What Does Pre Workout Do For You – Should I Take Pre Workout?


Pre workout supplements are used by athletes around the world and is a top selling supplement for many good reasons.  But you may wonder, what does pre workout do for you?  All evidence says that Pre workouts work.  The benefits include an incredible energy boost, longer muscle endurance, and increased strength.

Pre workouts are not only used by athletes that need this edge, but it also extends to runners, weightlifters,  Crossfit and even team sports.  Personally, I’ve been using pre workouts on and off since I was 16, so I should have a good bit of experience to offer on this as well.

We will be discussing if this performance enhancing supplement is right for you and your exercise routine.  The benefits of pre workout along with any negatives.  Briefly talk about pre workout ingredients, and also when should you take a pre workout.

What Does Pre Workout do for You

The benefits of using a pre workout are high.  If you are on the fence about these supplements, I’m going to go over the multiple benefits of taking pre workouts and how they can benefit you.  Pre workouts are made for people that focus on their health and fitness, so pre workout manufactures strive to make their supplements as healthy and effective as possible.

Pre Workout Energy

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - woman running on fireAs you may already know, the most prominent thing about a pre workout is the energy and strength that it brings to your workouts. The other effects are that the energy from pre workouts will give you more efficient results because of your speed and focus.

You will move faster and think quicker and be more alert.   The most important part for me is the motivation that this energy brings.  I don’t always feel like pushing myself, so this enables me to go for it anyway.

This allows you to get through your exercise routine harder and faster while getting more done.  Because of this energy, you will have a more productive and a more intense workout overall.  The energy will more than propel you until the end of your workout.

Much of this boost is from the effects of the Caffeine, in addition to the other ingredients at work.  If you happen to be Caffeine intolerant, no problem.  There are several great Caffeine Free pre workout supplements.

Pre Workout for Weight Loss

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - man measuring stomachPre Workout is by far the best legal way to get that extra energy and motivation for your workouts.    One that is very important for many of us is the pre workout fat burner.

Pre workouts, especially those that include thermogenic properties, will increase your metabolism and increase your body temperature to burn calories faster than ever.  So, pre workouts are good for weight loss.  Pre workouts also contain Caffeine which is a natural stimulant proven to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning.

Because of the energy and focus that a pre workout gives you, your workouts become more intense, efficient and for a longer period of time than you ordinarily would.  Between the pre workout raising your metabolic rate, and getting a more intense workout, these calorie burning effects are more efficient and healthier than any weight loss supplement.


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Pre Workout Strength

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - man performing deadliftThe ingredients in pre workouts actually give you more strength and keep your muscles from fatiguing.  For me, the effects of my pre workout push this increase strength and performance for several hours.  Did I  mention that pre workouts are the best supplement for muscle growth?

The reason for this additional strength and endurance is that a pre workout increases the blood flow to your muscles which supplies them with more Oxygen, nutrients and Amino Acids than it normally would.  This enables the muscles to recover quicker in between exercises.

If you were in a competitive sport, you will have a strength advantage over others.  When going up against another adversary, you may have the speed, quickness, and strength to get the upper hand.  If you are at the gym, you will have increased strength to compete with your own biggest critic, yourself.

Pre Workout For A Healthier Lifestyle

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - couple runningWhat does pre workout do for you and your health?  Pre workout supplements not only give you focus and energy while exercising, but these positive effects linger for the rest of your day.  If you have found a good supplement that works for you, you will also be rewarded a good nights sleep for your hard work.

You will also reap the benefits of increased dopamine in the brain.  Rigorous exercise is proven to naturally increases your mental disposition and even fight depression.  Studies have shown that the effects of a demanding exercise routine keep you happier, more focused and of course, have more energy for hours after your workout.

Pre workouts give you that motivation and focus that you need to get in shape, therefore feeling better about oneself.  This is one reason why people that exercise continue to include this in their lifestyle.

For many, this pre workout push is enough to get out of their bland routine an go for it.   If you’re like me, not every day is on fire!  Pre workout can be taken without any repercussions, and it is especially helpful when you feel like you’re in a slump.  Not only will it maximize your exercise, but it is a great pick-me-up.

If you have any comments are suggestions on how to take pre workout or which one is right for you, please leave it in the box at the bottom of the post and I will respond.


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Pre Workout Studies

Many studies show that pre workout supplements really work.  Athletes using them outperform those that don’t.  Why not get that additional boost to blow away the competition.

“It may be beneficial for resistance trained males to consume a proprietary pre-workout supplement containing beta-alanine, creatine, BCAAs, and caffeine when wanting to improve lower body strength. It seems likely, based on the available research, that taking the pre-workout supplement for an extended period of time in combination with exercise is safe and can lead to beneficial changes in strength and body composition.”

