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What is a pre workout powder?  If you are looking for something to improve your athletic performance and increase your energy in your exercise program, this is what you are looking for.

Pre workouts contain a few simple ingredients that are not only safe but will help to meet your goals faster than any other nutritional supplement.  This supplement is to be taken about 30 minutes before your workout, so when it hits your bloodstream, you will have greater muscle strength and endurance.

A pre workout supplements have been essential in my workouts when I want both motivation and gains.  Because of this, I will list all of the benefits that you can get from a pre workout and how they affect the body.  I’ll also go over the different types of pre workouts that suit each individual, and a rundown of the ingredients that they contain.


What Is a Pre Workout Powder - man drinking pre workoutWhat Is a Pre Workout Powder

A pre workout is a performance enhancing supplement that can be used for many different athletic activities.  The more intense the sport is, the more advantageous it is.

Although a pre workout is most popular in the weightlifting world, many athletes and amateurs use it for Crossfit, HITT training, exercise classes, running and team sports.

Pre workout powders are a simple combination of natural ingredients that are formulated to give you the strongest results.

These ingredients provide you with more muscle endurance and energy than any other legal supplement.   The two main components for this are Amino Acid proteins and Caffeine.  Although there are Caffeine Free pre workouts if you are intolerant to this stimulant.

The results are so good that many gym-goers prefer to use this performance enhancer with every workout.  It can help you meet your goals more quickly and easier.

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Benefits from a Pre Workout

The ingredients have been scientifically developed to energize and increased muscle endurance.

A pre workout will force you to go harder, and longer, therefore making gains faster than before.

The Caffeine energy will spike your motivation and give you more focus to get you “in the Zone”.  This energy will last through your entire exercise routine.  Between the added vigor and strength, a pre workout provides the feeling of less perceived exertion, making it easier to push yourself.

⇒Blind studies have shown that the group using a pre workout supplement compared to the group taking a placebo, the pre workout group improved their speed, decision making time and their reaction time.

Here is a complete list of the pre workout benefits.  Of course, not everyone will get every benefit since our bodies are all different.

  • What Is a Pre Workout Powder - man picking up tireIntense energy
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Makes you feel stronger
  • Boosts motivation and focus
  • More efficient workout routines
  • Provides greater speed
  • Less perceived physical effort
  • Jump starts adrenaline to increase athletic ability
  • Longer muscle endurance
  • Muscles recover faster between exercises
  • Circulates more nutrients and oxygen to muscle
  • Helps with muscle fatigue
  • Thermogenic ingredients burn fat before energy stores
  • Torches calories at a much faster rate


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Are Pre Workout Powders Safe

What Is a Pre Workout Powder - FDA logoAlthough there is no such thing as an FDA approved pre workout, the ingredients by themselves are.   The majority of products in the exercise supplement industry are regulated.  The exception is Organic products.

However, if a pre workout is every deemed unsafe, the FDA will remove it from the shelves.  Pre Workout powders do not come with any long term health issues unless taken improperly.  The most important thing to remember is not to overdo it on the quantities.

Pre workout supplements are made specifically for fitness minded, healthy people.  Companies in this industry strive to have the safest, quality products.


Types of Pre Workout Powders to Choose From

There are several different categories with pre workout supplements.  They are based on individual fitness and diet goals.  Pre workouts can come in different ingredient qualities, flavors, strengths, and price points.  They go from the strongest ingredients possible to the most natural.


Traditional Pre Workouts

These are the most popular, heavily advertised and can have the best prices.  They tend to also have the highest Caffeine and Amino Acid quantities.  However, they do contain artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

These are still safe products to use and are very effective.  This category was the industry standard, but some of us are trying to limit the about of potentially harmful ingredients that we consume.


All Natural Pre Workouts

All natural pre workouts are an excellent choice because they are equally as strong and very effective.  The key benefit is that they don’t contain artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

All natural is my personal preference in pre workout supplements.  Fortunately for me, there are even more options for this category popping up all the time.


Organic Pre Workouts

What Is a Pre Workout Powder - usda organic sealI can see why Organic pre workouts are the biggest up and coming category.  Like all natural, they don’t contain any artificial ingredients.

However, they step it up a notch.  Organic products can’t be processed or grown using any man-made chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

Any animal products that are used must be from animals that eat Organic feed.  Although Organic pre workouts contain the purest ingredients, the Organic Caffeine and Amino Acids may not be as concentrated in these.


