What Is Tempo Studio? – The Best All-In-One Interactive Home Gym

What is Tempo Studio?  It’s a home exercise studio offering interactive streaming classes with real-time feedback from a personal trainer or the computer interface. The Tempo Studio Home Gym gives you the guidance of a certified trainer with the energy of a group exercise class.

What Is Tempo Studio

This is a unique kind of full body home gym.  It’s basically a 6′ tall by 2′ wide cabinet with a large 42″ HD touch screen.

This attractive Tempo “cabinet” contains a compartment to hold your workout equipment and weight bars hang neatly in the back.  All of the exercise equipment is included with your Tempo Fit Studio.

Behind the screen are motion capture technology and artificial intelligence monitors.  This system is also equipped with a built-in camera, microphone, speakers, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology.  It captures every detailed movement to assist you and the trainer to get the best workout possible.

The computer will also keep track of your calories burned, heart rate, number of reps, depth, and pace.

Live streaming classes provide real time, personalized feedback to help you with form, and to offer any corrections on body movements.  The live certified personal trainer as well as the group class setting is an excellent way to stay motivated.

You can even access a class at any time with a library of on-demand workouts at your disposal.  They are just like the live stream classes and are grouped according to your goals.

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Tempo Benefits

This state of the art equipment is the best way to stay motivated with a live streaming certified trainer.

  • Large HD interactive touchscreen
  • 7 live streaming exercise classes per day
  • Personal trainer input with group class energy
  • Less chance of injury with professional guidance
  • Library of on-demand classes for any goal
  • Membership includes other family members
  • Comes with weight and everything needed
  • Thousands of sensors accurately pinpoint every move
  • Records reps, weight, calorie burn, and heart rate
  • Phone app allows you to live-stream classes anywhere

Tempo Negatives

  • Connectivity depends on your Wi-Fi signal
  • Monthly membership as with any interactive gym
What is Tempo Fit -  Tempo Studio Features

What’s Included With the Tempo Studio Gym?

What Is Tempo Fit - Tempo gym lady doing shoulder press

The “Tempo Fit” Home Gym is more like a piece of furniture made out of high tensile aluminum with a 42″ HD touchscreen on it.  The finish won’t chip or rust and comes in black or white.

It comes with a high-speed internet connection and a computer processor that will provide continuous high-quality performance.
The unit is equipped with sensors, a built-in camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, microphone, and 60-watt stereo speakers.
The bottom half of the Tempo Studio acts as a cabinet that is made to neatly hold all of your workout equipment.  Behind the unit, the bars hang in an organized fashion.

Depending on which Tempo Fit Package you choose, your Tempo will come with bumper weight plates, dumbbells/collars, barbell, workout mat, recovery roller, heart rate monitor, adjustable weight bench, and folding squat rack. I will break down the three different packages below.

Even the base price Tempo unit includes everything necessary to get full-body, interactive home workouts.

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Tempo Studio Overview – What Is Tempo Studio

So far, there has been nothing but positive feedback about the Tempo Studio Home Gym.  The ability to meet with a personal trainer and participate in group exercises without leaving the home is perfect for a lot of our lifestyles.

The Tempo Gym concept came from modest beginnings and one mans dream.  Before the product reach production, Tempo was able to concentrate all of their efforts into making this system running as smoothly as possible.

A large part of their money and effort was put into the recognition system.  This way, not only would the customer receive the best training possible, but it would also help the trainer be able to guide the client in the best way possible.

Tempo Home Gym Review

What Is Tempo Fit - Tempo live class

One of Tempo’s major goals is to create intense, fun exercise classes while at the same time preventing injury with wrong movements.

This is the reason they have spent so much time perfecting their motion capture technology.
During on-demand classes, the computer system will help to guide your movements and indicates the best way to perform these exercises.
There is also an option to turn the sensors off during a live class for privacy.

These live classes are offered an average of 7 per day to make attendance as convenient as possible.

If you cant catch a live class, there is an entire library of on-demand classes to pick from.

On-demand classes are organized so you can work on certain goals such as the best exercise to burn calories or exercises to build muscle.

If you have the budget to for this type of technology, we feel that you will be satisfied with how well the Tempo Studio program is put together.

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Or, you can see a more thorough review at my Tempo Studio review.

Live Streaming Exercise Classes

The highlight of the Tempo Fit program is the live streaming, personalized exercise classes with a certified fitness coach.  The 3D sensors track your motion and analyze body form to enable the trainer to help you work smarter.

