What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump – Get You “Pumped Up”

What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump - man lifting plate

If you are serious about lifting, you will definitely want to know “what is the best pre workout for pump”.  For those of you that may be wondering what the term “pump” is, it is the awesome feeling when all of the blood races to your muscles making you feel powerful!

The feeling is caused by increased blood flow called vascularization.  The theory of getting “pumped up” is primarily a weight lifting term, but it can extend to other sports.

It is associated with performance and motivation, and it can be difficult to obtain without a pre workout supplement.  Some pre workouts contain more of the ingredients that will give you these results than other pre workouts.  We will be discussing these and everything else that you need to know about getting “Pumped Up”.

We will find out what pre workout gives you the best pump.  We’ll discuss the ingredients in pre workout to help better understand what is giving you the pump.  This will assist you in choosing the right one base on the ingredients.  We will go over a few brands which have a high ranking and great reviews to help with narrowing down a search, so you will know better what to look for.

What Causes That “Pump”What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump - blood cells

The pump happens in response to intense strength training. Muscular contractions cause blood vessels to dilate and blood flow to increase. All of that activity in the muscles causes them to expand. A pre workout supplement opens these blood vessels and causes increased blood flow.

The pump itself is a sensation of increased blood flow and glycogen-use in the muscle.  The cause of the pump is a metabolic change in the muscles.  The great thing about it is, that it is associated with muscle growth.

You can get a muscle pump while working out without the help of a pre workout. However, pre workout supplements will increase the effect of this feeling and bring you this vascularization easier.

When you are pumped up, your arm or leg could measure an inch larger or more. This might just get you flexing in the mirror. This pump can last you up to an hour or more, so hurry up to the grocery store afterward to do some flexing with your grocery basket.

This swelling increases protein synthesis and increases muscle break down. When muscle is broken down, this promotes muscle growth. The swelling results from an influx of white blood cells, prostaglandins which are anti-inflammatories, and other nutrients and fluids that flow to the muscles to repair the damage after a tough workout.

What Gives You That “Pump”

Creatine is a big factor in pumping you up and is a key factor in muscle growth. Creatine lifts water content in What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump - Creatine moleculeyour muscle cells. This causes a cell volumization effect, therefore temporarily increasing muscle size. Creatine is also responsible for muscle growth and recovery after your workout.

Nitric Oxide is another muscle pump ingredient. Nitric oxide is an Amino Acid that increases the amount and duration of muscle pump, giving you the appearance of being bigger. Many times, Nitric Oxide is paired with L-arginine both in pre workout supplements or by itself. Arginine is an Amino Acid that helps with Nitric Oxide synthesis in the body to give you these effects.

L-citrulline is also an Amino Acid that plays a large part. It helps in the synthesis of Nitric Acid similarly to L-arginine.   Basically it promotes circulation all throughout your body, including your muscles to give that pump.

What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump – Best Reviews

What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump - vintage blast
Ranked 4.3 out of 5

1. Vintage Blast

This pre workout is high in Citrulline, with a whopping 5000mg. This may be the most on the market.  This combines with L-arginine to help with that pump.  The L-arginine will synthesize into nitric oxide so your muscles can maximize this

This is the best form of Nitric acid boost that you can find for pump. It boosts your blood flow while bringing more oxygen and nutrients going into your bloodstream.  The effects from Nitric Oxide are so good, that sometimes I purchase capsules of Nitric Oxide separately from my pre workout for the added boost.

It has a smaller serving of Caffeine at 150mg, but this can be perfect for people that are Caffeine intolerant.  For this you would want a Caffeine Free Pre Workout.  That means that you wouldn’t have to stay awake at night with this one.   This supplement has 1000mg of Beta-alanine which brings benefits to endurance and strength.

Vintage Blast seems is a well rounded “All Natural” Pre Workout.  Because of this, I did a hands-on Vintage Blast Pre Workout Review.

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2. Altius Fuel

What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump - Altius pre workout
Ranked 4.4 out of 5

This one caught my attention with 8000mg of Citrulline, even higher that Vintage Blast.  This is more than I’ve seen, but is more always better?   Citrulline alone will not get you what you need, but it helps.

Altius pre workout also has a good amount of Beta-alanine and Creatine which both help you get that pump.  It contains a low amount of Caffeine also, but this is fine as long as the Citrulline keeps you going.

