What is the Best Pre Workout for Women – Yet Strong Enough for a Man.

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What is the Best Pre Workout for Women – Yet Strong Enough for a Man.


It seems like gyms, fitness advertisements and exercise products have always been male dominated.  There is definitely more of a man than woman ratio at most gyms, with exception with smaller gyms specializing in cardio based interval training.

These kind of specialized gyms along with the the standard weight lifting gyms, could both use the high energy boost that pre workouts bring.  From cycling to cross-fit, can all benefit from not only the Energy, but the motivation and focus that comes with it.

So let’s dedicate some time to find some of women’s needs when it comes to  pre workout supplements.

I will be answering a few questions such as, do women benefit from pre workout powders, do women need pre workout supplements and do women’s bodies metabolize pre workouts differently than men.  Lastly we will discuss what kind of pre workout is ideal for women, and then give some examples of  the best pre workout for women.


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Do Women Benefit from Pre Workout Supplements?

Luckily women will benefit from taking a pre workout supplement.  However, this does all depend on the type of fitness or sport that they are engaged in.  Pre workouts are more effective with anaerobic exercise which is a more intense physical exercise. Anaerobic exercise include weight training, sprinting, cross-fit, HIIT(high intensity interval training) and bicycling or exercise that consists of short exertion or a high intensity movement.

Aerobic exercises will not be as advantageous with taking pre workouts.  These include walking, dancing, hiking, jogging and swimming. These sports are endurance based and won’t use the full effects of the product because they don’t focus on strength.

womens-pre-workoutOf course, a woman’s body functions much like a man’s both chemically and physically.  This means that women can sometimes need additional energy and motivation also.

Speaking of motivation, the energy that is packed into a pre workout stimulates the brain mentally giving you this increased motivation and focus.  The pre workout boost and motivation can be key for women, because they don’t have the testosterone boost that men have.

Women will also benefit from the increase of oxygen being sent to your muscles.  The pre workout ingredients will send more blood pumping through your veins, and this increased blood flow makes you stronger and prolongs you endurance throughout the workout.

The blood carrying oxygen also goes to your brain creating that motivation and focus that we talked about.  This will help you work harder and be more efficient.

How Women Benefit from Using a Pre Workout

Unfortunately, women tend to gain weight easier than men.  The good news is that taking a pre workout can help you drop pounds.  Not only does it participate in burning calories by increasing your metabolism, but the fact that it increases your workout time, your efficiency and by pushing yourself harder all add up to burning more calories and faster resulting in increased weight loss.

So pre workout increases your metabolism, resulting in pushing yourself harder which get you better results such as more muscle gains.  If you have a low metabolism, this will be especially beneficial to keep up with the people who are blessed with that fast metabolism.

Here’s more about the focus gained through taking pre workout.  This is important because we need to concentrate on our goals and routine during our exercise session.  This is especially important if you have complex routines at the gym that you need to keep from slowing down or get sidetracked.  More good news is that you will keep this concentration and focus long after your workout.

women-pre-workoutI feel that the most important thing about taking a pre workout is the upgraded energy.  Pre-workout supplements give women increased strength, stamina and endurance for extreme exercise that produces real results.  You can accomplish your goals much easier this way.

Women can gain another advantage by taking pre workouts because it cuts down on soreness and recovery time by giving muscles the proper nutrients to rebuild the damaged tissue.

The BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) that pre workout supplements contain help the muscles recovering quickly in between exercises so you will be recharged to move to the next exercise more quickly.


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What Women Should Look for in a Pre Workout

Fundamentally women need more vitamins and minerals that men.  Your pre workouts include some key ingredients that women need including calcium, iron, chromium, vitamin C and biotin.  The some of the other active ingredients such as, Caffeine, Creatine and Nitric oxide are used just as much by both men and women.

We are talking about giving female athletes the nutrients, bcaa’s, amino acids and other energy boosts designed to help them get more out of their workout.   When choosing a pre workout, we should be looking for the basics like Creatine, Beta Alanine, L-citrulline and BCAAs.