They will notify you in real time if you make a mistake or if you are doing something unsafe.  You can also turn off this mode so the instructor can’t see you.

The rest of the class won’t be able to see you, you will be competing with them on the leader board.  This gives you that invitation and energy of a group class.

On the screen, you will see your heart rate, calories burned, number of repetitions, and your pace.

Live streaming interactive classes are made to motivate you, keep you interested and energized, and prevent you from doing the exercises improperly.  All of this keeps your exercise routines challenging.

Tempo trainers focus on their ultimate goal which is giving you the best personalized workouts possible.


On-Demand Classes

At any time of the day, Tempo Studio gym offers hundreds of on-demand classes that you can choose from.  They are sorted by the type of exercise that you are looking for.

These on-demand classes feel much like the live streaming classes and there is still a leaderboard so you can compete with clients that have taken the class previously.  The touchscreen will help to guide you through the process which is very user friendly.

Artificial intelligence helps to guide you with visual cues and instant feedback.

As with live streaming, the monitor shows your heart rate, calories burned, reps, and pace.  It also keeps track of the amount of weight that you are using.

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Exercise Class Categories

What Is Tempo Fit - Tempo screen with stats

For both live streaming and on-demand classes, you can choose what kind of training you would like to work on.

Tempo instructors all have NASM training certifications.  This will ensure that you are getting a comprehensive, challenging, and safe workout.

Here are the main Tempo Fit categories to choose from:

HIIT Training

The acronym stands for high intensity interval training classes.  HIIT has become one of the most popular types of exercise.

It’s an intense workout but gets you in shape quickly as well as improving your endurance and speed.

The premise is short bursts of energy with short rest periods to boost your metabolism and heart rate.

Strength Training

Just like it sounds, this class will use heavier weights and is designed to both build lean muscle and increase muscle endurance. The new Tempo Kettlebell can even assist you in some Crossfit exercises.

Mobility Exercise

Combining different mobility techniques such as yoga and myofascial release, this program improves your quality of movement and makes you more limber.

Cardio Workout

These are the calorie-slashing and fat burner classes.  Cardio exercise increases your stamina and heart rate.  This one is fast-paced and will make your body leaner and stronger.


Lastly, recovery classes incorporated static stretching, breathing exercises, and work your muscles using the recovery roller provided.

Tempo Studio Review-Tempo Studio Programs

How the Tempo Studio Works

The Tempo Fit Studio emits pulses of infrared light at 30 times per second to generate 80,000 individual points of your essential joints and body parts.

It basically makes a 3D model of your body.  Then it quickly analyzes these movements to give you instantaneous feedback.

Tempo Studio will track your speed, depth, and quantity of movements.  At the same time, it monitors your heart rate to measure your workout intensity.

It keeps a database of how many reps you did for each workout, the amount of weight that you used, and your average heart rate.

The feedback goes straight to your trainer during live classes or the computer when using the on-demand workouts.

Some of this feedback includes leaning too far forward, not going deep enough, or arching your back too much.  It tracks your efficiency as well as helping your coach assess your moves.

Between the monitor, built-in camera, microphone, and speakers, you will get a full, interactive workout experience.

Tempo IOS App

With the Tempo Fit Gym, you can also live stream workouts at any time or anywhere on your phone.  You will also have access to your library of on-demand classes.

This phone app is a great tool that will enable you to take your home gym out of your home.  You can also use it to schedule upcoming live classes when you are away.

The app will allow you to track and share your Tempo Studio classes to social media or anyone in the classes. Tempo Fit app is included with your monthly membership and receives a 5-star rating.

Tempo Studio Pro - Tempo Studio Review

Tempo Studio Packages

As of spring 2021, Tempo Fit is now offering three different packaging levels. Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus, and Tempo Pro.

Each one of these options requires the same monthly membership dues, and the equipment works exactly the same. The price differences are from the amount of home gym equipment that you think you will need.

You could simply save money by starting out with the base package, and add more Tempo Studio Accessories at any time afterward.

Tempo Starter $2,495 or as little as $69/month

In addition to all the benefits that Tempo Studio provides, the base-priced set comes with over $1000.00 worth of home gym equipment including 90lbs of free weights.

Weight Plates

  • 1.25 lb x 4
  • 2.5 lb x 4
  • 5 lb x 4
  • 10 lb x 4


  • 5mm Workout Mat
  • 7.5 lb x 2 Dumbbell

All of this fits neatly into a cabinet in the back of the unit.

