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What is a pre workout supplement for?  A pre workout supplement is the best product available to boost your physical performance during exercise.  Pre workouts are scientifically developed with effective yet healthy ingredients.

These ingredients are developed to energize and give increased muscle endurance.  Pre workout will have you moving faster, further and harder, outperforming the competition and even increasing muscle mass.

So you will know more about pre workout supplements, I’m going to list the many benefits, the various types available and what ingredients to look for to get the best one.

What Is A Pre Workout Supplement For - pre workout section on store shelves

What Is A Pre Workout Supplement For

A pre workout is a performance enhancing supplement that can be used for many different sports and activities.  It is a safe and effective product that contains just a few key, naturally found ingredients.

The more difficult or intense the exercise, the harder and more effective a pre workout will perform.  Pre workout ingredients provide more energy and muscle endurance than any other legal exercise supplement.

This added performance will help you reach your goals faster and more easily.  The difference is noticeable enough that you will want to be this energized for every workout.

In the past, this supplement has been targeted more towards bodybuilding and weightlifting than anything else.  However, it is safe and effective for running, cycling, Crossfit, HIIT, exercise classes or team sports.

Blind studies have shown that when a group using a pre workout compared to a group taking a placebo, the pre workout group improved their speed, decision making time and reaction time.


What is a pre workout for - fit girl working outBenefits from a Pre Workout

Most pre workout benefits result in improved athletic performance.   Number one is the crazy amount of energy that you will get.  Caffeine is a major part of this energy and will last through the entire workout.

Another critical benefit from this energy is that it jump starts motivation and improves focus.  These are useful for getting a more intense and longer workout as well as being more efficient.

The more efficient the workout, the more strength gains, speed, weight loss and other goals can be accomplished.

Pre workouts boost adrenaline to increases overall athletic ability and you will feel less perceived physical effort.  This makes it easier to exercise harder and longer.

The additional strength and endurance come from the Amino Acid proteins.  The Aminos act to bring more nutrients, oxygen, and hydration to your muscle fibers, making them stronger and keeping them from fatiguing as quickly.

Endurance is critical, and the enhanced blood flow helps your muscles to full recovery more quickly between exercises, sprints, or movements to allow less resting time.

A pre workout can also act as a thermogenic helping to break down fat cells.  In addition to this, the energy will burn fat cells first before using carbohydrate reserves.

If you have any questions or comments about pre workouts benefits, please leave them below and I will respond.


Is Pre Workout Safe

Although there is no such thing as an FDA approved pre workout, the individual ingredients in it are.  The entire exercise nutrition industry is basically unregulated.   However, these are safe supplements that are manufactured specifically for healthy, fitness minded people.

If taken properly, a pre workout supplement does not come with side effects.  Any issues concerning these supplements generally come from taking too much.  They are very strong, especially in regards to the Caffeine.  Be sure to always start small when trying a new pre workout.


There Is a Type of Pre Workout For Everyone

There are several different kinds of pre workouts available based on individual fitness and diet goals.  Pre workouts come in many different strengths, flavors, and price points.  Some contain healthier ingredients, and others even help to burn fat.

Traditional Pre Workouts

I call this category “traditional” because they have been the industry standard for a long time, are the most popular and have the coolest advertising.  These traditional pre workouts are usually the least expensive and the strongest.  They are very effective.

However, our views on diet are changing.  Unfortunately, they contain artificial colors, flavors, and sugars.  These are still safe products and are packed with healthy Amino Acids.

What is a pre workout for - natural ingredient logoAll Natural Pre Workouts

These are the second most consumed type of pre workout.  All natural pre workouts are usually quite strong and very effective.  The best part is that they do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or sugars.

This is important to those that don’t want artificial ingredients in their diet.  Many times “All Natural” products in this category are advertized incorrectly and mistaken for Organic, so don’t be fooled by this.

Organic Pre Workouts

 What is a pre workout for- usda organic sealOrganic is the fasted up and coming category of pre workouts.  They don’t contain any artificial ingredients but also go a step further.