Caffeine is a very important ingredient for energy.  However, some companies offer a caffeine-free product and claim that it gives the same results.  Some Organic Pre Workouts can be caffeine-free.  This can be very important if you are caffeine intolerant.

Why do Pre Workout Supplements Work Differently on Women VS. Menpre-workout-running

In general, women can be quite a bit lighter.  This will effect how much of any supplement is necessary to get the same effect.  This means that women would usually want to take less than the recommended serving size, unless the product is specially formulated for women.

In some cases, women can just be less tolerant of some ingredients.  Other factors include metabolism and fat percentage.  Also, the level of natural energy you have before taking anything can have different effects on different people.  Some are naturally just wired up.

It does seem like pre workout supplements are mostly marketed to men.  Probably because more men participate in the anaerobic or high intensity exercises that we discussed.  Maybe it’s just a macho thing that appeals to us men.

Luckily women’s muscles operate on the same basic mechanics as men, so there really is not that much of a difference between the way men and women process pre workouts.  However, I’ve research some recommendations for the best pre workouts for women.


Best Pre Workouts for Women

womens-fat-lossNLA for Her – Her Amino Burner – Click Here for $27.97 at Amazon

Unique formula for her.
This one gives you energy and fat burning in one.
Thermogenic fat burner for weight loss and increased metabolism.
BCAA’s to boost muscular performance burner plus energy
Supports mental focus, intensity and muscular strength.
NLA has may other products to help shred.




slim-fit-ignite-pre-workoutFit Miss Ignite – Click Here for $27.95 at Amazon

This one seems to be the best one out there for energy and weight loss.
Thermogenic fat loss supplement and energy booster in one.
Powered by 100mg of Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B6
Increases your bodies metabolism for a high level of sustained energy and workout motivation.





Skinny Fit Jump Start – Click here for $44.95 at Amazonskinny-fit-jump-start-pre-workout

Jump Start your workout.
Provides more motivation, focus, and endurance.
Contains BCAA’s to increase strength during workout.
Designed for women.
Skinny Fit prides itself with using “All Natural” Ingredients.




Legion Pulse Pre Workout – Click Here for $39.97 at Amazon

Best natural pre workout supplement for Women and Men
Powerful Nitric Oxide booster.
Effective for weight loss.
Creatine-free for less water retention.
Low caffeine but high energy.
“All natural” formula.



womens-pre-workoutRed Leaf Pre Workout Energizer – Click Here for $32.99 at Amazon.

Recommended “All Natural” aimed more for Women.
Green Tea and lower caffeine for a “jitter free” boost.
Plenty of Beta Alanine to reduce muscle fatigue and recharge between exercises.
Provides the essential Amino Acids needed for endurance.



Her Conclusion

Now we have a much better understanding about how pre workout supplements can benefit women and be quite useful to their workout routine.  We learned some brief insight on what women should look for in a pre workout, and a few recommendations for shopping.

Keep in mind, you can try all of the pre workouts that you wish due to their 30 day customer guarantee.  If you don’t like the product for any reason, just send it back for a refund.

We also talked about how men’s and women’s bodies aren’t so different from each other.  The physiological muscle aspect as well as the body chemistry are quite similar the way they process pre workouts ingredients the same way.   The main thing is the difference in weight.  Most nutritional supplements cater to men, so women may be able to benefit from less of a quantity.  Don’t forget that adding a pre workout to your exercise routine with help you burn more calories, therefore losing fat more quickly.

So go for it and upgrade your next workout to more energy and strength.   I hope to be doing a review in the near future for Ignite pre workout along with others that are listed as suggestions here.  This should help narrow down your search even more.

In the meantime, I recommend checking out some of the All Natural Pre Workouts and Organic Pre Workouts as a healthy alternative to the classic pre workouts.

If you have any questions regarding women’s pre workout supplements or have any additional information that you would like to share, please leave a comment below and I will be sure to respond.


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