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Product:   Vintage Blast Pre Workout
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Container size:  306 grams or 20 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:  4.5 out of 5
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Pros and Cons:   Brags on it’s two stage formula.  Contains “All Natural Pre Workout Ingredients”.  Price is on the higher end for pre workouts per container on the market.  Was only able to find one flavor.

Vintage Blast Pre Workout, Product Overview

If you have ever felt like you needed more energy and to be super charged during your workout, this pre workout supplement may be your solution.  Sometimes it seems like other guys and girls in the gym are jacked and full of energy and motivation.

Of course, some this has to do with genetic factors and age.  But, with Vintage Blast, you could step up your workout to another level.  I was surprised myself how pre workouts can improve every aspect of you workout routines.

Starting with the Retro label, Vintage Blast has powerful ingredients as well as being an “All Natural Pre Workout”.   We will discuss the ingredients that set this pre workout apart, and Vintage Blast’s two stage release system that is highly formulated to keep the effects throughout your entire workout.

Vintage Blast has a Caffeine level a little less than the average, but it should make up for it with it’s release system.  I’m very interested in how this is going to affect my workout.

The Vintage Blast great customer ratings along with an “All Natural Formula”, make this pre workout worthy of placing on my list to post an in depth product review.  So here we go with my Vintage Blast pre workout review, and please feel free to share any comments or ideas about this product or post at the bottom.

Vintage Blast Review

On some days I will take my pre workout to give me that extra edge with my running or biking routine.  Today, I decided to hit the gym for a heavy shoulder day to give Vintage Blast a real test.  I’ll be trying the blueberry lemonade, which they have a limited selection on flavors.  I proceeded to take a little more that one serving(which is not recommended) in a shaker with a bit more than 8oz.

I always plan it out, to take my pre workouts about 20 minutes before I would arrive at the gym.  Vintage Blast kicked in right on schedule at about 30 minutes.  If you have a favorite Timing Strategy, I’d like to know what it is if you could leave it in a comment in the box below.

weight-liftiing-pre-workoutI did feel instantly energized which motivated me to go harder that I would have without it.  It gave me additional strength to push me through the workout.  I usually start winding down at about the 45 minute point, but I was able to keep going comfortably.

Although, Vintage Blast talks a lot about their two stage system, I did not specifically feel it kicking in.  It was more like a continuous level rather than a spike of energy.  Oh, my expectations!

It seemed that the amount of pre workout powder that I tried was sufficient for this workout, since it had me going harder, longer and seemed too make my workout easier.  One last positive is that I didn’t have any negative side effects, such as jitters or nausea which can sometimes happen when taking a product that is new to you.

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Vintage Blast Pros and Cons


So is Vintage Blast better than other pre workouts?  It is better than some that I’ve tried of course.  It is difficult to tell if it is better than some of the great ones that I’ve tried over the years, but it was right up there.

It was especially impressive for an “All Natural” product to perform like this.  I did have some doubts about that part.  The Caffeine contentnatural-pre-workout was lower than average but still effective, so this would also go under one of the pros.

Vintage blast also claims that you will not build a tolerance to its pre workout.  They credit this to their two stage delivery system.  I have written about tolerance in several other posts, because it is an important thing to watch for.  If you develop a tolerance to the ingredients of a particular pre workout it requires the cycling of pre workout for a period of time or switching to another brand.


Not many cons, except maybe the price.  The price tag on this is $39.99 for 20 servings.  You can find several on the market with more bang for the buck, but you are paying for the upgrade on all natural ingredients and you get what you pay for.  Vintage Blast may not be good for people that like that initial pre workout spike because of the release system.

Active Ingredients Overview

Some of the key ingredients in Vintage Blast provide energy, strength, endurance, motivation and even burn fat which leads to weight loss.  . two stage,  Some of the ingredients may be slightly different than conventional pre workouts because of it being all natural, but they have most of the other ingredients in common with Other Pre Workouts, but in different concentrations.

Caffeine Anhydrous which is dehydrated caffeine is a major component in pre workouts.  It provides much of the focus and improved caffeine-pre-workoutconcentration.  Pre workouts are a much better way to get your Caffeine due to the acids in coffee.  Vintage Blast had a less than average 250mg of caffeine from two different sources, but that amount seemed to do the trick.

Much of this two stage system is due to their micro-encapsulated Caffeine, it makes for a slow and sustained release.  This can maintain your energy and strength from start to finish, and it keeps you from losing energy halfway through your workout.

L-citrulline, L-carnitine, and L-tyrosene which are all amino acids, have many positive effects on the body.  These include boosting Nitric Oxide, improving endurance and muscle development and even help with mental performance.  Beta Alanine is also an important amino acid giving you a longer workout duration, and a side note that it even minimizes effects of aging.

Vitamin B12, B6, B5 and Niacin(B vitamin) increase energy levels naturally, while maintaining energy metabolism.  Many energy drink manufactures have gotten into the Vitamin B game now, because it works.vitamins-pre-workout

It also contains other nutrients and minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium and Potassium.  Your body uses a lot more nutrients while exercising.  You are getting much of your daily vitamin and mineral supplements along with your pre workout supplement with Vintage Blast.

stevia-pre-workoutAnd don’t forget the “All Natural Ingredients”.  These don’t necessarily effect your workout, but it is more to do with your long term health.   No artificial coloring or flavoring, and no artificial sugars.  Vintage Blast is sweetened with Stevia(a natural sugar) and dehydrated pineapple juice.



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Vintage Blast is known to help with energy, strength and also recovery.  It did give me the additional focus and motivation that I have come to expect from pre workout supplements.  I had a first hand experience with it and thought that it lived up to it’s expectations.  I would recommend Vintage Blast pre workout for any of your exercise routines.  It rivals some of the best pre workouts that I have used.

The two stage system makes sense because it levels out the amount you take, making the ingredients release over the time of your workout.  This way there is not as much of a large energy boost accompanied by a crash.

Their solo natural flavor(they have other “limited flavors”), blueberry lemonade tasted great, and the coloring was developed from vegetable extracts.

Vintage Blast has many other great “All Natural” ProductsClick Here to see Vintage Blast’s Post Workout Protein Powders and Multi Vitamins.  You will pay a little extra for all natural or for an Organic Pre WorkoutsOrganic Pre Workouts have several key differences over all natural supplements, and are not the same.  I give a more detailed description about these in my post on Organic Ingredients.

Remember that if you don’t like Vintage Blast pre workout for any reason, you can return it within 30 days so you can try other brands.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this post about Vintage Blast please leave a comment below, and I will respond quickly.


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