Tempo Plus $3,245 or as little as $90/month

With the Tempo Studio Plus, you will receive over $1750.00 worth of additional workout equipment that includes 165lbs of weights. This is the most popular Tempo Fit option.

Weight Plates

  • 1.25 lb x 4
  • 2.5 lb x 4
  • 5 lb x 4
  • 10 lb x 4
  • 25 lb x 2


  • 5mm Workout Mat
  • 7.5 lb x 2 Dumbbell
  • 25 lb x 1 Barbell
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Recovery Roller
  • Folding Bench

Tempo Pro $3,995 or as little as $111/month

The Tempo Pro provides over $2500.00 of home gym equipment and 255lbs of weight. This is the most comprehensive weightlifting set offered, giving you plenty of free weights to do heavy deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

Weight Plates

  • 1.25 lb x 4
  • 2.5 lb x 4
  • 5 lb x 4
  • 10 lb x 4
  • 25 lb x 2
  • 45 lb x 2


  • 5mm Workout Mat
  • 7.5 lb x 2 Dumbbell
  • 25 lb x 1 Barbell
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Recovery Roller
  • Folding Bench
  • Kettlebell System
  • Folding Squat Rack
  • Weight Plate Storage
Tempo Studio Review - Tempo studio bumper plates
What is Tempo Fit - Tempo Studio Bundles

Tempo Studio Price and Membership

The base Tempo Studio price is $2495.00 (plus tax and delivery) includes the entire package including the weights and heart monitor.  There will be a member of the Tempo Fit team for the delivery and set up.

The monthly membership required for $39.00.  This provides “all-access” to live streaming and unlimited on-demand classes from their extensive library.

Don’t forget that the membership fee includes a profile for everyone in the family.

Tempo Warranty

The Tempo Interactive Home Gym comes with a 3 year warranty that covers everything considered normal wear and tear.

30 Day Trial

There is also a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  You can return the unit for any reason for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.  This will help you determine whether or not you will be committed to this exercise program.

Tempo Financing

Tempo offers several different plans to finance with monthly payments.  Their online credit check will give you an immediate decision on your payment schedule.

The Competition

There are several big named companies such as Peloton and Bowflex that are offering interactive workout programs with monthly memberships.

At this time there are only two companies that offer a concept similar to Tempo.  These are the Echelon Reflect TouchScreen, Tonal Gym, and Mirror Interactive Gym.

⊕ The Echelon Reflect 50″ Touch Screen at $1599.00 is the best “mirror home gym” because of the ease of the touchscreen that the Mirror gym doesn’t have.  For $999.00 Echelon Reflect 40″ interactive home gym is a less expensive option.

Tonal Home Gym cost is $3,000 and then a $50.00 per month membership to use the services.  Although Tonal is more expensive, we don’t feel that it is necessarily a better product than Tempo because it gives a totally different workout.  I reveal more about this in my Tempo Vs Tonal review.

⊕ The Mirror Home Gym Cost is $1500 plus a $39.00 monthly membership fee.  It does offer live-streaming classes, and it is not a touchscreen.  However, the Mirror Gym is not interactive either.

The Mirror and Tonal are nowhere near as technologically advanced as Tempo Studio and doesn’t come with any of the exercise equipment.  One of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t offer the 3D scanning and recognition to read your movements as Tempo Interactive Gym does.

Because of this, the trainer is not able to help or correct your movements.  This makes it difficult to get proper feedback.  My Tempo Studio Reviews show that Tempo is the most advanced and versatile for what it is.  However, it all depends on what your individual fitness goals are.

What Is the “Tempo Mirror”

We brought this up because it is a common misunderstanding.  It’s not a Tempo workout mirror because Tempo is made to work differently than “mirror” exercise gyms, it’s not another wall mount home gym.

Instead, it contains the most advanced 3D body motion sensors available to help the trainer and computer be more interactive during classes.

Thousands of sensors monitor every joint and body movement which helps you to get the most efficient and safest workout possible.  It constantly tracks your body to teach you how to get a more efficient and safer workout.

What Is Tempo Fit - Man using tempo fit gym

What Is the Tempo Studio Conclusion

Tempo Studio home gym seems to be the most interactive and the best system to get a full-body workout with a live trainer from home.

It offers live streaming classes with real-time personalized feedback and insights.  It’s the guidance of a personal trainer with the energy of a group class.  Tempo offers 7 live streaming classes per day along with a library of on-demand classes.

3D body sensors allow you to enjoy an interactive workout with either the certified trainer or the computer interface.

The Tempo monthly membership is less than a gym membership plus it comes with a profile for everyone in the household.

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