The ingredients in Organic pre workouts aren’t grown or processed using any man-made chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

If they are made with animal products, these animals must be eating Organic feed.  Because of the Organic Caffeine and Amino Acids, these pre workouts are generally not as concentrated in strength.

Vegan Pre Workouts

This type of pre workout is made without the use of any meat or dairy products.  All of the ingredients including the Caffeine and Amino Acids must be plant-based.

Plant-based Aminos are not as concentrated as animal-based, but a good Vegan formula will still provide you with the essentials for endurance and muscle growth.

The majority of Vegan pre workouts are not approved Organic, but there are a few great Organic Vegan Pre Workouts.

Caffeine Free Pre Workouts

This is a popular category since stimulants give some of us the jitters or anxiety.  The energy zoom from a Caffeine Free Pre Workout is not quite as powerful, but they combine additional quantities of other effective ingredients to make up for this.

Many of the Organic and Vegan pre workouts have a reduced amount of Caffeine in case if you are somewhat Caffeine tolerant.  Be sure to chcck the label.

What is a pre workout for - man measuring stomachFat Burning Pre Workouts

Pre Workouts for fat burn include thermogenic ingredients.  This will speed up the metabolism and heat up the body to burn more calories than ever before.

The combination of these ingredients along with intense exercise powered by a pre workout supplement will burn fat at a high rate.

This supplement is one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight.  It is also the best way to keep weight off long term.


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Pre Workout Ingredients



This is the most important pre workout ingredient for energy.  Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is used to boost performance, endurance and even help with weight loss.

It is sometimes accompanied by a product called Theacrine or Teacrine.  This is another form of Caffeine that is naturally derived from a tea leaf.  An advantage to this form of Caffeine is that the body doesn’t build up a tolerance to it like other forms.

What is a pre workout for - amino acid moleculeL-Citrulline and L-Arginine

These are two of the most important Amino Acids in a pre workout.  Both of these work to increase the amount of Nitric Oxide in your body.

This causes vascularization of the blood vessels which then enables them to deliver more nutrients, oxygen, and hydration to your muscle fibers.  Because of this, you will have greater endurance, less chance of fatigue and brings faster muscle recovery between exercises.


Another important Amino that increases the amount of carnosine.  Increasing carnosine buffers hydrogen accumulation in the muscle during intense exercise, therefore improving muscle performance.  Beta-Alanine also increases training volume and promotes muscle growth.

What is a pre workout for - creatine powder scoopCreatine

This substance is naturally made in your body for a primary fuel source in the muscles.   When supplemented, it improves strength and enables the body to perform at higher intensities.

Creatine is also one of the most important ingredients to promote muscle growth.  Because of this, many athletes take additional pre or post workout supplementation of this product.

BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

These are three Amino Acids called Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.  They are responsible for protein synthesis, muscle growth, and recovery.  BCAA’s also help to increase strength, muscular endurance, and training volume.

You will see other Amino such as L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine and Glutamine.  They perform many roles from protein synthesis to improved mental clarity.

Vitamins and Minerals

Many pre workouts include several B Vitamins to support natural energy.  You may also find certain minerals such as potassium and sodium that are used as electrolytes.


What Is A Pre Workout Supplement For – Wrap Up

What is a pre workout for - man drinking pre workoutIf you are looking for the best performance booster for your exercise routine, a pre workout is the most effective and strongest type of supplement that you can use.

Pre workout supplements are scientifically designed to give you the maximum amount of energy and muscle endurance.

They enable one to be faster, stronger and more motivated than ever before.  A pre workout works well with any type of intense exercise from running to Crossfit to weightlifting.  It’s used by both athletes and amateurs.

It can be used when you’re feeling blah and need a pick me up, or working to reach new fitness levels.  Pre workout supplements are a safe and healthy performance enhancing alternative made for fitness minded individuals.

If you have any questions besides, what is a pre workout supplement for, please leave them below and I will respond.


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