase:   Get the Best Price on Mr Hyde Nitro X
Servings Per Container:   30 servings
Guarantee:   30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:   4 out of 5
ProSupps at prosupps.com
Pros:   My least expensive recommendation.  400mg Caffeine matrix.  500mg of Nitrosigine to promote vascularity and pumps.
Cons:   This amount of Caffeine may not work for everyone and could keep you up at night.

See My Full Review on Mr Hyde Nitro X



What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - container of no xplode pre workoutProduct:   N.O. Xplode Pre Workout

Price Range:    $$
Best Place to buy:    Get the Best Price on N.O.-Xplode
Servings Per Container:  30 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:  4.4 out of 5
BSN at gobsn.com
Pros:   275mg Caffeine.  The “original pre workout igniter”.  Available with or without Creatine.  Packed with vitamins and minerals
Cons:   Contains natural and artificial flavors as well as Sucralose.  Quantities are not broken down on label.

See My Full Review on N.O.-Xplode


Men Are Targeted Harder to Use Supplements

What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - mens health magazine

Most exercise supplement research and advertising money spent is geared toward developing and selling men’s supplements.  Men are the majority when you go into gyms or watch competitive sports.

We have not only been bred to excel at sports, but we have a stronger will to be the best at them.  Our bigger, more athletic physical attributes allow us to push things too the limits.

Nutritional supplement companies know how to attract you, showing images of success and what a physically fit man should look like.

On top of this, society expects more from us when it comes to toughness and being “manly”.  Studies have even shown that women are more attracted to muscular men going back to an evolutionary standpoint.


The Manly Conclusion

What's the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men - man drinking pre workout

What’s the best pre workout supplement for men?  Only the strongest, most potent product that gives proven results men need to get their most intense workout.  A quality pre workout comes with many proven benefits.

These include increased motivation, longer muscle endurance, more strength, and better performance.  The best pre workout will help you achieve your athletic goals faster and more easily than you could without it.

Be sure to look for the effective ingredients that we discussed.  I have personally used each of the “best of” pre workouts that I’ve recommended here.  Any of these will provide that kick we are looking for to jump start our workout.

If you have any comments or questions about “what’s the best pre workout supplement for men” or anything else that you have found interesting, please leave a comment in the box below and I will respond.


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