What does pre workout do for you – Should I take pre workout?


Pre workout supplements have been on the shelves and marketed world wide for many years now.  It has been a very successful market for the nutritional supplement companies because they work.

Pre workouts are mostly used within the fitness community that extends to runners, weightlifters and even team sports.  Personally, I’ve been using pre workouts on and off since I was 16, so I have a lot of experience to add on this topic.

The benefits of using a pre workout are high.  It is by far the best legal way to get that extra energy and motivation for your workouts.  If you are on the fence about pre workouts, we will be discussing if this performance enhancing supplement is right for you and your exercise routine.  There are also multiple other benefits that pre workout will do for you including increased metabolism and weightloss.

What does pre workout do for you and your health. Pre workout supplements not only give you focus and energy while exercising, but these positive effects linger for the rest of your day.  If you have found a good supplement that works for you, you will be rewarded a good nights sleep for your hard work.

What Does Pre Workout do for You

As you probably know, the most prominent thing about a pre workout is the energy and strength that it brings to your workouts.  If you’re like me, not every day is on fire!  Pre workout can be taken everyday without any repercussions, but it is especially helpful when you feel like you’re in a slump.  Not only will it maximize your exercise, but it can be used solely as a pick-me-up.

The other effects is that the energy from pre workouts will give you more efficient results.  You will move faster and think quicker and be men-pre-workoutmore alert.  This allows you to get through your exercise routine quicker while getting more done.

The boost that you feel are mainly the effects of the Caffeine, though there are many other ingredients at work to help with endurance and muscle recovery.  If you happen to be Caffeine intolerant, not problem.  They now make Caffeine Free pre workout supplements.

The ingredients in pre workouts actually give you more strength and enable you to go longer.  For me, the effects  of my pre workout usually lasts up to two hours.  Which is fine because who wants to exercise longer than that.  Because of this energy along with more strength and focus, motivates you to have more productive and overall more intense workout.

woman-treadmillAlso, pre workout helps you shred fat and burn calories.  Because of the energy and focus that if gives you, your workouts become more intense and usually longer and more efficient then you ordinarily would.  So pre workout will enable you to burn fat indirectly by making you go harder.

Along with giving you these benefits, pre workout also increases the blood flow to your muscles and supplies your muscles with amino acids to use.  This enables the muscles to recover quicker in between exercises.

If you are in a competitive sport, you will have the advantage over others.  When going up against another adversary, you may have the speed and quickness to get the upper hand.  If you are at the gym, you will be pushing harder to compete against yourself.  That is, unless you want to have a squat or bench contest.

Let me add one more benefit about pre workouts.  Some studies have shown that the effects of the pre workout keeps you happier, more focused and of course have more energy for hours after your workout.  The effects keep on giving.  Just be sure not to take your pre workout late in the evening, or you won’t be very happy being sleepless in your bed.

If you have any comment are suggestion on how to take pre workout or any special way that you use them, please leave it in the box at the bottom of the post and I will respond.

Is Pre Workout for Everybody?

I’m glad you asked.  First of all, it can be used for most sports or fitness activities.  Practically anything in the gym, sprints, cycling, etc.  Probably don’t want to take it before  Yoga.

bicycling-pre-workoutThe activities or sports that pre workout is helpful are is in the category of Anaerobic exercise.  The exercises in this category  are high intensity activities.   These are considered non-endurance sports even though they are pretty aggressive.  These are the activities that promote strength, speed and power.

So if this describes yourself, then pre workout is a good fit for you.

The exercises that do not benefit from pre workout supplements are called Aerobic exercise.  Aerobic exercise is generally called cardio and it consists of mainly endurance exercise.

These exercises include long distance running and swimming.  This should include marathons and triathlons.  If you are in this category, pre workout supplements may not do as much for you. However, certain kinds of cardio exercise work well with a pre workout.  Short fast distances as opposed to marathon running.  For these, you may just want to stick with lots of Caffeinated coffee.

If you have a low tolerance to Caffeine, then most pre workouts aren’t for you.  However, they are now making a few high rated non-caffeinated pre workouts that you may want to try.  You can see my review on the Best Caffeine Free pre workouts if you click here.

Are There any Negatives to Taking a Pre Workout?

After doing a good bit of research on this topic, pre workout supplements in general are pretty safe.  Of course, we all react differently to different stimuli.  Some people may be sensitive to some ingredients and even have an allergy to them.

pre-workout-side-effectsThe worst side effect us taking too much quantity of pre workout.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done it.  My theory in life has always been “more is better”.  Unfortunately this goes with taking supplements.  But don’t do it!

Not unless you like migraine headaches and staying up all night, or the caffeine jitters.  Start with the recommended amount of 1 serving(1 scoop) and go up slowly from there.  If it is your first time taking a pre workout that is new to you, it is recommended that you take 1/2 of a serving and work your way up..

When Should I Take Pre Workout?crossfit-pre-workout

So far, we have made several positive points about taking pre workout.  Many gym goers don’t use pre workout at all, so it is by no means mandatory.  We all have different needs, are made differently and react to differently to stimuli.

Personally, I need the extra push once in a while.  I don’t take pre workout everyday, but make sure that I do on the days that I know that I will really need it.  As well as. on the days that I know that I’m going to train hard.

You may have enough motivation to get a hard workout at the gym with no stimulant, or perhaps just an energy drink.  Today it was dark, dreary and raining, so I felt that I needed to use my pre workout or I would have just stay home.

One thing that you may considered and that I have noticed is the changes with age.  I just don’t have the energy or motivation that I used to.  I need to rely on my pre workout a little bit more recently, especially on the days that I’m not wanting to go.  Don’t hold back if you need to use your pre workout more often after age 40.  It’s totally natural to be tired sometimes.

pre-workout-drinkSometimes on day that I don’t really feel like doing anything at all but I know that I need to, I’ll take my pre workout at home and just wait for the effects to kick in.  All of the sudden, I feel like I can jump in the car and go to the gym.  If I hadn’t have taken the pre workout, I would have ended up watching TV or taking a nap all afternoon.

For more information on critical timing when taking a pre workout, have a post on just that called “pre workout timing is everything” if you click here.

The Pre Workout Conclusionwoman-weight-lifting

The benefits of pre workout is a “no brainer” when it comes to maximizing your workout.  This, accompanied  with a Good Post Workout Protein gives you the entire gamma, from muscle energy to muscle recovery.

While discussing what a pre workout does, we discovered that if brings energy and motivation to your workouts.  This in turn, pushes you to be more efficient and for a longer duration.  Pre workout supplements give you increased strength, power and stamina.

Pre workouts are more effective for Anaerobic exercise, which is high intensity and short exertion activities.  Aerobic exercise or “cardio” such as long distance running do not benefit as much from the effects of a pre workout supplement.

There are not really an negatives things that can happen when taking a pre workout supplements.  The most common problem is when people take too much.  This can cause headaches, jitters and nausea.  Please start out with the recommended amount.

The benefits of pre workout go beyond just a boost of energy.  It also acts as a fat burner, burning calories from a more intense workout.  Pre workout also motivates you which, in turn makes for a more efficient and better workout.  All of this points to the question of, should I take pre-workout.  Now that you have more information, the choice is up to you.

If you would like to experience more performance and hydration during the course of your workout, many fitness junkies take Intra Workout or BCAA’s as a continuation of their pre workout supplement.

If you can add anymore information on pre workouts to this post or want to tell us what pre workout does for you, feel free to comment or make any suggestions in the box below and I will respond.pre-workout-energy




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