Altius Fuel is loaded with B12 and other B vitamins to bring you that boost. It also uses a black pepper extract that improves absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients during digestion.  I think that this is a good contender for a pre workout supplement.

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3. Legion Pulse

What is the Best Pre Workout for Pump - container of legion pulse pre workoutIf you are looking to stay on that high Citrulline train, this is another good one for you. It contains a whopping 8000mg of the stuff. This rivals the amount contained in the above product, Altius Fuel. This means stronger pumps and improved oxygen flow to your muscles.

Legion Pulse does contain quite a bit of Caffeine at 350mg. I can handle this amount myself, but we are all made differently. I’ve seen a Caffeine content in pre workouts as high as 400mg. This product also contains a significant amount of beta-alanine.

However, the amount of Creatine is a little low.  This is not a big deal since there are ongoing disputes about the advantages of this during a workout.  If you get great benefits from Creatine, many weight lifters take it in addition to their pre workout. Most will take some Creatine post workout.  This gives the best results.

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4.  Nitro Surge

What is the best pre workout for pump -nitro surge

Nitro Surge has 3000mg of citrulline. About half the amount of the last two that we covered. I’m not going to go into all of the ingredients at this time because I will be doing a hands-on review and taste test of the product in the near future.

It does contain all of the key beneficial ingredients to make it a well-rounded pre workout choice. It contains plenty of beta-alanine and is full of amino acids to bring it up to par with the other pre workout supplements that we have discussed here.

Another plus to Nitro Surge is that it has a lower price tag than some of the other supplements. This pre workout also comes in a weight loss pre workout version. It goes by Nitro Shred.

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The Best Pre Workout For Pump Conclusion

What Is the best pre workout for pump - animated curlPre Workout SupplementIn this post, we discovered what a “pump” is and how to go about getting one. The pump is one of the best feelings that you can have while “pumping” iron. It encourages you mentally, feels good, and makes you really feel that you are getting an intense workout. Especially when you look in the mirror and see your muscles are swollen.

We discussed the three primary ingredients that pre workout manufacturers use to give us this effect. Those are Citrulline, Nitric oxide, and Creatine.

We briefly discussed that these individual ingredients can also be purchased independently, rather than in a pre workout supplements. I prefer having my supplements altogether, but do have good luck using Creatine as a Post Workout.

There are four recommended pre workout supplements in this post that are high in the ingredients needed for your pump.  Maybe this will help you decide which one is the right choice.

If you have any questions or comments on pre workouts or getting pumped up, please leave a response below.  I will respond quickly.


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  1. A very interesting article. Technical as well. I had no idea of what is needed to really get the muscles going. I usually focus on body weight type of exercises like push-ups and sometimes pull-ups. I take a cup of Carnivore before I go to bed. Is that a good idea?
    I have read that the body can use the protein while a person sleeps and it can help with protecting the muscles.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the input. Had never heard of Carnivor before, sounds a lot like meat! So I looked it up, and it seems to be a worthwhile product for you. The calories are low for the amount of protein you get which is very important.
      Also it has amino acids and Creatine which are great for recovery.
      Had not heard about taking it before bed, but I may look into it.
      What I do know is that taking this 30-45 minutes after a workout is the peak absorption time.
      If you wanted to try something new from this post, it would be Vintage Blast. It gets great results.
      Thanks again,

  2. I`ve got to say; usually I like to leave Criticism but your Website looks pretty good. And I will say here; I am from WA. You asked on WA for Criticism; and if you want to; you can leave a Critique on my website; but I am not sure that the comments section is working yet? But, please try? At any rate; your website drew me in. But, I can suggest breaking up the paragraphs a little more. And not only that; but putting more health benefits from the “Pump” Drinks you are suggesting. You might just tell People more about The Health Benefits; not just for getting into shape; but other Health Benefits; such as if these drinks can be used to lose weight. And if some of them; from drinking them; can lead to a longer life. Just stuff such as that.

    • Thanks for the great input and complement. I will take your advice about the health benefits. It is difficult to write so many words on such a small topic.
      You mentioned health benefits. These actually come from your increased performance after taking. As far as more health, the Legion Pulse product that I wrote about it an “all natural” pre workout supplement.

      I’ll check out your website if you can leave it for me.


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