Vegan Pre Workouts

Vegan or vegetarian is just like it sounds, these products are made without any meat or dairy products.  100% plant based ingredients.  Some feel that Vegan is the healthiest type of diet.

Plant-based foods are not as concentrated in Amino Acids as animal-based.  However, a good Vegan formula will provide you with the essentials that you need for energy, muscle endurance, and growth.

Many Vegan pre workouts are not approved Organic.  But these are my recommendations on a couple of them that are both…  Organic Vegan Pre Workouts.


Caffeine Free Pre Workouts

Many people are intolerant of stimulants.  The side effects include anxiety, jitters and stomach discomfort.  Some pre workouts have up to 400mg of Caffeine!

A Caffeine Free Pre Workout combines additional quantities of the other key ingredients to make up for the loss of Caffeine.

Organic and Vegan pre workouts tend to have a reduced amount of Caffeine, so this may be better for those that are sensitive.


Fat Burning Pre Workouts

What Is a Pre Workout Powder - burn fat signThere are a few excellent Pre Workouts for fat burn which include thermogenic ingredients.

It speeds up metabolism and heats up your body to increase calorie burn.  The combination of intense exercise along with these ingredients burns fat at a high rate.

These types of pre workouts are the safest and most effective way to lose weight.  They are also the best way to keep it off long term.


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What Is in a Pre Workout Powder

Pre workouts are scientifically developed to give you the best athletic performance with effective yet healthy ingredients.



This stimulant is the most effective ingredient in a pre workout out when it comes to energy.  The energy also increases the motivation and focus to give you a more efficient workout.  Besides energy, Caffeine also helps to boost athletic performance, muscle endurance and even works as a thermogenic to increase weight loss.

You may also see a Caffeinated product in pre workouts called Teacrine.  This form of Caffeine is naturally derived from tea leaves.  An advantage to Teacrine is that the body does not build up a tolerance to it as easily, making it more effective for the long run.


What is a pre workout for - amino acid moleculeL-Citrulline and L-Arginine

These are two Amino Acids that work to maintain muscle endurance and help muscles recover 100% between exercises.

I feel that these are the most important Amino Acids in a pre workout.  They work to increase the amount of Nitric Oxide that the body produces.

Nitric Oxide causes vascularization of the blood vessels.  This enables them to deliver more oxygen, nutrients, and hydration to the muscle to help them perform harder and longer, getting a more intense workout.  It will also keep you from fatiguing as quickly.


Beta Alanine

This is a key Amino found in pre workouts to fight fatigue and works best when it comes to high intensity muscle performance.  It does this by increasing the amount of carnosine.

Carnosine buffers hydrogen accumulation in muscles during intense exercise which works to improve performance.  Beta Alanine also increases training volume as well as promoting muscle growth.


What is a pre workout for - creatine powder scoopCreatine

This substance is made naturally in your body and works as a primary fuel source within the muscles.  Adding Creatine improves strength and it enables your body to perform work at higher intensities.

Creatine is also proven to promote muscle growth.  This supplement is widely used by athletes because of its strength and muscle building capabilities.


BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

This is a series of three Amino Acids called Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.  These Aminos are responsible for muscle growth, protein synthesis, and muscle recovery.  BCAA’s help to increase strength, training volume, and muscular endurance.

You will find many other Amino Acids in a pre workout such as L-Tyrosine, L-Taurine and Glutamine.  These perform many roles in the body from protein synthesis to improving mental clarity.


Vitamins and Minerals

A lot of  pre workouts include B Vitamin complexes to support natural energy.  Many of them also contain minerals such as sodium and potassium that are used as electrolytes.


What Is A Pre Workout Powder Conclusion

What Is a Pre Workout Powder - woman loading barbellA pre workout powder is a nutritional supplement designed to provide the maximum amount of energy and performance for any intense exercise routine.

This performance enhancing product is used by athletes, amateurs, and fitness minded individuals for everything from Crossfit to running.

Pre workout powders are to be taken 30 minutes before exercise to give you more strength and muscle endurance.  These powders are made from naturally found, simple and safe ingredients.

Whether you just need the motivational pick me up, or are training to reach a new goal, a pre workout powder is the most effective supplement out there.  It will help you with speed, strength and to be more efficient in your training.

If you have any questions or comments on what is a pre workout powder, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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