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition


This trial is aimed at the difference in performance for cyclists and runners.  This gives you an example of a sport other than weight lifting.

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - cyclists racing“Researchers found that workout supplements increased race times by an average of 3%, an equivalent to 2 minutes an hour. In some cases, race times improved by 17%.  Similarly, workout supplements increased performance times with cyclists by 27%. Birmingham University Scientists

Runners who had a pre workout supplement before running a 5K improved their time by about 2 percent as compared to when they didn’t take anything. That means if you run a 45 minute 5K, a workout supplement could help cut off a minute and a half.”

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport


Is Pre Workout for Everyone?

I’m glad you asked.  First of all, it can be used for most sports or fitness activities.  Practically anything from exercise classes, the gym, running, Crossfit, cycling, and anything else that you could use extra performance for.  Probably not before Yoga class.

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Exercise

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - woman doing crossfitThe activities or sports that pre workout is the most helpful for are considered Anaerobic exercise.  Anaerobic means high intensity activities.   These are considered non-endurance sports that require short bursts of strength and energy.  Most of these Anaerobic activities promote strength, speed, and power.  If this describes the kind of exercise that you are into, then a pre workout is a better fit for you.

The exercises that don’t benefit as much from pre workout supplements are called Aerobic exercise.  Aerobic exercise is more of a long term cardio that consists of mainly endurance exercise.

These exercises include long-distance running and swimming.  This also includes marathons and triathlons.  If you are into these kinds of sports, pre workout supplements may not do as much for you.  On the other hand, certain kinds of cardio exercises such as a 5K, work well with a pre workout.

Do I Need Pre Workout?

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - man drinking pre workoutSo far, we have made several positive points for taking a pre workout.  Many gym-goers don’t use pre workout at all, so it is by no means mandatory.  We don’t all have the same different goals, and our bodies perform differently.

Personally, I need that extra push once in a while.  I don’t take pre workout every day, but I make sure that I do on the days that I know that I will really need it.  Especially on leg days or other times that I know I’m going to train harder.

You may have enough natural motivation on your own or just a cup of coffee may suffice.   Today it was dark, dreary and raining.  If I hadn’t had the help of a pre workout, I would have just stayed home.  So if you are feeling guilty because you are too tired to exercise, just take your pre workout and jump in the car.  By the time you get there, your workout motivation will be kicking in.

Is Pre Workout Safe?

Most pre workouts keep it simple, using a mixture of Caffeine and Amino Acids to give that extra push.  That being said, there are not many ingredients here to affect you negatively.

After doing my of research on this topic, pre workout supplements are safe.  Of course, we all react differently to different stimuli.  Some people may be sensitive to some ingredients and even have an allergy to them.

pre-workout-side-effectsThe worst side effect can be caused by taking to much.  I’m going to call this “user error”.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done it.  My theory in life has always been “more is better”.  Unfortunately, this does not work when it comes to taking supplements.

Taking more than the recommended amount, especially the first time with a new product can cause migraine headaches, anxiety, nausea, sleepless nights, or the caffeine jitters.  Start with 1 serving(1 scoop) and move your way up slowly from there.  Since I have developed a certain tolerance to pre workouts, I find myself taking around 1 1/2 scoops.

For more information on this topic, see Are Pre Workouts Bad as well as FDA Approved Pre Workout.

The Pre Workout Conclusion

What Does Pre Workout Do For You - woman doing squatsAs you can see, there are many things that a pre workout can do for you.  From an intense rush of energy to improved strength to increased muscle growth.  The benefits of a pre workout will maximize any exercise routine.  It will bring you the additional motivation and focus to help you reach your exercise goals more efficiently.

Pre workout keeps your muscles from getting fatigued from the rush of the Amino Acids.  You will be able to have shorter rest times between exercises and maintain your muscle strength throughout your workout.

It is proven that an intense exercise program, with the help of a pre workout can give you a happier healthier life.  I also went over the benefits of pre workout and healthy weight loss.  Pre workout is an efficient fat burner.

Pre workouts supplements are more effective when performing Anaerobic exercise, which are high intensity and short exertion activities.  Aerobic exercise or endurance activities will not show as many benefits from a pre workout.

The fact is that pre workouts are safe.  The most common cause of discomfort is by consuming too much.  This can cause headaches, jitters and nausea.  Always start out with the recommended amount, especially the first time you are using a new product.

If you have any questions or comments on anything pre workout, please leave them below and I will respond.


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