Pre workout pros and cons – To be or not to be, that is the question

If you were to walk into any gym and ask people if they take a pre workout supplement or not, you will almost always get either an “all of the time” or “I never touch the stuff”.  It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of flexibility on this topic.  No middle of the road for these gym goers.

What determines why some are against it and some just can’t live without it?  I’m going to research pre workout pros and cons in the post to find out why people love it or hate it.  For myself, it just so happens that I only take it on days that i feel I need it.  The only middle of the road person , at least on this topic.

pre-workout-pros-and-consI know that there are a lot of pros to pre workout since I use it myself.  As far as the cons, I’ll have to dig deeper into this. I will see if taking a pre workout costs more money than it’s worth.  We will also talk about the advantages of weight loss and calorie burn when taking a pre workout supplement.  So lets get to it and clear up the pros and cons of pre workout.

The Proswoman-weight-lifting

The main advantage of a pre workout supplement is that it gives you additional energy and a increases strength.  It makes your stamina and muscle power last for a longer period of time.  This in turn, gives your mind the drive and motivation to get the most out of your workouts and push even harder.

Pre workouts cause us to push our bodies harder to accomplish more.  Because of this, an Amino Acid called Beta Alanine comes in handy.  This Amino removes the the Lactic Acid build up cause by your muscles being used harder.  This prevents muscle fatigue, and also helps with discomfort and soreness caused by the Lactic buildup.

Pre workouts are also packed with muscle building ingredients like Creatine and amino acids.  These compounds are found in your body naturally at normal levels.  Sometimes when you are pushing your body more that normal, your body needs these additional proteins.  This increases the intensity of your workout which in turn, builds more muscle.  If you are Creatine intolerant, I have a post on the Best Creatine Free Pre Workouts.

power-lifterIf there are two people, one taking a pre workout and the other not; Competing against one another, the one taking the pre workout will show an obvious increase and speed that the other.  Pre workout also helps with strength and size to a certain extent, but that’s more of a genetic thing.

In this case of the two different scenarios, we find that there is an obvious advantage for taking pre workout.  That being said, we are usually we are only in competition with ourselves.  Pushing ourselves gets us to achieve our goals.

If you are interested how safe it is to take pre workouts, you can review my post on Is Pre Workout Safe.

If you would like to add to the list of benefits from your own experience, please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this post.

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The Cons

The biggest one in the “cons” is that people will accidentally or purposely taking more that the recommended amount of pre workout.  This can lead to nausea, headache and anxiety.  Luckily, these are only temporary,short lived effects.  However, they are very uncomfortable, as I have made this mistake many times myself.

I would start with just under one serving.  Once you know that are good, and if you need a little more zoom you can up the amount in small increments.  Remember that more isn’t better.caffeine-pre-workout

Caffeine is a good thing, and is one of the ingredients in a pre workout that fires you up the most,  However, some people have a caffeine sensitivity.  Some pre workout powders can have up to 500mg of caffeine per serving.

This amount might as well be 8 cups of coffee.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, try a pre workout that has closer to 150mg.  The lowered caffeine blends can be just as good.

Whether you are sensitive to caffeine or not, some people have trouble sleeping after taking their pre workout.  Try taking it earlier or purchasing a pre workout with less caffeine.

I would also consider getting a Caffeine Free pre workout.  You can veiw my post on the best “Caffeine Free pre workouts Here“.

This shouldn’t even be in my “cons”, but their is an Amino Acid called Beta Alanine that may give you a slight tingling feeling.  This is the normal feeling from this Amino.  Most people are fine with it or even enjoy the energy from it.  If you don’t care for it, you may want to reduce the amount of pre workout you are taking.

Here is a link to one of my posts called “Are Pre Workouts Bad”.

Is it Worth the Price

The cost of using supplements doesn’t matter to some, but money makes the world go around so let’s discuss it.  Pre workout supplements with tax generally average between $25.00 and $$45.00, but I’m sure you could find one for more.

There are usually 20-40 servings or scoops per container.  This makes the math to calculate daily use.  The average is about $1.00 per day, but most likely won’t be taking this everyday making it less than that..

Here’s my post on how to shop online for pre workout supplements.

Here’s some examples of the price to serving ratio:


legion-pulse-pre-workoutThis pre workout sells on Amazon for around $40.00 and contains only 21 servings.  $1.90 per serving.

This is more than average to pay, but it is a great product and is also an All Natural Pre Workout.

Keep an eye out for my full review on Legion Pulse coming soon.




B-Nox-pre-workoutThis pre workout sells on Amazon for around $28.00 and contains 35 servings.  $.80 per serving.

A better value, buy it all depends on your personal needs.  This one is loaded with caffeine, and is not an “all natural” supplement.

I do have a full review and tasting on this at B-Box Androrush Pre Workout Review.



c4-original-pre-workoutC4 Original Pre Workout is in the middle of the other two at Amazon for around $44.00 and contains 30 servings.  $1.45 per serving.

C4 is the world’s #1 seller, and it packs a big punch.

I have a full review on this one to at C4 Original Pre Workout Review.

The Weight Loss Factor

woman-treadmillOne more in the “pro” category that I would like to mention is that of a pre workout for weight loss.  Now I don’t believe that there is any true diet pill or powder that will do miracles and make you thin.  It does come down to calorie intake vs calories used.

But what pre workout will do for you is help you is push your body harder and longer than you normally would.  So if, because of your intensity and focus you workout 20% harder then you will be burning  20% more calories.  Just try not to reward yourself afterwards by overeating.

If you would like to know more about pre workout and fat loss check out my post on Pre Workout for Weight Loss.

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Taking a pre workout before your exercise routine can bring incredible benefits.  Increased strength and performance, extra energy and better recovery time all make this supplement well worth it.  Not to mention the fat loss factor and the motivation from feeling this way.  There are no clear “cons” to taking pre workouts unless you take more than the recommended serving.

We learned that the price of a pre workout supplement can be less that $1.00 a day.  If you are on a budget, keep in mind that if you purchase one that you don’t like there is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on most supplements.  This means you can simply return it, and maybe try another brand.

After doing research for this post, there more “pros” than “cons” with taking a pre workout.  As they say, “the pros outweigh the cons”.  If this weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be using pre workouts myself.  So get out there and improve the way you go about your workouts for the better with a pre workout supplement.  This could be a game changer.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the pros and cons of pre workouts.  If you have any of your own “pros” and “cons”, please leave a comment in the box below.pre-workout-energy

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